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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 11

Our Association With Nanna - Part 11
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Importance of Brindavan
2Sri Radhasakhi’s Love
3Sri Radha’s Worship
4 Sri Radha’s Power of Rasa
5Sakhi, The well wisher
6 Sri Radha Bhava
7 Pravritthi – Nivritthi
8 Sri Radha Dhyana’s Sweetness
9 Sakhi’s Message

Guntur Ashram, 04.01.2002

This is one of the lectures in the series of Nanna's lectures on dhyana yoga.

" We do not know in which world Mother is! We also don't know how many thousands of sakhis are with Her. She appoints each sakhi for a different work. She decided that She wanted the nine year old muslim boy (Rehman) ; She gracefully lifted him! We are full of doubts regarding name and mantra whereas the muslim is not aware of anything about our religion. It is strange that She selected such a boy! Though Valmiki was cruel initially, he was a hindu. Rehman is not a hindu. Yet Mother's play with him is wonderful and strange! "

" When the devatas were taking Leelavathi, Prahalada's mother to kill the unborn child, Narada came near them. His arrival was not by chance! It is a strange divine play. He said that the child in her womb is a great person who would uplift the lives of human beings and took Leelavathi to his ashram. He taught extra ordinary lessons to the fetus while he responded from his mother's womb. "

" Nobody in the world ever heard of fetus speaking! There is no mention in the world history about the fetus responding while his guru taught him! The unborn child was weeping inside. How great! Narada taught him ' My son. Don't confine God in an idol or in a temple. God is all pervading. He is present in all temples, each and everywhere. 'Oh! Is it God who stopped me on the way? 'Yes' The little boy realized God's greatness and wept; He also became great. Narada also wept when the little boy wept. 'You are such an infant. You are weeping while you are still in your Mother's womb and also making us weep. Not only yours but our life is also blessed.' "

" Such is Radhaji's grace! She blessed not the aged men and women but children and fetus too! She granted them devotion even at that infant stage. She is Radhaji! She blesses anybody, irrespective of age and religion. Pradhalada's father compelled his wife to give poison to her son! Can you imagine a mother making her son sit in her lap and offer him poison! ' I cannot do this. I want to die; kill me before you him.' 'mother, why do you fear? I am drinking what you are offering me. Neither the giver nor the taker must fear. Do not be afraid. The five elements cannot harm us. The most venomous poison cannot do anything to us. Mother has extraordinary love and power. It is not an ordinary power. Other incarnations of God ended but Radha's incarnation still continues. She will remain for ages to come. She will not leave till all human beings are uplifted. We are constantly linked with Mother. She will certainly protect us! "

" Narada said that if we think of God, poison will become nectar. So, if you take God's name, this poison will beome nectar. Offer the poison to God. He will accept whatever you offer to him. Then it becomes his oblation! Ah, what a great principle! Prahalada explained to us that what we offer to Mother is different; What it becomes with Her touch is different! You offer milk to Her; She accepts it and gives nectar to you. That is why offering to God is not a simple ritual. It possesses tremendous power after She accepts the offering. Prahalada consoled his mother in this way and drank the poison. Well! It did become nectar and he was untouched. In this way, if you offer your life to Mother, when you surrender your 'me and mine' to Her, you will no longer be an ordinary man. You will cease to belong to the human world and will belong to Mother's kingdom. You will be Her loving child and She will shower Her powers on you. The most ignorant person will become a scholar. An ordinary man will become a great yogi. Thus prahalada explained the importance of offering to God. He is indicating that man should offer his life to God. Narada is amazed. A sinner becomes a pious man; a fool becomes wise; In short, man's life history, his character, his qualities are all transformed. "

" Rehman was a muslim. When he surrenderd his life to Mother, his life became pure. Mother granted him enormous powers.His father tortured him by tying him to a pillar and whipping him. Even the muslim religious priest joined his father to protect islam religion. The nine year old boy neither wept nor ran away. He never stopped uttering Mother's name. He refused to take Allah's name. The physical assault had no effect on him. "

" Our life also undergoes many changes when we surrender to Mother! We will ascend to an unimaginable plane. When he attained Her divine grace, Shyamananda's life changed. Chanting Her name, he unconsciously walked into the river. He became the guru of his guru! When he fell prostrate at Mother's feet, the colored paint on Her feet made a mark on his forehead. When he was questioned why he deviated from the rules of their mutt and applied tilak on his forehead, he told them what happened. Nobody believed him. 'Okay. If you feel I am telling a lie, wipe off the tilak from my forehead.' When his guru approached him to wipe his forehead, Mother placed Her hand to stop him. The guru was astonished. ' I stayed in Chaitanya's ashram for so many years but nobody saved me and uplifted me' Shyamananda moved on the streets of Brindavan singing Radhe Radhe. With his propaganda, people flocked around him. He was weeping uncontrollably. He went near Shyam kund(pond) weeping ' Mother, this is not shyam kund. This is you only. Your arms are embracing me.' He jumped into the pond in that state of ecstasy. Over 500 people searched for him but his body could not be traced. "

