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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 2

Our Association With Nanna - Part 2
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Secret of the secret
2Sakhi bhava
3Sri Radhasakhi's love
5Sri Radha's oblation (Prasadam)
6Four Divine Principles
7 Nanna's charismatic power
8 Finite and Infinite
9 Silence is penance
10 Extra-ordinary powers
11 Self surrender
12 Bhaktanugrahakatara Sri Radhasakhi
13 Sri Radhasakhi's message

" The capacity to love all human beings can be obtained only in a state of Radha bhava. Radhaji is the highest manifestation or embodiment of Maha bhava. Bhava is the only language that can describe Mother. Among all the paths and practices adopted to reach Sri Radha, we follow the path of Sakhi. We must become Mother’s Sakhis to reach Her. The basis of Rasa is ‘Tatsukha jeevan’(Your happiness is our life). Mother is ‘Lokeswari’ (Sovereign of all worlds). More predominant than that is Her Sakhi feature. Such a Mother should be meditated upon with ‘Sakhi bhava’. "

" The penance that I am performing is praying that ‘Mother! Please grant the wonderful worlds to everyone who is associated with me’. "

" It is not possible for you to hold me. You can only hold this physical body but I am not this body! My true form and nature can be understood from the song I composed. (In the song ‘Na Prana Pranama …’ he refers to his body as bhava deha). "

" When the inner consciousness is rigid and unreceptive, the preachings of any Guru, however practicable, become ineffective and futile. "

" Love aspires for Rasa while mamata (affection) wants a form. The worldly love or mamata,that is linked to the form pulls man down and ensnares him with mundane entanglements and attractions of this short life. Radha Rani’s world is the kingdom of Rasa and Love whereas this earthly world is the Kingdom of mamata. "

" One must be totally dedicated to become a Sakhi. One can never become a Sakhi unless he is dedicated and has surrendered himself to Her. Dedication is the greatest penance. "

" ‘Considering others happiness as my happiness’ is my nature which is both inherent and effortless. This indicates that Sakhi bhava was in a budding stage within me right from the beginning. "

" I will look into the astral world and talk to them (the beings there). Mother has endowed me that power. "

" Dhyana is the way by which human beings get fulfilled. That is why I constructed ‘Dhyana Yoga Kutir’. We will arrange one ‘Dhyana Yoga Saptaha’ (Dhyana Yoga camp for one week) every month. We will give intensive training for 16 persons in incessant Sri Radha Dhyana. We will have only 4 X 4 (4 persons per room in 4 rooms), no more, no less. "

" Mother once said – You must stay in Mother’s house, eat Her offering and perform Dhyana. You must completely become Hers. You should not have any contact with the rest of the world. This is the path of ‘Naimisaranya’ (Naimisa forest); this is the path of Rishis. This is the penance that I had performed. Mother was pleased with this penance and granted me a reward. I am the Radha Awardee! "

" Her personality is invisible but Her leela is visible. "

" I belong to Radha and Radha only! I am two in one. There is no other person like me in India. This body is only external. Within this body, Sakhi’s Bhava deha is present. I am Two in One. That is my life. "

" All aspects and attributes belong to Mother. Radha is the Supreme. She showed me some incredible aspects. Really unique and singular they are! "

" I performed penance in Naimisa forest for some years. Sometimes, I even slept on the branches of trees. My words are based on experience but have a scientific approach as well. "

" Mahabhava is Sri Radha’s nature and form. I want only Mother – that is my nature! "

" In my memory, preserve today’s (1.1.2002) speech in a cassette and not my photo. Whenever you listen to it, power will emanate because Mother came and touched me today. She saw every body present here. Only those who must be here are present. Today is not an ordinary day. Whether you realize it or not, Mother has entered you. "

" Perform incessant Dhyana on Sri Radha. "


" Sri Radha is my life, my humility; my dhyana. You must speak about such a Mother and write books about Her but always conceal the Mother who you worship within you. Don't think of projecting yourself in public. Even though the whole world praises you, it does not matter. It is only Mother who should praise you. "

" You must have gentle love towards Mother. Don't indulge in pomp and show. These two ashrams are indeed great. But when compared with Mother, they are very small. I will give them up in a moment for Her sake. "

" I said that 'I cannot live even for a moment without you, Priya (my beloved one)'. The bhava of 'priya' is very deep and intense. Priya is a word related to divine love, not the desirous love of earth. Priya implies that the beloved one appears like Mother; the beloved one who is dressed like Her. This is Divine love! "

" I am the Head of the play on earth. I have always obeyed Mother's orders and acted according to Her instructions. I am not linked with karma; I am linked only with Mother. I will soon go back near Her. "

" If you have seen me, take it for granted that you saw Mother. "

Radhe Radhe


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