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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 5

Our Association With Nanna - Part 5
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Mother or Maya?
2Embodiment of SupraConsciousness (Mahabhava)
3Guru Poornima - Master's Full Glory
4Humanity is my own expansion being (Mamaivamso Jeevaloke)
5Sakhi Bestows Rasa
6Ever Incrementing (Anukshana Vardhamanam)
7 The True Service (Seva)
8 Sakhi, Our Guru
9 Sri Radhasakhi's Message
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)
Guru Poornima - Master's Full Glory
6.7.1982, Guntur ashram

" It is considered that Bhagawad Gita contains all the aspects of God, hence this science must be trusted. Each is a different field of science - electricity, engineering, medicine. If somebody ignores the basics of science and constructs a bridge as he likes, it is bound to collapse and many people will lose their lives. We are aware that even a minor deviation from scientific norms can cause an accident in an aeroplane or a ship. When the American rocket, Apollo was launched to go to the moon, some problems occurred midway and loud noises were heard in the machinery. The scientists of America declared to the world that the situation was serious and it was likely that everybody on the rocket would die. They appealed to everyone to pray for the safety of the scientists on board. That problem was mainly due to a scientific error. If somebody feels that he will not pay heed to science and does as he likes, he must be ready to face the future consequences. That is the importance of science! "

" Just as there are many subjects in technical science, there are many subjects in religious science. The greatest science of all is that which is related to divine tattwa. 'Sarvadharman parityajya.' Bhagawata is the bhava of surrender to God. This is the final word of the Bhagawad Gita. So the greatest science is to surrender yourself completely to God with total dedication; you must surrender your soul to God. There is no argument on this point because this is a statement made by Krishna himself. Those who don't follow it are the losers. This is the underlying danger. During recent times, Vivekananda, through divine dhyana, attained the power of seeing and listening to things that were happening anywhere in the world. He could listen to secret conversations taking place in Mumbai and see the incidents occurring in America. When he told his guru, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa about the divine powers he attained, his guru ordered 'Give up dhyana for 10 days from this very minute. Don't enter the temple for meditation.' Vivekananda never thought, 'I am fortunate to attain such powers. I can see and hear things all over the world. Then why did my guru ask me to give up these powers?' He simply followed his guru's instructions and stopped dhyana for 10 days. By the 11th day, he lost all the powers. His guru said 'You are blessed. Though you lost these powers, you will reach your goal. If you had continued with those powers for another day, you would have lost everything.' "

" It may take another hundred or thousand years to regain our contact with God. It is not in our hands. We have no right to question. Man can understand only upto some extent; he cannot comprehend beyond that. Due to his ignorance, man tends to make mistakes. Ramanujachari's wife is one typical example. Ramanujachari is considered to be the guru of the world, the embodiment of Adisesha. One day he told his wife 'I must go out urgently. One great man belonging to a lower caste will come home for lunch. Don't treat him like an ordinary man. Treat him with respect and serve him food with reverence and devotion.' The devotee came for lunch and she enquired about his caste. When he informed that he belonged to lower caste, she served him food outside the house; made him remove the plate himself and clean the place thoroughly. Ramanuja returned in the evening. He found his wife cleaning all the utensils. When he questioned why she was cleaning utensils at that time, she replied 'a person of low caste ate food in our house. All the vessels became impure. That's why I am cleaning them.' He told her 'I received a letter from your father requesting to send you there. Pack your clothes. I shall arrange transport to drop you.' She presumed that it was a casual visit to her parent's house. Once she left, he never saw her face again. He decided that she became impure and unfit for him and accepted sanyasa. It is said that she could not become his wife even after so many lives. That relationship was totally cut. Matters related to God are so sensitive. One must not question; he must simply follow. You question and you lose! "

