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Sakhi is an eternal servant-maiden of Swamini Sri Radhaji. Absolute Tatsukhee Bhav (A Bhava - "in your happiness lies my happiness") towards Radhaji is latent in her. Sakhi's life is a quintessential form of this Bhava. Her everything is for Radhaji. Her every step is for the pleasure of Radhaji. Sakhi Bhava is Rasa Bhav. when a devotee remains in the service and medigtation of Radhaji incessantly he is called Rasika Bhaktha. A devotee to become a Sakhi adorns himself/herself with these Divine qualities..

ANANYA NISHTA - Single-mindedness towards Sri Radhaji

TATSUKHA SUKHEE BHAV - In her happiness lies my happiness

SAHACHARINI BHAV - Feeling of companionship with Radhaji

SAKAKA NIRAKARA UPASANA SAMANVAYAM - Coordinated worship of form and formless

These Four Divine principles are given by Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj to consecrate our lives and to remain in the service of Radhaji.

In the year 1989 one day in early hours Nanna(Radhika Prasad Maharaj)heard the voice of SRIJI in Vrindavan - MUJHE ALANKAR KARO ( Do Adorn Me). Nanna immediately told Amma (Anjani Mathaji) to decorate the icons of Radha and Krishna with new dresses. Amma beautifully decorated them. Next day Nanna again had the vision of Radhaji whose facial feeling indicated that she was not satisfied with the decoration. Nanna met Vedic scholars about the inner meaning of the 'words of Radhaji'. They said we could comment on any of the four VEDAs but not on the words uttered by Sriji. A few days later Nanna had an intuitive thought that only Sakhi of Radhaji can rightly comment on Her words.

Next day Nanna decided to go to a village viz., Ravali where Sri Radhaji descended as a girl child of three years about five thousand years ago. There Nanna meditated for a few hours. In his "Divine vision Nanna contacted the Sakhis of Radhaji. In their reply to the question of Nanna they said "How any one can adorn the all pervading Radhaji. Real adornment of Sriji is to establish the Divine qualities of Sakhi Bhav within the heart of Jeeva." The sakhis of Radhaji gave us the above four Divine principles.

Later Nanna decided to write books on Sriji so as to adorn Sriji Bhava or Sakhi Bhava within the hearts of Jeevas. He wrote Eight Volumes of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi during the period 1990-2001.

To be continued ...

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