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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 5

Our Association With Nanna - Part 5
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Mother or Maya?
2Embodiment of SupraConsciousness (Mahabhava)
3Guru Poornima - Master's Full Glory
4Humanity is my own expansion being (Mamaivamso Jeevaloke)
5Sakhi Bestows Rasa
6Ever Incrementing (Anukshana Vardhamanam)
7 The True Service (Seva)
8 Sakhi, Our Guru
9 Sri Radhasakhi's Message
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)
Sakhi Bestows Rasa
13.03.03, Guntur ashram

Nanna was discussing about the book 'Rasa Brindavan'.

" There are many books on Mother with Kishori Aliji. We must extract matter from those books. This is Mother's order. "

'Is She planning to preserve all that literature?'

" Quite right! That literature contains matter sine 2000 years. She feels that all that will be lost after him. She wants to preserve it. I don't even know what those books contain. I only came to know that the literature spans from almost 2000 years back when printing press was invented. She said 'I want the whole literature.' There are two huge volumes. "

'Rasa bhakthi dhara.'

" We must see what those books contain. They sell two or three books. I want to purchase them. This is for Mother's pleasure. She is very interested in that. "

Then he began to dictate the matter for the book 'Raseswari Sri Radha.'

" Karma is eternal. It is not destroyed till man experiences it. All scriptures have emphasized this point. King Pareekshit is very dear to Krishna. When he was cursed, even Krishna could not dissolve his karma and he died of snakebite. Karma is so powerful. "

" By the divine power of Radhaji, there is a way to dissolve all karmas of our previous births. He who does incessant dhyana on Radhaji will lose all his karmas without his notice. This is an amazing power.. "

Nanna dictated many points. Gradually, the devotees ceme to meet him and the discussion shifted to Radha mantra and Radha nama (name).

" Mother will grant you everything. You must not ask Her for anything. Remain silent. Her mantra and Her name are the same. Mantra is like a bank deposit. Nama is like the money you withdraw. Both are same. Only when you have money in the bank, you can withdraw how much you want. The smaller the name, the more effective your penance will be! Krishna utters 'Radhe Radhe'. Radhe is a small name. Mantra and nama are same. "

'Nanna, we must do mantra for some time at least. Then only our deposit will accrue. We can withdraw the interest (nama) on the deposit (mantra). So first we must do mantra. For dhyana, we can do nama. Daily, we must chant mantra and enhance our deposit. Otherwise interest will not increase. So mantra and nama are important and essential', Anjani amma said.

" We create a deposit and withdraw nama from that deposit. Nama comes from mantra. Nama can be done anytime during 24 hours of the day. It has no specific time or place. Mantra has to be done in the morning or evening only. The sunset time is ideal for mantra whereas nama can be done anytime of the day. "

'Can we have a form(roopa) during mantra?' (Kusumakka asked)

'Nanna without form is better. Mather has so many forms. So it is better to do nama without roopa. It will progress smoothly', Anjani Amma said

'Mantra must be definitely done every morning and evening to increase the deposit.', I Said

" I will make you do dhyana (Meditation). "

'How to control the wandering mind during dhyana?'

" Through nama. If you use a simple nama, the mind will not wander. That small name is Radhe Radhe. Utter this name continuously in your mind. Then you mind will remain focused. "

" The living being became heavy with karmas and fell. He must lose his karmas, become light and rise again. Then he will go into the subtle transcendental worlds. Man comes down only because of his karmas and remains in the lower worlds. Once he loses his karmas, he will rise to the higher worlds. This is possible only through dhyana. The only reason for Radhaji's incarnation in this world is to teach the human beings about dhyana. "

" Radhaji's idol installation ceremony does not mean installing an idol. She said 'I will be installed in the hearts of whoever sees me on that occasion.' Your heart must receive Her. That is the real ceremony. All of you must attend that ceremony without fail. Radha is the main force and power. Sakhi's duty is to spread the sweetness of Her rasa throughout the world. "

" Krishna placed Radhaji's feet on his head. She granted this vision to Dhruvadasji. Sakhi provides rasa to the human beings. Sakhi spreads the sweetness of Her rasa in all directions. Radhaji is the main source of rasa. Sakhi provides nourishment of rasa to the human beings. "

" Radhaji is the power of rasa. Sakhi provides nourishment to man from that power and his yearning for rasa increases. Thus she spreads the rasa through Her sakhis. She is present everywhere simultaneously - infinite and finite at the same time. We cannot comprehend this easily. We don't have the power to see the infinite and subtle finite together. We can see neither the finite nor the infinite. She is sakara nirakara swaroopa (form and formless). Seeing Her in both ways are equally difficult. We cannot see Her as infinite because She is filled in all the worlds at the same time. Seeing Her in the finite form is also impossible because we cannot imagine at what sub atomic level Her finite form would be! It is sookshmataram (subtle and sub atomic). We cannot imagine how miniscule She can become! Anoraneeyan mahatho maheeyan atmaschintho na hitho guhayam' - nothing is bigger or smaller than this! Mother possesses the aspects of big and small simultaneously. When we say God has a form, we must specifically mention that it is a very subtle form. "

'When both are present, is it the subtle finite form?'

