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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Nanna, Personification Of Sweetness Of Love
06.10.2000, Vrindavan dham

" Anjani Amma had a vision on September 11, 2002. Have you heard about it? "

Yes.Amma told me about the vision yesterday. She said that a little girl emerged from the idol of Mother installed in Vrindavan ashram (Jaipur Amma) and another girl emerged from you. Both of them held each others hands and danced “, I replied.

" Sakhis hold each others’ hands and dance around Mother. Neither do sakhis hold Mother’s hands nor does Mother hold their hands and dance. But Mother danced with me. I prayed to Her, ‘Mother, please accept me without any distinction between us. I do not wish to have any worldly related epithet that would separate me from you. Even the word ‘Priya’ in ‘Radha Priya sakhi’ (the name granted by Mother to Nanna) is increasing the distance between You (Radha) and me (sakhi). I do not want that also.’ Mother then renamed me as ‘Radha Sakhi’. In order to prove that there is no distinction between us, She has given this vision to Anjani Amma "

Nanna then called and asked Anjani Amma to again narrate the vision. Amma said, “It was around 3.00 a.m after midnight of September 11, 2002. A five year old girl emerged from the idol of Mother. A similar girl emerged from you. Both were wearing the same type of dress and ornaments. The only difference is that the girl who emerged from Mother had a round face and the girl who emerged from you had a long face .Both were dancing together. When I woke up, I noticed that your hands were in a dancing posture. It was around 3.45 a.m., early hour of Sept 12. I remained silent lest you should be disturbed in your bhav. You were in that posture for almost 10 minutes.’

That means Nanna was in that posture for almost 15 minutes’, I asked

Anjani Amma replied, ‘Yes, it was a very peculiar dancing posture. Then the thought occurred to me that Mother’s birthday (Radhashtami) falls on 14th. So, Mother probably came in advance to play with Her sakhi(Nanna). I keenly observed both of them from top to bottom. I do not even know that tune (raga). It was not a song. It started in melancholy. I was at a distance singing that tune alone. There was nobody else in the vicinity.

Anjani Amma is so fortunate to have the divine darshan of Sri Radha sakhi as well as the rarely attainable darshan of Sri Kishori.

" Radhikamani! If you wish to write a book about Sakhi, you must learn about the various attributes of sakhi bhav. Occasionally a sakhi behaves like Radhaji. Once, Krishna went to see Radha. At that time Lalitha sakhi was in Radha bhav. She sulked just like Radha and prevented him from entering Nikunj to meet Her. Then Mother pleaded with Lalitha sakhi to allow Shyam (Krishna) to enter. I have witnessed this scene. That is sakhi bhav. There are several sakhi bhavs. You must develop them and write the book. It is not relevant whether it is Rasa, bhav, Rasabhav or Bhavrasa. No one can appreciate as it is even beyond the imagination of the poets. Do not write about bhav but write with bhav. Please note this subtle difference.” Nanna said with a smile. "

There are so many connotations in Nanna’s smile as if to say ‘Is it so simple to write about Radha sakhi!’

" Radha bhav is greater than Radha. Radha bhav will elevate us to higher planes. We must attain that bhav. It cannot be had with this body. We must attain the “Bhav Deha” and then serve Mother with bhav. In one of the songs that I composed, I said ’I will attain bhav deha and serve Mother’ . Bhav roopa cannot be taught in words; it can be explained only with bhav. Bhav should catch the bhav. Radha is not a form, She is bhav. I experienced this bhav in my song ‘ Naa prana pranama ….’ ‘ Guna rahitam kamana rahitam’ - There are neither desires nor the three gunas in that world of bhav. There is only ‘anukshana vardhamanam’ (progress every moment). One weeps for Mother at 6 a.m. It intensifies at 7 a.m. At 8 a.m. he collapses. This indicates constant progress. We need Mother’s benevolence to know Her on the form of bhav. As a small instance, once when Mother was walking in the garden, She heard weeping from somewhere. She found a rose bud weeping. When She asked the reason, the bud replied ‘I have not yet blossomed. You will not accept me till then. But I do not know how to grow up.’ Mother placed Her hand on the bud and it blossomed. She plucked that flower and said ‘This is what I want’. Saying this and reverentially touching it with Her eyes, Mother wept, the sakhis wept and the flower also wept. That is bhav! What could you understand from this ? There are no animate and inanimate things in the world of bhav as on earth. "

