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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 6

Our Association With Nanna - Part 6
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Beauty
2Weep in your Heart
3Conscious Form (Bhava Swaroopa)
4Follow the path of Saints (Mahatmas)
5Message of the Master of Rasa (Rasikacharya)
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)
Message of Master of Rasa (Rasikacharya)

We all are members of Radha family; we are soul mates. We move away from Her due to attraction towards worldly objects. We must regain our earlier position. After any number of ages and reach Mother. It is not possible to reach the holy feet the Sovereign Mother whom Brahma and other Gods cannot even approach, whom Lord Krishna also worships through our human sadhana. That is why Radhaji sent Her hladini power to earth to help mankind and distribute rasa. Our Nanna is that hladini attribute who came down for us. We are indeed fortunate to attain such a treasure which even Gods cannot. This message given to us by that Rasikacharya highlights the necessity of yogic power.

" Prahlada sat on the Lord’s lap and prayed ‘Lord, my father said so many wrong words against you. He chided you and ridiculed you. Yet, kindly forgive him.’ I was unable to listen to his words. He committed grave religious mistakes. You have the power to forgive.’ The Lord said ‘My little one. I have forgiven the sins of 21 generations in your family. All your fore fathers are forgiven. Some of them were in hell but I released them and sent them to higher worlds. I have already acted. You are asking me so late!’ One who wants to reach God must adopt the attitude of forgiveness. That is very essential. God will never enter the heart that does not forgive. People commit mistakes because nobody is perfect. But everybody can’t forgive. Only a Vaishnava, a yogi has this quality to forgive despite doing wrong deeds. "

" Nobody in the Universe possesses the divine nature of Radhaji. One king looked after Her like his daughter. He did penance in his previous birth to ontain this boon. She grew up in his house for 12 years. Not more. Only 12 years. "

Here Nanna did a miracle. In between ‘not more’ and ‘only 12 years’, Nanna clearly said ‘I am Radha’. There is no link between the two phrases and ‘I am Radha’. Nanna stated so clearly who he is!

" Though ages may continue, She will remain 12 years old only. Not more. Only 12 years. She lived in the king’s house in Barsana. Nanda, Yashoda and Krishna lived in Nandagaon, 4 miles away. The whole of Brindavan believed that any function would be successfully celebrated in Her presence. Anybody associated with Her will never face defeat; success will always favour him. Whenever a function was held, Yashoda would participate. King Vrishabhanu never allowed Radhaji to walk. ’I will not agree if my child walks. Carry Her or arrange a chariot.’ Such sublime love! That love is present even today, even after 5000 years. Though Mother is in the form of an idol, that love is still present. She is bathed everyday with the water from the well dug by Her father long, long ago. Today, the water in the well is so bitter and the odour is unbearable. Everybody in Brindavan including me decided that Mother should be bathed with cow’s milk and we would bear the expenses. If cow milk is not available, we will fetch water from River Yamuna. The bitter and salty well water must not be used to bathe Her anymore. We all signed a resolution and cow milk was ordered to be supplied from the next day. That night Mother came in a vision and said ‘My father dug that well for Me with so much love. Though it has bad taste and odour, I want to be bathed with that water only. I don’t want cow milk. You are seeing the form only. There is so much behind the form. You must practice to see that. You see that someone donated money but the Gods see from where the money came. When even Rupees 10 earned illegally is added to Rupees One lakh earned properly, the whole money loses its sanctity. That is Brahmasastra. Gods will not touch such money. "

