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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 5

Our Association With Nanna - Part 5
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Mother or Maya?
2Embodiment of SupraConsciousness (Mahabhava)
3Guru Poornima - Master's Full Glory
4Humanity is my own expansion being (Mamaivamso Jeevaloke)
5Sakhi Bestows Rasa
6Ever Incrementing (Anukshana Vardhamanam)
7 The True Service (Seva)
8 Sakhi, Our Guru
9 Sri Radhasakhi's Message
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)
Mother or Maya


Ya ma sa rasabhava roopamatulam bhavaika gamyam bhaje
Sa maya jagati swaroopa sadasadroopam sada bhavaye
Sarasara vichara saramathina saram sada darsaye
Sri Radha navakunja manjula rasam Radhasakhi darsitam

Sri Radha, who is the Supreme Sovereign of all worlds and the Ruler of the worlds, is the embodiment of rasa bhava. There is no other God who can match Her. I pray to that Radha Devi who can be attained only through bhava. The Divine Mother is also the creator of the worlds through Her Divine Maya.


-Sri Radharasa Madhuri 


Once Nanna asked a devotee (Rishigaru):

" Do you want Maya or Mother ? "

'I want Mother.'

" This is like the story of the elephant and crocodile. Human beings are filled with pride. Once, a proud man went into the river. A crocodile attached him and held him. Crocodile represents maya (delusion). He is seized by maya. His pride about his wealth is the maya prevailing within him. So, man is faced by both kinds of maya - internal and external. We, human beings are like the elephant that is under the control of the crocodile. "

'Nanna, it is only us, not you.'

" I must say in this way only. I will cite an incident narrated at the beginning of Narada Purana. One day, Sage Narada came near Lord Vishnu. At that time Rama Devi was sitting in his lap. As soon as he entered, She left the place. Narada asked Vishnu,' my Lord. I am like your son. There is no maya in me. Then why did Mother leave the place when I entered? Please enlighten me.' Vishnu said 'I don't know what maya is within you but she does. Only because maya is present in you, she went away." 'I want to see that maya.' 'So be it!' "

Nanna narrated the story of how Narada transformed into a woman and married; her life with her husband and children; their death; loss of kingdom and finally bathing in the river and transforming back into Narada...

" So that is maya! Anthar maya and bahir maya - inner maya and external maya. The maya within man tends to draw him towards his family. These family bonds are created only by maya. They will lure you but you must always remain in Mother's shelter. When you are with Mother, maya cannot come near you. When your relatives or anybody connected with this world visit you, restrict the time you spend with them. Do not come out of your world associated with Mother. Peep out for a while and retreat back near Mother. When you come out of Mother's world, you must not remain outside for a long time because you will be attacked by maya. "

" When somebody sits down to do incessant dhyana in our ashram, he shall not leave the room. He will shut his eyes and remain inside in dhyana. When somebody rings a bell at noon, it is lunchtime. He must open his eyes at that time only. This is the practice which we will follow in our ashram. I will tell you about incessant dhyana for one week. "

" There must be no gap in dhyana. When you come out of your room, you will talk to other people. That's why the gap must be as small as possible. Go back to your room immediately after lunch. Otherwise the cycle of maya will repeat again. You will make the same mistake as the elephant. It was playing in the river because it is fond of water and the crocodile got hold of it. We also are playing with others in this world and maya is holding us in a firm grip. Then how can you go inside? No wonder Mother said 'it will take several centuries for a person to enter inside from outside!' This is equivalent to a statement in the Vedas, infact higher than that! It is not possible to retreat inside so easily. I feel that She is warning us not to remain outside for a long time. "

" The story of elephant and crocodile aptly relates to the human being. Man is the elephant and maya is the crocodile. We moved away from Mother and are playing with mahamaya. We are losing and getting hurt in this game. That's why She said 'Remain near Me.' "



O Gurudeva nee vishwa prema.
Radha mathaye ninu pampinnchaga
Ma kosam digi vacchitiva.

O Guru, our God. Your love is universal and divine. You came down to earth because Radhaji sent you for our sake.



" What does coming down mean? From where have I come down? Where am I? "

'Nanna, you are near Mother.'

" Yes. I am near Mother. That is my place. I belong to Para. She sent me from there to earth. Whenever She makes a resolution, I come down, perform Her job and go back near Her. I wonder where She will depute me this time. "

Nanna clearly stated that his permanent abode is Para. He comes down to these worlds at Her instruction only.

