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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Nanna’S Association With Gods

The life of Nanna who is always in a state of Radha Bhav has been guiding the devotees with four principles, namely, being in the ever present state, detachment towards the world, yearning for oneness with Mother and constant proximity to Mother. In Nanna’s wonderful life, extraordinary incidents of the Gods visiting him for his darshan occurred quite casually very often.

In 1954, Nanna was working as DEO in Srikakulam. One day he was sleeping in the house of one of his devotees. The devotee woke up at 4 a.m and was astonished to see flowers and sacred grains of rice being showered on Nanna. Later when he narrated the incident to Nanna, he invoked Radha Mahalakshmi Devi onto Radha Mahalakshmi amma (Chayanam Hanumayamma garu) to seek clarification. The goddess who belongs to the kingdom of Sri Radha said, “My son! Since you are a Radha sakhi, many Gods have come for your darshan and offered prayers with flowers and rice grains. In future, do not allow anyone to sleep between you and the sanctum sanctorum of the temple as it is an obstruction to the Gods visiting you.” With this incident, the truth that Nanna is a Radha sakhi was revealed to the world for the first time. Nanna’s intimate associates could understand that Gods came to see him in the night from typical indications such as fragrance of sandalwood or the atmosphere suddenly transforming into a spiritual realm etc.

In those days Nanna, Mahalakshmi amma and a few other devotees went to Mysore to visit Chamundeswari temple. For Nanna, darshan of a Goddess does not mean seeing the idol, it is seeing the divine form of the Goddess! He went to Chamundeswari temple and prayed to Mother that he came for Her divine darshan. Mother benevolently told him, ‘I will come into the idol in the sanctum sanctorum at midnight’. When Nanna went into the temple along with his devotees at 9 p.m, the priest was just about to lock the doors and requested them to come the following day. Nanna informed him that they deliberately came at 9 p.m as Mother told them that She would come into Her idol at midnight. To the priest’s enquiry as to how one would recognize Mother’s arrival, Nanna replied that a radiant spark would become visible in the heart region of the idol indicating Mother’s arrival. The priest also stayed back to witness this incredible Divine presence. Nanna became absorbed in meditation. Exactly at midnight, the entire temple premises were permeated with a divine fragrance. A spark glowed in the heart region of the idol of Chamundeswari. Nanna bowed in reverence to Mother saying ‘I am blessed.’ All those who were present with Nanna at that time were indeed blessed!

Nanna also had the darshan of Mother Rukmini in Pandaripuram. He once told that as soon as he entered that temple, his mind and body became immersed in Rukmini bhav. This implies that Mother came into his heart!

During 1954-55, Nanna was working as DEO in Kurnool. One day he was taking dinner containing onions and pickle. Just then he had a bout of cough. This often happens when the Gods come to visit him. Even as Nanna was enquiring the purpose of the Goddess’s visit, she hastily retreated from the place. After a while Nanna invited the Goddess and asked why she left without stating the purpose of her visit. She replied, ‘Son. In our dham there is only pure vegetarian food. We can’t bear the pungent smell of spices.’ Since then Nanna gave up onion, garlic and other spices.

In 1960, as suggested by Radha Mahalakshmi Devi, Nanna used to invite a Goddess every friday into the divine yogic body of Radha Mahalakshmi Amma and converse with them. During that period, on one friday, Radha Mahalakshmi Amma told Nanna that Suka Maharshi who normally does not come to the earth would come that day and therefore, everyone should be alert. Nanna arranged a seat in Sankeertan hall decorated with silk clothes and seated Amma on it. Then he invited Suka maharshi into her divine body. Immersed in deep meditation, Suka maharshi said ‘Radha Maa’ (Mother Radha), blessed Nanna and disappeared.

In 1942-43 Nanna was working as a school inspector in Venkatagiri. During that period, he met a sorcerer Ramudu, an ardent devotee of Sri Gyana Prasunamba, in connection with an ornament stolen from his house. Ramulu prayed to his favorite Goddess, traced the stolen ornament and left their place.