" I read a story long back. A poor Brahmin living in a hut had two acres of land. He made a verbal contract with someone to plough the land, sow the plantation and take half of the crop. As the ploughing started, they found a pot full of gold coins buried in the ground. They thought that they need to sow seeds only in the upper layers; this wealth does not belong to them as it was found deep in the earth. They knocked at the Brahmin’s door and said ‘we found this pot with gold coins in you land. This does not belong to us. You did not tell us to take whatever we find there. We will plough the land and take our share of the crop. That’s all. Please keep the gold with you.’ The Brahmin was very poor. Yet he said ‘I gave the land to you. I will not take back claim now. Whatever is found in the land belongs to you only. It is your luck.’ “Why should we take the money which we did not earn? We shall not touch it.’ They left the pot on the street. It remained like that for one month. People saw and moved on but nobody touched it. Those are the qualities of Satya yoga. The kings of that age constructed houses for the poor. Nobody touched the gold coins because they conducted their life according to dharma. ‘Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha’. What is protecting you? Not Rama or Krishna; dharma is protecting you. You external life should be like that….To move upwards in dhyana yoga, God will see your external life. You must earn by dharma, work by dharma and ct by dharma. Never go against dharma. You must follow dharma at each and every step. Do everything only according to dharma. Kaliyuga is at such a low level of sanctity only because people are straying away from dharma. "

" In Yanamadula, a village located 10 miles from here; there is a temple with beautiful idols of Rama and Sita. About 20 days back, somebody stole the idols to sell them and make money. This matter was published in the newspapers. Special CID officers investigated the case and traced the culprits. The idols are now in safe custody. It was revealed that even the police joined hands with the thieves. One of them was a Brahmin and another was a lawyer. That is Kaliyuga! They do not regard God’s idols. Some people fasted till their God was traced! God is indeed present. The idols were found. Every moment we must be conscious that God’s sight is different from ours. He sees according to dharma. If you have dharma on your side, it is enough. Dharma is of two types – worldly and supernatural. The worldly dharma pertains to this world only. Supernatural dharma will slowly decrease your attention towards the world. A few days before shedding his body, Sankaracharya gave a strange message to the world. ‘Mata nasti pita nasti bandhu sahodaraha artham nasti pita nasti gruham nasti tasmat jagrata jagrata’. Nasti does not mean that you do not have. It means do not waste your time for them. It is essential that sadhaka who is about to begin dhyana yoga must follow dharma. How will you see the world? How will you see God? Your sight is important. Your result depends on your sight. Even if you pray for 10-12 hours a day, it is of no use. You will bear the fruit of your sight and your dharma. The most important point is that you are in this world and you are doing penance. You are doing dhyana on such a God who is in penance himself; simultaneously you are discharging your worldly duties. You must understand how to see God and worship him and then begin dhyana. This is Mother’s instruction. I am telling you what Mother ordered and what the Mahatmas in Brindavan are practicing. See the world with passivity. There is an emphasis to be passive but there is no condition that you must not love! Love everybody but remain detached. You must develop this passive attitude towards the world. Don’t view God with a passive attitude; you must surrender to him. You must see him only with the bhava of total surrender, totally belonging to him. Don’t surrender to anyone in your life; even if he is great. Be passive towards your mother and father. If it goes beyond passive attitude (sakshi bhava), it creates problems. Jada Bharatha made that mistake. He saw a little deer, loved it and looked after it. That is alright. He became obsessed with it. Towards his last days, he wept ‘I am leaving, my disciples will leave. What will happen to this little deer? I looked after it so long. Now who will take care of it? Just like its mother, this deer will also die in this ashram.’ He died weeping for the deer. That is a big mistake. He was born as a deer. When you are passive, you will not weep. His passivity was only from outside. There is no forgiveness in God’s justice. The divine law that reigned in Rama’s time continues even today. It is not enough if you do penance and construct 3 storied temple and rooms for devotees. How you conduct your regular life and your behaviour are important. You must combine dharma with your behaviour. That is what dharma says. God is not bothered if you do not construct rooms for others. Don’t do anything, not even a single act against dharma. The Mahabharata teaches ‘Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha’. That is the power of dharma. Krishna was riding Arjuna’s chariot. He stopped at one place. Karna got down from his chariot because there was some problem. He was pulling the wheel from the mud and trying to set it right. Krishna told Arjuna ‘Both his hands are engaged in holding the wheel. He cannot fight now. You have a secret mantra given by Vishnu. Chant that mantra as you shoot the arrow. He will certainly die.’ This is an important incident which must be understood correctly. This is very useful in dhyana yoga. Arjuna exclaimed ‘Oh, but that is not a warrior’s dharma. You know better. He is repairing his chariot with both hands. That’s not fair.’ The arrow which he was to use has no failure. It was more powerful than an atom bomb. So Karna was bound to die. "

