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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
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Natural Fusion Of Sri Radha And Krishna
24.10.2000, Guntur ashram

I was reading aloud the draft of ‘Brindavaneswari Sri Radha vol.6. for Nanna while he is totally immersed in Radha bhav. Nanna annotated in the 6th volume about 48th verse in “Hitachourasi”, a book written by Sri Hithacharya. I cannot explain in words the divine state attained by Nanna at that time. Even bhav can express to some extent only. It is a futile effort to even attempt to describe the Sakhi who was totally immersed in Sri Radha’s divine bhav,

“Jai Sri Hita harivamsa Vilas Ras jut jori avichal raj……” is one of the verses of 48th chapter – ‘ Bani Vrishabhanu Nandini aaj’. Nanna asked the meaning of this verse. I told that ‘In Navanikunj shrine in Vrindavan, Sri Radha, along with Shyam,’ became ‘Rasa Vilasa Vasini’ indicating their ‘natural fusion’. While Nanna analyzed and commented on the fusion of Radha and Krishna, we had the fortune of listening to him.

" What does Natural fusion mean? Sri Krishna is a part of Sri Radha’s nature. You must realize this yogic secret. The state of natural fusion indicates that while Krishna represents one aspect of Sri Radha, the other aspect is Radha Herself. This state of the dual couple is ‘natural fusion’. Hence Brahma Vaivarta Purana says that anyone who considers them as two separate entities will go to hell. "



Avayorbheva buddhim cha karoti naradhama Tasya vasa kalasutre yavat chandra divakarau



Which attribute of Sri Radha does Krishna represent during their fusion? From which part of the supreme Mother is Krishna seeing Her? We should also attain such a sight. When we contemplate along with such a sight, Mother will be very pleased. Is Krishna a part of Mother’s body? Is he a part of Her complexion! Which attribute of Mother did he become to attain the state of natural fusion? It is certainly not possible for him to become Her limbs. Mother is particularly fond of pink colour, the significant aspect of Mother. In all probability, Krishna would have changed himself to become the pink color of Mother and thus participated in their natural fusion. Vedas also say “Bhasa yasyah Krishna dehopi gauro jayaate” - Krishna’s body also changed to yellow colour. This is precisely what the Vedas also say. If Krishna does not represent the pink color of Sri Radha, it cannot be said that theirs is a natural fusion and it is not possible to separate them. Only at the time of leela, they are seen as two (duo)

As he was speaking thus, Nanna drifted into deep Bhav. Exactly at that time, a devotee from Hyderabad called up and said, “Nanna! I was doing meditation. Within a short time, the entire surroundings appeared pink. Everywhere I looked, I saw only pink. You told that pink is the color of Sri Radha Rani. Hence I am elated to tell you about it”. No sooner than the devotee said this, Nanna sat up and said, “The thief is caught!”

About whom did Nanna say so? None other than the supreme Goddess Herself! Sri Radha is the ruler of the Universes and who is worshipped even by Krishna. That ‘thief’ has been traced by the confidential sakhi! And here I am, attempting to say about Nanna who is in such an elevated state. What courage indeed! Yet I continue with the blessings of loving Nanna.

" Oh! My Mother Herself has clarified my doubts. When I was in a dilemma regarding which aspect of Hers She granted to Krishna, She caused the incident about pink color. There is no further doubt on this subject. Krishna accepted the aspect of pink color of Mother and transformed himself into that color. He never gave up the light pink color which spread everywhere. Their fusion is permanent. That duo is permanent. The bond, which is continuing for ages, is natural fusion. The forms of Radhaji may change, but Her color does not! The divine duo is in a state of natural fusion owing to this color only. Wherever they go, they go together. The other day this same color accompanied me till the outskirts of Ravali and bid me farewell. This Divine color gave me darshan outside the Vedadri temple too. Mother gives darshan to the yogis in this ‘Yugala Varna’ (color of the Divine Duo). The common aspect of the Divine Duo is this pink color. Therefore it is very apt to give thought to this aspect of natural color of the duo during meditation. There is no need for form or name. Even if you meditate the omni present, all-pervading pink color of the duo, Mother will be delighted. This has also been indicated in this leela of Mother. Mother’s SriNukunj is entirely pink in color. Even the luster of Sakhis’ bodies seems to be pink.” Nanna said in his typical state of Sakhi consciousness "

Ordinary persons cannot even imagine the love and splendor of the world of Rasa. It is our fortune that we could hear about the concept of the unimaginable and extremely sweet world of Rasa and the fusion of the divine duo from none other than the confidential sakhi of Radhaji! The state of Radha sakhi is so elevated that he can say about Sri Radha, the ruler of the world of Rasa, who is always worshipped even by Krishna, that ‘thief is caught’. When Nanna was handing us the stream of Rasa, we were discussing inconsequential matters and gave more importance to temporary worldly issues. Oh merciful Mother. Please forgive my ignorance and accept me.


Sakhi man shyama ras rang bhari Sakhi man shyama ras roop dhari Sakhi man shyama ras dham bani Sakhi man shyama nava nava rasa khani

Sakhi’s heart is filled with Shyama ras Sakhi’s heart takes the form of Shyama’s ras Sakhi’s heart is the abode of Shyama’s ras Sakhi’s heart is the mine of Shyama’s navarasas


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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