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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
The Ceaseless Traveler

Nanna is a ceaseless traveler. Every night he visits the houses of all the devotees of Sri Radha with his astral body and ensures their welfare. In fact, almost all the devotees of Nanna can vouch for this.

One day a lady devotee pleaded that during Nanna’s next visit to Hyderabad, he must definitely visit her house. Nanna smiled and lovingly replied,

" Every night after I close my eyes and relax in this sleeping chair, I begin my journey. I visit the houses of all of those who belong to me and who worship Radha. I visited your house too! I may visit you just once in my physical form. But in the astral form I can visit you every day. Now tell me in which way you would like my visit? "

Please come every day Nanna. But if we are able to recognize your arrival, we will be more happy”, she replied. Nanna laughed heartily.

Nanna daily visits one lady devotee in Delhi. He was seen on many occasions accepting the snacks and meals offered by them. Nanna does not differentiate between anyone. He only wants dhyana (meditation) and unwavering devotion towards Sri Radhaji. Nanna often said

" Where there is Mother’s love, I surrender there "

Recently one devotee in Hyderabad underwent a brain surgery. She strongly thought of Nanna in the operation theater. Immediately he placed his hand on her forehead and said, “Do not fear. I am here. I will never leave you” .The operation was successful and she gradually recovered.

Nanna visited America also several times. The most unique and astounding of all the visits was that of September 11, 2001. That night, while Nanna was traveling in the worlds above, he heard thousands of people screaming in agony. Waking up in the morning he said “My mind was highly disturbed. Some deadly destruction has taken place somewhere”. On 12th morning the news of the ghastly attack on WTC flashed everywhere

" On the night September 11, 2001 I heard several people piteously weeping. Thinking of their miserable state, my mind was disturbed. The next day I came to know of the tragic incident in America. A relative of one of the members of the family of Sri Radha’s devotees was also a victim in that incident. At the request of her family members, I saw her in my meditation. I traced her in the upper world, sitting with her head on her knees and weeping. I provided her shelter in my Ashram in the astral plane. Mother has granted me such extraordinary power "

Nanna blessed yet another lady devotee in America in an extraordinary manner. From 20.8.03, the day of Krishnashtami (Appearance of Sri Krishna) to 04.09.03, the day of Radhashtami (Appearance of Sri Radha), he has spent 7-8 hours each day near her and guided her in meditation. She was totally unaware about Nanna leaving his physical body on 16.08.03. On one hand, the last rites were being performed in Vrindavan for Nanna’s physical body on Krishnashtami day. On the other hand, he was assuring his devotee in America (at the same time) “Do not fear. Continue your meditation. I shall be near you as long as you are in meditation“. Saying so, he sat by her side and made her meditate for 5-6 hours. In this way, he spent 15 days continuously near her till Radhashtami and made her practice meditation.

There is absolutely no doubt that Nanna, while traveling in all the 14 worlds grants divine revelation to many either in the physical or cosmic form

That fortunate devotee recalled the incident and said, ‘I cannot describe the love and mercy showered on me by Nanna during those 15 days. Considering me as a little child he guided me and made me practice meditation. When I came to know of his departure from the mortal frame, I wept uncontrollably. Then again I felt that Nanna is with me and my weeping subsided

Nanna’s cosmic mind and cosmic body are beyond my comprehension. On 15.03.03, immersed in Radha bhav he said,

" Even after I become a sakhi and go to Mother, I will be seeing all of you occasionally. I will be visiting you too "

The truth and depth of these divine words uttered by Nanna that day is gradually being revealed.

There are several devotees of Nanna in S.Kota. They practice ‘dhyana’ and ‘satsang’ as preached by Nanna. They have no other deity except Sri Radhaji and no other Guru except Nanna. Nanna visits most of them regularly. On June 22, 2003, when I went there to give a talk, each one had an incident to narrate. Almost every family confirmed that only Nanna brought light into their lives. Their positive quality is their unflinching faith in Nanna. Since he said that ‘Radhaji is the highest deity’, they believed that Mother is their deity with no second thoughts whatsoever. They had no discussions or arguments. Nanna’s words are their Vedas. They diligently implement anything that Nanna says. Therefore, Nanna is also fond of them.

A few devotees in this group actively participate in ‘sankeertan’.(recital of name) They mentioned that of late, they were finding the sankeertan more melodious and intoxicatingly mesmerizing than earlier. Particularly after ‘Ekaham’ (Continuous 24 hours sankeertan) they feel the effect of that ecstasy lingering even after 4-5 days. They are able to meditate with more ease. Nanna has implanted his radiance in their houses to facilitate their meditation.

If anyone thinks of Nanna sincerely, he certainly comes to them, relieves them of their worries and enhances their faith and devotion. On 13.01.02, at 5.00 p.m, as instructed by Nanna, I was writing the book on “Dhyana yoga’. A severe headache began on me. I called on Nanna in my heart of hearts. Gradually the pain intensified and crossed the stage of relief by medication. ‘Nanna, the suffering is unbearable. This is your hand’ I thought thus and placed my hand on my forehead as though it was Nanna’s,. Then I heard Nanna’s voice clearly ‘Don’t fear. The pain will recede.’ I was instantly relieved of the pain.