" ‘I don’t worry about death. I am a great fighter. Killing somebody in such a state is against dharma. Is there anything that you do not know?’ ‘If you do not shoot the arrow, I will get down from this chariot. I shall have no relation with you or this chariot. Do as you like.’ Krishna was about to get down. ‘Krishna is about to get down in anger and leave this war. I must shoot him. Otherwise Krishna will leave me.’ Krishna left the chariot and stood near Karna. Arjuna used the Mahanarayana weapon. The arrow came near Karna, became a flower garland and fell in his neck. ‘Such a powerful weapon became a garland! Then what will be the effect of my weapons? We cannot win if this happens repeatedly. It is better to retreat. I will quit this war while Krishna is still there.’ Krishna asked the Goddess of dharma ‘Devi, there is no dharma that you are not aware of. If the Pandavas lose the battle, dharma will be lost and the world will perish. People will suffer. It is better if the Kauravas die. If you come in the way, how will the weapons bear fruit?’ Who is Krishna speaking to? Goddess Dharma! He is actually protecting dharma. He is danger now….That danger can be caused by anyone. Goddess of Dharma is the highest. Dharma is higher than Krishna and very powerful. Arjuna was shocked to see weapon turn into a garland. He wanted to leave the battle field. Krishna prayed to Goddess Dharma. ‘Mother. I am requesting you myself. You are a small Goddess. I must not plead with lower Gods. I am so great. Do not convert the weapons into garlands. Let them retain their power.’ ’Krishna, you represent dharma. You know all dharmas. I came here to maintain dharma. Karna conducts his life according to dharma. So I am protecting him. Though I am a Goddess, right now I am serving dharma. Not only you, whoever tells me, I cannot do anything. I must protect him. Your arrows will not have any effect. They can’t harm him. I will use my power because he is innocent, he abides by dharma and he is my devotee.’ Then God used his power and created a unique maya. He enveloped the Goddess with that maya. ‘Mother, you want dharma. For the sake of dharma only, I am asking you to move aside.’ She agreed not to come in their way. She would never do this under normal circumstances. She was enveloped by maya. However she eventually saved him from death. She won and Krishna lost. Dharma is so powerful. Be passive towards the whole world except God. Surrender to God with the bhava that you belong to him. Surrender only to God and nobody else. Be passive towards all other worlds. You need not have either love or hatred; be passive. You must maintain your life with passive bhava and so dhyana yoga. "

" Radha is the Supreme Sovereign; the Highest. She told me all the rules. ‘My son, don’t tell only tattwa without informing these facts. It is very difficult to understand tattwa. You must tell human beings how to conduct their life with dharma and how to move in this world. Then only you must introduce this powerful weapon, dhyana yoga. This dhyana yoga is the highest. I will prove that this is the highest. It will protect you and save you when anybody tries to harm you. When you are given such a powerful weapon, you must understand how to live in the world. Several devotees violate dharma. It is immaterial whether they bow before God or not. Devotion is a small issue. Lack of devotion is a minor fault but violating dharma is major mistake. It will severely affect you. No God can save you. That is the danger of violating dharma. The Goddess of dharma will not listen even to Krishna. ‘I will not leave Karna. I will stand before him, face Arjuna’s arrows and protect him. Let the arrows strike me. My dharma is to protect my devotee.’ This is the only lesson taught by Mahabharata. There are other incidents but the message is clear – you must protect dharma and dharma will protect you. Dharma and not God protects you. Unless you give up all worldly dharmas, you will not attain the bhava of surrender. We must understand how to conduct our life. This is the path of highest penance. I do penance for 16 hours a day. That is penance! That is dhyana! You also must do dhyana for atleast 10 hours. I will take your word if not vow that you will do dhyana for not less than 10 hours each day. God cannot be attained if you do dhyana for a little while. Your dhyana must be intense. ‘I am doing a job. I have a family. How can I do such intense dhyana? I must work and look after my family.’ Do everything-job, family….but adopt a passive attitude. Do not give up this highest yoga. The world will not come near you if remain passive. Do your job with a passive attitude. Do your job, cook for your family, look after your elders, do everything but with a passive nature. Your bhava must be surrender to God and not towards the worlds. This is why you must teach how to live in the world.’ "

