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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 1

Our Association With Nanna - Part 1
*Nanna's words of wisdom
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Rasa guru
2Ashrams established by Nanna
3Inner Spiritual living
4Miracle in the cremation ground
5Divine Love Incarnate
6Mother Radha Mahalakshmi
7 Spiritual Naming Ceremony
8 Supernatural Powers
9 Incident that prolonged the Lifespan
10 Fully Realized One
11 Mother is always with me
12 The Ceaseless Traveler
13 Confidential Sakhi of Sri Radha
14 Nanna, The Lover of Music
15 Circumambulation of Sri Nikunj
16 Who is Nanna?
17 Natural Fusion of Sri Radha and Krishna
18 Radhaji- The Essential Life-Force of Man
19 Nanna's Association with Gods
20 Nanna, Personification of Sweetness of Love
21 Comprehensive God's Realization is for Dhyana Yogis only
22 Sakhi - The Partner in Rasa
23 Nanna's Message
24 Sri Radha Sakhi
25 Nanna - The Mighty Ocean (of Love)
Illumination of Radhabhav - Nanna’s songs

Within Nanna, who is like a mighty ocean, there are innumerable waves of Rasa and bhav and many more attributes of sweetness! The Rasika Siromani has shown a divine aspect to everyone who has been associated with him.

Nanna’s songs are the essence of all Vedas and scriptures. There is no extravaganza of words, yet the meaning is subtly and sensitively conveyed in simple words. If you read all Nanna’s songs once the desire to read other religious literature will vanish. The gist of Vedas and Upanishads, the meaning of Tattva, devotion of Rasa – all of these are naturally and mellifluously flowing through all his divine songs.

Nanna said that every song has been written while he was in Radha bhav. He told one lady devotee,

" You say that you are you are not able to concentrate during meditation. Sing at least one song every day. It will help you a lot "

Almost all Nanna’s songs were composed prior to 1973. Most of his songs describe the powers of Raseswari Sri Radha and Her various attributes. Nanna saw the luminescence of Sri Radha in each world and finally saw Her in Nikunj Dham. She is the embodiment of Mahabhav and the power of ecstasy. Since Nanna was continuously meditating on this Mother, he attained several divine powers. Towards the end of 2001, Nanna said,

" I am about to attain the attribute of ‘Hladini Sakti’ (the power of ecstasy) in totality. In this condition, even if I glance at someone, his grief will disappear,” In March 2003 he said, “It is enough if anyone sees me just once "

During the past two years, the aura around Nanna was filled with a powerful ecstatic sweetness. This was experienced by several of his devotees.

Nanna promised that he would look after his devotees even after entering into the service Radhaji. He is very compassionate. He said in March 2003 that his powers would remain in Guntur Ashram for 500 years and in Vrindavan ashram for 2000 years. During this period Nanna will notice anyone with interest in meditating on Sri Radha who visits the ashrams. The very sight of Sri Radha Sakhi (Nanna) is the fruit for of all sorts of penance!

All the songs composed by such an eminent personality as Nanna have emerged from the feet of Sri Radhaji for the welfare of mankind. While Nanna was composing these songs, Radhaji came down to this plane several times and played with Nanna


Nirupamaanamu kaada nee divya shobha Ninu pogadaleja sruthul neti netani palke 1. Aiswarya madhurya gnyana sakhtula goodi Sarvesvarivi aina saubhagra Radharo 2. Jagadeesvariviaina chanuvuto ninijeri Ammro Ani biluchu ananda mosagitivi

Your divine splendor is unique and incomparable. Even the religious scriptures are unable to describe You. 1. Possessing the powers of opulence, sweetness and wisdom, You are the Supreme, O Radha. 2. Though You are the Sovereign of the worlds, You have granted the bliss of being near You and addressing You as ‘Mother’



After writing this much,Nanna relaxed in his chair. Then Mother came near him personally. She lovingly caressed his cheeks with Her tender hands and said , ‘Wake up. Continue the song’

As such Nanna is filled with Radha bhav. In addition, Raseswari, the ruler of the worlds Herself came down and touched him. We can imagine in what state Nanna continued the song!!


