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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Who Is Nanna?
27.03.02, 9.20 a.m - Guntur Ashram

" Mother chose me in this world. I am leaving as a Sakhi. I don’t know in which universe She will depute me next. Once we leave, we will not return for many ages. The life span in that world is not 100 years but thousands of years. We will be traveling throughout the universe. While traveling like that, I shall keep track about your welfare. "

" There is one person (Radha Mahalakshmi Amma) who worked with me all her life. Both of us will go as sakhis. She is waiting for me performing penance. When the penance fructifies, Mother will come and take us. Our separation is only temporary. We shall meet again in that world. ‘Mata naasti, pita naasti’ (no mother no father…..). They are not permanent. Don’t cling to the temporary. Train yourself to hold the permanent. Bid goodbye to all these relatives. If you wish to hanker behind son and daughter and stay back here, it is your choice. "

" It is our duty to go to Mother without falling a prey to delusion. Mother is calling you through a sakhi. It is inevitable that you must relinquish all the bonds at the time of death. What you must do, anyway, at that time, do that today! Be detached. Instead of waking up at the last moment, we are awakened early. Since I am your person, I am telling you in advance keeping your welfare in mind. The bliss obtained in the presence of Mother cannot be found elsewhere. Going there (to Mother) is the fruit of our penance. I am always in the sight of the formless Mother. I can’t leave Her even for a moment. There She is! Already I can feel the ‘touch’. That feeling is only Mother’s form. There is bhav in the formless. I have reached that stage now. "

" Perform only such deeds that can be done in the presence of Mother. Then you will do no wrong. Your desires will reduce. Mother’s bhav will be infused in us. ‘Come to me as one being seen by Mother. Do not come as an ordinary person.’ You are in the midst of a mighty river. You can have drinking water whenever you want. The Almighty can be obtained just by thinking of Him. Instead of thinking about God who is so near, we are getting entangled in worldly ties. No other penance except what we do at the time of death counts. No matter how much you adorn yourself, only the pose while clicking the camera will appear in the photo. Nothing else matters. You must continue penance. I am creating a holy hermitage for your penance. Do penance there. There is no need for any temple; penance is the holy shrine! "

20.03.02, 8.50 a.m.

" I will live till eternity and I will hold the job till eternity. It is Mother’s job. Therefore She sends me internationally. I will not come back here. There are many other globes. She may depute me anywhere. Yet, whenever there is an appeal from here, I will send mantra vibrations and cure them. That is a very rare gift that Mother gave me. This body will not remain till eternity. Therefore I will attain bhav deha. The Loka is Bhavloka and my body is Bhav deha. Both are eternal. I will possess both - Eternal life and eternal body. That is Radha Rani! People go to Her. She won’t move. Even Krishna goes to Her. She is super Sastra. "

" I am seeing Mother right now. She is just before me in your form. At present, (in your mind) there are ‘many’. Gradually the ‘many’ must disappear and only ‘two’ must remain – you and Mother. Radha’s name is very great. Continuously recite Her name in your mind. Within three months you will notice the difference. Waves of pleasure will overcome you. Who is Mother? Is She just an idol? No, she is the all-pervading form! Wherever you go, there She is! Just close your eyes. Behind you and before you –Mother is everywhere. There is no one else. Live in that thought. As you continue such penance, you will certainly see Mother. "

" ‘Tejo matah’ – the radiance will appear first. "

01.12.02, 10.30 a.m

" Just thinking of Mother’s name makes me weep. I don’t know why. I requested Mother that I want to be just Radha sakhi, with no other word (Priya) between ‘Radha’ and ‘Sakhi’. Mother was pleased and agreed. I said that I did not want ‘priya’ between Radha and Sakhi because She has come so close to my heart. Mother never dances with Her sakhis. But She danced with me and also granted that vision to Anjani Amma. "

18.03.02, 11a.m

" I did not come to this earth as a sakhi. I am not even aware when I became a sakhi. If I came as a sakhi, why would I accept so many mantras? Or maybe a sakhi should know all of these! Gayatri, Kamagayatri, Gopalamantra, Siva panchakshari ….I have taken so many mantras and gave up all of them. Inherently and effortlessly I possess the quality to consider others happiness as mine. From this it is evident that since beginning, sakhi bhav is present within me in a nascent stage. "

" Without Mother’s inspiration nobody can come to me. You should not come here with some expectation from Mother. You must worship Her unconditionally. Krishna blessed Draupadi by granting her unlimited clothes. Mother is more benevolent than that. Don’t ask Her anything. She will give you everything. "