" Not only me, all of you are like that. Originally your place was in Her kingdom. We all came down from there and are playing with maya. That's why while in dhyana, we must not remain outside for a long time. Everything around you is maya - your husband, children, everything. It does not mean that you must not have a family; beware that you do not spend much time in this maya! "

Nanna gave the example of Gajendra's story fro Bhagawata to explain how man, who was originally near Mother, came down to this world and is enveloped by Maya. On Rathasapthami day in 2003, Anjani amma heard a divine voice saying 'you cannot come near me even after innumerable years of penance'. Amma immediately conveyed these words to Nanna. Commenting about this sentence Nanna asked 'Do you want Maya or Mother?'

'It is impossible to reach Mother through our penance. We are already near Her only. When we come out on some work, we must stay for a short while and go back inside immediately with the bhava that we are near Mother. If we stay outside for a long time, maya will catch hold of us like the crocodile held the elephant.' Nanna included himself with us saying 'we are the elephants enveloped by maya.' Radhasakhi, our Nanna always includes himself with us and showers his love on us. When we object to this he says 'I must say like this only'. He tries to keep his sakhi state as a secret. Yet he made us sing the song and declared that he is a sakhi! He does not like us to stay away from him with respect, so he includes himself with us and displays the closeness with us. That is the infinite love he has towards us.

" I read one scripture about Sage Vasishta wherein he says about his wife (Arundhati) 'she is a great Yogin, as great as God. God granted her as my wife. She is guiding me at every step. She is doing such a favour to me. It is because of her that the kings bow before me.' Now what did she actually do? She did not allow him to move outside. She always cautioned him 'outside, everything is maya. You must remain only in Rama's dhyana all the time. Why do you move outside?' In a Hindu wedding, the bride is shown the Arundhati star. Why only Arundhati? Are there no other devoted wives? Why not Sita or Damayanthi? Arundhati was a great yogini who transformed a person like Vasishta. When Rama and Sita went to the forest, they met Sage Vasishta and Arundhati. Sita paid her respects to Arundhati first. She placed her hand on Sita's head and blessed her. Then she removed a jasmine flower from her hair and gave it to Sita saying 'I am giving you this flower. Keep it carefully. This flower will wither only when Rama is in danger. Other wise it will remain fresh.' Sita put that flower in her hair for ten months. It remained fresh all that time. Once Ravana created maya that Rama and Lakshmana were dead. Sits removed the flower from her hair and found that it was fresh. She did not believe Ravana. That is the power of Arundhati, the great yogini! No wonder Vasishta said 'she cannot get anything from me. She is a great yogini. Only because she is with me, the kings are falling at my feet. It is her greatness, not mine.' "

Thus Nanna narrated Arundhati's incident and explained how one can attain power through incessant dhyana.

Looking at me, who was suffering from problems related to astral world, Nanna said:

" I want to stress on two points. Firstly, you must realize the purity of the lip's nectar. Secondly, I held Mother; you hold me. Then you will not fall. If you hold anybody else, you will slip. I am holding Mother only in a firm grip. If you hold me, you will move upwards. Naturally! I will not hold you; you only must hold me. That is the real secret. I will teach you how to hold me. Then there is no scope for you to fall because Mother will protect you. "

Nanna is the embodiment of Her hladini power. Only the attribute of hladini has the power to completely destroy man's karmas. Nanna, who is Radha Herself through incessant dhyana, assured that 'I held Mother in a firm grip. If you hold me you will move up.' Holding him means following the path of rasa shown by the great mahatma.

The verse from Sri Radhasudhanidhi 'Kaisoradhbhutha madhuri bhara dhurinam gacchavim Radhikam' promises that the karmas of the person who does incessant dhyana on Sri Radha will be destroyed. If we surrender to Nanna and practice the Radha tattwa taught by him, he will destroy our karmas. We have seen him destroying so many people's karmas. I am one of them!

" 'Vasudeva sarvamithi sa mahatma sudurlabhaha'. Only they who see God everywhere are mahatmas. They are rarely found in this world. That is the highest state that can be attained by a mahatma. These idols are dolls. Do you want Mother or a doll? "


" Human beings are living in maya. The real mahatmas see the all pervading Mother and weep for Her. Wherever they sit, they see Mother. They see Her in ever nook and corner. Prahlada told his father 'Indu galadandu ledani sandehamu valadu'. Prahlada is such a great devotee who saw God everywhere. Do you want God or a doll? You, yourself, your husband..what is the use? Don't move towards this maya. "

" Name and form are maya. If you fall in this maya, you will descend down. You must weep for Mother. Your heart should be filled with Her. You must attain Her bhava. That is a wonderful experience. We must not weep for these dolls on earth. "