" Both good people as well as sinners who committed grave sins visited Ramakrishna. Brahmanada Swami was one of his disciples. He was superior to Vivekananda and subsequently headed the Ramakrishna Missions all over the world. At the age of 14 years, he attained special powers through dhyana. He could see black patches on their face when he looked at sinners. He could actually see their mind, heart and sinful tendency. As soon as he saw such people, he would send them away without meeting Ramakrishna. He did not want his master to be burdened by their sins. When Ramakrishna came to know about it, he questioned why he did so. 'I can see their subtle form, black with all the accumulated sins. That's why I did not allow them to come near you.' 'Don't do so hereafter. Don't stop them, however their subtle form may be. If you do, you will lose your powers.' He meant 'you will lose the powers to see through them. Be careful. Mother does not like such things.' Once a master makes a statement, it must be implicitly followed without question. Brahmanadaji respected his master's words and became a world renowned swamiji. Under his guidance, Ramakrishna Mission is doing yeoman service to the people in all continents. The Mission is doing so well not due to any powers but due to respect and obedience of the disciples towards their master. "

Nanna touched upon a sensitive point in this talk. He cautioned us not to ignore science but to respect it. He cited the example of Vivekananda. His guru asked him to give up dhyana for 10 days and said 'it may take several hundreds of years to re-establish contact with God; it is not in our hands.' So, we also must follow our guru without any questions because our link with God is established only through our guru.

Nanna is our guru in the form of a sakhi. He does only what is good for us. If we simply follow his instructions without any arguments and doubts, a permanent link with Mother will be established. That is the hint given to us. Speaking about Brahmanadaji he said 'whatever may be their subtle form, don't send them away. Mother will not like it'. Nanna, the Radhasakhi has innumerable powers serving him. As soon as he saw someone, he could see the subtle form within them. He could clearly see their inner self; their black patches. Yet he never looked down upon anybody. He never kept anybody away from him. In fact he always said..

" 'you all belong to Mother's family. You came here because She sent you. I must respect you.' "

No words can describe the love of Radha and Radhasakhi!

" When we went to Calcutta, I took Anjani amma to the Kali temple where Ramakrishna prayed. There are three rooms in a row. Goddess Kali is installed in the middle room and Lord Krishna in another room. Ramakrishna used to stay in the third room. He used to pray in these three rooms only. Today only 5 persons are present there. The atmosphere was very peaceful and serene. From there we visited the Mahakali temple. The scene was totally opposite. There were countless people; a huge crowd and stampede. We had to bribe people to enter the temple. When we entered the temple we found sheep tied at one place. People purchase these sheep, cut off its head, cook it in the temple premises and offer it to the Goddess. This offering is sold in small packets. "

" In the Bhagawata, SriSuka said that the sheep that you slaughter in this life will become the slaughterer in the next life and you will be its prey. That is karma! Kali showed a way for the person who has no karma to create karma for himself. You find only rajoguna and tamoguna in that premises. 20-30 persons were reciting some mantras. I told Anjani amma 'this is not our path. I brought you here to show you the difference between our practice and theirs. We need not stay here any longer.' We went back to the temple where Ramakrishna prayed. Mother was being worshipped with jasmines and roses. It was very peaceful without the slaughter and screams of sheep and goats. We were very happy to be in that place. "

" So, there are three types of sciences in religion - sattwika, rajasika and tamasika sciences. You will move higher depending on the science you follow. The highest is Bhagawata. If we follow this science, we will go beyond maya of the three gunas and reach the pinnacle in the world of rasa. If we are satisfied when we attain a few powers that will entice people, we will stop midway. We must realize that such powers will last for a few days and disappear. It is essential to firmly set our goal. Our goal is that divine dham which grants bliss, peace and fortitude and results in the welfare of humanity. We must reach only there; nowhere else! "

" Recently a meeting was held in America where the representatives of all religions in the world met and expressed their opinions. A Catholic Christian said that 'Christianity is very great; it is unparalleled. No other religion can match it. The doctrines of our religion are also unique.' Emerson, a renowned scientist from Germany interrupted him and said 'He is wrong. The Vedas of Hindu religion have many more points than in Christianity. I have seen them myself. I learnt Sanskrit and realized the essence of Vedas. I lived in the Himalayas for 20 years and understood Hindu tattwa. Compared to that, our doctrines are nothing. I am also a Christian; yet I am saying that Hindu philosophy is superior.' The situation became chaotic. Hence, one must not argue that he knows everything or that any other religion is inferior. "

