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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 11

Our Association With Nanna - Part 11
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Importance of Brindavan
2Sri Radhasakhi’s Love
3Sri Radha’s Worship
4 Sri Radha’s Power of Rasa
5Sakhi, The well wisher
6 Sri Radha Bhava
7 Pravritthi – Nivritthi
8 Sri Radha Dhyana’s Sweetness
9 Sakhi’s Message
Nanna's Words

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

" I am a confidential sakhi not an ordinary sakhi. He who utilizes his heart and life only for Mother, who surrenders himself to her and lives only for her is a sakhi. Humility is the natural beauty of sakhi. Mother's culture is sakhi culture. You cannot attain sakhi bhava without incessant bhava. I have a sanjeevani (life savior) with me. I reached the goal. Everybody should reach that goal. That is the game! If you obtain my grace, it is enough. It is very difficult to recognize sakhi. "

" Dhyana Yoga is very powerful. You must strengthen vow of silence, living in ever present state and that bhava that Mother is always with me. Incessant name plus silence plus contemplation on all pervading Mother- all the three will be combined. Sri Radha is the deity worshipped by Sri Krishna. You are not this body, you are the soul. You are in the illusion that you are the body. You must fight to give up vices. To win over the hidden, inner enemies who are suppressing you, do dhyana on Radha Maha Devi, the embodiment of hladini sakthi. She watches our inner consciousness. She is secretly taping everything. "

" I will tell you don'ts first and do's next. Don't get entangled with the world, keep at a distance. Viswamitra and Saubhari, the great sages also could not go beyond the world. We must do so! There are eleven obstacles in the path of sadhana. Then how can your penance be smooth? Unless you conquer prakrithi, you cannot progress. By tough yoga practices, your eyes and ears may get damaged. We must avoid that. Our path is delicate, the path of Rasa. Let us move on this path only. "

" Unless you develop formlessness, you will not lose body consciousness. Unless you lose body consciousness, you will not lose maya, unless you shed maya, there is no spiritual progress. Our heart is congested, it must expand. Your body is the chariot; the five senses are the horses while your mind is the reins! The Intellect holds the reins; he is the driver. This world is the result of your sin. You love this body very much. The Mahatmas in Brindavan explain that this body does not belong to you; it belongs to God. You must learn to respond and return the love to the loving Mother from whom the Love is flowing to you. If you make a little effort; God will shower infinite grace and pull you up. You will be blessed! "

" Brindavan dham is pure and pious. The prominence to this divine dham is due to the shadow of Bhava Brindavan on it. There is no other place which can be compared with Brindavan. This is where Radhaji moves eternally. Just by chanting Her name; our street cannot become Brindavan. Only when Mother sets Her holy feet, that place transforms into Brindavan. "

" Radhaji is highest. Krishna worships Her all the time. He bows before Her. They performed several leelas (divine plays). Leela is that which is super normal and invincible; which cannot be enacted by any human being even Brahma! Radhaji is the sweetest 'Rasamayi' - full of nectarine rasa. She is the supreme of Krishna, who holds a prominent place in rasa himself! Only a rasika who experienced the sweetness of rasa, of Her love can understand this. "

" Radha Rani said that all your karmas will be shed if you do penance for seven days. That is why; I planned to conduct week long dhyana yoga programmes. This is the only way towards fruition of your life. We will include name (nama) because concentration in dhyana is possible through name. As you dhyana, angels will join you. I am speaking from my experience. I will remain in silence after you all leave. That is memorable silence; we got an opportunity to serve Her; this is the result of our good deeds over several lives. The power of rasa which is present in Mother's dham, the world of rasa is present here also. Unless you go beyond name and form, you cannot reach the world of rasa. I attained that state! Mother came near me. I reached there till where a human being can approach. Her sakhis told me 'You have some more jobs to complete here. Mother will not take you from here till that time'. Those who reached the world of rasa are blessed. I will not say more! "

" Mother is all pervading; She is present everywhere. Except such a Mother, nothing is mine. Mother is near me but as part of all pervading. You must achieve the understanding of Her all pervading nature. Our dhyana is wonderful. Dhyana is the shortest method to approach the Highest Supreme! Radhaji said 'Do dhyana and attain Me'. "

" Egoless state is effortless state. The sadhana in rasa world is to reduce your ego. Put Mother in the place of ego. Mother is your ego! Effort is Hers. Your life will become effortless. All words in that state become true! "

" God is present. If you are passive towards him, he also remains passive. The devotee does only what devotion inspires him to do. His actions are predetermined by God! "

" As you move inwards and inwards . at one stage, God will hold you and show his divine dham. "

" Do dhyana in Brindavan dham where Radhaji moved and showered Her love. That is enough. She will come and watch you. You will become blessed indeed. "

Radhe! Radhe!


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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