" Lord Krishna said 'I am Sat-Chit-Ananda. I provide happiness in all the three worlds. There is only one person in the whole universe who can provide happiness to me. She is Radha.' I worship that Radha who provides happiness even to Krishna. That happiness is so intense that you weep when you speak to Her. Due to such happiness, the samskaras of your previous birth will be removed. That is not an ordinary feat because once these samskaras are removed, you will move upwards. This is a great secret. I will teach you about the path you must follow. "

Nanna aims to take the human beings from the finite to the infinite. He frees us from small desires related to the family and makes us yearn for the presence of the all pervading Mother. He lovingly assures to teach us that path to reach Her.

On 25.12.02, some devotees of Shirdi Saibaba came to Guntur ashram to see Nanna. At that time he was deeply immersed in Radha bhava.

" I was a very good astrologer. I wrote books published by Vavillas. According to astrology, my age is 52 years. Now I am 104 years old. I may live for another 5-6 years. I am saying this because of my work. I must print this material; I must purchase a car; I must travel in four prime routes and propagate about Mother. We shall go to Calcutta, Delhi and Chennai. I will complete my job and leave this word. Mother, grant me leave from here. I will back near You. I don't feel like staying here any longer. "

" Sekhar, note down these points and mention Radhasakhi. Mother accepted it. That's why we were able to complete the previous jobs. "

" I will tell you about my present name - Radhasakhi. Listen carefully. Lalitha sakhi, Visakha sakhi and other sakhis are worldly sakhis. They are known by worldly names. Why should there be a worldly name between Mother and us? I felt that there must not be any thing between Mother and Her sakhi. Hence, Radhasakhi. Mother gave a vision (to Anjani amma). One little girl emerged from Mother's idol (made in Jaipur) and another little girl emerged from me. As Anjani amma watched, both the girls wore similar jewellery and clothes; only their features were different. Listen carefully to the difference between Radha and Her sakhi. Sakhi is born from Radha. That is how it appears. Both the girls are dancing adeptly at the same pace. Their bhava and dance is of high class. I was a dancer before. "

'When Nanna?'

" Sometime back. "

'Near Mother?'

" Not only near Mother, here also. I will dance on par with Her. She showed that to Anjani amma in a vision. "

'That's why you are Her intimate, confidential sakhi.'

" I don't know. Purushottamdas ji said that 'he is the confidential sakhi of Radhaji.' I think.. Shall I tell? "

Yes Nanna, please.'

" When Mother came near me for the first time, She came as a little girl and asked me to apply oil to Her. You are a woman. Tell me who applies oil to a woman? "

'Some intimate companion, a woman only.'

" Yes. I poured some oil in my hand. Before I could apply the oil, She ran from here to there. I ran that side. Then She too ran away and clapped Her hands as if teasing 'I am here'. This actually happened. That hide and seek was so playful. She was clapping Her hands as if She was saying 'you can't catch Me. I will run away from you. As you search for me, I will clap and beckon you. (Nanna clapped his hands too). Something like this the very first time. "

By these words, Nanna clarified that he is the attribute of Radhaji's love. Saying sakhi is born from Radha, he stated that sakhi has not come from elsewhere; she is the manifestation of Radha on earth, carrying out welfare activities to enhance the lives of human beings.

The devotees who came near Nanna remarked that Shirdi Saibaba is God himself.

" God (Bhagawan) is the one who possesses the six divine qualities (bhagassulu). There is no evidence that Lord Shiva possesses these divine qualities. So Bhagawan is totally different. The Bhagawata mentions about these qualities. "

" Gunarahitham, kamanarahitham, anukshana vardhamanam - these are the qualities possessed by God. The Vedas mention 'Krishnena aradhyatheti Radha'. Krishna is always worshipping Radha. She became Radha due to his worship (aradhana). When the Vedas mention that Krishna himself worships Radha, then why should you pray to Shirdi Saibaba and other Gods? If you want to pray to them, continue your prayers but give up worship of Mother. You cannot have both. If you have only one sofa, can the Governor and his attendant be made to sit on the same sofa? Is that the right practice? I have nothing against Saibaba. According to Vedas, Radha is the highest. Is there any mention about Saibaba in the Vedas? "

'We are not aware.'