" As you move away from the world, you will be more in Mother’s bhav. That is my present state. I feel that Mother has come and I become. overwhelmed. I think ’Mother, You are here.’ I am holding Mother. Mine is a firm grip. "

05.12.02, 11a.m

" On a special festival day, Atlatadiya, I invited Radhamahalakshmi amma into Anjani amma’s body. She said “I am waiting for you. We both should go to Mother together. I have also become a sakhi like you. This happened with your grace. I am waiting for your arrival” and lost consciousness. We both are Mother’s sakhis. Radha mahalakshmi amma has abundant love for me. I once said that it is not possible for anyone to create differences between us as we both possess the nature of a sakhi . "

" Mother said ‘There are many jobs for you to accomplish. You cannot leave till then.’ I have to arrange the Pratishta (installation of idol), I have to arrange Dhyana saptaha (a week of meditation); I have to purchase a car and travel all over the country (to propagate Radha philosophy). All this will take about two years. Once the jobs are completed, I am not interested to stay here. I am fed up in this world. I feel why I am here and when I will go near Mother. I wrote a song: "

‘Endupoyina echata chusina Na hridayamanta neeve neeve ‘Where ever I go, where ever I see In my whole heart, there is only thee’

" There is sakhi bhav in the song. We see with our eyes. Then why mention about heart? Sakhi sees through the heart. She never sees with the eyes. ‘Wherever I see, only you are in my heart’. It is not spelt out that the heart sees, it is to be understood. All sakhis speak through their heart and see through their heart. They don’t need eyes, only heart. Real sakhi’s state is above gender. A sakhi who has love for Radha and has the quality of considering others’ happiness as her own is beyond gender. Mother told Suka maharshi, who narrated Bhagawatam, not to mention about Her or Her sakhis in a gathering, which has no Rasikas. Sakhi will not be in such a place where there are no Rasikas. In true sakhi bhav, there is no relationship with a man. "

Nanna, even Lord Krishna and the gopikas did not have that relationship!’ I said.

" But they were aware that Krishna was a man. It is not so in the case of sakhis. They conquer the gender. Take my case. I am a man. Many women come to me addressing me as ‘nanna’ and lovingly hold my hands or put their arms around me. But I am not moved. I feel like weeping with Mother’s bhav. That love is like that. The sakhi tattva was not mentioned in Bhagavata only because sakhis do not have even an iota of desire or feeling of gender. Mother will not take anyone of us till we reach that stage above gender. The reason that Mother has accepted me as a sakhi is because I am above gender. Purushottamdasji proclaimed me as ‘Rasikasiromani’. Rasikasiromani is above gender. He has realized this in me. "

02.12.02,11.40 a.m.

" There are always two entities within me. Each one can overpower thousands. One of them said that ‘Anjaneya swamy (Hanuman) is our brother’. So I have no problem for my safety. "

04.12.02,10.00 a.m.

" I have written a song directly conversing with Mother. Which song is that? "

I replied, ‘Nanna, is it Naa prana pranama….?’

" "

" Yes. That is bhav. At that time I was in a super state of maha bhav. In that state you feel like weeping. Those tears are ‘ras’. Due to superimposition of bhav on the snake, it transformed into Mother. Only bhav can superimpose! You can also refer to the incident in Kavali when I went to see a lady whose only son died. She was ill and bedridden. In a state of total bhav I said, ’Why do you weep when I am there?’ She immediately recovered and got up, prepared some eatables and served me. That is the power of Bhav. Whatever may be the trouble, bhav makes you forget it. "

" ‘Rasame nee roopambu Rasame naa paramavadhi Neeve lataroopambai Jagamulella nindinavu’ "

" Rasa alone is your appearance Rasa alone is my ultimate goal You are like the creeper That enveloped the entire world. “Rasa starts revealing itself as bhav”. "

" It is very difficult to delve into the unfathomable depth of sakhi bhav. There are so many aspects of sakhi bhav. Superimposition is one of them. It is very difficult to comprehend (this aspect of bhav). I knew it was a snake. But bhav got superimposed on it and it did not appear like a snake to me. In that condition, even the snake will shed its original characteristics. "