" Bhagawata is the most superior and highest science accepted by the whole world. When King Pareekshit knew that he would die within a week, he called all the religious scholars to the banks of Ganges and said 'all of you discuss and advise what I must do now. What is the duty of the human being who is on the verge of death? Please explain to me with a scientific reference.' Nobody in India or elsewhere could give him a solution. At that time, a naked man whose nose was like parrot's nose came near the king. The king felt very happy when he saw this man and bowed before him. 'I heard your question. I know the path that you must follow now. I will not only tell you about it but also will ensure that you are blessed. Even in the midst of innumerable people, you will be blessed.' The king agreed and within 5 days, he revealed the way. "

" What does being blessed mean? This is what the Bhagawata proves. According to kaliyuga dharma, all of us will face a similar state as Pareekshit who faced karma in the form of snakebite. Bhagawata uses a different term to indicate snakebite. Nobody knows when his lifespan will end and in which moment he will face death. That is a real mystery. The serpent known as death will bite everybody. We must relate our self with the king. He lived for seven days. We may live for a couple of days more or less. So what is the duty of the man who is approaching death? The answer is Bhagawata. It is said that the Bhagawata is not limited to the few words spoken by Srisuka at that time. Bhagawata is the divine dharma. There are so many commentaries on the Bhagawata. One life is not enough to absorb all of them. You must understand the Bhagawata correctly. "

" Who is this Srisuka who narrated the Bhagawata? What was his position before he came to earth? If he did not have some status, he would not be able to speak with such authority. In fact he said he did not need even 7 days; half a day is enough to make a man blessed! An ordinary man cannot speak so emphatically. He is an extra ordinary Paramahamsa. He is Paramahamsa of Paramasamhas! In rasadham, in Radhaji's kunj, a parrot was always perched on Her hand. It would gaze at Her face a say sweetly 'Hey Radhe! Hey Radhe!' This pleases Mother very much. She would spend a lot of time with the parrot. One day, exactly when the parrot was uttering Her name, Krishna entered the kunj. As soon as he heard the parrot sweetly reciting Hey Radhe, he fainted and went into Samadhi state. He gained consciousness after some time. Then Radhaji told the parrot 'my little one. Sit on Krishna's hand for some time. Let me see how clever you are. I want to know what you will say when you sit on his hand.' The parrot perched on his arm and said 'Hey Krishna' 'Hey Krishna'. When She heard his name, Mother became unconsciousness. That same parrot came down to earth as Srisuka. The Paramahamsa of Paramasamhas. The Gopika of Gopikas, the intimate sakhi who moved closely in the kunj of Radha and Krishna and provided them happiness all the time is none other than Srisuka. Bhagawata is narrated by such a great person. That is why it is the science of all sciences. Only Bhagawata helped man to be blessed in such a short span of time. We have no right to degrade it. "

" Let us see what the sciences say about Rdahaji and how the Vedas define Her! "

" 'Devi Krishna sama proktha Radhika Paradevatha.' "

" The Upanishad states that Radha is the Supreme Goddess of Sri Krishna. He constantly worships only Radhaji, nobody else. While the whole world worships Krishna, he worships Radha every moment. This is the greatest religious secret. "

" Once Radhamahalaxmi amma, Adilakshmamma and I heard about a great devotee in Brindavan who attained God's darshan at the age of six! Raghuvaradas garu, a singer who recites Hare nama took us near the great devotee. We went at mid afternoon time. That Mahapurusha did not have eyesight. He was lying down. He never gives lectures or talks; he replies to the questions asked by anybody. Amma asked him 'Can I accept Radhaji as my Guru? Is it wrong if I do so?' He replied in hindi 'Hya bolta hai. Radhaji tho Krishna Paramathma ko Guru hai! Abhi kya hai.? Jao' (What are you asking? Radhaji is the Guru of Sri Krishna! Is it a great matter for you and me? You can leave now). He was weeping as he said these words. "