" Once a Mahatma, Ramesh Baba came to see me. At that time I was in a state of bhav, weeping for Mother. He had some thoughts about Mother which he wanted to share with me and note what I would tell him. He stayed for one-and-half hours. I could not speak a word during that time. He requested me, ‘At least utter the word Radha once. I will hear that and leave.’ Due to intensity of bhav, my throat was choked and I could not say even that! I was weeping for Radha but not crying out ‘Radha Radha’. That was my actual state at that time "

" Ramesh Baba said ‘I heard people speaking about bhav but I never knew how it would be! I have seen that bhav now. I am here for one-and-half hours. He did not speak to me even for a minute. He was experiencing the bliss of being in the presence of Mother in bhav ‘.He saluted me and left. "

" Dhruvdasji was weeping for Mother. Mother came to see him and asked why he was weeping. He prostrated and said ‘Mother ! You are within me. My heart is overwhelmed and choked. Please come out. There are so many bhavs within me in your praise. But they are not coming out.‘ Mother placed Her left foot on his head. He was instantly transformed into a great Rasikakavi (poet of Rasa). What did She grant him through Her left foot? What did he receive from Her? What did he mean by Mother being within him but not coming out? That is bhav! "

" Mother’s bhav cannot be attained till we discard our desires and three gunas (modes). Both of them should go. The love attained thereafter is progressive every moment. Can you imagine how it would be? ‘Sukshma roopam (subtle conscious form)! I always weep and yearn for that conscious form. "

" My form is very subtle conscious. Such a form does not exist in this world. Such a Mother has embraced us. Instead of yearning, pining and weeping for such a state, we are attracted towards the transient worldly matters. Do you understand? Once we are in Mother’s grip, we are always with Her. Speak through Mother, maintain your connection with the world only through Mother, not through anything else. Through Mother we are not seeing anything; what we see is by our desire. That is our big deficiency. We have lost our divinity and descended to earth as mere mortals "

Nanna is Sri Radha’s attribute of sweetness of love. He is the divine sweetness of Radha bhav to the fullest. Among all the attributes of sakhi, this sweetness is the most sensitive. Every nuance of His entirety immersed in Radha bhav, Naana’s main objective in life is to lift those who come into contact with him to the heights of Radha bhav.
21.07.02, Vrindavan

It was the eve of Nanna’s birthday. With his grace, we were able to travel from Guntur to Vrindavan and have his darshan. Nanna was already handing over the eternal flow of Sri Radha dhyana (meditation) blended with philosophy of Mother’s love.

" When something does not happen the way we planned, we normally tend to think that there is no Mother. This is a blunder on our part. Take it for granted that no work will materialize, if Mother does not wish it to happen. That’s why She left your work alone. Always view things from this perspective. "

" In Radha community, there is no concept of ‘giving mantra’. It is ‘giving Mother’. Giving Mother is reminding the truth. I am not giving you something that you don’t possess. Mother is always with you. I am only reminding you that Mother is with you. I reiterate that I am not giving you something that you don’t have. No one can. This mantra will shed all your karmas. Other mantras cannot do so. According to my karma, my life span is 52 years. This is clearly indicated in my horoscope. I can even show it to you. Yet I am alive till this age! What happened to my karma? It got destroyed” Nanna said. "

Nanna, you said that you would speak about incessant dhyana referred in the verse ‘Kaisoradhbutha………..’ I asked

" I begin with the intention of translating the verse and explaining the meaning, but I tend to go beyond the verse. I do not limit myself to the verse. In fact I am not restricted to any verse. That is bhav! "

“Nanna what is the second step?” asked Sriranga .

