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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Nanna,The Lover Of Music

" Ras is in two forms – manifested and un-manifested. The leelas (divine plays) of Sri Radha and Krishna are the manifested rasa leelas. Nikunj leela is the un-manifested leela. Nikunj leela is restricted only to the Holy Duo (Radha and Krishna), sakhis and Rasika mahatmas. In Anjani Amma’s vision in Ravali, I appeared as a young girl applying sandalwood paste on Mother’s hands. This vision is the manifested leela. As the personal and confidential sakhi of Radhaji, I apply sandalwood all over Her body. This is the un-manifested leela. This is the comprehensive form of Mother. The invisible Radha is like a vast ocean. She is in fact Nikunj Radha, Tattva (Philosophical) Radha. Such Mother only is the object of my meditation "

When we carefully analyse the above words spoken by Nanna, we can understand that he is constantly in the presence of Nikunj Radha, witnessing many invisible leelas and also participating in some more.

Generally when we ask Nanna about a particular topic, he does not respond immediately. He keeps the question in mind and definitely gives an indirect reply at an opportune moment. When I once asked him to narrate the leelas that he witnessed, he circumvented the topic saying that leelas we discussed are the significant ones. However, later he narrated a few wonderful leelas he witnessed.
15.03.2002, Guntur Ashram:

I went to see Nanna at 8.30 a.m. His face was resplendent with Bhav. His eyes were half closed. It was quite evident from his appearance that he was in a state of Rasa Bhav at the holy feet of Mother. I sat beside Nanna for meditation.

At 10.15a.m, he suddenly opened his eyes and said,

" Radhaji is singing a particular tune. (He hummed the tune). Lord Krishna swooned in ecstasy. He never heard that tune earlier. It is very intoxicating. People lose consciousness under that spell. Mother does not sing any songs. She only hums the tunes. Even in the song after Anjani Amma’s vision at Ravali, there is a reference only to Ragamalika (garland of tunes), but not to any particular song. "

In reply to my query whether Krishna is rendering music service to Mother, Nanna replied,

" I do not know. I heard several music concerts but never felt such pleasure before. I am unable to express in words "

Saying so, Nanna lay back. He woke up at 10.45a.m. He was not even conscious as to whether someone is beside him and listening to him. He began to narrate the wonderful leela he envisioned.

" Kirti Devi (mother of Sri Radha) seated little Radha on her lap ready to feed her Kheer (porridge). She (Kirti Devi) is a queen and a great yogin. At the same time, a devotee also brought kheer to serve Radha. Sensing the eagerness with which the devotee prepared Kheer, Radhaji declined the Kheer served by Her mother and accepted the Kheer offered by the devotee. Thus Radhaji gives more prominence to the Rasika’s devotion than to yoga. "

At 11.00a.m he continued,

" Mother is teaching Krishna to play the Veena (stringed musical instrument). After some time She asked him to play the veena independently but he could not do so properly. When Mother asked him why he was unable to learn what She taught, he replied that he was engrossed in watching Her face. The expressions on Her face appeared new to him every moment. Absorbed in seeing those expressions, he could not concentrate on the movement of Her hands. Mother is indeed full of Bhav. While playing the veena, Her bhav is expressed by the movement of her eyes, forehead and mouth. "

Thus one after the other Nanna described all the visions he had seen. Those of us who were present at that time are indeed fortunate!

By nature, Nanna is a lover of music. Very often he suddenly opens his eyes from deep meditation and says” Listen to that music”

On 30.12.2000 at 1.40 p.m. Nanna opened his eyes from meditation and said,

" Listen. That music is so melodious and soothing. About 5-6 girls have come. Where are they? "

The stream of music that Nanna often hears in meditation may be his musical service to Radhaji (as a sakhi). The Radha sakhi who knows nothing else but Sri Radha probably serves Mother with sandalwood or music. Nanna once said that he is the intimate, confidential sakhi of Divine Mother. How can we imagine the bliss of Rasa experienced by this sakhi when in a state of Radha bhav?
24.11.2000, Friday, 7.00 p.m

Nanna was listening to the draft of ‘Brindavaneswari Sri Radhadevi- Volume 6’ . The 81st verse of ‘Hitachaurasi’ eulogises Sri Radhaji as the ultimate in the arts of music and dance. On hearing this Nanna said,

" That music is not limited. Its melody has spread and filled all the worlds. The sweetness of that music is calling me from within. Hence I am feeling intoxicated "

Saying this he drifted into the state of Bhav. After a while he opened his eyes and said,

" Sri Radha is the source of the arts of music and dance. The divine music is lovingly beckoning human beings. Instead of responding to this sacred call, we are succumbing to the baser calls of the world. If we wish to hear Mother’s call that has encompassed the entire world in the form of melodious music, we must continuously meditate on Mother only "



Gaavat Shyama pyari leela Pancham sur mein sakhi kokila

Sakhi is melodiously singing the leelas (divine plays) of her dear Shyama


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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