3. Etti siddhulakaina etti suralakunaina Gocharimpani devi vacchinava thalli 4. Bhaktajana mandara mukti valadamma naaku Bhavadehamu pondi sevinthuno thalli

You, the Goddess who can’t be seen by any Gods and saints have come near me 4. O heart of devotees, I don’t desire liberation. I want to attain 'Bhav deha' (conscious body) and serve you dearly



Nanna completed the song saying that he would attain bhav deha and serve Mother.

In the song “Raave naa Kishori naa jeevita Rasamadhuri raava” - “Please come Kishori, the Rasa of my life” composed by Nanna , he clearly shows how Radha plays hide and seek with Her sakhi.


Entha laalinchina entha chintinchina vilapinchina Muripintuve kani na chenta raavela

I am pampering you; I am thinking about you; I am yearning for you and weeping for you. You tempt me but do not come near me


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 



Nannuddharinchutakai vacchinava thalli Nikkamuga neevega satya devatavu”

Did you finally come to gratify me Mother? You are undoubtedly the True Goddess




Hrudayamanta nindi naa pranamainavu Atle nilichipomma naa prananidhivai

You filled my heart and became my life. Please remain as the treasure of my life


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


Though Mother appears before the Rasika devotees in form, Her original appearance is ‘Formless, Infinite and Mighty’. Proving this truth, Mother encompassed the heart of Her Priya Sakhi with a formless appearance. Mother showed several leelas interspersed with love in Nanna’s life. That is why he once said,

" Mother has probably visited our ashram more number of times than anywhere else "

Nanna said that among all the services to Mother, the best and the most important one is service with total surrender.

" Mother’s service can be in two ways; direct and indirect. Mother is all pervading. Though I cannot see Her, She is seeing me. She is watching me every moment to see whether I am discharging my duties properly. I have only one duty - living for Mother and pleasing Her. I should decide whether my actions would be pleasing to Her. Every step in my life and every thought of mine should be linked with Her. Only then life will truly progress on the path of total surrender to Mother "



Aatmarpaname kada nee rajabata Aanandamayamaina atyunnatambaina. 1. Devi bhavame sada nee madini nilupukoni Devi preetiye nee preegane yenche 2. Aharaharamu nee madilo Amma sanskriti leka Aatmarpaname neeku sadhyamaguta kalla 3. Aatmarpanamu jeyu jeevude dhanyundu Haayiga naduchunu vaani jeevitamepudu 4. Aatmarpana sthitilo Ammaye maatladu Ammaye neelona kooruchundunu sada 5. Aahladini sakhti lokajanani Radha Aatmarpanamu jeya hridiyande niluchunu

In this song, Nanna described what the bhav of surrender means and how such a life would be!



Self surrender is the royal path - the path of happiness and the ideal way to reach You

" Unless you are continuously and incessantly in Mother’s bhav, it is not possible to surrender yourself to Her. Mother resides in and speaks from the heart of one who is in continuous meditation and surrenders to Her in this state "

This is the wonderful song that was composed by Nanna, who surrendered himself to Sri Radha, the power of ecstasy.

Thus Nanna eulogized Radha in several songs through various divine bhavs. His songs drive away the sensual desires and purify the mind with devotion of Rasa. The songs make us strong willed and enable us to follow the path of service to Mother. The songs are the divine gift of music and the substance of all Vedas.


Prem bhav ki ujjwal tarang Radhikasakhi daya abhang Shyama sangat nitya milapat Jagatki sangat kshan mein nikala

Radha Sakhi’s infinite kindness is the vibrant current of love. This kindness will accomplish our association with Shyama and dissociation with the world


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


On 14.12.03, I was sitting in the presence of Nanna in Guntur Ashram. He was already speaking to every one seated around him about Dhyana Yoga.

