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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 3

Our Association With Nanna - Part 3
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Greatest of the great
2See only Radha everywhere
3Love of Rasa
4State of separation and oneness with Mother
5Mother is with us every moment
6Single pointed devotion
7 I am God's man
8 Conquer the enemy within you
9 Mental shrine
10 Neither mother nor father
11 Sri Rasaguru's message
12 Sri Radha Sakhi Rasa Vani

" We must be only with Mother each and every moment. She is always with us, even in our breath. I can actually feel Her presence near me. Mother is with me and also with you. This is not just a statement, it is a fact! Mother is actually present near us. "

" You must always live with Mother and move with Her without a gap of even a single moment. If you do not have that bhava continuously, without any gap, then all your talking is merely humbug. You are only playing a false game. "

" As long as you have outwardness, you cannot attain God's darshan even after innumerable lives. You must maintain inwardness almost throughout the day. If you follow me, that is enough! "

" After I surrendered myself to Mother and belonged only to Her, unbelievable miracles happened. I was an Emperor with nothing in my pocket!"

" Generally all Gurus have a beard and tilak on their forehead and tie a few stands of hair in a knot. But I have none of these external paraphernalia. I neither knot my hair not have a beard or moustache. I don't go out anywhere. Those who desire to see Radha come to me. I don't worry if they don't come to me. That is my life! You cannot see Rasikas! "

" I have no other world except Radha. I have no wants and desires. Mother will provide whatever I need. Delve deep into the meaning with bhava. There are several attributes of Sakhibhava. The aspect of 'Swamini', the Sovereign is one of them. "

" We have surrendered ourselves and therefore belong only to Radha. Do not give up yourself to anyone in this world. The entire world is only next to Mother. Even you come only after Her. Her happiness supersedes your happiness. Therefore do not develop excessive attachment with anyone or anything. In fact I am happy that I stayed away from everyone. You must practice to live in isolation. Our greatest enemy is attachment towards the body. This will become a hindrance in our pursuit of Mother! "

" I must establish the link between Mother and you. If I do not establish this link, you will be wandering here and there. We have come to earth from some other cosmic world. We have been chosen by Mother for a specific purpose. "

" My life is by no means an ordinary one. Mother spoke through my voice. It is the same whether you make an offering to me or to Her. There is absolutely no difference. I have no death. I will neither die anytime nor will I be alive! I am not confined to these two states. I will not be present physically but will always remain because I have no death. "

" For me, Mother is more precious than even my life or my family. I desire that prayers, chanting mother's name and dhyana should continue in this ashram. Mother will surely come due to dhyana. She will dance to the tune of Her name. She will accept our prayers and move along with us. Establishing and managing Mother's organization is like a crown on my head. One part of this organization is 'propagation' while the other is 'dhyana yoga'. "

" God accepts bhava not mere offerings. I will preach you the systematic way of dhyana yoga. It is the most scientific way. I say this from my own experience. I have experienced each and every nuance of dhyana yoga. I will share my experiences with you. I will never preach what I do not practice. I also don't preach what is not scientific. Therefore this is a combination of literature, science and experience. We must practice to achieve something. You must attain success. When evil spirits raise their ugly heads during dhyana, you must suppress them. I am providing you the strength to suppress and overcome the evil spirits. "

" A Mahatma is one who sees Mother everywhere. One cannot become a Mahatma by just wearing a beard or moustache. He must attain spiritual sanctimony and purity. We all must create a spatula envelope around us. The radiance of Mother should glow in our thoughts, words and deeds. "

" 'My Swaroopa is infinite! Our relationship is ever lasting. Remember these two points always.' Mother Herself uttered these words. Therefore, I emphatically state that my Mother has neither name nor form because Infinity can have no name! "

" There is a divine girl residing within me. You have not met this Divine Goddess. This relationship with this Goddess is not for a day or two. I will remain even after you die. She will accompany me to the above world. All the worlds above right till the ultimate 'dham' belong to Her kingdom. "

Radhe Radhe Radhe. Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj


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