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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 8

Our Association With Nanna - Part 8
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Lesson to the Mind
2Sakhi's Sweetness
3Quintessence Radha
4Whoever Divine Chooses
5The Importance of Yoga
6 Divine Power
7 Message To All Living Beings
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" This dhyana yoga is the highest. It is the dhyana yoga which will lead us to Mother. Radhaji is above Golaka and above Krishna. Mother wants us to adorn ourselves with bhava and we must do so. I will tell you four principles by which you must adorn your mind. This is preaching of the mind! "

" There is no such place where Radhaji is not present. She is superimposed on all other Gods. She is happy that I am putting each of Her great words into practice. Only Radhaji, my Mother provides me happiness and protects me. God nourishes us; Mother nourishes God! "

" Dhyana Yoga should not be on form. The form and name must be synchronized. That is truly Mother. Do incessant Sri Radha dhyana; dhyana on Sri Radha who is unattainable to Brahma and other Gods. Mother grants bhava and nurtures that bhava. Then only we will be blessed. Without bhava, She is not a sakhi. It is not easy to attain sakhi darshan! You must become a part of Mother. Then only you will be a sakhi. Sakhi wants only sakhi! "

" We want only bhavukas! Language is only a vehicle carrying bhava; the bhava within you is most important. Sakhi bhava is lost when you become egoistic and when maya envelops you. It is difficult even for a sakhi to attain intense Radha bhava. She also cannot enter into the Mother's rasa completely. "

" A devout brahmachari is not the highest. Mother is the highest! Her power will enter into you. I am speaking right now because Mother is within me; I am not speaking on my own. I won't sell myself so cheaply. You become small if you expect returns! We must not visualise Mother! The best language to pray to Radhaji is weeping. Don't describe Her! Don't define Her. Mother is eternally transcendental. Don't reduce Her stature. Nobody is Her equal. We will weep when we surrender to such a Mother. "

" You must remain with Mother eternally. He who enters rasa tattwa is blessed! When you experience rasa, you become detached from the world. I don't want books; I want Mother. I don't want astrology, I want Mother. I don't want auspices, I want Mother. Anything related to this world is not desirable. If you concentrate intensely, Mother will certainly come. I can feel the vibrations strongly within me whenever Mother comes near me. "

" The state between the two stages of 'I wan't' and 'I don't want' is silence. If you want infinite silence, remain in silence. I am in silence. I attained divine power. I am not bound by time! Do not forget yogic teachings. There is nothing higher than our dhyana yoga in all the 14 worlds. Believing in this yoga is the fruit of penance of so many lives! I will make those who possess qualities by birth to do dhyana yoga. Complete yoga is beyond the avataras (incarnations) of God; beyond ages and beyond time! "

" You did not come here by chance; you came by the direction of Mother. Mother and only Mother every where. This body is also not mine; I surrendered it to Her. Mother resides in this body! "

Radhe! Radhe!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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