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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
05.12.02, 11 a.m.

" Only those who practice rasa are sakhis. Rasa is exhibited in two forms manifested and un-manifested. Mother exhibits several leelas (divine plays). But all of them are not equal. The un-manifested, invisible rasa leela is limited only to the sakhis, the Divine duo and the Rasika Mahatmas. Both Radha as well as Radha bhav are present. Bhav Radha resides in the bhav loka. Except for those who are immersed in bhav, it is not possible for others to meditate on Bhav Radha. Un-manifested Radha is a vast ocean. She is not so cheap. The concept of a couple like Mother-Father, Sakti-Saktiman is not applicable in the context of bhav Radha. She is the ‘Swamini’ – Ruler of all. "

" When I think of Mother’s name, I feel like weeping. I don’t know why. I have requested Mother that I want to be ‘Radha Sakhi’. Therefore the ‘Priya’ between ‘Radha and ‘Sakhi’ should be dropped. Mother agreed happily. She has come so close to my heart. ISKCON have reached the level of Krishna. I moved beyond and approached Her, who provides happiness to Krishna. That is the difference between me and the followers of ISKCON. They worship Krishna who is ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda swaroop’. The same Krishna declares that it is Radha who is giving him happiness. Therefore what is our duty? Our duty is to meditate on Radha Devi, who is worshipped even by Krishna. This is my message. "

" I feel it is very difficult to live without Mother. Never forget that you are a Sakhi. Sakhi bhav is very great. It is essential to be at equal level for love to flourish. Equality does not mean equality with Mother. It indicates a sense of being equal. Assume that I have treated you as my equal and taken you in my fold. Though you are not my equal, I will make the necessary adjustment. The sense of equality is destroyed by senses of anger and desire. Avoid both of them. This is the psychology of love. You cannot live without Mother. That stage will come one day. Just three hours of meditation in a day! Slowly, it will happen continuously. Mother’s nature is Sakhi bhav. Her tradition is Sakhi tradition. Meditate with that bhav.Gradually Mother’s bhav will enter straight into the heart. Once that happens it is difficult to withstand the unbearable sweet pain. Sri Hitacharya showed a few divine scenes to Naravahana. He was deranged in ecstasy. Such is the power of that love which is the highest. Man cannot even imagine. "

" There is a specific purpose for doing penance. But there is no purpose for Mother’s dhyana. Mother’s dhyana is for Her only! After we prepare and offer ‘bhog’ to God, we clean the vessel and keep it aside. The purpose of the vessel is to that extent only. Similar is the case with mantra and penance (japa). Only meditation (dhyana on Mother) is different. The entire world runs after Krishna, whereas Krishna runs after Mother. We should not go to the world. If we go after Mother, She will come to us and the world will also come to us. Our life should follow the path of Gopis. Their concept is “Yatra……….” – Wherever your mind goes, there you will find Krishna. Similarly, we should see Radha. "

" Mind wanders after pleasures. If we depend entirely on the mind, it will lure us towards worldly pleasures. We should ride a horse, but not according to the horse’s will. The horse should move according to our will. We should be extremely cautious. Once the path is lost, it is very dangerous. The mind has a few habits. But they do not belong to us. Markandeya prayed to Lord Shiva to escape from death. When he attained the Lord, he lost the fear of death and sought only Him. Shiva and Parvati came to Markandeya. Then he (Markandeya) gave up his penance and approached them. When the Lord asked why he discontinued his penance, Markandeya replied,’ Lord, my penance was only to attain you. Once you have come, why do I need further penance? "

" Markandeya gave up such a penance that had power to attain Mahadeva (Shiva). Every one should develop that sense of sacrifice. Bhajan is for Mother; Mother is not for bhajan. She will come to us by bhajan. Once She has come, there is no need to be anxious about bhajan. “Mother is the sweetest of the sweet "

" I composed a song “Na prana pranama…..”. Life is most important for us. Mother is the life of this vital life. Little Rehman declared that he would give up his life if Mother would not come to him. Mother is more important than even life. In one of the leelas exhibited in Vrindavan, Radhaji is seen jumping for Krishna from the terrace of a building. Krishna stops Her and says ‘You have saved my life today!’. What does this mean? Krishna will not live if anything happens to Radha because Radhaji is the life of his life. "

