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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
17.03.2003 Guntur Ashram

" I can bring Her grace upon mankind. I have that power. No one in this world would have the experience of some of the incidents in my life. I can prove this too. So don’t compare my life with any other life in the whole world. My life is peculiar "

" Everyone possesses atmic (spirit’s) power. But it is not manifested in all. It is manifested in me. I can make possible what is impossible for man because I am an instrument in the hands of all-pervading Mother "

I am repeatedly recollecting the above great words said by Nanna on 17.03.03.

" Krishna came to establish dharma. Mother came to establish Rasa. That is the path of dharma. Mine is the path of rasa. Rasa is superior to dharma. Therefore Krishna sought shelter in Radha for rasa. Radha is both with and without form simultaneously. We cannot see the infinite. We also cannot see the form at sub-atomic level. We do not possess that cosmic sight. “Anoraneeyan mahato mahiyan atmascha chinto nahito guhayam” - there is no object larger or smaller. Mother exists as both simultaneously. That is Radha "

I was recollecting these sentences on 01.05.2003 at 12.50 p.m. just before meditation when I heard Nanna’s voice,

" That is Radha. What are you planning to write about such a Radha ? "

‘Nanna, what can I reply? I only hope to write at least a little about Sri Radha and Radha sakhi. This is my aim in life too. Kindly grant me the capacity to do so’ I prayed

Nanna does not reply to some of our queries immediately. But if we sincerely pray to him from the bottom of our heart, he will certainly reply to us at some time or other. During meditation at 5.30p.m. on 08.06.03, I heard Nanna’s voice clearly,

" Beyond Krishna there is Radha. But beyond Radha no one is there. The nameless and formless Tattva is the supreme power and that supreme power is Radha. Radha means ‘Rasa’ "

I began to this small book “Our Association with Nanna” with the blessings of Nanna only. One day, after I completed about 60-70 pages, Nanna clearly said from within “An endless Divine Continuity”. Thus Nanna named the book and indicated his consent and approval for writing this book. My happiness knew no bounds.

Sri Radha Devi is a vast ocean. tattvatah (fundamental and primordial). Even great Mahatmas were unable to comprehend Radha. Mother once told Nanna during meditation “I am not transcendental. I am beyond transcendental“. Sri Radha is worshipped by none other than Lord Krishna. Sakhi is always in the presence of the supreme Mother as a partner in bhav and in Ras. Sakhi possesses almost as many powers as Mother. Once Nanna said,

" Mother is all-pervading. Sakhi is the manifestation of Mother "

The very thought that Sakhi is the manifestation of the formless Sri Radha is complex. Is it possible to understand the sweetness of sakhi’s love? Nanna also said,

" It is easy to love Mother but it is difficult to understand the love of a sakhi. Mother receives love whereas sakhi gives love "

Sakhi is also eager to bless the devotees just as Mother is! She has the power of superimposition. She possesses bhav deha and is beyond the transcendental state, detached from all karmic effects. Sakhi has only one desire ‘I want Mother.’ This desire intensifies every moment.

On 30.01.02 , at 8 a.m. he said:

" What others say or see is not important. You must yearn only for Mother nothing else "

Sakhi’s nature is highly sensitive, perceptive and divine. Sakhi is above and beyond religion. She is beyond gender. She is enjoying the bliss of love every moment. She cannot live even for a moment without Mother. “I cannot live for a moment without you, my beloved“ and “You are my Ruler and my destiny”. In this way sakhi expresses her feelings towards Mother as a beloved and as her ‘Swamini’. She always considers Mother’s happiness and the happiness of other sakhis as her own, but never desires anything for herself. Sakhi is one who leads us from the visible worldly pleasures towards the eternal bliss. In the song “You alone are in my entire heart…” Nanna expressed the feelings of sakhi within him. Sakhis see only through the heart, not with their eyes. Sakhi tattva is indeed ‘tattva of the heart’. “Thinking of Mother makes a sakhi weep. That bhav should come one day. It comes to one in a lakh persons.” Nanna said describing the nature of a sakhi. “When a sakhi is in the depth of Radha bhav, she cannot even utter Mother’s name ‘Ra…dhe’ completely. Her throat is filled with emotion as she is deeply immersed in Radha bhav

