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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 4

Our Association With Nanna - Part 4
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Spiritual matter in the materialistic world
2Silence is penance, Truth is penance
3Sri radha is beyond vedas
4Hladini Shakti
5Incessant bhava
6Adorning the mind
7 Provider of mankind, radhasakhi
8 Sri radha - embodiment of extra ordinary mystic powers
9 Our ultimate goal
10 Mother's message
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

I want only Radha! I exist only for Radha. I was weeping for Radha but was not crying out 'Radha Radha'. I was yearning for God. This yearning has disappeared in this world. Actually it got converted into yearning for worldly petty objects. That is the downfall of human beings!

If such a yearning is truly attained even for a few minutes, you will not have any binding with the world anymore. You will simply give up everything. I gave up everything in this way.

By the touch of my 'athmic vibrations', (the vibrations emanating from my soul), any kind of suffering can be cured. Only by that touch! I can perform such miracles. It is only a matter of one or two minutes for me to travel to America! That is the power of the real 'I'. There are several materialistic issues in this materialistic, non spiritual world. Man succumbed to them and became depressed only because of his thoughts. Thoughts are your worst enemies.

Once your 'Sadhana' (spiritual practice) is developed, your horizon will expand vastly. All the trivial thoughts within the mind will be wiped off; all small and mundane matters will cease to exist. You will then have an infinite.... mind. Cosmic love will develop. Though you live in this human world, you will not be like a normal human being. Though you move within this world, you will not be a living being. You will surpass the state of 'jeeva'. That is the real stage of the mind! When that state is attained, all worldly related love and attachments will vanish. In that state, you can have everything and everybody!

By performing dhyana, you will again reach the elevated state from where you fell. Mother decided my future state. She sent Her message that I shall go back to Her as Her Sakhi. Think of Mother with ecstatic joy. Then, unknown to you, your karmas will be shed. My karmic body which was supposed to leave this world about 40-50 years ago is still present till date. Mother removed my Karma!

I have no enemies. In my view, nothing is bad. You must also see the world with this perspective. You must make your life filled with Mother, Her power and Rasa. This is your best chance! You will weep when Her love overflows.

I realized the tattwa of Radha & Krishna. The Supreme Purusha tattwa itself became Radha. That is the real union of Radha and Krishna.

Unstinted and one pointed devotion is the most desired quality that one must possess. By this, you will come closer to me. I too will move closer towards you. I will be enquiring about your welfare from time to time.

I am no longer under the control of the Goddess of Karma. I have no connection whatsoever with Her. I crossed that stage. I am linked only with Radhaji. I have moved in these Brindavan forests for 11 years and unfounded the secret that Radha is the embodiment of infinite, invaluable, extraordinary power. Radha, who is worshipped even by Krishna, the complete God, is indeed extraordinary! I have proved this logically to all the saints in Brindavan. They all agreed with me.

We do not ask anyone for anything in this ashram. In fact, there is no need for us to ask. Mother is with us, looking after our welfare. I pray that you also must live with the same confidence. You have not come here by your efforts. This is the truth. Trust me. You have been summoned by Mother because Her divine message must reach you.

God's grace is our real protection! We should always remain in the feeling that 'Mother is seeing us, we are in Her sight'. This is the knowledge that I gained under the trees of Naimisa forest. There can't be anything more superior to Brahmacharya (vow of celibacy) for constantly remaining in this feeling and attaining the Mother's darshan! My Brahmacharya is protecting me!

I belong to Radhaji!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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