" Mother is holding me. This concept is very difficult to comprehend. Is Mother holding you or are you holding Mother? Who is holding whom? You must always think that you are with Mother. It is wrong to think that you are with your husband. When you are constantly with Mother, you will invariably inherit Her qualities whether you want or not. If you have Her grace, you may also visit Her dham(abode). Therefore surrender to Mother and remain in Her shelter. This is the second step. Constantly be in the thought that I am with Mother, which means I am in Her hold. Mother belongs to bhavloka. Therefore, you must attain bhavdeha to be near Mother. This is human body and this is human world. Can there ever be a fusion of the two? This is a critical point to be understood. Hence always think that you are with Mother and not with your husband. ‘I am with Mother, whatever I may be doing. I am under the control of Mother. I am taking food, I am talking to someone, I am doing all the jobs. This is Mother’s Hold. I have nothing of my own.’ This thought should be developed. Being with Mother implies that I am the one who belongs to Her and am in Her hold. You can never hold her. The Vedas also say that ‘Nayamatma pravachanena labhyaha’ None of these can hold Mother. ‘Yame vaisha vrunute thena labhyahah’ Mother only has to hold you. She only has to lift you. No one else can do it! Even Your sadhana will not suffice, says Kathopanishad. "

" Mother is holding us but we are not aware of this. There is nothing that you must do except being aware that you are in the grip of Mother. This is the essence of Vedanta (philosophy). "

How can the veil be removed Nanna? Malathi asked.

" A little child is sleeping with her mother but is not aware of her mother’s presence. The child must have the awareness that she is near her mother. That is true knowledge. You too must always be cognizant of the fact that ‘Mother is holding me. I am constantly with Her. I can’t live even for a moment without Her.’ This is true knowledge. This is the highest philosophy. The only woman in the whole of India who knows this is ‘Madalasa’ "

" Radha bhav is different from Radha roopa (form). You refer to Radha roopa. I do not want that; I want Radha bhav "

Saying this, Nanna gradually went into deep meditation.

Nanna is the embodiment of Radha’s sweetness and love. This attribute, in the form of bhav flows continuously in Nanna. As it flows within him, it permeates and encompasses everyone who seeks his shelter. Those who experienced the sweetness of this love cannot refrain from visiting him again and again. Such is the unique taste of that love! Since a year, the sweetness of love in Nanna increased manifold. Towards the last days he used to say,

It is sufficient even if you see me or sit near me. The touch of Hladini shakti (the power of ecstasy) can be experienced

The luster of Hladini shakti was that brightly glowing within Him.

Mother, Salutations to you for graciously giving us such a loving person as Nanna.
24.07.02, Vrindavan

Two days back, i.e, on 22.07.02, we celebrated Nanna’s birthday with love and reverence. We gathered around him by 6a.m. that day. His face was glowing with the aura of bhav. By nature Nanna is the embodiment of sweetness. For the past one year, the attribute of sweetness of love in him is more explicit and has been having a pronounced influence on people around him.

“Nanna, did the sakhis visit you this morning?”, I asked.

" "

Nanna, did the sakhis visit you this morning?

" Why do you think so?” Nanna questioned "

Because you appear like that Nanna

" Yes! They have visited this place. However, they don’t have the concept of birthday. They came for some other purpose "

Did they say something?

" I will tell you later "

The conversation thus ended on his birthday. Today, 24.07.02, on Gurupournami, we gathered around him by 5a.m. He woke up long back and was deeply immersed in Radha bhav. He said:

" Today I will give you a divine gift. Radhikamani. The other day you asked me about the purpose of sakhis’ visit and what they conveyed. Now I will reply. It is a divine gift. View the world as an illusion. This is the negative aspect. Constantly be in the thought that ‘Mother is always with me’. This is the positive aspect. The fusion of both these aspects results in continuous, incessant meditation. "

" When you are enveloped with Radha bhav, there will be no Purusha bhav. You will not feel attraction towards man. You should not possess even traces of these traits. That is Mother’s bhav. In Mother’s kingdom, all are sakhis only; none are men. Although Krishna possesses the physical form of a man he comes to Mother with sakhi bhav. Many are not aware that he does not come to Her as a man (but as a sakhi). When you are enveloped with Mother’s bhav, how can desire be present? Hence it is said, ‘Gunarahitam kamanarahitam.’ In Mother’s bhav, even traces of these will not be present. Mother’s bhav progresses every moment. This exists only in Mother’s kingdom, not in this world. Always be in that bhav where you consider the world as an illusion. "

" Today I will speak about Mother’s sakhis and sakhi bhav. The fusion of the positive and negative aspects constitutes incessant meditation. It can’t happen with only one aspect. Both are essential. View the world impassively and detachedly as you would view an illusion. It does not mean that world is really an illusion, you must view with that perspective. This is the negative aspect. ‘Mother has enveloped me. Radha bhav means being enveloped by Mother’. This is the positive aspect. ‘Mata nasti pita nasti’. The world exists today. But nothing will remain permanently. Brahma and Shiva will also leave some day or other. Everything will perish. Therefore, view the world as an illusion. Why do you run after this temporary world? "