Once I was reading aloud for Nanna a verse from ‘Radha Sudhanidhi’. It reads as


Likhanthi bhujamuulatho nakhalu sankhachakraadikam Vichitra hari mandiram na rachayanthi Phalasthalae Lasathtulasi maalikaam dadhathi kanTapeeTae na vaa Gurorbhajana vikramathka ihatae maha budhdyaha

Great Mahatmas and Gurus who worship the feet of Sri Radha do not have the signs of conch and shell (sanku and charka) on their shoulders or the shrine of Lord Vishnu on their forehead. They may or may not wear garland of tulsi in their neck. Such is the identity of the Mahatmas


-Sri Radhasudha Nidhi 


Nanna remarked,

" The verse outlines what is not present and need not be present in a Rasikacharya and a sakhi. But it does not mention what need to be present. The qualities are • Voice choked with emotion • Tears due to grief of separation • Silence • State of exquisite bliss • Forgetting everything except Mother "

" It is difficult to believe that one who does not possess these five qualities is a Rasika or a sakhi "

" All devotees immersed in love for God can possess the first four qualities. But forgetting everything else except Mother is possible only for a Radha sakhi who is dedicated to Sri Radhaji. All the impressions on the mind that are formed prior to becoming a sakhi are wiped off due to incessant meditation. Only the impression of Sri Radha bhav remains in that pure heart. "

" All my (previous) impressions were lost due to incessant meditation. Due to this reason, sometimes I forget even the intimate people. Only Radha bhav remains "

As Nanna spoke thus, I had a darshan in my heart - Radha sakhi glowing with the five qualities stated above.
15.03.03 Guntur Ashram

" My name is Radha sakhi. You cannot see Mother or Radha sakhi (in this state). You can see them only in the state of bhav. The love of sakhi, Mother and Krishna will remain eternally. The three of them will have the same tattva and same bhav. Even when I am with Mother as a sakhi, I shall be watching all of you. I am the confidential sakhi of Mother. Is it not sufficient for a human being to have only one, Radha, to experience intimate love? Are both Radha and Krishna required? It is Radhaji who gives Rasa to Krishna. For me, Mother alone is enough. "

" In Radha tattva both aspects are present - being passive towards the world and yearning for Mother. Anything that is related to Mother only exists. This big organization (ashram) belongs to Mother but when compared to Mother, it is very small. I can give up this (organization) in a moment for Mother. Many Mahatmas were unable to come to bhav loka, which is my world. I will go back to Mother. She sent me to this earth. When I complete Her work, She will take me back. Among the devotees of Mother, some worship ‘Roopa Radha’ and others worship ‘Tattva Radha’. Tattva Radha is very great. It is not a form. I have not chosen ‘Roopa Radha’. I have chosen Tattvatah Radha. Wherever Tattvatah Radha is present, I surrender and weep. "

" Sometimes I wonder at my fortune that I am going near such a great Mother. I shall be going to Mother’s world beyond ‘heaven’, ’Vaikunth’ and ‘Goloka’. Is such good fortune really mine! I do not want anything except Mother. I love Mother’s sakhis also almost as much as I love Her. This pleases Her very much. After I go near Mother I will pray for all of you. I want you also to attain the happiness that I will attain. We should always have such love towards others, which Mother will be pleased to see in us. "

" Don’t waste your time. Avoid unnecessary conversation and gossip. Take only Mother’s name. Continuously chant Her name with the feeling that She is present and listening. Within three months, you will have a unique experience. You will see me (at that time). If you see me you can assume that you have seen Mother. Mother and I have such a link "

These are the divine words spoken by Radha sakhi.Salutations!


Sri Radha Kinkareenam luTati charanayoradbhuta siddhi koti hi

Sri Radha sudhanidhi states that innumerable super natural powers lie at the feet of Sri Radha sakhi.