" Yes "

'We could not understand. Earlier you said that Mother is infinite, that means She is formless. Then you say She is finite at the same time.'

" Correct "


" That's all "

'Again, you say that finite is very minute and subtle.'

" Finite means very small. The little boy devotee Rehman said 'I don't know from where it (Her name) is coming (from within me). It is not by any conscious effort on your part; it emerges automatically. That is the secret. "

" My deity is only Radha. There is no Krishna beside Her. My deity descended to earth as a three year old girl. She has no parents on earth. The idol of this little one, made of marble in Jaipur is ready. I am planning for Her installation ceremony on May1st. "

" I have a big scheme ahead. I propose to conduct weeklong dhyana yoga sessions. These must continue as long as the Sun and the moon exist. Dough money has been accumulated for this purpose. The building will also be ready by that time. I propose to have 16 persons in each batch. We shall make all arrangements for them. You will not find such an arrangement elsewhere on earth. The 16 devotees will do only nama; we will take care of everything. I will teach them how to do nama. Mother planned this scheme only for the benefit of human beings. I am also striving for that. She sent me here for this purpose only. That is my life. A book has also been written about me. My life is moving without my notice. She is looking after everything. "

" I am Radhaji's sakhi. She is present here as I am speaking to you now. Later, I will lose this physical body and go near Her with bhava deha. Everybody cannot attain bhava. Swami Vivekananda said 'God lives in bhava loka. Unless you possess bhava, you have no right to enter that holy land'. Not even Lord Vishnu or any mahatma can enter Her kingdom. That world is bhava loka. That is my world. I will go back near Mother. She sent me here on Her work. That work will be completed soon. Once I finish Her work, She will take me back. "

" I will organize one dhyana saptaha every month as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. Expenditure is not a limitation. She will provide whatever we need. I will not ask anybody even a penny. I will live as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. I will not die. I will be in that world. I have no death.; my work has no hurdles. Both are true. The rooms for dhyana are almost ready. We shall have 4 devotees in each room. There will be a batch of 16 devotees in each saptaha. This will continue every month. I plan to purchase a car to propagate about this dhyana yoga. I will travel all over India. The time has come. You are fortunate. "

" Though he had the capacity, Krishna could not do anything for King Pareekshit. That means nobody is responsible for the other's karmas. I want to propagate that thee is a way to dilute the effect of your karmas. This practice came into existence only with Radhaji. It was not present previously. "

" Krishna follows the path of dharma: "

" 'Paritranatya sadhunam vinasaya cha dushkrutham; Dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge' - He declared that he came to establish dharma. Mother's path is that of rasa which is superior to dharma. "

" The 80th verse of Hitaharivamsaji's Sri radhasudhanidhi states that karmas will be dissolved through incessant dhyana. Bhagawad dharmaepyaho nirmamah' Further , you will become passive even towards divine dharmas. This clearly indicates that rasa is above dharma. As this is related to Mother, your pah is totally different. I follow rasa, not dhrma. Krishna follows dharma, that's why I don't associate myself with him. You must first cross this stage of dharma. Then only you will reach the stage of rasa. "

'Nanna, the devotees need to live in the path of dharma initially. Then only they can worship Mother...'

" I am not like that. My way is different. When I told the people who came to me that I do not follow Krishna's path of dharma, they left. I have only Radha. I quoted 'Dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge'. He said that he would come only to establish dharma. Mother comes to install rasa. Dharma and rasa are totally different. Only because dharma is inferior to rasa, Krishna approached Her whenever he needed rasa. Krishna has two forms - two armed and four armed. The four armed Krishna maintains dharma while the two armed Krishna worships rasa. This is the Krishna who is always weeping for Mother and rasa. (Nanna was also weeping) "

'Nanna, are two armed Krishna and Mother one?'

" Yes. That is Her way.That is the problem in Vithaldasji's story. "

Nanna paused for a while and said

" Both are not one. Only both follow the same path of rasa. "

Suddenly speaking to Radhaji directly:

" Mother, please grant the people who came to my shelter, the beautiful and wonderful worlds near your world. "

Then he looked at Anjani amma and as if asking Radhaji standing before him, said

" Tell me "

'What shall I say?' Anjani amma sweetly replied to his strange question. He sighed.