" There are some important indications without which dhyana yoga will not fructify, however intense it may be. Many rishis failed in their pursuit. Antharmukha samaradhyayai namaha bahirmukha sudurlabhaha’ . A great scientific fact! You are about to begin dhyana yoga. Your attention should not focus on external objects, you are bound to fall. You will not gain anything by outward vision. You must retreat inwards. You must do every work with introvert vision. Your dhyana will fructify smoothly and take you upwards. "

" Vivekananda went to Jeruselam to understand the sadhana of Jesus Christ. He preached only three points. Enter your room. Close the door behind you. Pray in secret.’ You will not reach your destination even if one of these is missing. This is a Universal fact. I will explain the same in different words. Closing the door behind you means turning around, away from the world, inwards. Then the world is behind you. Close the doors to the external world. You need inwardness to worship God. It is impossible to worship him as long as you are associated with the world. You will not reach your destination. Don’t look at nature; it is dangerous and destructive. Many sages fell when they saw nature. Saubhri was a renowned sage whose powers were almost equal to Vishnu’s. He thought ‘I must see with outward vision in this world. I don’t want to do that. My penance is disturbed by this vision. I will sit on the bed of River Yamuna and do penance. There will not be any human beings around me. I have no problem in holding my breath for any period of time in that river. I must attain God. Only that is important.’ He began penance on the river bed. When he opened his eyes slightly, he saw a male and female fish playing together. Please listen carefully. He saw fish, not human beings. When he saw the two tiny fish in play, his mind was disturbed. That shows how the mind of such a great maharshi also can be disturbed by small worldly matters. The Bhagawata cautions that the penance of even such a great maharshi went wrong because of external vision. If you look at the world around you, you will find many objects. Some scenes and acts may disturb you; you are destroyed in that state. Outward vision must be avoided at all costs. When Brahma was born, he had two questions – who is my father and how does he look? To which world do I belong? He searched all over earth but no avail. Then Lord Vishnu created a divine voice from the sky ‘Tapa Tapa’. Brahma realised the message. ‘You will not attain anything with outward vision. See with inward vision.’ Tapasya means inward vision. Immediately Brahma saw his father and his world. This is the first lesson in Bhagawata. You must do inward contemplation on God. You must listen to all episodes in Bhagawata with this bhava. That is the rule! Do sadhana with inward vision. Then you are in do danger. "

" Another important point is mentioned in the Kathopanishad. "

Nayamathma pravachena labhyaha

Namedhaya nabahunam srithena

" Discourses and commentaries on Sundarakanda and Ramayana or recital of names will not help you. Though you attend discourses, though you participate in yagyas and religious rituals, you cannot attain God. Even if you read scriptures extensively and become an intellectual, even if you have scientific knowledge, you cannot attain God. Great scholars and yogis speak on religion and you listen attentively. Even then, God cannot be attained. Then how to attain God? ‘Yame vaisha vrinathe thena labhyaha. Only when God blesses him, he will go up. God must accept you, he must qualify you and he must shower his grace on you. Whatever you do on your own will have no effect! Your efforts are not accounted. Only his grace is accounted. Unless you attain his grace, you penance is not accounted. The journey towards salvation is so difficult. Vivekananda quoted these words from the Vedas in America and other countries. He said ‘my speeches are of no use. This one verse from Upanishad is enough to tell us the real truth. He wrote a letter to another yogi and Mahatma, Turiyananda that this sentence must be highlighted. He told him to preserve the letter and read out to whoever comes near him. "