Nanna, you often mention that the foundation of the path of Dhyana is being passive towards the world and yearn for oneness with Mother……..

Interrupting my question, Nanna said:

" Yes. Both these are absolutely essential. Man has come into this world for the service of Mother, not for family. It is man’s prime duty to be passive towards the world and yearn for oneness with Mother. King Harishchandra is noteworthy among those who have been passive towards their family. When he was in charge of the cremation ground, due to some misfortune, his wife came with the dead body of their son. It was midnight when his wife came with his son’s body. There was nobody around to question him. Yet the king was bound by duty and adopted a passive approach towards his wife and son. "

" There are two aspects of nature. Firstly, your desire for people and objects in nature and secondly, someone in this world may be longing for you. You should be passive to both these aspects. "

" Mother should be between you and the world. Many people marry assuming that family life holds a lot of happiness in store. No one will suggest that this is not permanent happiness. In case you are married, continue that life but meditate in your heart. Gradually you will leave the family and the world behind and hold on to Mother. Once you experience the bliss of Mother, you will feel detachment towards the family. I have renounced everyone 60 years ago. "

" Yearn for oneness with Mother. Do not yearn for any object in the world, however attractive it may be. When Arjuna asked Krishna whether he should fight the battle or not, Krishna remained indifferent. He said, ’Do whatever you wish.’ This should be our guiding factor. Do not comment on any thing in the world. Avoid both the states of ‘I want’ and ‘I do not want’. The state between these two is silence. Try to be passive towards worldly objects. Be receptively positive, alert and fully aware of Mother. Wait for Mother with utmost love and focus. She will certainly come. Taiman Swami, a great yogi defined silence as Vacuum. It is a state of enormous silence. Man who performs meditation with such silence will attain every kind of joy and knowledge. In fact, through such silence, he will attain the presence of the all-pervading Supreme Goddess Herself "

" The first hurdle in the spiritual practice is the thought of the body. Due to this, man loses all his powers and becomes weak. Despite penance throughout his life, a devotee takes birth again and again unless he is passive towards the world "

Nanna often warned.

It is easier to preach than practice. But every word preached by Nanna has emerged from his practice. He never preached what he did not practice. He spent his entire life in a state of witness consciousness.

" Mother granted me this state witness consciousness. During 1927-28 I was working as a schoolteacher in Vijayawada. I was passive towards the world and family and yearned for oneness with other. My four-year-old son became very ill. At that time I had to go to Amalapauram to see my friend’s (the Training school Head Master) son, who was suffering from fits. As soon as the son saw me he said ‘You owe me Rs 12. Where is my money?’ Immediately I understood that the time of his death neared; he would die as soon as I gave him the Rs 12 that I owed him in the previous birth. The situation was created so that I came to repay his debt. I apprised my friend the entire situation. Unable to see the suffering of their son, the parents agreed to my repaying the money. When I gave him Rs 12 , he kept them under the pillow and breathed his last. What can be a better example to say that we are all bound by debt? Only the bond with Mother is permanent! "

" I returned to Kakinada the same day. I took my child who was suffering from fever in my lap. He then breathed his last addressing me as ‘Nanna, Nanna’. The debt was redeemed! I had to do my duty as a father. I carried his dead body on my shoulder to the cremation ground, dug his grave and buried him. Later I attended the pre-scheduled program in Ishwara Pustaka Bhandagar library and gave a lecture for two hours on the tattva of God "

" That is the sense of being passive. With any amount of penance, we cannot reach our goal (Mother), without the bhav of passiveness (being a witness). This aspect is very significant. It is an eternal bhav. "

Thus Nanna preached a divine truth, which can be followed by all. By understanding the incidents in Nanna’s life and the way in which he remained passive during those situations, we can realize what a Mahatma he was! The passiveness shown by him when two incidents took place in succession – his friend’s son’s death and the death of his own son, is not possible for any ordinary human being to emulate. Even a great sage like Jada Bharata who thought of the deer at the time of death because he was not passive towards the world, took rebirth as a deer! Being passive is not easy. Total renunciation, passiveness towards the world and yearning for oneness with Mother- this is Nanna’s life. These are also the qualities of a sakhi. In this way, the nature of a sakhi was manifested in Nanna since childhood.