" Radha is the Supreme Deity who Krishna worships. That is why She is considered as the guru of gurus. On this auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima day, one must worship the guru of the world. Radha alone is Krishna's guru. He does not bow before anybody else except Radha. This was depicted in one calendar. It shows so many ways in which Krishna serves Her. That was painted only to exhibit that bhava. Today is an auspicious day when we must worship and contemplate on Radha as our only true Goddess. Vyasa Maharshi realized the tattwa of Bhagawata on this day; hence it is also known as Vyasa poornima. Our real guru is Radha. She is the Guru of even the guru of the worlds! That is Her prominence. Her tattwa is beyond the scientific reasoning of man. "

" The book 'Vraja leelank' highlights Her tattwa. Some of Her sentences are so deep that even Krishna cannot understand their implications! Even great scholars could not understand Her tattwa. We also wonder why She spoke like that! "

" There is a garden in Brindavan where Radha and Krishna are engaged in some leela all the time. It is known as nitya leela vanam. Only those who attain Samadhi state can see them moving that garden. They are not visible to others. Once a young man, who recently lost his wife came from Rajasthan to Brindavan. He was unable to bear the separation from his wife and was in deep sorrow. He was moving in 'Gehar van' where Mother fondly wanders. It is a very special garden. So he must have come there only due to the virtues of his previous birth. Mother is known as Kishori. Incidentally, his wife's name was also Kishori. This man was beating his chest and crying out loud for his wife 'Kishori Kishori'. Mother heard this and sent Her sakhis, Lalitha and Kishori to fetch him. Her sakhis are not ordinary persons. Lalitha granted mantra to Lord Shiva to attain gopi bhava. She is Shiva's guru! They went to Geharvan, sa the man and came back near Her. 'Mother, he is not weeping for you. He is weeping for his dead wife whose name is Kishori. Though the name may be Yours, he is not thinking of You.' 'No, he is thinking of Me only. Bring him to Me.' "

" What is this philosophy? Is he thinking of Her or not? He is actually thinking of his dead wife and crying for her. Bur Mother says 'he is calling Me.' Lalitha and Visakha also said 'My dear. He is not calling out for You. He is calling out to his wife.' The sakhis are not ordinary persons. They are the gurus of Krishna and Shiva! They also feel that he is not weeping for Her. Then what is the truth? Where is logic and reasoning? Is he thinking of Mother or not? Yes, it is true that he is thinking of Mother but he is weeping for his wife. That is the wonder! Unless we understand this strange wonder, we cannot understand dhyana yoga. This story is an introduction to dhyana yoga. "

" The most important concept of dhyana yoga is that it does not matter what name you take; what mantra you chant or in what form you worship God. These are only name and form! There are not required. People reject others on the basis of name and form. So name and form are inferior. Bhava loka is above name and form. Bhava! God's world is bhava loka. God is attained only through bhava. Even after doing penance for several ages with name and form, God will not be attained. Bhava must be developed. Vivekananda preached to Turiyananda swami about bhava. 'You pay money and buy vegetables. You feel that God can be purchased by paying japa and tapa. It is not so. God cannot be attained by penance alone. If he is attained so easily, he is not God! You are foolish and ignorant if you think that God can be attained by some rituals and some penance.' Vivekananda gave a great message that God will not be attained even after several ages through japa and tapa. "

" Does this mean that you must give up penance completely? Vivekananda explained this in detail. Yu must do penance because human mind is contaminated day by day. A brass vessel that forms a coating shines when it is cleaned with tamarind. It only loses its dark color but does not become gold. A golden vessel will not form a coating, only a brass vessel does! It may shine when cleaned, but does not become gold. It will shine today and again become dark tomorrow. But unless it is gold, it is acceptable to God. Then how to make it acceptable to God? This philosophical secret is mentioned in the Vedas. "

" According to astrology, some particular rituals must be done for each planet to please them and make them favour your work. Such Gods who are pleased by little worships and rituals are inferior Gods. Then how to attain that Superior God who cannot be attained through penance?"