10.12.01, Guntur Ashram

" I am in Super dhyan state. The states of being in and also not being in dhyan, both are equally blissful. Mother is beyond dhyana. I am in a state of sorrow as I cannot live away from Mother even for a moment. Mother is also in a dilemma. She is also unable to stay without me, Her loving object. But if She takes me back, all the jobs initiated by Her to be accomplished by me will remain incomplete. Since afternoon, Mother is in my arms. She is also unable to leave me. The pain of separation of a mother and child is the same for both. Mother was in a dilemma whether to think about Her own self or well being of mankind. I cannot say anything! She may say ‘Let the well being of the world be set aside. I want my possession (sakhi)’. “I cannot stay away from you even for a moment.” Both of us are in the same state. In the song ‘Na prana pranama…….’ I talked directly to Mother saying that I am Her beautiful rose. I am the rose that is related to every part of Mother. She will take this rose in Her hands and touch it with Her lips. She will look at it lovingly and place it in Her hair. I am such a rose. "

" Many people will be in the budding stage. They should blossom and the nectar of love should flow. That pleases Mother. The natural qualities of Rasika devotees are, giving up ego and attachments, holding on to the philosophy of rasa and inability to bear the separation from Mother. When you cannot bear separation from Mother and are totally immersed in bhav, it is impossible to express that state either in the form of words or songs. That was my state when Ramesh Baba came to see me. Mine is the sakhi tradition. This is the state where one is on par with Mother. Equality is essential for love to progress. This is the psychology of love. Mother will accept only that girl who has qualities similar to Her. Such bhav of equality will develop only when bhav deha is formed. This bhavdeha does not have any karmas associated with birth. Unless the bhavdeha is completely formed, Mother will not accept you. "

" Some people worship Sri Krishna who is the embodiment of bliss. That Krishna declared that is only Radha who gives him happiness. So, what is our duty? Our duty is to meditate on Radhaji who is worshipped by Krishna him self. This is my message. The journey should be from the manifested towards the un-manifested which is very difficult. Finally we must reach the transcendental. That is Krishna‘s love. That is our ultimate journey. Mother will benevolently make our travel on this path easy. During this journey, Mother’s bhav will directly enter our heart. Once that bhav is attained, we cannot bear it. That is an unbearable sweet pain. Man cannot even imagine. That is my state. "

17.03.03 Guntur ashram

" I can bring Her grace upon mankind. I have that power. "

" No one in this world would have the experience of some of the incidents in my life. I can prove this. So don’t compare my life with any other life in the whole world. My life is peculiar. ‘Aatmic’ power (power of soul) is present in everyone. But it is not manifested. It is manifested in me. I can make possible what is impossible for man because I am an instrument in the hands of all-pervading Mother. "

" You must do nothing but seva (service). Do only seva. You have come to this world only to serve the Divine. It is Divine service which I am rendering. You have not come to me by chance. I am not sitting here by chance. This is all pre-arranged by Mother. "

" Lord Krishna gave us Bhagavad Gita. Vedavyasa gave us Bhagavatam. What is Mother giving us? A three year old girl! She is giving us service to mankind through dhyana yoga. Mother chooses each person for a particular service. She chose me for this service - Dhyana yoga saptaha. Such a seva does not exist in any other continent. This is super continental. "

" The person speaking to you is Radhaji’s sakhi, not this physical body which will perish after some time. Some Mahatmas leave the physical body and exist with the cosmic body. I am not like that. I will give up this body and leave with bhav deha. Everybody does not attain ‘bhav’. Many Mahatmas could not enter bhav loka. Mine is bhav loka. I will go back to Mother. She will take me as soon as my work here is over. It is She who sent me here. She will provide the resources to arrange one dhyana saptaha every month, as long as sun and moon exist. I will not ask any one. I will live as long as the sun and moon exist. I will not die. I will be in that world. There is no death for me and no obstacle for my work. Both are true. "

What profound words! These are the words of Radha sakhi who is capable of showering the love of Sri Radha on mankind. It is pertinent to recall what Nanna said on 15.9.2000, the day after Radhashtami, regarding his plans for dhyana yoga saptaha. Nanna explained the idea to construct a ‘Universal Dhyana Kuteer’ as follows:

" In this Dhyana Kuteer, I propose that 12 dhyana yoga saptahas (weeklong meditation sessions) will be conducted every year, one each month. This should continue as long as sun and moon exist. Four persons will occupy each room and perform incessant meditation on Sri Radha, day and night, during these seven days. We will arrange for their food, coffee etc. We have identified the best cook for this purpose. They should observe silence during these seven days. They should stay in Mother’s home, eat Her prasadam (blessed food) and meditate on Her. They should practice to meditate not on Radha but with Radha bhav. This is the secret of Radha Dhyana yoga. There will be a fresh batch every month. At the end of seven days, I will dedicate them to Mother saying ‘I am doing the duty that you have lovingly entrusted to me. These are the persons who practiced Sri Radha rasa during the seven days of saptaha deeksha.’ Mother assured that those who would do meditation in this manner will not come back to this world. Did ‘Bhagavata saptaha’ not give moksha (salvation)? Due to continuous Sri Radha Dhyana Yoga Saptaha Deeksha, the devotee will certainly go to the higher planes. Mother will retain the people in different worlds depending on their individual abilities and attainments. But they will certainly not come back to earth. My words will come true. "

What a divine resolution! What a deeksha! What selfless love for the well-being of mankind! Who else but Radha sakhi can make such a resolution and implement it too?

Some of us listening to Nanna gave names for the first batch (for performing Radha Saptaha Deeksha). One person asked ‘Nanna forgive me for asking so. You mentioned that we must perform Sri Radha dhyana continuously day and night for seven days. Suppose we sleep during the night…..’?

Nanna replied with a smile:

" The scriptures say that even if one sleeps during meditation but his mind is in the same state (of meditation) when he wakes up, it is considered that he is in meditation even during sleep. Anyway you need not have such doubts. After 2-3 days of the saptaha(week), you will not be able to sleep. The Gods will come down and participate in the dhyana from the third day onwards. They will not allow you to sleep. They will help you to perform dhyana better. The seven days will be completed uninterrupted "

Oh, this is such a unique deeksha which will not happen in any other world. We were stunned. The Gods coming down, participating in dhyana saptaha, assisting the devotees..! incredible. Yet it must be believed because these words were spoken by Nanna, the Radha sakhi whose words are undisputable.

The words of Nanna that “Gods will come down and participate in this dhyana saptaha” are absolutely true.

In 1983-84, Rayudu garu of Tatanagar used to sit near Nanna daily and do meditation. Nanna would personally supervise dhyana in the front room in Guntur ashram. Though there were only 5-6 people Nanna always arranged mats for a few more.

One morning Rayudu garu and others were in meditation. Rayudu garu had a vision that 7-8 sadhus came to him and asked where Nanna garu was performing dhyana. He took them into the room near Nanna. They paid obeisance to him, sat there and did meditation. While narrating this vision, Rayadu garu became very emotional and tearful.

Nanna said,

" Yes. Sri Radha dhyana is not an ordinary one. So many Mahatmas and Gods come down and meditate. The sadhus whom you saw belong to the abode of Gods "

Another time Rayudu garu had a more beautiful and divine vision. While Nanna was in meditation, two small girls stood on either side and served him by fanning with hand fans. When he narrated this vision to Nanna, he smiled in agreement. Those girls would surely belong to congregation of Sri Radha’s Sakhis.

In 1988, one day everyone was immersed in dhyana in Nanna’s room in Vrindavan. Rayudu garu saw 5-6 gods sitting in front of Nanna and doing meditation. He opened his eyes with joy and narrated the same to Nanna. When the mats were being removed by the people there, Nanna said

" Don’t remove the mats yet. The dust of their holy feet will still be there on the mats "

Saying this he took their holy dust and applied to his heart.

Nanna gave discourses on Dhyana Yoga from 13.12.01 to 8.1.02 in Guntur Ashram. He made the devotees do meditation during 30.12.01 to 5.1.02 saying that Mother gave him the inspiration for ‘Dhyana Saptaha Deeksha’.

" While making all of them (staying in the Ashram) meditate during dhyana saptaha deeksha, I will serve them meals and coffee. I don’t worry about the expenditure. I will not ask even Mother for money. This is Her work, She will take care. She has already taken care. On the third day of deeksha, one person came from Vijayawada and observed this. He also heard my lecture that day. While leaving, he gave me Rs 10,000. That is Radha Rani! “ Nanna smiled. "

On 4.1.02, the sixth day of Saptaha deeksha, Nanna said,

" Some gods came down for my talk yesterday. At that time I felt very intoxicated. Gods are coming down and participating in this (deeksha). Mother laid a bridge between Her world and the earth. I understood that gods arrived due to their vibrations. Even Gopala Krishna came. He who should have become a ghost, became a Mahatma. Mother was with me every moment. I am saying this from experience. In this ever changing world, Mother is the never changing light (jyoti). All those who practice incessant dhyana yoga will surely reach Mother’s holy feet "

It is the truth and nothing but truth that Radhaji and other gods come down and participate in Nanna’s Dhyana yoga saptaha.