Sakhi nijroop ko man mein jaanna Sakhi updesh ko man mein samajhna Rasika Malathi man nikunj mein Radhika sakhi svabhav madhuri

Realise the true form of a Sakhi Understand the teachings of the Sakhi


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 

05.12.2000, Guntur Ashram

Nanna, how is it possible to synchronize the concept of form and formlessness of Sri Radha?

" Synchronization of the form and formless is a strange combination. Mother is present yet not present. This is Her play. Mother is not present for the eyes but is present in deeds. This is the secret of the world. Again the question arises, ‘Is the world present or not?’ It is wrong to say it is present, yet equally wrong to say it is not present. It is present and also not present. That is what I have realized. "

" Mother asked me ’Mujhe alankar karo’ (Adorn me). Mother’s arrival is with form. But adorning is formless. Her entire decoration is formlessness. When we decorate our mind without any form, it is true worship and service. Synchronization of the form and formlessness is the secret of this world, is the secret of human life and is the secret of everything that is. Do not question or argue whether Mother is present (form) or not (formless) because She is both. That is Mother! "

Nanna, can we attain Mother by meditating with single pointed concentration?

" Mother cannot be attained with single pointed concentration alone. We should see the all-pervading Mother everywhere. Vasudeva is everywhere. Do not doubt whether God who is present here can be present there too. "

" As I am speaking to you, Mother is here watching and listening. We do not have the eyes to see Her. We must have the unwavering and staunch belief that She is present here even if She is not seen. Though She may not be there for others, She is certainly here for you. That is Mother! "

" I do not consider Sri Radha as an idol. I understand that She is the embodiment of several attributes. Mother has not given up either beauty (form) or Infinity (formlessness). In other words, She is omnipresent simultaneously as the form and formless Mother. Many consider formlessness as vacuum. But it is not so. It reflects infinity – infinite knowledge and all pervading light of rasa. Then how can it be vacuum? One should feel that Mother is everywhere. Otherwise it is not possible to understand Her. She is with us in every breath. Krishna, the Supreme God worships Radhaji constantly. Therefore She is even superior to the Supreme God. She is my Swamini (Ruler). Mother is both visible (form) and invisible (formless). Whether you close or open your eyes, continue meditation on Mother, the embodiment of form and formlessness. Our daily life should revolve around meditation. Remember, we have come on this earth for meditation. We forget this and do many other jobs except meditation, which is our main duty. By not doing meditation, you are committing a sin. Only by constant meditation, you can understand the synchronization of the form and formlessness of Radhaji within you. "

" Dhyana is more significant than chanting Her name or contemplation. Mother is all pervading. It is not enough if we think that Mother is present here, there and everywhere, it is essential that we feel Her presence wherever we go. A singer follows a rhythm while singing. His song is the manifested form while the involuntary control of the rhythm without losing balance is the formlessness. As I am giving this example, Mother is prompting me from within to quote the example of ‘Haridas’. She is with us every moment watching us. Haridas places a vessel on his head without holding it. Though he sings and dances, the vessel does not fall as there is a balance within him. His song and dance constitutes the ‘form’ while the balance that continues effortlessly is ‘formlessness’. Our path of meditation is the synchronization of the two! "