" God will not accept your offering unless it is served in a golden vessel. Neither Radha not Krishna will touch it if it is otherwise. Our mind is like the brass vessel which is tainted. It must be cleaned and made to shine. Yet, it will never become gold. To become gold, our mind must lose all the impurities. You can move to the higher world only when you have a pure mind. So the first condition to see God is to develop a pure mind. Even this is not enough. The mind that is purified will gradually transform into gold. This is possible only by God's grace. "

Nanna always said that God who belongs to bhava loka cannot be attained through penance alone. He clarified that we cannot give up penance because it helps us to purify the mind. Just as the brass vessel shines with cleaning, man can gain some powers through penance and mantras. But these are not enough to reach God. Nanna cautioned that at one stage of sadhana, you can attain some powers. If you are tempted by these powers and consider them as gold, you will move away from God. The purpose of religious rituals is only to purify the mind.

" Krishna will come to eat the kheer offered in the golden vessel. Till then he will not touch it. He will watch from a distance. All the sages cleaned and purified their mind in this way. They struggled a lot yet nobody could reach him. Krishna said in the Bhagawad Gita that it is not so easy to attain him. When we understand his words, we will realize how difficult it is to do penance. "

" Manushyanam sahasreshu kaschidyathathi siddhaye - 'Among the numerous persons who attain siddhi, only one great pure person understands the essence of the real Divine! ' "

" We too must try to hold that God and not these worldly idols. We must reach him, otherwise our life is meaningless. He must think that I must reach God wherever he is. I must contemplate only on him. I don't want anything else except God. Only one among the numerous people can reach this state of mind. "

" Yathamapi siddhanam kaschinmam vethei tattwataha - There may be a million people who take the vow to reach the pinnacle. But only one among them understands my real form; my real tattwa. In spite of all their penance, the others cannot understand me. "

" It is that difficult to realize his tattwa. Nobody saw Krishna in his true form, not even Yashoda. You must understand that though people may feel that they saw him, they actually did not. His form is not visible. I will tell you how to see the invisible form and how to hold God."

" Now we can realize how much ore difficult it is to reach Radha! She is the real guru. We need Her grace. She will make us move on Her path. She does not act directly; She acts through Her sakhis. In that incident, She told Her sakhis 'you are thinking that he is crying for his wife and calling out Kishori. I say that he is weeping for me only. Bring him to me.' Their bhava is that he is thinking only about his wife and weeping for her. Is he really thinking only of his wife? It is true that her name is Kishori and he is disturbed by her absence. But Radhaji does not agree with this. She insists that he is weeping for Her only. "

" Now, coming to the secret of this philosophy. If you know this secret, you can understand a little of sadhana tattwa and dhyana yoga tattwa. There is another world known as bhava jagat or bhava loka. This world is above the world of name, form and karma. Incredible! This is the bhava loka. It is God's kingdom. God is shining in that world. We must strive and reach that bhava loka. That is ultimate place of jeevathma. Man continuously makes efforts to reach the divine bhava loka. To reach God's divine dham which belongs to bhava, you too must have bhava. Mind and bhava are different. The philosophy of mind and bhava are entirely different. You must go beyond the tattwa of the mind; give up everything; undergo so many transformations and then only reach bhava loka. That is its significance! "

" Though that man was uttering Kishori, though he was weeping for a worldly related human being; at one stage he involuntarily moved into bhava loka. Take any object. Through this object, if you become detached, go beyond the mind and reach the heart and that touches bhava loka, then it means that the thought emerged from bhava. Bhava and that sound - only these two are present. The rest are name and form only. The intensity of your bhava must be so high that you lose name and form. That is the real difficulty. "

" Once Ramakrishna Paramahamsa came out of Kali temple with his eyes filled with bhava. As soon as he came out, a prostitute stood before him. She was well known in Calcutta; earned a lot of money and was served by many maids. As it was a Friday, she came to offer prayers to Kali and visit Ramakrishna. She brought some sweets to offer. As soon as he saw her, Ramakrishna fell at her feet and wept 'Mother, you are here. I am searching for You everywhere since so long.' All his disciples were stunned and disapproved his touching the prostitute's feet. When an idol made of mud can be worshipped as Kali, why not this earthly doll with a skin be worshipped as Kali? What is the difference between the two? This bhava touched his heart. There after, name and form don't exist. He was in such a state that his eyes were full of bhava. So, wherever he glances it is transformed just like electric shock is produced when current passes. That prostitute transformed from the very next day. She gave up everything, became detached from the world and took up sansaya. In that bhavaloka, there is no individual, name or form. Bhava is related to the divine. Even if you touch a dog there, it is not a dog; it will become something else. That's the wonder! "