Nanna performed severe penance to have the darshan of Sri Gyana Prasunamba . Narrating this incident, Nanna said:

" Gyana Prasunamba is the power of Sri Kalahastiswara. There exist several Gods and yogis – Siddha purushas - in Her family. Some of them possess powers which are beyond our imagination. I got miraculously acquainted with them. With deep concentration, I was chanting the mantra obtained from my Guru. Mother gave me darshan at midnight when I was alone in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. I was permitted to stay in the temple during the night owing to my association with the chief of the court of Venkatagiri. That night while meditating, I felt intoxicated and lost consciousness. I witnessed a great luminescence before me. Mother asked me in a soothing tone, ‘Son. Do you wish to see me in this world or in my dham?’ I pleaded ‘Mother. I desire to see you in all your splendor in your dham. Kindly grant me this wish.’Sri Gyana Prasunamba compassionately said, ’You will certainly have my darshan in my dham. "

" However you must diligently practice one stringent condition.’ ‘Order me, Mother. With your grace I will be able to implement any condition stipulated by you, however difficult it may be!’ ‘You must accept Brahmacharya vrata (practice of celibacy) from this very moment’. ‘I am blessed Mother. From this very moment I am bound by Brahmacharya deeksha.’ Suddenly my body felt lighter than cotton. I felt as though Mother placed me in Her lap and was taking me somewhere. Thereafter I witnessed an eight year old girl in a wonderful luminous world seated on a throne decked with precious stones and jewels. She smiled and said, ‘My son. Ask whatever you want’. I said, ‘Mother I did not do penance with any expectations. I did it only for your darshan. I do not even know what to ask you. Kindly bless me.’ ‘Son. You are very fortunate. Very soon you will attain the darshan of the Mother who is superior to all and will attain Her blessings.’ Sri Gyana Prasunamba blessed me thus and disappeared. "

Nanna then spoke about Radha Devi, the Supreme Mother who has been extolled in the Vedas as the spiritual power, personification of the core of creation and the mother of Vishnu. He said, ”My grandmother taught me penance right from childhood. Her husband was a Mahatma who went to Kasi on foot at a tender age of six. Till her husband returned at the age of 24, she spent an ascetic life observing penance. I used to serve her in the later days. She probably recognized me in my childhood itself.
6.10.2000 Vrindavan

That day we had the fortune of speaking to Nanna for a long time and listening to many incidents in his life. He explained the prominence of the year 1948 in his life.

Some of the important incidents which occurred in 1948 were the arrival of a tiger while traveling from Minumuluru to Paderu, superimposition of Radha Bhav, penance in Naimasa, inwardness and revival of a dead person in Arundelpet,Guntur. Nanna often said that no human Guru could give him mantra deeksha. Only the Gods can come down and give him the mantra.

Speaking about Goddess Kanakadurga appearing before him, Nanna said:

" I was in deep meditation in my room in Guntur Ashram. At the auspicious time of ‘Brahma muhurta’ I witnessed a great luminescence before me. Gradually the luminescence transformed into an 8-9 year old celestial girl. ‘Mother Who are you?’ "

" It will be known later. "

" Who are your parents? "

" I have no parents "

" Oh little one! You have no parents? Where do you live? "

" My abode is on the hill top’ She pointed out to Indrakiladri hill "

" There are so many residing on that hill. Where precisely do you live? "

" The little girl smiled "

" What is the purpose of your visit, little one? "

" I came here abiding the instruction of Brindavaneswari, Sri Radha devi. I am Kanakadurga. I do not grant darshan to anyone in my natural form. Raseswari has instructed me to grant you ‘Sri Radha Shadakshari (six- lettered) mantra’ "

" Overwhelmed with joy, I took ‘Sri Radha Shadakshari mantra’ from Kanakadurga Devi. Later I requested her to tell me about Radha Devi. "

" ’I will not tell you. The Vedas will let you know about the Supreme Mother. Do penance on my hill top for 40 days and gain mantra siddhi. You will be blessed with the grace of Sri Radha. You are indeed very fortunate, very fortunate, and very fortunate. "

" Saying this, she disappeared. After granting me the mantra, she gave the mantra to Radha Mahalakshmi Amma also. We both did penance for 40 days on Indrakiladri hill top and attained mantra siddhi "

Thus Nanna reminisced and relived his divine experience. The conversation between Kanakadurga Devi and Nanna will surely astound the devotees. It is not possible to visualize the stature of Nanna who can converse with such a great Goddess as Kanakadurga. Subsequent to the darshan of Gyana Prasunamba and Kanakadurga , Nanna was fortunate to have the darshan of Sri Radha Devi, the Supreme Mother who was worshiped even by Lord Krishna. Though Nanna often mentioned that divine incident, it appears new, wonderful and blissful every time we think of it.