" Do such great devotees exist in the present age? The devotees collected money and constructed a temple in shyamananda's name as a memory of that leela! Ah! Shyamananda is so fortunate; he went into the water and disappeared. Nobody could trace him. Radhaji's leelas are incredible. We neither saw nor heard such leelas elsewhere. All Her leelas were printed for the benefit of the devotees. "

" Shyamananda illustrated that you need not fear even if you have a family because Mother will take care of you. He did all the chores of family life. He cooked, he carried water . Isn't this family life? No, Shyamananda showed how to lead a family life. You must convert your family into a penance. This is a great message! Don't be afraid of family. You must make it a penance. He showed us how to do so. How surprising! One day, he was sweeping his court yard. He found a golden anklet. This implies that you are not imparting value to your family; when you do so, Mother will be fond of your family. His family became Mother's family. That is why Her anklet dropped down there. His body vibrated when he touched the anklet. 'My Mother, you entered my family', he thought. When you give up your family to Her , it belongs to Her. She converts it into a yoga. She told us how to make our family life into a yoga. She is always with you. She moves along with you in your family. "

" You must surrender yourself - your body and your wealth to Her. You must consider that they belong to Mother. This is real devotion, not any other rituals. The life that is not surrendered to Mother is useless. I must maintain the bhava that Mother sent you to me. This is the secret of formlessness. Many souls from the upper world are coming down here to listen my lectures. Infact, they are here right now. How can we realize their presence? Tulsidas went to listen to the talk on Hanuman in the nearby temple. Everybody left after the talk except one person who was weeping. He was none other than Hanuman. Tulsidas recognized him and went near him and saluted him 'Who am I? Why are you saluting me?' 'You are Hanumanji' 'No, I am not Hanuman.' 'Yes, you are Hanuman only.' In the same way, angels came down from the upper worlds to listen to my lectures. You will not be aware of their presence. I identified them due to the vibrations they created in my heart. "

" That is why I say that Her leelas will continue eternally, as long as the world exists! She created a link with the world. No wonder, even a person with a venomous heart changes into a gentleman by Her grace. Naravahana's story is the best example to cite. He saw Her leela through his guru. 'Ah! This leela is so extra ordinary. My life is of no use.' Immediately, he developed detachment towards the world. He became wise as para devotion awakened in his heart. He never went back home; he remained near his guru. "

" Mother changes your life amazingly. We are fortunate to be here in Her presence. She particularly said 'You cannot see Me. I am not visible even to Brahma and other Gods but I have seen you. You must come here so that I can see you. Your sight cannot be on Me; I am seeing you. That is enough. You don't need any other penance.' Mother is here now. We all are in Her sight. She is watching us. That is why we have assembled here. If you keep only Mother with you for some time, She will certainly come near you. One moment in Her presence is enough; just a single moment! People believe that one dip in the holy Ganges is very sacred. Imagine what would happen if Mother who is above Shiva and Parvathi who created the Ganges comes down near us! "

" When you do dhyana with this bhava, Mother will come directly into your heart. The demi gods told us to worship Her and do dhyana with this bhava. You must bring the benevolent Mother into your hearts. She is telling us about dhyana. "

" She gave us a message ' Ve bolthe hain ye dhyan se Hamko akarchan karo. Dhyan se jyada yogya nahi hain" (Mother said to adorn Her with dhyana. There is nothing higher than dhyana) You must move towards dhyana yoga. It is very important. If you want to purify your life, you must maintain the link with Mother. Then our ordinary worldly life will change into a spiritual life. How can you do dhyana? Mother will make you do dhyana. She will be passive and formless; yet She will make you do everything through Her yogic powers. In the yoga state, She is not passive. So many leelas can prove this' "

" Mother is transforming your family life into a yoga. She is changing the ordinary jeeva into a great yogi. Your money is not required. There is no connection between Mother's service and money. She showed this in my life. I wanted to arrange Her dhyana. She caused a dhyana kuteer to be constructed. Dhyana is very important for Her. Without a penny in my pocket, all work is progressing only because Mother is with us. The benevolent Mother is watching us, eager to bestow Her grace. Do dhyana with this bhava. "

Nanna taught us about Sri Radha dhyana yoga, surrendering your life to Her and the importance of offerings to Her as his message to us. He talked about the divine leelas in the lives of Prahlada and Rehman. The two sentences which he mentioned about each of them were full of bhava creating their live images before our eyes. He gave us the message to surrender our life to Mother by saying 'think of God; poison will become nectar' and 'when he offers himself to Her, an ignorant man will become a great scholar' Whether he speaks about Rehman, Prahlada or Shyamananda, the essence is the same - 'Convert your family life into a yoga' This is Nanna's message to us. Saying ' when you surrender your family to Her, it is no longer yours; it belongs to Her' he emphasized that ' the life not surrendered to Her is a waste'

This is Nanna's loving message to us - "Attain me through dhyana"


Maruvalenika needu madhura tamamagu sobha
neeku ankithamayega nadu jeevithamella
Nee prema vahinilo na
Thalli nanu munchi veyava

Mother, I cannot forget your sweet glory. I surrendered my life to you. Drench me in the shower of your love



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