" When a person is in bhava, whatever he utters becomes true. He called the prostitute as Mother Kali and she really became Kali. From that moment, she was no more a prostitute. That is the power of bhava jagat. Radhaji told Her sakhis 'He is calling me only by uttering Kishori.' That means his bhava touched Her. He went into bhavaloka without realizing it. Since he was in bhava loka and since She is the embodiment of bhava, She said that he was calling Her only. When the sakhis reached him, they wanted to see who he thinking about. They saw the form of his wife shining brightly. Within two minutes, everything changed. The whole world became only bhava. He said Radhaji and went into Samadhi. Hence bhava is important, not name. Ordinary people restrict to name, particularly those who are governed by karma. As you move towards bhava, you will find that name and nameless, form and formless are small things. We must worship the Mother who is present in bhava loka. Then what must we do? Prayers, offerings, circumambulations...? "

" 'Sri Radha parama karunamayi hai' - Sri Radha is extraordinarily merciful "

" These lines are written by spiritual devotees of modern time, who had a darshan of Mother in their maha Samadhi state. They wrote a book about Her. They say that She is very benevolent and compassionate. See sees us from bhava loka and not this loka. If you are in bhava, She will pull you up towards Her. That is the important point to be noted. That is the difference between Karunamayi and Parama Karunamayi. "

" 'Ve keval dhyan mathra se hi apne bhaktonko sameepya pradhan karthe hai' - Only thru meditation she will grant her closeness to her devotess "

" Whoever worships Radhaji only through dhyana need not put in any effort to reach Her. She will come close to them on Her own. That is the secret of bhava loka. This is not understood by many because bhava is beyond time, place, name and form. The secrets of bhava loka cannot be understood by the people in this world. We must never question that tattwa. We are talking about that bhavaloka which is beyond everything. Now we understand how to reach Mother. Only through bhava! She will come near you only through your dhyana, nothing else. Even if you call Her Radhe, She will not come near. She will remain in Her world and you will be in yours. It may take 50-70 years before bhava roopa touches through the word 'Radha' uttered by you. Then only She may come near you. You must understand this tattwa carefully and thoroughly. If you go through dhyana yoga, bhava touching your heart and Her speedy arrival - both will happen. In the book Vraja leelank, the devotees wrote about the leelas in Vraja and the secrets embedded in these leelas. This wonderful book contains the divine experiences of the Mahatmas who realized the secrets of these divine leelas. "

" Dhyana is the only way that we must follow. Name, penance, rituals are small things. They are known to all. What is not known is dhyana yoga; that dhyana which is beyond the mind. The question that normally arises in everybody's mind is 'I am still not in that state of dhyana. Am I at an inferior level? How can I realize what is in bhava loka? How can I establish a link with Mother? How can I understand the secrets of this tattwa?' I will provide the answer to these questions in the evening and it will be followed by a session of dhyana for one hour. "

Nanna gave an excellent commentary about the leela shown by Radhaji through the Rajasthani man. He was thinking of his wife and weeping for her. Gradually that weeping became bhava. Then name and form disappeared. Bhava touched his heart. The benevolent Sri Radha, the embodiment of bhava showered Her grace on him. Though he was weeping for his wife, at some stage he went into bhava loka without realizing it. When the thought goes beyond the mind into the heart and touches bhava loka, it is equal to the heart being filled with bhava. Thus Nanna explained the secret of bhava loka and Her love!

