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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 14

Our Association With Nanna - Part 13
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1The all pervading Sovereign
2Sri Radha-The manifestation of dhyana
3Fortune of Sakhi darshan
4Experience is evidence
5Radha, The manifestation of love
6 Radhaji’s leela is so beautiful
7 Sri Guru’s message
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" When you see Mother face to face, all traces of your karma will vanish. Dhyana yoga is the only way to have Her darshan. There are no sounds beyond prakriti. I saw, I know. You must fight to reach there. A life without this fight is useless. "

" Prakriti does not exist in silence. The science is before you, the essence of Vedas is within you, concealed. I wept with that happiness for some time. Such weeping will not come by your effort. It will come from within you. Only the thoughtless mind can receive the rays of hladini power. The jeevathma desired this worthless prakriti and destroyed himself. "

" I saw in dhyana that many so called great rishis are in a bad state. Today you find a God in every street. He is not God; he cannot uplift you. Hold the Vedas some day; only tapasya can save us. Only dyana yoga will save us. Happily do dhyana yoga and gain the vibrations of hladini power. Live blissfully and radiantly. Otherwise who cares for your wealth or your professional success? "

" The Vedas said that even Krishna worships Radha. According to the Vedas, Radha is only the highest. So, do not mix Her with other Gods. One who is in Radha bhava does not have any dislikes. If you have any problem, simply say Radhe Radhe. It will take you to the thoughtless world. Due to incessant Radha dhyana, I attained some powers which no other human being has. I see only Radhaji even in those people who are against me. I am a disciple; you are all my gurus! "

" Sakhis are filled with bhava. They think of Mother's name and weep. If we write about sakhi experiences, others will read and follow. I have my own experiences. You do not know my real form. It is not so easy to have sakhi's darshan. "

" I am forgetting everything. Probably this is Mother's order. Unless I forget this, that will not shine. She asked me 'when will you come into My service?'. I left everything that very same moment. She guided my life. Involuntarily, I feel like weeping. I must live alone with my Divine Mother. Ever since, I realised Her formlessness, I became more powerful. "

" Impressions are not formed on the mind of one who maintains passiveness. As the impressions reduce, his vision increases. The impression formed in bhava world is known as bhava. Dhyana will form a link between Mother and us. This is my personal experience. Though Mother is the Supreme Sovereign of rasa, She gave Her sakhis the authority to distribute rasa. Radha Rani sits on the throne and Krishna stands near Her feet. Only Mother begins the rasa. The kingdom of bhava is infinite and incredible. If somebody listens to the sound there, he cannot live in this world. He will become passive towards the world and yearn for oneness with Mother. "

" You must first decide your goal. One who attains Radhaji's grace is not in the queue. Sri Radha is Sri Krishna's profound hladini power. Radhaji only is flowing in every human being in the form of invisible power. We must remain linked with Mother. That is the real yoga. Even an ordinary human being with one mind and one love can become a great rishi. When you have only one desire, it will become a divine order. "

" God is invisibly present in his devotees house and looks after his needs. My message is only one-reduce your desires, aspirations and thoughts. Maintain only one thought-'I want Mother'. Such a sadhana is dhyana yoga sadhana. This dhyana must happen continuously. "

" Radha is a repository of power and love. Krishna surrendered to Her completely. God is present in your heart. If somebody creates such a divine temple in his heart, I will come there at some time or other. So the most important thing is to construct the temple in your mind; in your heart. Let us all try to build this temple, install Mother inside the temple and worship the sovereign Mother. "


Radhey Radhey!!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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