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Sri Krishna

 Sri Krishna
Sri Krishna

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

Sri Krishna



Eswaraha paramaha krishnaha sachidananda vigrahaha
Anadiradir govinda sarva karana karanam

Sri Krishna is the Lord of Lords.He is PARAMESWARA.He is embodiment of He is the cause of causation. He is the beginning of the beginning.



In the Geetha, the Lord said, All the Jeevas( beings ) are my amsa (parts). Everything has originated from Him. That is why the Veda said:


pradhana kshetragna patirgunesaha

To the Prakrithi( the Nature ) and to the dweller in the Prakrithi He is the Master. He is the repository all Gunas(traits).



The creation, sustenance and destruction of the Universe are His passive play. That he is engaged in RAS (passively) with each and every being. His compassion renders the Jeeva who is captive in the Prakrithi of Three Gunas, an opportunity to unshackle himself and to elevate to the Divine planes.

The faculty of Human Body, is a rare gift to the dweller in the Prakrithi. Because this Body is extremely suitable for experiencing inwardness (Antarmukhatva) and the Divine Consciousness. Out of arduous effort and out of the Grace of the Divine the Human gets the devotion of Sri Krishna.


Janmanthara sahasreshu thapo dhyana samadhibhi hi
Naranam kheena papanam krishne bhakthi prajayathe

When the sinfulness is waning due to thousands of births consisting of Tapas, Dhyan and Samadhi, dawns the Devotion of Sri Krishna in the life of the Being. So rare event is the devotion of Krishna in the journey of the Soul in the Prakrithi.



The devotees with Santha , Dasya, sakhya, Vatsalya and Madhurya Bhava worshipped the Lord and attained Hid Lotus Feet. But all these Bhava are not related to His inner prema swaroopa or His inner Tatva. Taking us secretively to His inner Tatva the Lord said in the Geetha:


Manushyanam sahasreshu kaschidyathathi sidhaye
yathathamapi sidhanam kaschinmam vethi tatvataha

Even among those fortunate realised souls, those who understood and realised My 'Thatvataha' swaroop are rare.



His Tatvataha swaroop is His Prema Swaroop.Krishna Prema swaroop is RASA.There in His inner swaroop the Lord is in the worship of Rasa. Sri Radha is Rasaswaroopini. The Ocean of Rasa. The inner world of the Lord is Rasa Dham. Saluting the Lord , the Rasa Sudha Niidhi said:


Rasa ghana mohana moorthi vichitra keli mahotsavollasitham
Radha charana viloditha ruchira sikhandam harim vande

The Lord in His inner abode is in the incessant worship of Radha or Rasa. The Lord out of his compassion up on the devoted Jeeva reveals His Tatvataha swaroop. Such fortunate jeeva will worship Radhaji.



Sri Radha and Sri Krishna are not two. They are one and the same. The Rasa has manifested as Radha and Krishna for the sake of Leela. Sri Krishna brings Jeeva to Radha. And Radhaji bestows Rasa to the Jeeva.

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