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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 9

Our Association With Nanna - Part 9
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1The All Pervading Sovereign
2Attachment and Renunciation
3Where words retreated
4Diversity in Oneness
5Devotion – Meditation – Grace
6 Incredibly rare are the Realized Saints
7 My Heart is a Shrine
8 Sakhi’s Innerness
9 Rasikacharya’s Message
10 Sri Radha Sakhi Rasavani
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" I am blessed with the fortune which nobody else has. I have the luck which nobody else has. "

" Mother's name will be chanted in our ashram as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. She granted me this opportunity to serve Her. I will live for innumerable years. Infact, I have no death. I will leave this body. The sakhi formed within the body will go out. Did you hear about caterpillar and butterfly? The caterpillar is shed and butterfly emerges! "

" It appears that Radhika Prasad Maharaj came to earth only to teach the world about Mother's grace. You must mention about this in our books. Mother appreciates service more than even chanting Her name. "

" It is not easy to remain passive. Even Lord Shiva failed to do so. Krishna granted Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna but not the bhava of passivity. When my son died at a tender age of six years, I personally took him to the graveyard, buried him and covered him with mud.It is very difficult! "

" Lord Krishna, the fully accomplished incarnation of God worships Radhaji. I proved this fact in Brindavan. Radhaji is so powerful. I have no separate shrine. Mother is the shrine; my heart is Her shrine! Where is Krishna? He is within Mother. That is why we don't worship Krishna separately. I want to describe such a legendary Mother in our books. These books are not for sale because neither Mother nor we are for sale. "

" I will celebrate Mother's birthday grandly and distribute sweets to devotees. The expenditure would be Rs.1.10 lakhs. I will continue to celebrate Her birthday in the same way as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. I will not ask anybody for money. She will provide everything. I must pass on Mother's Divine message to all of you. "

" Mother is all pervading. When you are able to look for God everywhere, then you will find that God is present there. It is a law! "

" In dhyana yoga, evil demonic forces will obstruct your path. Sadhana means warfare. Do not separate dhyana from bhakthi (devotion). Wherever your mind is present, it means you are there! That's why sadhana means to fight and win. "

" In bhava loka, there is nobody else other than ashta (eight) sakhis, dual armed Krishna and Radha. Mother is with form as well as formless. I have seen both the aspects. There is oneness and also diversity in consciousness..I can challenge that nobody in the whole world possesses the powers that I do. I can travel to the higher worlds. I can speak to the souls; you cannot. My aim is to imprint Mother's name everywhere. Everybody cannot come near me; everybody cannot see me. "

" I can see Mother whenever I wish to and can speak to Her. Associate yourself with Mother at all times and all places. You must have inwardness and upward travel. We forgot our original nature. What we are thinking as ours is truly not ours. This prakriti is Maya. We must stay away from Maya. Radhaji is beyond the reach of words and mind. We can reach Her only through bhava. It is my good fortune that I obtained Her grace! "

" I am an accomplished bhavuka (always in a state of bhava). Mother showed me this path. Krishna also follows this path. I know everything. I am telling you that Krishna is Radhaji's devotee. He and we (sakhis) are together serving Her. "

" One must attain the all pervading, formless state. Unless you succeed in the formless bhajan (worship), you cannot escape from Maya. Remain silent in your mind. As you move towards formlessness, your ego will be conquered. Radhaji uplifts mankind through Her resolution and Her sight! I came to earth to tell you about Her leelas. "

" Radhaji is Krishna's deity of worship. We shall worship that Mother only. Mother, who is always eager to bless Her devotees (Bhaktanugraha katara) is waiting for us! "

Radhe! Radhe!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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