Nith such mano nithya niranthar Niravadhi syama dhyan ke anthar Dhyani man mae nikat hi shyama Dhyani sub kuch rehati shyama

Understand that one who performs incessant meditation on Radhaji is always happy. Shyama is always near dhyani(mediator). Dhyan is always with Radha


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 

20.09.2000 Sri Vrindavan

Nanna did not open his eyes the entire day. He neither spoke nor ate nor passed urine. The second day also continued in the same way. Anjani Amma and others in the Ashram were worried and took Nanna to Ramakrishna Mission hospital in Vrindavan. It was already 48 hours since he passed urine. Anxiety and worry was writ large on everybody’s face. They were awaiting the arrival of Dr Raghava Singh.

In the meanwhile Nanna opened his eyes, and looking at the surroundings smiled and enquired where he was. Anjani Amma replied that he was in the hospital. When Nanna enquired, she explained the whole situation. Then Nanna asked for a mug, passed urine and asked if that was enough. Dr Raghava Singh came and paid his respects to Nanna. When Anjani Amma gave Nanna barley water, he refused and offered it to the doctor. The doctor accepted it as an offering from a Mahatma, examined Nanna and declared with a smile that ‘the organs of this Mahatma are all under control. His health is in perfect condition.’

My dear Sir, I can speak to the people who died 40 years ago. Can you?” Nanna asked him.

The doctor replied with folded hands,’Oh no! We are unable to speak to those who are alive; speaking to the dead is unthinkable.’

Nanna laughed and returned to the ashram. Anjani Amma said ‘Nanna, we spent the two days with fear and anxiety.

That is Nanna!!


1. Raajayog vahi yog raj vahi Sri Radha Ras prem yog vahi Radha Sakhi jeevan yog vahi Tat sukhi jeevan paramarth vahi 2. Radha Sakhi jeevan hi jeevan Bhav yoga sukha prema raagadhan Rasika siromani Radha rasamani Radha mukuta viraajita navamani 3. Prem hi Radha Sakhi ki sadhan Prem hi Radha Sakhi ki jeevan Prem hi Radha Sakhi ki bodhan Prem hi Radha Sakhi ki aacharan 4. Saran karo radha sakhi ki charan Aacharan karo radha sakhi ki gun Rasita malathi man nikunj mae Radha Sakhi jeevan ras madhuri

That is Raja Yoga, that is the Yoga Raj. That is the Yoga of love of Radha Rasa. That is the yoga of Radha Sakhi’s life. The ideal of sakhi’s life is to consider others’ happiness as her own. The life of a sakhi is the true life.Bliss of Bhav yoga is the true wealth of love. Sri Radha sakhi, the Rasika Siromani is glittering like a jewel in the crown of Sri Radha.. Love is the engine of Radha sakhi, Love is her life, Love is her teachings and Love is her conduct. Seek shelter at the feet of such a Radha Sakhi and emulate her qualities. This is the bliss of Rasa that glows in the mind’s Nikunj of Rasika Malathi.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


You may possess the powers of a giant but don’t use them like a giant.” – says Shakespeare.

Nanna often quoted the above sentence. Due to constant meditation on the formless Mother, Nanna acquired several yogic and super natural powers. Being the attribute of sweetness of Radha’s love, the rays of the power of ecstasy are always shining within him. Though he possesses such extraordinary powers, he appears very simple and ordinary. Only those who have the fortune of being near his holy feet know how extraordinary he is!

" Sri Radha, the embodiment of power of ecstasy, is the Goddess of my worship. Vedas say that Lord Krishna also worshipped the Mother. I do not worship (any deity) unless it is the highest deity. I am doing penance for at least 18 hours a day. I meditate only on Mother. Because it is the highest and most reliable. You believe me and follow me. It is not important where you are and in which posture you meditate. What you need are faith in your heart and affectionate love. You did not come here on your own. You came because Mother brought you. You are the fortunate ones who are the guests relating to Mother. I think like this because every step of mine is linked with Mother. I have no connection with any object, matter, person or incident that is not related to Mother. Sri Radha is the virtual embodiment of Rasa. "

" Radha is the ‘master key’ of Krishna. She is a little girl, yet most powerful throughout the 14 worlds. Radhaji is above Brahman. She is infinite and unlimited. Even Krishna is worshipping ‘tattva Radha’. When Radhaji simply calls ‘Kannayya’, Krishna immediately goes into a state of samadhi. That is Radha!! "