" We are habituated to meditation on the form. But in reality we are meditating on the formless. One day reality will win over habit. This is the logic of the sages. I accepted their words. Ever since I understood meditation on the formless, I became stronger. The level of meditation of the devotee who meditates on the formless is higher. He will be able to see the splendor of the formless Mother. He has no need for idols. The deeper he is engrossed in meditation on the formless, the happier he is. He loses his appetite and interest in people, objects and other worldly affairs. He is only interested in the resplendent, all pervading Mother. The last step of the manifested world is the first step of the un-manifested world. This state is called silence "

" Mother’s indication of pink color in the house of a devotee in Hyderabad is the aspect of formlessness. Making her call up and letting us know that pink color is the attribute accepted by Lord Krishna is the manifested form. Mahabhav only is the nature and form of Sri Radha. Nature and form are the same! ‘I want Mother only’ - this is my nature. ‘Mother, I cannot live without you even for a moment. Please do not leave me "

Saying this, Nanna became deeply immersed in Radha bhav.

Many great sages stay alone in Vrindavan for meditation on Sri Radhaji . They are doing spiritual service to mankind to the extent possible. But Nanna is staying in an ashram with 20-30 people and hundreds of devotees. He travels to various places outside Vrindavan and preaches Mother’s concept of transcendentalism. He affectionately takes people into his shelter, relieves them from suffering and makes them healthy with the medication of Radha rasa. This is his favorite daily routine.


Kairva bhava rahasya paaraga mati hi, sri radhika preyasaha” “kinchingnai ranu yujyatham bahiraho bhramya dhbira nairapi

Sri Radha Sakhi is beyond the realm of the secrets of bhav. Though sakhi is constantly moving with other people externally, there is no interruption in the actual state of the sakhi.



Nanna, Sri Radha Sakhi was dealing with thousands of people on various issues, yet he was always in meditation, in a state of synchronization of the form and formlessness.

I closed my eyes after worship at about 11a.m. on 02.05.2002. Suddenly I heard Nanna’s voice, ”Can you come immediately?” ‘Yes, I will come’ I replied in the same state. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was in my house in Guntur and Nanna was in Vrindavan. Sekhar came from Vizag that morning. We both started for Brindavan the same day without any reservations. Needless to say, we faced no problem on the way. We were in Nanna’s presence by 7p.m. on 03.05.02. Next morning I told Nanna that I heard his voice asking me to come immediately.

" Yes, I called you. The mind works in two ways – it either draws us towards bonds or leads us to Moksha, salvation. Then it struck me ‘Avyakto Vyaktat Para’. I thought of you because I wanted to convey this. This world contains a lot of trash. The lower mind will not rest till it pulls you down. If you are fortunate and touch the upper mind, everything relating to the lower mind is destroyed. "

" Take the mind higher towards the un-manifested world. Assume that this is not yours however appealing it may be. The mind should go even higher. The transcendental will appear. Understand that this is your world, your own place. "

" Initially be in silence for 30 minutes. Say ‘Ra…dhe’ ‘Ra…dhe’ within yourself. Gradually you will move towards the un-manifested. Silence leads towards the un-manifested. Concentrate only on silence for 4-5 days. You must attain effortless silence and absolute passiveness. We have done great penance. That is why Mother is drawing us towards Her "

Prior to this, almost a year ago, an important incident related to Nanna occurred in my life. I reached Vrindavan on 02.10.2001 and was scheduled to leave on 06.10.01. I sat with Nanna at 6a.m. on 6th.

Nanna said:

" In the early hours of today, I saw nine saints in my meditation. They spoke about some matters related to Mother. In the course of conversation, they referred to you as ‘Rasamani’. Hereafter you are Rasamani. They wanted you to write with this name only whenever you write ‘Brindavaneswari Sri Radhadevi’ Volumes 1 and 2 again "

My body trembled with ecstasy and I became speechless. Not only being seen by Nanna in meditation but such a fortune too! I could not think further. Anjani amma, Sekhar, Bhavanarishi garu and a few others were present. When Nanna was telling this to me, Anjani Amma asked us to record this incident on paper. Since that day I have been signing on all my letters addressed to Nanna as ‘Rasamani’.