" There is a mention only about Radha. It is not right to mix both worships. Always ananya bhakthi (one pointed devotion) is the best. 'Ananayaschintayantho mam ye janaha paryupasathe tesham nityabhiyukthanam yogakshemam vahamyaham'. "

" When will Krishna look after your welfare? He will take care of you only when you have ananya bhakthi. It is up to you to give up that worship or Mother's worship. Do not continue both together. It is sheer ignorance to give up Radha and pray to lesser Gods. No sensible man would do that. Would you choose the collector or an attendant? You must choose the highest position, not the lower one! "

There are many mahatmas who attained siddhis (powers) through penance and used them for the welfare of mankind. They are the representatives of God and not God. Nanna said that God's incarnation will never come into a worldly body. Though Nanna is the confidential sakhi of Radhaji it is only equality of bhava with Radha but never equal to Radha. Nanna clearly explained this subtle difference between Radha and Her sakhi.

On 26.12.02 when a person organizing a yoga centre in Guntur came to see Nanna, he explained how he can cure anyone at any place through his yogic power.

" You are nothing before that yogic power; your sadhana is nothing. I will give you ten years time. Can you do that feat? "

'With your blessings, I can try.'

" Can you explain how I did that feat? "

'Nanna, first tell him about the feat. He must know the details.'

" Suppose your friend is in Australia and suffering from some illness. You must sit in this chair and cure him from here, without moving from this chair. Can you do it? "


" O.K. Now you brought this girl near me because she is suffering from some incurable problem. Treat her now and cure her. "

'I can try Nannagaru. But I can't confidently say that I can do it.'

" How many gurus does Dattatreya have? "

'Many gurus.'

" How many? "

'I don't know.'

" 25 gurus! I am also like that. I am his disciple; all of you are my gurus. My salutations to all of you. "

Nanna spoke to the yoga master in a very peculiar manner. That master said that he reduced the suffering of many people through yogic heal but brought that girl near Nanna. She was suffering from severe head aches. As he spoke to her, he placed his hand on her head and removed the pain. In spite of doing so much, he said 'you all are my gurus.' It is very difficult to understand Radhasakhi's deep tattwa!

In the mean while a devotee (dhyanam Uma) came near Nanna. He was narrating the story of Ramadasa.

" They both came near Tanisha. Who both? "

'Rama and Lakshmana.'

" So that is a vision. "

'Yes, it is a vision.'

" We must not believe in visions. "


" Then why are we saying that they both came near Tanisha? "

'Then what is it? It is said that the mind is full of visions. If that is lost, then what remains?'

" But Rama and Lakshmana is a vision! "

'Who is this related to? Tanisha saw Rama and Lakshmana in his vision. What matters is who it is related to.'

" That's a different point. Who are they? "


" Because it is a vision, there is nothing. "

'But there is.'

" That means even a vision is real. The vision is in our mind. Is it possible that something is in the mind and something is not? "

'Maybe they are visible only to the pure mind.'

" Is the Tanisha's mind pure? He is a crook. Then how could he see them? "

'Please explain, Nanna. It is very confusing.'

" Do I have strength or power? Nothing. "

'You are only stating the facts.'

" Then you are making fun of me. "

'Nanna, you say that the mind is the vision. Again you say that the mind is not true. Then what is it?'

" The Vedas said 'Manayeva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh'. The same mind is responsible for attaining moksha and also for sinking down to hell. The same mind has two parts - one part goes near Mother and another goes to hell. Which of these two minds does the man have? He certainly has one mind or other. The one that goes higher is the pure mind. If the mind sees only children and relatives, it is the lower mind. Since both are present, you must give up the inferior one. "

'Lower mind and higher mind!'

" The lower mind is trash. You must discard it and move to the higher mind. "

Thus Nanna explained how the same mind changes in so many ways. The same mind that weakens the sadhaka and makes him a slave to the senses can also take him towards Mother. In the initial stages, the mind always prefers to be outwards and tends to pull down the devotee in his sadhana. Once Nanna said, 'during sadhana time, negative forces arise in the mind. Sadhana is nothing but controlling and destroying these forces. I am giving you the power to destroy these forces. Take it.' Nanna is always present with the devotee who is gradually moving forward in sadhana, preaching him to 'control the mind, cut off the senses and concentrate only on Mother'.

The success is certainly Nanna's who is within us.


Murali dharuni Mohini roopamu hridaya peethamuna nilipi
Parama preethitho aradhinchedi maname Sri Vaikunthamuga
Vishya sukhammulu vishamunu groledi maname yamalokambu kada

The mind that installs the Mohini form of Krishna and worships Her in the heart is equivalent to heaven; the mind that is immersed in the venomous worldly pleasures is hell!


-By Nanna 


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