" I will give you some excerpts from that letter. ‘Don’t think that you can get God by doing japa and tapa just as you pay money and buy vegetables. It is a foolish thought. God will not come by your japa and tapa. You can attain God with his grace only. The only consideration is whether God has accepted you or not. If God does not accept you, all your penance is waste. It cannot be used later. It is his prerogative to accept you; that’s why it is so difficult to attain him. Whether you do dhyana yoga or any other yoga, you must first attain God’s acceptance and grace. You must struggle a lot. The biggest hurdle is his acceptance. He only will remove that hurdle. ‘If you face such a hurdle and penance is of no use, then…….(Nanna was speaking as if he is in a trance) then why do penance? Why are you teaching dhyana yoga? It is of no use.’ Such thoughts may enter your mind. But there is another way in dhyana yoga. When Rama fought the battle, many monkeys died. He wondered how to revive them? There is special herb whose smell would revive the life. When Hanuman heard about this, he rushed to get the Sanjeeva herb and save many lives. He left without even informing Rama. When Rama decided to send Hanuman in search of the herb, he was told that he already left. Life would be restored only if the herb is used before sunrise. Hanuman rushed because there was very little time left. He carried the whole Sanjeeva hill on his shoulder and came flying in the sky. When the sun rays fell on the hill, Rama said ‘I belong to the Sun dynasty. You are the son of the Sun Lord. Don’t you have any pity? So many people are dying. (Nanna began to weep). What is the use of your existence? I will kill you. You must not live. This arrow is enough to conquer thousands like you.’ He removed his bow and arrow. ‘Please wait. Hanuman is bringing Sanjeeva hill. Because he is flying in the sky, the sun rays are reflecting from the hill. That’s all. It is not sun rise yet. Don’t be hasty.’ Rama calmed down. Even before the Sanjeeva hill was brought to earth, all monkeys and human beings regained their life. In this way, whatever the Vedas and Upanishads may say, we have a Sanjeeva with us. Many people don’t know about this. We studied the Vedas in Brindavan and printed the Sanjeevi clearly stated therein. If you apply this Sanjeevi, it is enough. You can throw away all Vedas and Sruthis. You will certainly reach your destination. The Vedas stated that it is very difficult to attain God but there is a way out for us. The Sruthis provided a solution. My life has a unique nature. You may not believe about others. So I introspect myself and tell others only when I realise that moved upwards. I experience myself before telling others. I have experience. I will narrate my experience. Such a magnificent Parasakthi swaroopa is favouring us. I will explain about that power. Her name is enough! "

Harernama Harernama Harernamaiva kevalam

Kalounastaiva nastaiva nastaiva…….

" The Upanishads tell us that taking God’s name only can give us salvation in Kali yuga. You may wonder why I am saying that taking name only is of no use. That is true. This is also true. Both truths must be coordinated. That is important. I must first explain the tattwa of this principle. I will tell you the importance and also show evidence in scriptures and Vedas. "

" In earlier times, kings constructed their palace on the hill to protect themselves from enemy’s invasion. God has enough protection not to allow everybody to come near him. That is why it is difficult to reach him. ‘Nayamathma pravachena labhyaha.’ God cannot be attained through discourses. If it was so easy, the demons would gain divine power and kill the humble human beings. That is God’s play! The rishis and Mahatmas have control on their senses and possess powers. God is very kind and provides them food even when they are alone in the forest, doing penance. We in India have abundant food and happiness. "

" St Francis, a great yogi during Second World War period gave a significant message. ’Europe is facing shortage of food. Many people died in the war. India is very peaceful It did not face any war. Though it is amidst volcanic surroundings, it remains cool. The reason for this is not the weapons or bonds of the British. If you delve deeper, you will see that India is endowed with great yogis wearing loin cloth and doing penance in the forest. The power of their penance gives serenity to India. Due to their yogic power, the people in India are peaceful and happy. If we also do not believe in the power of our weapons and gain yogic power like the Indians, we can protect ourselves without any weapons. That time has come! Max Muller of Germany learnt Sanskrit for many years and stated what he realised. ‘I will die someday. I have a desire before I die.’ He wished that everybody will realise that being born in holy India is a boon and lose faith in weapons. He stressed that man has a divine powers in his body itself; hence there is no need to go anywhere.’ "