" This negative aspect will prevent you from being attracted towards the world. Mother is the positive aspect. The negative aspect will protect you not to move away from Mother. Hence that is also essential. Those who do not have this negative aspect fall. Lack of this negative aspect is the main reason for their downfall. Even a man of high stature as ‘Saubhari’ faced downfall only because he did not possess this negative aspect. When these two aspects unite, Radha bhav is developed. This Radha bhav is incessant meditation. Then Mother will not abandon him even for a moment. You just have to reach that stage where you feel - ‘Mother, I have given up the world. I want only You’ and Mother will surely hug you tightly. As long as you do not have an impassionate, detached feeling towards the world, Mother will not hug you. "

" Mother’s bhav will be woven around the mind. You can continue your duties as usual. This is the wonderful thing. That is why She said that the world is like a mirage, an illusion. You have a job; continue to perform your duties. But remember that it is only temporary and you must give it up one day. Remain in this bhav. Your wife is here, but she is also temporary. She will leave some day. Everything is temporary. Nothing here is permanent. Because of this negative aspect, the feeling that ‘Mother is near me’ will become more intense. Then there will be nothing to pull you down. Take the example of Saubhari. He held on to Mother, the positive aspect. Then he saw a pair of fish. Since he did not have the negative aspect, he fell down. Madalasa was a great yogini. She always viewed the world, including her husband and children as an illusion. She made her children yogis. She informed her husband and left. She was destined to provide her womb to bring forth children with yogic characteristics. It was only a doorway. Once her duty was over, she left the worldly ties. That is the way to conduct a family life. She came with the sole purpose of bringing forth yogis, not for lust. That is how a married couple should conduct their life. She brought forth yogis and left this world. That is her life! Such incessant meditation is very difficult. "

" Even Krishna never came to Radha as Krishna himself. No one is aware of this. Although he has the appearance of Krishna, he comes to Her with Radha bhav within him. He approaches Her with sakhi bhav. Once Krishna came to Radha in the guise of a female painter and brought a few paintings with him. He showed Mother all the paintings except one. When Mother asked him, he showed the painting which depicted Mother sitting on a throne and Krishna standing near Her with folded hands. Krishna said, ”This is my inner self. Externally I am Krishna but internally, an attendant.” This leela by Krishna depicting his inner bhav is enacted in Vrindavan even today. "

" Krishna appears to Radhaji as a sakhi. If She considers Krishna as a man, She is unfit for worship. She would not be a Goddess. Mother is way apart from the beloved ones of Krishna and the gopikas. "

" One who sees this world as illusion never succumbs to the spell of delusion. Madalasa considered even her husband as an illusionary object. Always maintain the bhav that ‘Mother is always with me, every moment She is near me.’ Whether you have or do not have the negative approach towards the world, this positive aspect will protect us, ie, ‘I am not alone. I am surrounded with Radha bhav.’ "

Nanna said, ‘Sriranga, buy the cooler perfumer and fill the cooler with fragrance. Mother will be coming today. The atmosphere should be fragrant. Mother will be accompanied by Her sakhis.

" I did not reveal this secret the other day because I wanted to do so when I am in that bhav. Now I am in sakhi bhav. Therefore I told this now. There are 500 commentaries on Radha Sudhanidhi. This is my interpretation, the correct one! Only Madalasa implemented this perfectly. Do not leave Mother even for a moment. "

" I am supposed to inform you today. That is why I told you. The sakhis are the real gurus. I intend to tell you only about incessant meditation today, more so because today is Gurupoornima. Nagamani have you listened? We all must reach Mother one day. There is no other way. All other paths will bring us down some time or other. Even Vaikunth (the abode of Lord Vishnu) is not permanent. Jaya and Vijaya had a downfall, then what about us, mere mortals? There is uncertainty there also. Radha is the only certainty and permanent one! There is no dualism there. You find a pairing of man and woman only in this world, not in Her world.” Saying this, Nanna went into deep meditation. "

This is the divine gift that Nanna gave not only to his devotees but also to the entire spiritual world. He never speaks about anything he does not practice! Nanna is the essence of sweetness of love in the vessel of total detachment.

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