Immediately Anjani amma sang:

'Arthajeevulanella adarambunanetho; Uddharinchuta neeku pavanambagu vrathamu' - It is you holy oath to bless the yearning people with love and affection.

Radhaji gave him a befitting reply through Anjani amma. This stanza is from one of his songs (Dhanyanaithini Devi Radharo). Radhasakhi is continuing the holy work begun by Mother. He requested Her to grant all those who sought his shelter, a place near Her. It is indeed a fortune to witness such a scene!

Nanna told that sakhi provides nourishment of rasa and spreads the sweetness of that rasa all over the world. He declared that

" I am a sakhi who is working only for the benefit of mankind. I will live as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. "

Saying that Krishna follows the path of dharma and Radhaji follows rasa, he added that he also follows rasa. Because Krishna follows dharma, he will not follow him! How can we understand the depth of Nanna's bhava? Though we cannot understand the depth of his bhava, we could atleast realize a little of his infinite love! We are fortunate to seek his shelter and attain such love that he prays to Mother to grant us a place near Her.

Again, suddenly Nanna sang:

" 'Arambha sooratwamu valadu valadamma naku; Anugrahimpave naku anukshana vardhmanam' - Any work that we begin must progress smoothly without hurdles. Mother, grant me increase in bhava every moment. "

" 'Soorya chandrula velugu ekareethini lede ;Atti sakhthiye naku eeyava O janani ; Cheekati erugani velugu karuninchi nakimmu' - The light of the Sun and the Moon is not alike. Darkness comes again and again between the bright light. I want to see You continuously every moment without any interruption. Mother, kindly grant me this boon. "

Nanna went into a state of deep bhava.
16.03.03, Guntur ashram

Nanna was planning to go to Brindavan within 20 days. As the visit to Brindavan was nearing, the attribute of hladini (ecstasy) was shining brightly in him, drawing even new people towards him. Around 30 people came to see Nanna for the first time. He granted mantra to some of them; he blessed some people with his mantra. He showered his love on all of them like Mother. Among them , a lecturer discussed with Nanna regarding his spiritual stamina.

" Don't try to see something. "

'I am not trying anything.'

" When you are worshipping only Gayathri, then why is something else coming up? They are all unwanted. Is it not? Finally, are you enjoying peace of mind? "

'Yes. I am happy in that aspect.'

" Then continue it. Why should you go here and there when you have peace of mind? Shall I tell you a story to indicate your present state. Do you want to know how a real experience would be? "

'Yes. Please tell us.'

" The incident took place in this very room. Radha dhyana yoga dissolves karmas. I have been practicing dhyana since so many years. I need to check whether my karma left me or not. I did penance for some years and found some progress. According to astrology, my longevity is 52 years. My present age is 103 years. What happened to my karma? My karma was dissolved and disappeared. That is how I lived for 103 years. I am now hale and healthy. I may live for another 10 years. Mother told me that karma will be dissolved by dhyana. "

" When I left my job as District Education Officer (DEO), I had only Rs 50 with me. She came me in a subtle form as a little girl and asked 'when will you come into my service?'. I gave up everything that very moment. She is taking care of me since then. I had only Ras 50 that day. Today I have RS 50 lakhs. It is a true experience. Nobody will give you even a penny. But She gave Rs 50 lakhs! The whole thing is a mystery. "

" The Vedas say 'Karmanam bhogatho nasyath' . Unless you experience your karma, it is not destroyed. Even King Pareekshit had to face karma and die a lonely death. In mother's path, you need not face karma. She granted a verse in Sri Radhasudhanidhi 'I will wipe out your karma.' So it is real; nothing is false. When my karma was wiped out, why not for others? When I got this thought, She caused the building to be constructed in Brindavan. We propose to begin dhyana in that building. We plan to arrange dhyana yoga saptahas (one week of dhyana yoga) every month. When She is granting, why should I not accept and help the people? We shall have incessant dhyana during that week. Such saptahas will be arranged as long as the Sun and the Moon exist. It will involve huge expenditure. Yet, I have taken it up and it will begin soon. This dhyana is offered to the whole world. "

" The Vedas say 'Avyaktho vyaktat paraha'. The whole universe is made of three segments - avyaktha, vyaktha and Para. We are in the Vyaktha (manifested) segment. We will move up towards Avyaktha (unmanifested) and finally towards Para. This is the correct route. Are you moving in this way? "

'I am not moving like that. With your blessings,.'

" I reached there. Nobody in the world can do the penance which I am doing. Shall I tell you about it? "

'If you will preach the steps of sadhana..'

" Shall I tell you my path? "

'Yes, please tell us.'

