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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 5

Our Association With Nanna - Part 5
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Mother or Maya?
2Embodiment of SupraConsciousness (Mahabhava)
3Guru Poornima - Master's Full Glory
4Humanity is my own expansion being (Mamaivamso Jeevaloke)
5Sakhi Bestows Rasa
6Ever Incrementing (Anukshana Vardhamanam)
7 The True Service (Seva)
8 Sakhi, Our Guru
9 Sri Radhasakhi's Message
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)
Mathaji's Words

Nanna was constantly in a state of Sri Radha bhava. We are very fortunate to be in his presence, who is constantly in Mother's presence! Though so many people were associated with Nanna, very few of them felt the touch of the vibrations of Sri Radha bhava. From his side, Nanna showered these vibrations of Radha bhava equally on everybody. Like a deaf person who cannot perceive sound, we could not receive them.

Once we asked Nanna 'you are giving mantra regularly; does the power of that mantra decrease as you use it?' He replied, 'that stream of power flows continuously from Her abode. That flow will never end. Actually there is no mantra; only the flow of Sri Radha bhava.' The continuously flow of vibrations related to Mother's bhava is possible only by incessant dhyana.

If you practice dhyana only for a few hours or days, you cannot attain the touch of bhava. Nanna strived a lot to make us practice Sri Radha dhyana. Thirty years ago, he even told us the appropriate timings of dhyana saying,'do dhyana regularly. You can attain Mother's grace, Her love and Her Rasa only by dhyana.'

The Mahatmas in Brindavan said:


Sri Radha param karunamayi hai.
Ve keval dhyan matra se hi apni bhaktonki sameepya darshan dethi hai.

Sri Radha is infinitely compassionate. She grants Her presence to devotees only thru meditation



Nanna realized this fundamental requirement. Not only did he realize it himself but also strived to make all of us to follow this path of dhyana.

Mother is very fond of dhyana. Once when Raghunath Goswami was immersed in dhyana in the scorching heat on the bank of Radhakund, Sri Radha held Her veil to protect him from the sun. Sanatana Goswami witnessed this scene and said, 'Raghu, you must now live in a hermitage. It is not proper to trouble Mother in this way.' Immediately, Raghunath Goswami constructed a small hermitage and began to do dhyana inside.

In the same way, Nanna desired to construct a Dhyana Centre and make all of us do dhyana there. Mother saw his yearning and inspired people; initiated the building construction and also arranged the necessary manpower, tools and tackles. This service by those people is solely by Mother's inspiration and Nanna's aspiration. They who have been chosen as Her tools are indeed blessed! It is written in 'Brindavana Mahimamrutham' that the person who makes arrangements for others dhyana can be considered to be constantly present in Brindavan only. Since he is constantly concerned about the convenience of the devotees in Brindavan, he is as good as being present in Brindavan himself. It is said that sleeping in Brindavan is as sacred as performing penance because this is the place where Radha and Govind move and also where the vibrations of Rasika Mahatma's bhava travel. The power of these vibrations touches the sleeping person. That's why Nanna granted us the unique fortune of stay in Brindavan, dhyana in Brindavan and Mother's seva in Brindavan.

Nanna stressed time and again that 'you can feel rasa only by dhyana. You can reach the peak of Mother's rasa bhava only by dhyana. You can reach Her Nikunj only by dhyana.'

We must continue to do dhyana on Sri Radha with the bhava that we are still with Nanna. I pray to our Nanna who is associated with Mother that Rasamani should write more volumes of 'Nanna Tho' (Our Association with Nanna) as these books are filled with Rasa. I bless Rasamani to attain the constant companionship of Sri Radhasakhi.


A speck of dust at the holy feet of Radhasakhi




09- 09- 06




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