Nanna continued his talk in the evening:

" Bhagawad Gita is the science of spirituality. The Gita also stresses what spiritual science states- whoever conducts his life carefully will gain success in this world and peace after death. This is a scientific reasoning. Sastrayonithwat. Vedavyasa indicated through Brahmasutras that we must see the world through science. Bhagawad Gita is considered to be the essence of the Vedas. "

" Srisuka said that the gopikas became popular because their yoga is so great; their dhyana is so extra ordinary. When the human being has the true yearning that 'I must attain the darshan of God; I must have a darshan of Radhaji; I cannot live without Her' and that yearning intensely burns within him; then the Gods will come down searching for him. The Mahatmas will come from the cosmic world to show him the right path. This is a part of science. That is how Srisuka came near Pareekshit. You will be ignorant if you search for a guru; he will come to you. "

" The dhyana yoga followed by the sages considers that this body is wretched and perishable. It is present today and gone tomorrow. It contains only blood and flesh. Then why do you have such attachment with the body? However, the gopikas did not agree with this. They argue that nothing in God's creation is wretched and unnecessary. God gave the human body with a purpose. If you think this body is useless, it is a sin. This body is God's blessing. If you don't use it to serve him, then only it becomes diseased. The gopikas applied perfumed sandalwood all over their body during summer. A wealthy man with no work may also apply sandalwood paste on his body. Though the act is the same, the bhava is different. The gopikas do so with the bhava that 'this body belongs to the Lord. He is within this body. Eswaraha sarvabhootanam hriddese Arjuna tishthathi' This is his body. He will suffer in the summer heat. It is our duty to apply sandal wood paste and provide comfort to him.' They take care of their body with this bhava. What is the bhava of the wealthy person?' I am feeling hot and uncomfortable. I want to be cool. Apply sandalwood past on me. Provide fans for me.' Such is the ego of the human beings. He is an ordinary worldly person. Though the basic act may be the same, the bhava of the gopikas and human beings is entirely different. Though the gopikas are applying the same sandalwood paste, it is considered to be a unique yagya. The wealthy man is a slave to senses whereas the gopikas rule their senses. So there is nothing wrong if you respect and enjoy an object with the bhava that it belongs to God and is not yours. "

" The first mantra in Esavasopanishad mentions about this bhava. Tilak was Gandhiji's spiritual guru. Before his death, he told Gandhiji 'My son. I will tell you about a tattwa. Listen carefully. There are many scriptures related to Hindu religion. If there is a calamity and all these are lost, Hindu religion will remain intact if you preserve just the first verse of Esavasopanishad. It says 'every atom of this universe belongs to God. Nothing belongs to you. The whole world divisible into atoms belongs to God and is created only to serve him.' There is nothing wrong in enjoying in this world. But if you enjoy with the thought that it belongs to you, it will become a wrong karma and pulls you down. The gopikas conducted their like in accordance with this verse. This is your dharma towards God. Unless you realize this dharma to some extent, you will not be eligible for dhyana yoga. This is a solid foundation for dhyana yoga. If you begin dhyana without understanding the basics, it will crash and your dhyana will not sustain. You must first lay a strong foundation. "

" Chaitanya Mahaprabhu made a great teaching to his devotees. 'Many of you are taking God's name, singing songs, dancing, weeping. But you are not gaining the real spiritual progress. There is a big lacuna in your sadhana. You must realize your mistake. I will tell you about this tattwa. (He told his disciples a story about a wealthy person's journey in the boat, how they did not lift the sails and the boat remained in the same place despite moving the oars.) Why didn't the boat move? They forgot to lift the sails. Chaitanya pointed out that man was doing precisely the same. You planted the sails firmly in the ground and are rowing with the oars till your shoulders ache. In the same way, you are standing on one foot, chanting mantras, doing penance, rituals and fasting. This is your sadhana. In spite of all this, you are exactly where you began your sadhana. If you look into your heart, you will find that you did not move up at all. The reason is that the sails are firmly planted in the soil of worldly pleasures. Man links himself with the world and transient pleasures; becomes attached to his family, wealth and children (dareshana, dhaneshana and putreshana) and does penance and yagyas. Yet, he cannot lift the sails because his heart is still focused on worldly pleasures. He can never prosper spiritually even after doing penance for centuries. Science does not permit it.' This is the message given by Chaitanya to his disciples. "

Though Nanna's talk appears blunt and frank, every word is absolutely true. His aim is to make us reach our spiritual goal. Most of us feel that we did so much penance, uttered so many mantras but did not achieve what we deserve. Nanna clarified that whatever we do will not bear fruit as long as our mind is concentrating on the family. We can clean our mind with penance. But we cannot reach the goal by doing sadhana when the mind is attached to worldly pleasures.