- - Verse 143, Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi  


It is not possible for us to approach the feet of our great Guru who is endowed with unparalleled qualities of a Radhasakhi, with our own efforts. The guru has kindly come to us in the form of ‘Nanna’ and lovingly took us into his protection. Our Nanna who is unanimously proclaimed as ‘Radha sakhi’ by all the Mahatmas in Vrindavan is very simple and unassuming. This is known to all those who are in contact with him. His humility is expressed in his very thoughts that ‘Is this fortune really mine? Am I going to Mother’s world beyond all worlds, considering that he is a sakhi – a partner in Sri Radha rasa and constantly in the presence of Mother. “I am like sun. I spread my rays equally in the temple as well as in the toilettes. I have no discrimination between anyone. All are equal for me. I am not attached to anyone or anything.” With these words of Nanna spoken on 27.03.03 at 9 a.m. he clearly indicated that is Radha sakhi. “I am a manifested form. Mother is formless. Have a unified understanding of the concepts ‘form’ and ‘formless’.“ Such statements prove to the world that Nanna is indeed Radha sakhi!

Sakhi’s heart is a repository of treasures. One wave in the eternal flow of ‘Hladini shakti’ of Sri Radha is always vibrant within them. That is an enormous power. Even Krishna salutes them. Sakhis enquire his welfare and he responds. Krishna treats sakhi on par with Mother. That is their stature. Mother is in the heart of the sakhis. Once Dr M Ramakrishna, Head of the Saptarshi ashram, Guntur said, if he (Nanna) desires, he can rule the fourteen worlds. Who else but Radhasakhi can have the power to rule fourteen worlds?

The life in Nikunj – the abode of Sri Radha has six unique qualities: 1. Guna rahitam (absence of gunas) 2. Kamana rahitam ( absence of desires) 3. Anukshana vardhamanam ( progress every moment) 4. Avicchinnam – (uninterrupted) 5. Sukshmataram – (subtle conscious) 6. Anubhava roopam – (experience)

Gunarahitam – Rajoguna is one of the three gunas from which anger and desire evolve. Sakhi is devoid of these. Mother’s is a perfect character. She leaves where there is an argument. Man has these three gunas and he should destroy them. Radhaji will not accept anyone as Her sakhi unless she is above desires. Nanna said, ”Mother accepted me as a sakhi because I am above gender.” Sri Gyana Prasunamba is the witness for Nanna’s celibacy and self control. Nanna does not know what anger is.

" One lady filed a case against me and hurled many accusations. When the judge asked me if I wished to say something, I replied, ‘I shall not say anything. I shall not defend myself. You will realize my character after you study the whole case’. I was asked to sit in a chair and not stand in the witness box. The judgment was in my favor. Recently when she came here I welcomed her affectionately. I have no anger or dislike towards her. There is no place for any other feeling except love. Another lady poured hot soup on me. Still I did not get angry. I wiped the soup that spilled on her. Where there is love, there is no place for any other feeling "

These are the words spoken by Nanna himself on 30.01.02.

A Rasika Mahatma who surrendered to Mother and is always in the state of a sakhi does not defend himself. Even a trace of anger cannot be found in him. Nanna is such a great and unique personality.

Tamoguna ! There is no place for this in Nanna’s surroundings. Once when some one asked Nanna what Tamoguna is, he promptly replied ‘Sleep’. When we recollect Nanna’s words,

" Sleep does not come even on trying wilfully. Every moment, only the thought of Mother!” From this, the meaning of tamoguna is crystal clear. "

Sattvaguna! All the three together constitute the trio of gunas (gunatrayam). Radha sakhi is beyond all the three. Nanna is passive every moment. He lived with a sense of detachment. Even when he lost his own son, he faced the situation with utter detachment, proving that he is indeed beyond the three gunas.

Kamanarahitam – Radha sakhi does not have any desire.

" A human being in the world has several desires. Mother’s sakhi has only one desire –‘ I want Mother’. I won’t ask anyone for anything. I won’t ask even Mother. Even though it is Mother’s job, I will not ask "

This is Nanna’s character – beyond all desires.