" I have seen Samadhi. I know Samadhi. It is full of consciousness. Samadhi is full moon. It is necessary to be in a state of samadhi to visualize any transcendental object. It is not a dull state. It is bhav samadhi. It is easy to understand this in only in a state of bhav. Mother has enveloped me. She is making me speak like this. Mind cannot catch Her. Something supramental is required. That supramental is bhav. I can realize the inner meaning of ‘Tattvatah’ “ Nanna looked at me meaningfully. "

Geetacharyulu could not explain the depth of the word ‘tattvatah’! Is it possible to hide the shadow? Even great Mahatmas could not describe ‘tattvatah’. But Nanna said ‘I can realize the inner meaning of ‘tattvatah’” He declared categorically “I can experience the deeper meaning of ‘tattva’”. What is the stature of Radha sakhi, Nanna and what is ours? The very fact that we have been graced with the presence of Radha sakhi is an indication of Sri Radhaji’s excessive kindness towards mankind. A man who is in a weak condition cannot be saved unless he has a change of mindset by seeking the shelter of a great power. That power is none other than Sri Radha Rani – ‘Hladini Shakti’ (power of ecstasy). A person can transform only through the ‘Priya sakhi’, who once said

" Sakhi is the manifestation of the all-pervading Mother”. The exquisite power that can divert the attention of man from worldly attractions towards the transcendental is always shining in Radha sakhi. She, Radha sakhi attracts jeevas (human beings) by this latent ecstatic power and ensures that they perform meditation on Sri Radha. It is easy to love Mother. It is difficult to understand the love of a sakhi. Mother accepts love. A Sakhi gives love "

What Nanna meant by these words is slowly becoming clear.

" Even after I become a sakhi and be near Mother, I will be watching all of you. I shall keep telling you about Mother "

These are the words uttered by Nanna on 15.03.2003. Having obtained Nanna’s blessings interspersed with radiant renunciation and effulgent love we must make our life meaningful. What is the use of this life if we cannot realize the truth?

" I am the one and only Radha sakhi in the whole of India. There is no other person like me. This is my last birth. Mother is eternal. As Mother’s sakhi, I am also eternal. Mother rarely sends Her sakhis to this earth. She sent Radha sakhi 400 years after Hita sakhi was sent. We cannot say whether She will send any other sakhi in future. Even if She sends someone, it would be only for a minute or two, just as She sent Champakalatha sakhi to bring Rehman. "

Just as Sri Radha is an ocean of the love of Rasa, Radha sakhi is also the same. Just as Mother is the repository of Rasa leelas, Radha sakhi is also the same. Mother is always eager to bless Her devotees, so is Radha sakhi. Infact, Radha sakhi is the attribute of the embodied love of Sri Radha., the ruler of the world of Rasa. Our Nanna is the Radha Sakhi – our Supreme Guru, our God. Are we not more fortunate than three crores of gods, the Maharshis and Brahmarshis?

Speaking to us two days before Radhashtami, Nanna said:

" Six days ago, I was completely blind. I prayed ‘Mother, in this state how can I complete the jobs I have planned? Please take me.’ The next day I felt the touch of current shock. It receded within 2 minutes. When I felt that touch, I doubted that Mother came. I asked Anjani Amma to sing the song that I composed. ’Na prana pranama….’ She sang the first verse where I wrote “do not leave me, Sakhi” Mother came and touched me to assure that She “would not leave me. "

" The next day I invited Radha Mahalakshmi Devi and asked who had come. She said “Mother came from the world above. She did not see anyone else in Vrindavan. She came just for you and went back.“ After Mother touched me, I regained my eye sight and am able to see clearly and recognize everyone. Earlier, an eye specialist whom I consulted examined me and said that one nerve was weak and it was not possible to regain eyesight at this angle. "



Yo Brahma rudra Suka Narada Bheeshma mukhyai Lakshmi to nasahasa purushasya tasya Sadyo vasikarana choornamananta sakhtim Tam Radhika charana renumanu smarami

The Sovereign of the world of Rasa –Sri Radha does not grant the fortune of Her darshan even to Brahma, Rudra, Suka or Narada. The Queen of Brindavan, Sri Radha is capable of mesmerizing Lord Krishna in just a moment. I muse over the dust of the holy feet of Mother


-Verse 3, Sri Radha Sudhanidhi  


Such a Mother personally came down and touched Nanna ……Is it possible for Vedas to describe the stature of the Sakhi?

That is Nanna!!

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