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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 6

Our Association With Nanna - Part 6
*Nanna's words
*Mothers words of benediction
*Foreword by Author
1Divine Beauty
2Weep in your Heart
3Conscious Form (Bhava Swaroopa)
4Follow the path of Saints (Mahatmas)
5Message of the Master of Rasa (Rasikacharya)
10 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani (Message of Divine Delight)


Alam vishaya varthaya narakakoti bheebhatsaya
Vridha sruthikathasramo batha bibhemi kaivalyatah
Vridha sruthikathasramo batha bibhemi kaivalyatah
Paranthu mama Radhika padarase mano magnathu

In this verse, Sri Hitacharya expressed his desire to be Her confidential attendant and drown in rasa. "Hey Radhika! Due to festivity of rasa that originates from your kunj, your excited words are overlapped by the sound of Your ornaments. I wonder when I will be Your confidential, intimate attendant standing at the entrance, listening to Your words and drowning in rasa."


-Verse 43 Sri Radhasudhanidhi


Nanna clearly stated 'I am Sri Radha's confidential sakhi. I am a partner in Radha rasa. I am the manifestation of the formless Sovereign Sri Radha.' He was constantly conversing with Mother. We are fortunate to repeatedly witness the scene when he was immersed in rasa. Sri Radha's attribute of Hladini came down to earth as Nanna. This has been proved so many times. His extra ordinary words which are included in this book are a testimony for that. Even in this 6th volume, Nanna included some precious words amidst his lectures and talks. In the Chapter, Rasikacharya's message, Nanna mentioned that Radha grew up in King Vrishabhanu's house for 12 years only. The amazing fact is that between the sentence 'She grew up for 12 years only, not more' and the next phrase '12 years', he said 'I am Radha.' Actually, in this context there is no continuity between the two sentences and I am Radha which he inserted. Even before we realized that important sentence, he continued 'Her age will remain 12 years even after many ages.' If we understand the meaning of his words 'I stand when She stands; I sit when She sits; I move when She moves; I follow Her like a shadow. I am a partner in Radha rasa', then only we can understand the meaning of his words 'I am Radha.'

In the Chapter 'Divine Beauty', Nanna explained how unbearable the sorrow of separation from God is and gave the example of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. When he said, 'we don't know who God is. I will only tell you his divine qualities'; a hissing voice saying 'Govinda' simultaneously could be heard clearly. Probably Nanna went into that bhava when he spoke about Chaitanya. That's why his inner voice said 'Govinda'. Even during his conversation with Murthy garu, Nanna's laughter resembled the laughter of a little girl. All these clearly indicate who the divine treasure Nanna is!

Nanna influenced the life of so many people through his words, looks, touch and conduct. He silently initiated the flow of rasa by his touch and even small children became drawn towards rasa tattwa. It is surprising to read the sentences written down by a nine year old girl (Radhabala) in her note book:

1.12.06: Ladili is loving towards everybody. Nanna said that incessant dhyana is very essential to understand that love. Mother knows what you need. Don't have excess desire for money. God gives us troubles because of our previous lives (karmas). So we must not do karmas anymore because you only will suffer. For example, if you throw a ball against the wall, it will come back to us. Therefore we must not do karmas.

If we win in life, Mother will run. She cannot remain silent simply seeing us. We cannot live without Her. If we are afraid, the fright will follow us. So we must not be afraid; we must do any karmas. If you are afraid and stop living, how can you reach Ladili?

3.12.06: Don't perform rituals and austere penance. When Mother is with us, why do we need any further japa or tapa? Not only for 5 hours, you must do dhyana day and night. Then Mother will not only run; She will come into your mind. Mother sent Nanna to give everybody a touch of Radha bhava.

Radhe Radhe

It is evident how strongly Nanna sowed the seed of Radha bhava in the little girl's heart. This is possible only by our Radhasakhi.

When I prayed to Nanna to grant me the power to write about his sakhi life, he did not say anything. But gradually, through his conversations, he spoke about the sakhi tattwa shining in him. By saying 'don't glorify aiswarya kala (attribute of might)for me; develop upon the sakhi kala (attribute of sakhi), he clarified that both the attributes are present in him. However he is more inclined towards sakhi attribute. We can understand that Radhasakhi who rules all the worlds wants to mould the human beings through love and not by authority.

The previous 5 volumes of this book contain conversations of Nanna with the devotees who came to see him. The sixth volume is special because most of the content is formed by the lectures given by Nanna. Through these lectures, he propagated Radha tattwa and also gave the message how to understand this tattwa.

'Mahajajah yena gataha'. This chapter expresses Nanna's sensitive nature. 'There is no Sruthi because sruthi means witness. If you agree with witness, it means there are two. Then your adwaitha is lost.' Thus he explained how difficult it is to comprehend Divine tattwa. Saying that it is good to follow the path of Rasika Mahatmas, Nanna said 'Mahajanaha yena gataha sa pantha' . Gita defines a Mahatma as Vasudeva sarvamithi sa Mahatma.. - he who sees God everywhere, in each atom of the Universe is a Mahatma. Nanna constantly saw only Radha everywhere. His main aim in life is the welfare of mankind. What can be a more apt path to follow than our Rasikacharya's ? I pray to Mother that we all should follow his path and fill our minds with rasa.

I pray to Radhaji to grant Radhasakhi's grace to the young devotee who arranged for printing this divine book which provides a touch of rasa to Nanna's devotees.


Rasa sreemanthamu prema dhamamu sudhardhasnehaseelammu
Rasa sumansrutha nithyavaibhavamu sansakaika Brindavanammu
Rasa sumansrutha nithyavaibhavamu sansakaika Brindavanammu
Sudhapoornamaho kanundu tariyimpacheyu Radhasakhin.




Always at the lotus feet of Radhasakhi






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