" King Vishwamitra went near Vasishta for his darshan with a huge army. He fed all of them with sweets. Vishwamitra was surprised because Vasishta was only a sage. How could he feed so many people in his poor hermitage? When he asked Vasishta about this, he replied ‘we need not worry about anything. Do you see the cow there? We go near the cow and pray. The next moment we get whatever we want. This is the only secret. This is our Kamadhenu (fulfiller of wishes).’ Vishwamitra went back to his kingdom and sent word to Vasishta. ‘You have a cow in your hermitage named Kamadhenu. It is an ocean granting all your wishes. Why do you need it? Only two people are living in your hermitage. I am a King. Many people visit me regularly. So give me your Kamadhenu. I will maintain it here. It is more useful to me than to you.’ Vasishta refused. ‘Kamadhenu will not stay wherever you want. If Kamadhenu must stay with him, that man must have total control over his senses. Kings are known to lose their control unlike rishis. Though Rama is a king, he prostrates before us though we wear only loin cloth. We have only one secret power, the yogic power. That is more powerful than king’s wealth, even Rama’s wealth. If you want to develop that power, you must lose faith in the worldly wealth you possess. You must gain confidence in the yogic power and divine power. Otherwise, I cannot give Kamadhenu to you.’ Vishwamitra was enraged. He sent his servant to bring the cow by force. Vasishta showed the importance of yoga through his life. Yoga is not for moksha alone; it is essential for many other things. Vishwamitra sent his whole army and Vasishta was alone. He went near Kamadhenu and prayed. ‘Don’t worry, my son. You remain in a yogic state. I will take care.’ Then Vasishta retreated inwards. Yogis gain strength and powers in inwardness. When we see externally, we see so many objects and face attractions and desires. That’s why inwardness is essential. Vasishta prayed ‘Vishwamitra is an egoist and an extrovert. He sent his army to fethch you. Please save us.’ As Vishwamitra’s army came near, a whole army was born from kamadhenu and defeated them. Then Vishwamitra came near Vashista and repented. ‘We are not strong, you are strong. Our weapons and our wealth are not powerful. You possess real power and strength. I learnt this truth at such a late hour. I am giving up my kingdom. I am with sanyas bhava right now. Please enlighten me. I also want to become a yogi.’ Vishwamitra became a great maharshi. He focused only on one point. What is the power of a king and a yogi? King’s power lies in extrovert vision while yogi’s power lies in introvert vision. No wonder that can achieve wonders within seconds! "

" On their way to the forest, Rama and Sita went to Bharadwaja maharshi’s ashram to pay respects. ‘We are passing the thick jungles where many evil forces are present. We believe that we will face attack only from external sources. They cannot do anything to us. By our penance which we do within us, we can conquer the world. ‘This is an essential point in the Ramayana. The king’s power is by outwardness while the rishi’s power is from inwardness. Their yogic life is important. That is where Vishwamitra failed. Bharadwaja told Bharatha ‘Don’t go into the forest. Rest here with your army after taking food. I will give you my blessings at 4 a.m. You may leave after that. You want to bring Rama back but he will not return. I know his intentions but you do not. He has some divine work in the forest. That is why he will not come back with you.’ At 8 p.m. Bharatha wanted to go with his army and horses to the forest and bring Rama back to Ayodhya with due regard in an elephant driven chariot. The incidents in Ramayana- Ravana’s death, Rama’s exile are small issues. The main essence is the truth about yogic power. God created a body to suit yogic power. Your body is not an ordinary one. If you utilize it properly, you can conquer the world with the power generated from this body. We don’t know what happens if you misuse the body. This is what the Ramayana and Mahabharata teach. The real welfare of man is when he does penance with inwardness, attains yogic power and utilizes it to uplift human beings. Welfare of human beings is not an ordinary task and cannot be accomplished by ordinary people. Vasishta gave Vishwamitra mantra deeksha to achieve yogic powers. Rama kept Vasishta near him for that yogic power which he did not possess. Rama had abundant worldly wealth but little yogic powers. That was granted by Vasishta. In earlier times, the kings always had such maharshis with them. Today the Prime Minister has Private Secretary and Chief Secretary. The Ruler cannot do everything on his own. Bharadwaja, who had nothing with him, could feed 50000 soldiers in the night. He could manage this only through yoga. Bharadwaja told his disciples ‘There are many objects in outward vision. Your mind will be distracted. You will not concentrate on yoga. Your mind is diverted towards wealth. Even today, generally yoga is taught to children of 5-6 years. They will learn faster at that age. Today things changed. Everybody wants to regain that yogic power. "