Why are you showing so much love and kindness on me? What have I done? I have not done any penance or service………….’ I was telling this to Nanna with tears.

Nanna interrupted thus:

" You know only this life. I know even about your previous births and what you did then. Four chapters in the book ‘Our relationship’ have been completed in our previous birth. The present one is the 5th chapter. You are thinking it is the 1st chapter hence unable to understand. Can you recollect the very first time you saw me. What happened that day? "

wept as soon as soon as I saw you.’

" Why did you feel like weeping? "

‘I don’t know. You have done something’

" No. That is an indication, a great indication. You have returned to your original thing after many lives. You have come back to your own object. That is why you wept.” Nanna said looking at me kindly "

My heart overflowed with the love and affection showered by Nanna. I said: ‘Nanna, I don’t know what I have done. But one thing is certain; you know only to love. You have shown us with your infinite love, the path of meditation to reach Mother. You are guiding us on this path. You have assured us that you will never leave us till we reach Mother.

We cannot even imagine the highest spiritual realm that Nanna belongs to, how significant our association with Nanna is or for how long we have waited before we got this rare opportunity. We cannot know anything about Nanna on our own. Therefore he came down himself and explained to us about his divinity in a way we can understand.

" So many Mahatmas were unable to enter the world of bhav. That is my world. I can bring Her grace upon mankind. Mother is eternal. I am also eternal "

Through such statements, Nanna has given us an opportunity to know at least a little about him

A real guru (Satguru) is one who has seen God in His world and who preaches about God with His permission. A divine guru is one who can divert the mind of human being towards God with just a single glance. Sakhi belongs to the dham of ‘Rasadevi Radha’ who is worshipped by Lord (Krishna) himself. We cannot even comprehend the divinity and significance of Sakhi as a guru. Probably this is the implication of Nanna’s voice within me – “An endless Divine Continuity”.

Though Nanna is constantly serving Mother in that dham of Rasa and enjoying that bliss, it is a known fact that he is taking care of all of us. Just as Mother is an infinite incarnation, Nanna is also an infinite incarnation. He has proved this through his statement “An endless Divine Continuity”. Nanna’s appearing before his devotees either manifested or un-manifested form, has increased in recent times. That is Nanna’s bountiful love. He is with everyone who desires to perform meditation on Sri Radha and regulates and intensifies their efforts. I wish to write about the appearances of Nanna in full rasa (swaroopa) in subsequent volumes of this book.

" I am like the radiance of the Sun spreading in the same manner in a temple or in the toilette. I don’t differentiate between anyone. Nothing of anyone affects me "

I am like the radiance of the Sun spreading in the same manner in a temple or in the toilette. I don’t differentiate between anyone. Nothing of anyone affects me

Nanna uttered these significant and meaningful words to his devotees in March 2003.

All those who are traveling on the path of meditation as directed by Nanna would have already experienced this radiance. For us who have got used to Nanna’s presence, the touch of this radiance is a great solace. There are a few devotees who have not seen Nanna physically but have developed love for him on hearing about him. This is really surprising. I salute their devotion and fortune. Nanna who taught us incessant meditation is now showering his loving grace on us continuously.

What can we give you Nanna, the ocean of Love and Rasa? You don’t expect anything from us. Having realized that you appreciate incessant meditation on Sri Radha bhav, I am attempting to do the same. I am still in the first step. The saying goes that even a mother does not give without the child’s asking. But you have given us permanent wealth without out asking.


Sakhiman karat apanko bhushit Shyama seva gunamati ganyat Sakhi rasikan rasik mukut mani Sakhi pad kamal mein rahat jeev dhani

Sakhi adorns the mind with service of Shyama. Sakhi is the jewel in the crown of the rasa of the Rasikas. One who lives at the feet of the sakhi is indeed blessed


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


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