" My penance is very difficult. But the results. Nobody in the world can do such things. Even the people in foreign countries accepted my powers and even printed my name and photograph in the leading newspapers. The news\read 'He is a yogeswara. None of us can the feats that he can do.' You cannot do the feats like me. The powers of your Gayathri will not work before me. Rama and Krishna also cannot do anything. Let me give an example. An engineer in America met with an accident and had severe head injury. The doctors in America gave up hope about his cure. I cured him through mantra. Athe effect of whatever we do must be real. I showed you some examples. "

'If you will preach me that sadhana..'

" That is the next question. Firstly, what must be the aim of your sadhana? You must obtain result, which is real and extra ordinary. Nobody could follow me. So many people including scientists came to see me but could not follow me. I sent them back saying they were nothing. The result of your penance must be real and not imaginary. Having some visions is imaginary. What do you and the world gain by this? Be practical. "

'I have no desire for anything. I only yearn to see the real swaroopa of the divine. I am doing desire less sadhana.'

" Because there is nothing, it is not reliable. You must put in efforts; you must do sadhana. You must get results. Yadunandana Prasad, Jiddu Krishnamurthy and I were good friends. Jiddu Krishnamurthy did theosophical sadhana and achieved something. "

" There must be sadhana. The result of your sadhana must be good, real and extra ordinary. Sadhana is that which must produce extra ordinary, real and good result. Have you got all these? "

'I have nothing.'

" I am a realist. I don't depend on imaginary things. "

'If you teach me how to do that sadhana.'

" My sadhana is great. You cannot practice that. I did penance for many years. Did you? "

'He says he will do sadhana if you teach him' (Sekhar told Nanna.)

" Why should I teach? When there is a need, he can do it. Because I did it, he wants to imitate me. "

'I am practicing Gayathri and nitya Gayathri.'

" The sadhana must have good result which is real and extraordinary. Otherwise don't accept it. You must simply reject it. "

" My results are always extra ordinary. Nobody could follow me. Nobody in the world can follow me. "

" Yesterday 30 people came to see me. All of them got relief from their problems. It took me 2-3 minutes to provide relief to each person. One of them was suffering for the last 20 years. When all doctors failed to cure him, they came near me. I touched him and he was cured in just 2 minutes! He is present here right now. That is an extraordinary feat. Nobody could follow me. Can you? "

'Nobody can follow you, Nanna.'

" I am saying that you cannot follow me even with your sadhana. I gave you a wonderful definition for sadhana. Its result must be good, real and extra ordinary. Which is your sadhana? I don't want to disturb other sadhanas that you follow. "

'Bless me that my sadhana should be successful.'

" I cannot say where it will lead you. There is nothing in this sadhana; neither real nor extra ordinary result. Then how can I support such a sadhana. Become a yogi. You can become a yogi only when the result of your sadhana is real and extraordinary. The powers which I possess , which I show the world... Yesterday 30 people came to me with different problems. I solved all of them within two minutes. One lady was carried by four persons. She was suffering and immobile since 8 years. I challenged that I can cure her within two minutes. I simply touched her head. I don't even touch the body; only head. The whole process took just three minutes. I asked how she was feeling. When she said better, I asked her to get up and walk. She actually walked on her own! "

" This is visible. You must do such penance. I had no guru; I did such penance. God is my guru. The principle in theosophy is that 'there is no religion higher than truth.' "

" I was a theosophist for several years. I was a follower of Annie Beseant. Jiddu and Yadunandan were my friends. I read almost all their books . I realised that it is not the right path for me. "

" There is no good result useful to the world. I can do real service to humanity; you cannot. I rendered service to 30 people only yesterday. This has eye witness. This is wonderful service! "

" They told that cannot practice like that as it is beyond their powers. (Pointing to me) She is an MA,Phd but nothing when compared to me. Zero! She may be proficient in her field but not in yoga line. I too did my M.A. I retired as a DEO. I am a realist. I am fillowing this sadhana because everything is real and extra ordinary. "

" Once I gave a talk to about 150 atheists in Chennai. They wanted to insult me. When they asked me whether God is present, I said 'Yes'. Suddenly, small lumps of cream showered from above! This is real. They also believed that there is something which is real and extra ordinary. "

" Your present experiences are not real and extra ordinary. It may me real to you but not to me. "

Nanna spoke the truth bluntly. We must be cautious and sincere when we surrender to Mother.

The lecturer understood a little of how satya swaroopa would be!

'Please tell me what to do? I will not leave your feet and go elsewhere.'

" Each one should purify and uplift himself. I have no guru. I don't believe in guru. "

'Nanna, why do people seek the shelter of mahatmas? If everyone can uplift himself, why should they approach mahatmas?'

" It is stupidity. "

Nanna was laughing.

'Nanna, please.You are testing me a lot.'

" You have seen that engineer who was suffering with head ache was cured. The doctors in America declared that could not cure him. "


" It was real. "


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