" My father had a very small house without even a mat to spread on the floor. One day, the King of Pitharuram, Gangadhara Ramarao was going for hunting. He wanted to know if there were any Mahatmas nearby. He was brought to our house. The autobiography of life began from there. My father used to address everybody, big or small in the same way. He addressed the king also like that, with more love and affection than respect. He made him sit on a gunny bag spread on the floor. The king said ‘I am going on some work. Please tell me what will happen to that work.’ ‘You will narrowly save yourself from deathand return back here in 2-3 days. That is your life now.’ How could he predict like that? What is the secret? The power within him! Even you and I have that power; everybody does. When you depend on yogic powers, they know about all worlds and also past, present and future events. We may not know about it but they will. There is a repository of knowledge within us, but we don’t use it. Once, Sankaracharya went to a house and asked for food. The lady said ‘I am very poor. Why did you come here to beg? What can I give you?’ When she went into her backyard, she found a gooseberry there. She brought that one gooseberry and offered to him. He accepted the fruit and said ‘What poverty! You must not live in this condition.’ He prayed to God there only. Instantly there was a shower of golden gooseberries in her backyard. It was recently published that the sacred place exists even today. How did this unique miracle happen? He could cause the shower but we cannot. From where did that man in a loin cloth get so much wealth? It came from within him. He has the power to achieve anything. That is yogic power. God retained that power within you. To develop it, Sankaracharya said ‘Mata nasti pita nasti’. It does not mean that you must not care for your parents; you must not surrender to them. You must surrender only to God. You must not surrender to your near and dear ones because they all belong to the world. You must surrender only to God. "

" Dhruvadasji, a Mahatma was doing penance in Brindavan forest. He wanted to write many books but did not have that skill and opportunity. Mother went near him one night as She was strolling with Her sakhis. ‘Mother, You have come! I have so many bhavas , so many things to tell the whole world. But I don’t have enough power to express my thoughts. I am in a miserable condition.’ She placed Her left foot on his head and his expressions began to flow in a torrent. Many of his books are published! I am writing ten volumes on Mother. Where did that knowledge come from? She said Dhruvadasji became associated with divine knowledge. We must attain such power. Kalidasa was a crack, not mad. The king deceived the princess and got her married to him. She told him ‘Go and sit in the Kali temple. When She appears, ask her to grant you knowledge.’ He went inside the temple. Mother gave him darshan. ‘I will not open the door till you give me knowledge.’ ‘Okay. Granted.’ He came out of the temple. He did not even glance at the princess, his wife. He directly reached the state of highest detachment. He never came back. He prayed to Mother and left. We also had such power but lost it gradually. Can we find poets like Kalidas today? He is not only a poet but a yogi too. His poetry flowed from his yogic power. Such yogic power gives poetry, money, golden gooseberries, in fact everything. The Kamadhenu can create an army to fight a battle. Our scriptures tell us that we must attain such yogic powers. But today, Indians became extroverts and crave for worldly treasures. This is an important point to be noted. We have Mother’s grace. We will get everything. "

Nanna spoke about Sanjeevani herb which revived many lives including Lakshmana. ‘Whatever the Vedas and Upanishads may say, we have a Sanjeevi. If you apply this, you will certainly reach your destination.’ Nanna told us about incessant Sri Radha dhyana, the rasa Sanjaeevani by adding his divine love. In the whole message, nowhere did he directly tell how to do Sri Radha dhyana. Yet he handed us the essence of dhyana in each and every word. Rasikacharya, our Nanna, gave us this yoga of love, rasa and dhyana which he practiced and experienced. I pray to Nanna that each one of us must practice this dhyana yoga and reach the holy feet of Sri Radha.


Trailokya janani Devi Gokulasundari
Bhuvilona needu avathara mahimache
Athmeeya premanu joochi agyana timiramu bapu
Nee divya seva sukhame na dhyeyamu

Oh Mother of three worlds! Your presence on earth evokes selfless love and affection and dispels the darkness of ignorance. My aim is only to have the pleasure of Your Divine service.






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