" Don’t forget. You are not alone. You are always with Mother. The very beginning of dhyana yoga is the thought that ‘I am sitting here but not alone. I am with Mother.’ "



Bahunam Janmanamanthe GnanavanMam prapaDyate, Vasudeva Sarvamithi sa mahatma su dhurlabhaha


-Bhagavath Geeta 



Indugaladani anduledani sandehamu valadu


-Bhagavatham (Telugu) 


" I am seeing the all-pervading Mother even as I am speaking to you now. Presently there is the concept of ‘many’. Gradually ‘many’ should become ‘two’ Only Mother and I. A worldly man has several thoughts whereas Mother’s devotee has only one thought - ‘I want Mother. That’s all. I am seeing Mother here. She is in your form.‘ As you continue like this, you will experience bliss. Bliss is Mother. "

" Chaitanya Prabhu saw God everywhere. Once, the ocean before his eyes transformed into Mother. He jumped into the ocean calling out ‘Mother!’ "

" One day, on the bank of river Yamuna, a yogi was seen doing dhyana on Mother’s name chanting ‘Radhe Radhe” The yogi was none other than Krishna. ‘Krishnena aradhyate iti Radha’ – She was worshipped by Krishna and became Radha.. Radha’s name is very great. Chant the name continuously in your mind. Within three months you will experience a surge of happiness in you. "

" Who is Mother? An idol? No, She is the all-pervading form. Wherever you go, there She is! There are ‘many’ desires as spouse, money, children etc. Convert this ‘many’ to ‘two’, only Mother and I. See only Mother everyone. In S Kota, I addressed the cobra snake as Mother and She came to me. It was not a snake but Mother. This is the initial stage. Close your eyes. Mother is before and behind you. There is nobody else. Always live in this thought. As you continue dhyana like this, you will find Mother. "

" One who is in sakhi bhav is almost free from earthly troubles because unless we develop detachment towards the world, we cannot develop a yearning for Mother. Unless we have the yearning, we cannot go to Her. That is the order. Detachment in this world; yearning for Mother and finally reaching Her. In the intermediate periods, we feel like weeping for Her. Thinking of Mother makes us weep. This ‘bhav’ is very significant. The primordial consciousness was termed ‘Brahmam’ by a few. "

" "



Ananta sakti khachitam brahma sarveswareswaram


-Brahma Sutra  


" Radha is the eternal power. Murali Krishna worshiped Her. Krishna along with his eternal power Radhaji established Bhowma (Physical), Mano (Mental) and Bhav (Transcendental) Vrindavan. Mother plays in all the three of them. She is present throughout. There is no Krishna without Mother. "

" Krishna explained why he separated himself. “Tadaikshati bahusyam prajaYaiyethi..”. He was infinite. Then Mother joined him. Now he is in a minor state while Mother is powerful. There is no ‘creation’ without both of them. They are termed prakriti (Nature) and purusha (Conscious). But this is not correct. We have named them wrongly. The aspects of both of them are within us. Sakhi is the aspect of Radha in the body in which they both are jointly present! Even Sakhi is an aspect of Radha. Sakhi is only an aspect but not Radha. In a few people like Smt Tarikonda Venkumamba, this aspect is more pronounced. "

" Every human being must give up worldly passions and desires and attain sTriTwam (feminineness) in order to attain Mother. Radhaji likes yoga and dhyana. Therefore, Madalasa made all her children yogis and sent them for penance. "

" “Tadakshati……..” After he became many, in order to demonstrate to the world, Krishna worshipped Radha. These are divine secrets, which cannot be understood or believed! "

" Once, Krishna came near the sakhis in the form (guise) of Radha. They did not experience Radha bhav on seeing him. Krishna worships the Mahabhav of Radha. He does not possess Mahabhav. Radhaji is superior to Krishna. Form and bhav are different. By constitution Radha and Krishna are one. In the context of bhav, Radhaji is the embodiment of Mahabhav. When She is in a state of Mahabhav, She shakes the universe with fervor. Even in man, there is differentiation between left and right, right being more powerful than the left. Radhaji distributes rasa to the world. "