Anukshanavardhamanam -

" Radhaji will accept as a sakhi, only a girl who has qualities similar to Her. She will remove the physical body and grant bhav deha to her. This body will have no parents, hence no garbhavasam (effects of karma due to birth). Sakhi bhav is attained only when positive and negative aspects are combined together. Mother will look at only those who have sakhi bhav. There is no place for the three gunas. All desires should be left behind. The affection that arises then continuously increases. To attain this, one should feel that he is under the control of Mother every moment and should see the world through Mother. He cries at 6a.m., which intensifies at 7a.m. and then he faints at 8a.m. The feeling of the sakhi towards Radhaji is thus intensifying every moment. One day a Mahatma named Ramesh Baba came to see me. I was totally immersed in Radha bhav and was silently weeping. He wanted to hear me say once ‘Radha’ once before leaving. Totally immersed in Radha bhav, I was unable to even utter the word ‘Radha’. "

The above words of Nanna explain the meaning of Anukshanavardhamanam.

Avicchinnam – Sakhi performs Sri Radha bhav dhyana (meditation) incessantly and continuously. It is a flow of dhyana without any gap. Once Nanna said

" Within me, meditation is continuously going on. Though I am talking to you now, meditation is continuing within me like a flow without any gap. Sometimes when the intensity of meditation becomes severe, a small ‘respite’ is given. This is called ‘sokku’. This is also a part of the continuous flow of meditation "

‘Nanna, this means that there is no gap in dhyana for you’ I said

" When meditation ceases to occur in this body, it means that I have given up the body "

This is the continuous flow of meditation of a Radha sakhi, the continuous flow of Radha’s love!

Sukshmataram –

" Gradually the meditation of bhav intensifies and takes a conscious form. I always weep for that conscious form. I meditate on that very sublte conscious form. I weep for that. Such a conscious form does not exist on this earth. Just thinking of Mother intensifies bhav and a sakhi feels like weeping. This bhav is very important "

Nanna said while describing the qualities of a sakhi.

Many times during the course of speaking Nanna suddenly goes into bhav and weeps in the conscious form in the state of Radha bhav. This fact is well known to all his devotees.

Anubhava roopam – No one can say how a Rasika Siromani in the peak of Radha bhav dhyana experiences visualizes and enjoys this bliss.

" You may be thinking that Nanna is also agreeing to what is written in the books regarding Krishna touching Radha’s feet. You may wonder why Nanna who knows everything is speaking in this manner. I know everything. Hence I say that Krishna is a devotee of Radha. All Gods are Her devotees. She gave me lifespan; She gave me opulence; She gave me fame; She gave me name; She gave me millions; "

" I am telling the truth. Krishna is bowing to Her. Is he mad? No, Krishna and we worship Mother together "

These are the great words spoken by Nanna on 17.02.03 in Guntur ashram.

Krishna respects Radha sakhi on par with Radha Devi. Sakhi enquires about his welfare and he responds. That is the stature of the sakhi! “He and we (sakhis) worship Mother together.” Saying so, Nanna once again clearly indicated that he is Radha sakhi.

" I will purchase a Tata sumo (a Van). I will take the books on Mother and preach throughout India” Nanna said on 06.02.03 in Guntur ashram. "

The previous day was Basant Panchami. Nanna was not able to sit for long in the Sankeertan hall. Anjani Amma jovially remarked, ‘You were unable to sit even for one hour in the chair but you plan to travel throughout the country’.

Nanna counter remarked

" What do you know about my power? "

Indeed true! Who knows the stature and power of Radha sakhi ?

That is Radha sakhi!


Sakhi man darpan shyama dikhayee, premki raaj bathalaayi, Sakhi ki sukh hi shyama ki sukh, Sakhi ki man mae shyama sada rakh Sakhi roop mae shyama aayi, Saras prem pad subko dhikaayi, Prem raj kahi seva preyatam, Prema nidhan hi seva nirupam

Shyamaji appeared in the mirror of Sakhi’s mind and revealed the secret of love. Shyama’s happiness is sakhi’s happiness. Shyama is eternally present in sakhi’s mind. Shyama came in the form of sakhi and showed everyone the path of selfless love. Shyama said that secret of love is to realize that service is most pleasurable


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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