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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 16

Our Association With Nanna - Part 16
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" I am that rose which is linked with every part of Radhaji. I associate Radha with rose. In Srilanka's leela, the leader saw me in his heart and also all around him. That is the great all pervading leela! "

" Radhaji is actually the embodiment of infinity! Dhyana is the journey that leads us towards Mother. No other path can take us so swiftly near Her. It is so easy, so difficult and so fast! It is Her teaching; leela's teaching. Every jeeva has divine guidance from within. Man is linked with God each and every day. Don't doubt whether he will come to you. God came near me; he will come near you also. Have that faith. I feel Radha everywhere. "

" I have moved beyond prakriti. Unless you cross prakriti, you cannot reach the divine plane. Her's is bhava loka, the world of bhava. I feel Her living presence. You also must get that feeling now and here. Search for God is nonsense. You are already with Mother. Be in that awareness all the time. We cannot live without Mother even for a single moment. You must think only of Mother at the time of death. "

" Sri Radha bhava dhyana is sweet and filled with rasa. All paths are within me. You believe me and follow me. I controlled my spiritual bliss to some extent in order to accomplish the tasks assigned to me by Mother for the welfare of mankind. Today, I possess the real wealth of rasa. Only those who are eligible to attain it will come to me. "

" Nothing in this world can attract me or attack me. I can make possible that which is impossible for man. I surrender to Mother's love. The karmic powers are strong. I will separate your karma from you. I will enter into you and make you do dhyana. Silence is very important and essential. Thoughtlessness is real silence. You are present wherever your mind goes. This is the scientific calculation in spirituality. Your outward journey has no value, inward journey is essential. "

" We must do dhyana only on Radhaji. Do not doubt sakhi even for a split second. Remain in silence constantly. Never forget that Mother is waiting for you to reach Her. This thought is much beyond bhava! Sakhi's path is our path. It is the highest path. You will benefit by listening to the best! Mahatmas discuss in Brahma's presence just as you discuss in the meetings here. Once the rishis discussed on the subject that why Radhaji alone should be worshipped and not the other Gods? The discussion clearly concluded that 'Radha is the centre of divine power present in all other Gods. She has such extraordinary significance.' "

" When Jeeva experiences the fruit of his sins, he is atoned from his sins but not the traces of sin. Only Radha possesses the power to wipe off his sins completely. This is accepted by the Vedas also. "

" Sri Krishna's heart is filled with Radha only! Radhika Tapaneeyopanishad states that 'Radhaji created Brahmaratri during rasaleela at the prayer of Her sakhis.' Only Radha has the power to create! "

" Jeeva is always in pursuit of happiness. He wants rasa. By nature, he tends to move towards happiness. This journey is known as dhyana yoga. Brindavan dham proclaims that worship of rasa is the highest form of worship. The jeeva has to wait and wait before he attains divine grace. It is so difficult. He must swim against the tide of prakriti. That is his sadhana! "

" Contemplation on leela is very good. Leela evolves into tattwa and tattwa uplifts the human being. Do not think about who will help you. You are getting help. Maintain a strong will and you will get some experiences. Each experience will give more strength and push you higher. That whole world is God's leela, his divine play. The jeeva must feel the pain of separation from the divine. This weeping for God does not exist in any other path. This is our sadhana. When we attain divine touch, we gain extraordinary power. So we must get that divine touch. When one feels God's omnipresence, how can the problems trouble him? Mother will not allow it to happen. We literally kicked out the problems. Can you find this philosophy elsewhere? Where can you find such a Mother in this world? She protects Her devotees every moment, watching his moves and mental state. "

" Mother came here. I am the witness. Radhaji is my sakhi. I belong to bhava loka. I will go back near Her. She sent me here. As soon as my work is completed, She will take me back. Mother's sakhi is unique. When I go back near Her, Mother may grant me some extraordinary powers which other sakhis do not possess. "

" We shall go near Mother with love. "


Radhey Radhey!!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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