" Attend the ceremony of ‘Vigraha Pratishta’ (installation of Mother’s idol) without fail. Do not miss this unique opportunity. It is not merely installation of idol. In reality it is installation of Mother in our hearts which will remain for a number of births to follow. Mother’s benevolent glance will be bestowed on us. This will happen only once. So don’t miss this opportunity. Responsibilities in the family are never ending. Fulfill the responsibilities to the extent possible and serve Mother. Else you will also be like ‘Jada Bharata’ . Mother should grant you the fortune to serve Her. "

" When your penance fructifies, Mother will take you with Her. Our separation is transient. We shall meet again in the world above. Impressions are formed on man’s mind since many births. The way to next birth will depend on these impressions. It is imperative that he loses all of them one day and seeks shelter at Mother’s feet. Then, why don’t you move on the path of incessant Radha dhyana yoga right now? "

" We do not have the divine sight to see beyond this world nor do we yearn for Mother. The mind wanders here and there. Why does this happen? When we seriously ponder over any worldly matter, it causes some impressions on the mind. Thousands of impressions are formed in this way. The mind, that needs to be plain, is filled with impressions. The more you think, the more the impressions. He who is detached will not have these impressions. Mother will not come to you as long as you have these impressions. As the impressions reduce, our view deepens and we move nearer to Mother. Radhaji’s form is limiting. Radha bhav will elevate us. Bhav will not form mental impressions; only bhav impressions. Every man has three basic forms of deha (body) - physical, astral and bhav. The physical form is full of impressions. The astral body has one or two imprints. The bhav deha is devoid of any impressions. The persons with bhav deha are called Rasikacharyas. The impressions in the world of bhav are termed as ‘bhavs’. Once that impression is formed, even the thought of Mother makes us weep. Communication through words is not effective. It should be through bhav. In that state, whatever you say will have an impact as forceful as an atom bomb on the other person "

" Mother is near me. Even if I cannot see Her, She is seeing me. Mother personally told this to me. Therefore never give up the thought that ‘I am in the gaze of the formless Mother who will not leave me even for a moment’. There, I just now feel the touch. This bhav only is Mother’s form. Bhav emerges from the formless. I have reached that stage. I have the same feeling for Mother, which I have for anyone else. We must develop that feeling of nearness. This is very difficult in the formless. But it will happen. I am in Mother’s bhav. I am speaking to you in that bhav. You will attain the strength to love everyone when you have the impression of Mother’s bhav on your mind. One who stays in bhav for a very long time is called a ‘dhyana yogi’. Once we are in Mother’s bhav, She cannot stay away from us. Mother, please come near me.! "

" The pleasure we get from the thought that Mother is seeing me is much more than any worldly pleasure. The impression of bhav is etched more prominently in loneliness. Always prefer loneliness. Being among people makes your mind wander here and there. The thought that ‘Mother is right here now watching me’ should prevail in our mind for at least 10 hours in a day. Although the thought is disturbed now and then, it should be resumed. You should always be in a state seen (by Mother). Gradually the impression that Mother is seeing me will be imprinted and the ‘thoughtless mind’ will be attained. The mind will gain four powers - Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Life and Divine Light. Thereafter, life will be dedicated to Mother and be gratified. "

" Only bhav is important in life. Due to this bhav, life span will be prolonged. Since there is no mantra without letters, it (mantra) becomes worldly. Some desires will be fulfilled by mantra. We must attain Mother’s bhav which has no need for triple desires (‘ishana triya’).The power of Radha and devotion to Radha are important. Unless we perform penance for hundreds of years, we cannot enter into the service of Radhaji. One day a great pandit and devotee came to Vrindavan from Puri particularly to see me. He said that ‘I heard that someone from Andhra is speaking about our Radha. I came to see him "

" Krishna is a worshipper of Radha Devi. Therefore he is not placed beside Mother. The embodiment of Mahabhav came alone. Radhaji only is my life. Radhaji only is my wealth. She is a benevolent Goddess. Such a supernatural Mother is always watching me "


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