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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Supernatural Powers
06.10.2000, Vrindavan dham

That is Nanna’s room in Sri RadhaMahalakshmi Ashram at Badekunj, Vrindavan the epitome of pious pilgrimages. Nanna used to appear wonderful at 5 a.m at the time of waking up. Having spent the whole night in ‘Chinnari’s (Sri Radha’s) kingdom of Rasa and witnessing the loving pranks of Mother, Nanna used to open his eyes brimming with joy of Rasa. There can be nothing more valuable in all the worlds than being with Nanna during that time.

‘Are you awake Nanna?’ I asked as I sat near him.

" “Actually I did not sleep, so where is the question of waking up? Whether my eyes are open or closed, I see only Mother! Sleep does not come even if I invite it!” Nanna replied, with a child-like smile. "

The three states of awake, dream and deep sleep do not apply to Nanna. It is only waking state all the time, that too with union of Ras! He is a Divine personality who is always in communion with Sri Radhaji, the Supreme in the realm of Bhav. How many years of penance have earned me the fortune to address such a divine person as ‘Nanna’ so dearly and speak to him about mundane pleasures and woes? No sooner than this thought came to my mind, it cautioned me ‘What penance can you do? Even after several years of penance can you have the fortune of being in the presence of Radha sakhi?’ If we have obtained this fortune, it is only due to the love and mercy of Radha sakhi. How true! Nanna once said:

" “You all cannot do the penance that will please Mother or the meditation that will propel you towards Her feet. Feel that such a Mother is always with me, always watching me and She will take care of the rest.” "

The same principle is applicable even in the case of Radha Sakhi. Nanna has taken us under his shelter with mercy. Are we really doing meditation that will please him?

Seeing me lost in thought, Nanna asked me what I was thinking. “Nanna, it is said that by constantly meditating on the all-pervading Mother, one attains super natural powers, even without desiring them! Is it true?”

" “Yes. I have attained such powers. People come to me with various kinds of suffering. If I place my hand on them and concentrate, they will be relieved of their suffering. I possess several supernatural powers (siddhis). With the grace of my benevolent Mother, Radha Devi, it takes me hardly 2-3 minutes to remove the suffering of anybody, anywhere in the world. Maybe it is sakhi’s play”, Nanna said with a meaningful smile. "

What a deep meaningful thought in that smile. By saying ‘Maybe it is sakhi’s play’, Nanna directly declared that he is Radha sakhi.

“Mother is the repository of all the siddhis(powers). Great people like you do not care for these powers. Isn’t it Nanna?”, I asked.

" “Yes. These powers (siddhis) have no value for me now. I am performing so many miracles. I have dealt with hundreds of cases. I have given life to a dead person. This actually happened. There are even witnesses to this incident. “ "

Nanna, please tell us in detail’ I intervened.

" “Let me explain. During 1948-52, I was working in Guntur as PA to DEO(District Education Officer). We were staying in a rented portion in Arundelpet. The owner of the house was an old lady. She used to beg us for food. When I enquired the reason for her miserable state (of begging), she informed that she transferred the house property on to her son’s name , who in turn transferred onto his wife’s name. The daughter-in-law does not even give her food. I could not tolerate this injustice. I called her son and warned him that he was doing wrong and would have to face the consequences. "

" Then he promised that he would transfer the property back onto his mother’s name. Annamaraju Sitapati, a renowned advocate in those days agreed to prepare the necessary documents. Unfortunately the son suddenly expired that midnight. I was very disappointed. Advocate Sitapatigaru, myself and a few others went to their house. I was highly disturbed about the fate of the old woman. So I meditated deeply on Mother. Involuntarily I placed my hand on the son’s dead body. As though hit by a current shock, I fell on a petromax light nearby and became unconscious. I was told later that the dead son woke up and sat down. This means that my body has become temporarily the body of Mother. She uses body, uses voice, uses anything. That was the reason why the dead person could get up and sit upright by a mere touch of mine. "

" Advocate Sitapatigaru, who was observing all this asked him (the dead person who just came to life) to sign on the documents. In the presence of everyone, he got down from the bed, walked to the study table and sat in the chair and then signed on the will. Till that time, I was in a dead condition. My wife placed my head in her lap and was weeping. As I gradually regained consciousness, he began to lose consciousness. Then his real death occurred.“ Nanna thus described that unique incident. "

What a shocking episode! An unbelievable truth, yet it should be believed because there were so many witnesses and doctor too present. This incident is a clear evidence of the extra-ordinary, supernatural powers latent within Nanna.

Yet Rasika mahatmas, the great souls who have attained the ultimate perfection, who had great divine experiences, do not have any greed, or respect for these powers. They are not at all conscious of these siddhis. In addition to the incredible siddhis possessed by him, there is a mellifluous perennial flow of love within him. This sweet flow remains well balanced in the vessel of total detachment! It is only by virtue of this sense of extreme detachment that Nanna was able to practice the doctrine of ‘Be in the world but do not belong to the world.’

Radha’s sakhis enjoy the sweetness of love every moment. They cannot live without Mother.

" “I cannot think of Mother without weeping. That is my life. She has given me such marvelous and unimaginable experiences.” "

Saying so Nanna asked Anjani amma to describe how he weeps for Mother. Anjani amma then sang the song composed by Nanna ‘Naa prana pranama…....' meaning

" The very life of my life ! The form of Sri Krishna ! The life of Sakhis ! Oh my beloved! I cannot live even for a moment without you ! "

" “I cannot live even for a moment without Mother. My Mother is present in this song. I am the Sakhi. Mother is my Sakhi, my life. When I go to Mother’s world, I shall sing this song, dedicate it to Her and fall at Her feet in the form of a rose. Mother will caress Her cheeks with that rose, hug it to Her bosom, kiss it and adorn it in Her hair. I am the rose that will be in communion with every part of Mother.” Nanna emotionally said, visualizing that scene. "

This song is an absolute reflection of Nanna’s nature and behavior. Radhaji is the life of Sakhis. The moment Mother disappears from their thoughts, they become lifeless. Sakhi constantly meditates on Mother who is the life of their lives and experiences the bliss of that nectarine love. Love begets delicacy. Nanna’s heart is extremely sensitive. Great blissful love and extreme detachment both are intermingled and present in Nanna, proclaiming to the world that this is how a ‘Radha Sakhi’ would be !

As the incidents in Nanna’s life are unfolded, one by one, the thought that ‘this Rasika saint possessing such supernatural powers is our Nanna‘ is giving me immense happiness


“Sakhi sannidhi Shyama ras navanidhi rahi Sakhi sannidhi Shyama ashtasiddhi rahi”

“In the presence of Sakhi, navanidhis (nine bounties) and ashtasiddhis (eight supernatural powers) are present in the form of Shyama ras and Shyama”


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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