By the will and grace of Sri Radha devi, Nanna’s life span was prolonged. Since then his life became more interspersed with Rasa and ‘madhurya’ (sweetness). There is no place for any feeling other than love in his heart. Union and separation are like two petals of the flower named love. Though Nanna may appear to be in a state of separation from Sri Radha; within himself, the Mahatma is constantly enjoying the state of being together with Mother. The flower of Nanna’s love towards Radhaji is spreading the fragrance of union and separation, thus distributing the fragrance of love to all.

One day Nanna was in meditation deeply immersed in Rasa. At 4 a.m , a ray of light suddenly focused on his face. Nanna recalled,

" Due to the intensity of the light, I opened my eyes. An eight-year old girl adorned with exquisite divine qualities appeared before me. ‘Who are you?’I asked. ‘You have served the government for so long. When will you come into my service?’ she asked seriously. In the course of asking, She granted me the necessary strength and feeling of detachment. That very moment I was blessed. On seeing the ornament ‘Chandrika’, on Her forehead, I recognized the little girl as Radha, the Goddess worshipped by me. "

" Sri Radhika, the ruler of the Universe, the very life of Sri Krishna came near me! I cannot describe the excitement and emotion I felt then. At that time I was the education officer in charge of two districts. I realized that I couldn’t continue my job and stay away from Mother. ‘Why any other time Mother? I am entering into your service this very moment’. I threw the pen down and vowed that I would not make any more official signatures with the pen. The lustrous form disappeared "

" I resigned from the job and totally surrendered myself to Mother. I had no worry about my survival. My salary then was Rs 276 and my bank balance was Rs 50. Buddha renounced the world alone. Chaitanya renounced the world alone. But I renounced the world with nine people (who were my responsibility). The onus on me was tremendous. Yet I realized that the time had approached me to give up the house, job, everything and serve Mother every moment. Immediately I went to Amudala railway station, 8-9 miles away, along with my family members. I had no idea where to go. It was divine force that was guiding me forward. I was unable to decide in which direction to proceed – towards Visakhapatnam or towards Berhampur. Intuitively I strongly felt that I should go in the direction of the train that arrives first! The train going towards Berhampur arrived first and we boarded the train. Since then, every moment Mother has been guiding my life filled with Rasa "

Nanna said emotionally with tears of joy.

The Supreme Mother made Devi Kanaka durga to give Shadakshari mantra to Nanna. She wanted to grant the Ashtakshari (8 lettered) mantra to the Sakhi (Nanna) Herself! So, She granted him Her divine darshan and made his life more interspersed with Rasa. The incident in which Radhaji granted Nanna the sweetest of sweet ‘Ashtakshari Mantra’ was indeed unique.

In 1959, one day while Nanna was in dhyana (meditation) in the first floor of Guntur Ashram, he involuntarily opened his eyes and looked towards the sky. He saw a luminous, shining golden ‘current’ climbing down. A divine girl radiating bright light emerged from that current. Overwhelmed with joy, Nanna saw the ‘Chandrika’ on her forehead and identified Her as Raseswari Sri Radha. The enchanting little one ‘Chinnari’ approached Nanna with a smile and said, ‘Baba, I am giving you this mantra myself’. She then gave him Ashtakshari mantra and disappeared. After Nanna had the divine darshan and received the mantra from Sri Radha, it is not known how long he remained in that ecstatic state of Radha bhav.

In 1973 Radhamahalakshmi Amma and Chayanam Kotinarayana garu left for the astral plane. During this difficult phase, Nanna composed several emotional songs. Several times Radhaji granted him darshan and comforted his grieving heart. Nanna was a great yogi. He was always disciplined in his eating and sleeping habits. Although he exerted himself throughout the day with daily activities, he used to be alert in the nights expecting Mother’s visit any moment. Nanna was always immersed in the bhav of the formlessness of Mother. Yet he always awaited Her visit in Her physical form! As though Nanna’s waiting was fruitful, a smiling Chinnari (Radhaji) often visited Nanna at midnight in the middle room where he slept. Nanna witnessed Radhaji in meditating posture at one time and realized that Mother is fond of meditation. Ever since, he made it mandatory to perform dhyana three times a day in the ashram regularly.

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