" In dhyana yoga, we can progress within three months. It is not difficult. Every thought, every word and every deed of yours should be linked only with Mother. Then you will succeed in dhyana. "

" I must mention another important point. Initially, there was only one God. He had a desire 'I want to serve somebody. I am alone. Whom can I serve? I want to serve someone who is eligible to be served by me. Otherwise, how can I serve?' From this thought, waves emerged from his tender heart. Gradually they transformed into a brilliantly shining dazzling form. That is none other than Radha! Krishna's aim is to serve Radha. That is why Radha is born. She is the one who is eligible to accept the service of Krishna. It is clear that at the beginning of creation, the only desire in God's heart was seva (service) and not pleasure. Pleasure is a small thing; service is very great. You must only give pleasure and not take pleasure. Thus, seva bhava began right from that time. It is Krishna who handed over the most significant seva bhava to the world. "

" In Brindavan, Krishna serves Radha in seva kunj. That seva cannot be understood by man, not even Brahma. Nobody can witness that seva. The temple displays Krishna immersed in Her service. The highest goal of your life should be seva. The nature and duty of the human being is to serve and not be served. "

" Many years ago, Navaneetha Krishnayachendra Bahadur became my devotee. He was wealthy and belonged to royal family. One day he said 'Nannagaru, you told that man is a servant. So many people are serving me. Then how am I a servant?' 'You are the biggest servant. You are a slave to your senses. Your senses are telling you to arrange for their comfort. Then only you are being served by these people. Because you are so attached to your senses, you consider their comfort as yours. That is wrong. All living beings are 'godasulu'. (Go means senses and dasulu means slaves). You are a slave to senses, not a master. The godasa must serve only Krishna. He is the Emperor of senses. 'Goswami' is one who can crush the senses, step over them and move up. Unless you conquer the senses, unless you attain the state of a goswami, you cannot stand anywhere near Krishna. It is important whether you are a godasa or a goswami! "

" During dhyana time, you may have to sit for 8-10 times a day. Let's say you sit for 30 minutes. During these 30 minutes, you must totally forget about your family, house, spouse, children..everything. Only two will be present - you and your deity; only you and Mother. No third person must be present. If you are unable to do for 30 minutes, do for 15 minutes or at least for 5 minutes. During those 5 minutes you must be only in the bhava 'I am near Mother. I am sitting near Her. I will not leave Her and go anywhere. This is a divine forest and I am sitting near Her. I am always in Her sight' Do not entertain any other thoughts about any other matters during these 5 minutes. "

" There are three stages in dhyana yoga. They are sakara sagunam, nirakara sagunam and nirakara nirgunam. You must cross all these steps and move higher. When you reach nirakara nirguna stage, you will enter bhava loka. Then you will reach God's kingdom. We must begin with sakara sagunam stage. In this stage it is better to have a mantra or name rather then a form. "

Nanna said that Radha is the effulgent form of bhava which is born from Krishna's tender heart as he was contemplating on seva. Our life must be spent to worship Radha. Nanna stressed that man must not be a slave to senses. He must become a goswami and not a godasa. Our rasaguru taught us that it is enough if we are able to do dhyana for atleast 5 minutes with the bhava that 'I am in Mother's sight.' The dhyana yoga granted by him is the path of dhyana which will lead us from sakara sagunam to nirakara nirgunam.

This is Nanna's blessing on Gurupoornima day.


Na guru daivamu na dhanameeve
Na hridayambe nee alayamu
Nee sevaye na nomula phalamu
Ninne nammithinamma Devi

You are my Guru; my God; my wealth. Your temple is within my heart. The fruit of my prayers is to serve You. I want only You, my Mother.



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