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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 10

Our Association With Nanna - Part 10
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Glory
2Yearning for Sri Radha
3Divine Play (Leela)
4Karma Sutra (Karma Principle)
5Radha Sakhi’s Glory
6 The all pervading supreme mother
8 Attachment and Detachment
9 Divine Message
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" Hindu Religion is the highest. In order to understand this religion, we must diligently follow the Vedas. If we live our life according to the Vedas, it will run very smoothly. In spite of all our opinions and discussions, the fact remains that this world has a controller. You cannot deny it. If you really want to move in the Spiritual path, a divine power that can show you the way is with us, here. God's glory is of two kinds - Magnificence and Sweetness. Relationships and attachments do not stand before the magnificent aspect. "

" The human being must give up his family life, go beyond his family and develop the heart that can perceive and accept the divine tattwa of transcendental love. Then he will attain Krishna's aspect. Hladini Shakti (power of ecstasy) is higher than this; in fact many folds higher than Brahmananda (Supreme bliss). Bhagawata paves the way for liberation (Moksha). Many people are not aware that there are many steps above Moksha. This secret is understood only in Brindavan. God binds the human being with two knots - Ego and Attachment. "

" Do not enter Brindavan with any desire. Without deep yearning for God, you can never win over Prakrithi. The Yearning that cannot be attained by giving lectures for millions of years can be attained by the mere glance at the servant of the servant of the devotee of the devotee who is blessed by Divine Grace. When man reaches that transcendental yogic state, he can have a darshan of Bhava Brindavan. Radhaji is such a great fire for Yearning. "

" Mother granted Krishna his form. This was told to me by Her Sakhis. She shows Her Leelas and induces devotion in our hearts. That is her policy. I am Mother's Sakhi. Mine is a wonderful life. I am the manifested form of Mother. "

" Radha is the endless, infinite supreme consciousness. Constantly serving Her is our prime goal. The two reasons for our downfall are attachment towards the world and craving for worldly objects. Unnecessary conversations will take you away from God. You must surrender to Mother. We perform dhyana day and night in our ashram. I pray that you all must sincerely do meditation in Brindavan and move on the path of renunciation. "

" An invisible power has enveloped the whole world and controls it. Life seems to be an enigma even to the Yogis. The Vedas stated that even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Divine Trinity) were unable to understand the ways of the World. The effect of time and causation is constantly acting in the world. Live in the world with a passive and detached approach. Man, who was a part of God initially, lusted after Prakrithi (Worldly pleasures) and descended from this elevated plane. He must regain his original state. Truth and Dharma must prevail. When we consider God as our wealth and treasure, we can never be poor. The same all pervading God is present at that time and now also. We must retrace the same path by which we came down and go back to our original state. "

" Dhyana is not Japa, Dhyana is our Life! You will face many obstacles in Dhyana Yoga. If we constantly remain in Her thoughts, it is enough. God is the formless and nameless supreme consciousness. This is the first principle of Dhyana Yoga. Though you cannot see Her, Mother is always with you. You must live with this faith and confidence. We must combat the invisible maya with invisible Mother's power. As Man moves towards God, he feels like weeping. "

" Sakhi is the form of Formless Radha! In Rasa dham, Love never withers nor fades. It only increased each day. Mother is our destination and also the means to reach Her. Her's is divine love, not the erotic love on earth. I do not know what activity she will entrust to me when I go near Her. Do not long for anything in this world None other than Mother! I wish that you all must live with this Bhava. "

Radhe! Radhe!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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