Nanna knows my chronic problem, which cannot be expressed publicly. Whenever the suffering is unbearable, Nanna used to relieve me with his blessings. Later on whether Naana was in Guntur or Vrindavan, whether I asked aloud or in my mind for the blessing, he used to send the spiritual vibrations instantly and remove my suffering. ”I have solved thousands of problems but never encountered one like yours”, he often said.

On 06.10.01 talking to Nanna in Vrindavan I asked “Several people approach you with different kinds of suffering. On examining them, can you differentiate whether it is a physical ailment or something inflicted on the person by evil spirits?

" Generally I know the difference just by seeing the person. Sometimes, due to the complexity, it may be difficult. However, at present I can immediately identify the problem as soon as I see the person, however deep and complicated it may be. In your case also I could do so. With Mother’s grace, I have attained such powers "

Again I asked, “Among all the people who came to you with problems, is there any instance where you were not able to drive away the ghost or evil spirit?’

" None.Not even a single one. With the cooperation and support of Veeraswamy, Subala and some others in the astral world, mother (Mahalakshmi Amma) and I solved many cases. In a few instances, we were able to solve them with the blessings of Sri Radhaji. "

" Many people approach us with various problems. Sometimes we are told that even the surgery performed by doctors was not successful. In such cases we look at their astral form. Once, someone brought a seven year old boy. They informed that he was already operated upon for three times. Why should they need to do three surgeries on this boy? Obviously, the doctors were unable to diagnose the problem. Firstly it is essential to identify the root cause of the problem. We observe this root cause in the astral world. When we are faced with a complicated case, we do not pay heed to what the doctors say. We ask the suffering person to sleep in our Ashram for one night and observe his astral form in meditation. We travel in the astral world and find out the root cause of the problem. Any number of operations will not be able to cure the patient unless the cause in the astral world is removed. First we see the cause. Then we will take action. "

It is Nanna’s nature and aim to serve the suffering persons in his own way. With the divine powers granted by the mother, Nanna is able to provide relief to so many people. He always considered service to human beings as service to the Mother. Only Rasik saints like Nanna are capable of establishing the structure of service of divine love. Hence, traveling in the astral form each day, observing the welfare of everyone and helping them to the extent possible – this is the natural state of Nanna. Being an incessant traveler, the worlds that he travels in the astral form are beyond our imagination.

On 08.06.03 while meditating at 5.30 p.m, I asked Nanna earnestly with lot of concern, “In the process of providing relief to the needy human beings, if any evil spirit causes inconvenience to you, why don’t you defend yourself?

Immediately Nanna came before me. It hardly took a moment for him to travel hundreds of miles from Vrindavan to Guntur. I heard his voice clearly.

" A Rasika Siromani who gives up all his activities and surrenders to the Almighty never tries to defend himself "

On 05.04.03, Nanna put me to a test to ascertain whether I totally surrendered to him. Nanna was scheduled to leave for Vrindavan in the early hours of 06.04.03. My fiery test began on 5th morning at 8 a.m. Only I did not know then that it was a test. I know none other than Nanna. So, it is only with his benevolence that I could pass the test and totally surrender to him. When Nanna said “You are my life” I felt gratified

06.07.03-“Ashada Suddha Saptami”. According to the Telugu calendar, it was Nanna’s birthday. I was suffering a lot that day. I could not even talk to him on phone. I was thinking of only Nanna throughout the day. I know for certain that except Nanna, the intimate confidential Sakhi of Sri Radhaji, no one else can relieve me from this suffering caused by evil spirits. Thinking of Nanna I gradually drifted into sleep. Suddenly with great lustre and abundant love Nanna appeared before me. In the form of a focused radiance, he traversed within me with lightening speed and destroyed all my bad Karmas. When I woke up it was 1.00a.m. Since that moment I got permanent relief from the hellish suffering I had for so many years.

What can I give you Nanna? What can I do? I have surrendered myself at your feet. Bless me that as long as there is life in this body, I shall serve Mother. Grant me the boon that I may act in such a manner that is beneficial to others and thus please you.

On 26.07.03 Nanna came to Guntur from Vrindavan. He became very weak, as he had not been taking food for the past three months. We do not know with what great intention he came to Guntur in such a weak condition. I was shattered after seeing Nanna in this state. I went near him and greeted him saying ‘Radhe Radhe’. He asked me how my 'tapasya'(penance) was progressing. I replied that it was progressing well with his blessings and grace. I then narrated the experience of July 6th. Nanna confirmed his radiant presence on that day saying,

" Yes. I possess a great and unique divine power. I used it that day. I did an unforgettable favor to you "

Salutations! Oh Incessant Traveler!



Jagat hitkari Sakhi nishkam Radhaprem ras ki nij dham Prem hi hit hit hi prem Hit ropi sakhi prem araam

Sakhi helps mankind selflessly. Such a sakhi is the repository of Radha’s love. Love is wellbeing; wellbeing is love. Sakhi who is the form of wellbeing is the respite of love


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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