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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 12

Our Association With Nanna - Part 12
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Sri Radha Bhava Dhyana
2Radhaji, The All Powerful
3Nanna, The Manifestation Of Sweetness
4Sri Radha In the Vedas
5Passive Bhava
6 Message On Sri Dhyana
7 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani

14.09.2002, Brindavan Ashram

Nanna spoke to his devotees glowing with sakhi's aspects, showering his love on all of us.

" We must carry food ingredients with us while touring various places. They will make arrangements for our return journey. They will read our books and force us to take food! We shall stay for only one day in each place. We will eat there and pack our food for the journey. This must be our plan. "

Speaking about Anjani Amma's vision on September 11th, Nanna said that by holding his hand and dancing, Radhaji proved that there is no gap between them.

" According to Vedas and puranas, there is only Radha, nothing else. She is hladini sakthi, the incredible power of ecstasy. "

Nanna then enjoyed listening about the procession on the occasion of Radhashtami.

" I heard that you all danced happily. One milk man also danced in circles as he was cooling the glass of milk! The doctors declared that back ache of Dr. Indira could not be cured. I cured it within one hour yesterday; she also danced in the evening; she was shocked that she could dance too! "

" You will not be conscious. That is the power of hladini! You won't feel shy of self conscious. "

'Nanna, the tourists shop keepers also came and saw Mother's portrait. They also joined in our sankeertan and dance; children and elders alike.'

" That is hladini sakthi. The people in Brindavan said that they have never seen a procession like this. We can make a chariot so that it will be used in the procession every year. Mother's idol will be taken out only on the coronation ceremony day. Later She will be installed on the flower specially designed and painted in colours. "

The devotees leaving the ashram came for his blessings. He specifically remembered those who did not attend the function and asked about them. They left seeking blessings that they must have only Mother's service in the rest of their life!

" Mother is highly powerful. With Her touch, She transformed Naravahana, the sinner into a mahatma. A wonderful incident took place. Krishna came while Mother was bathing. The sakhis did not allow him to enter. Then he became a sakhi and went near Her. He cleaned Her body and feet and drank the water at Her feet! You can't imagine. The hladini sakthi's power is tremendous. Krishna washes Her feet and drinks that water! He combs Her hair and weeps. You can't imagine. "

Nanna spoke in a state of bhava. The Radhashtami celebration on 13/9/2002 is an unforgettable occasion for his devotees. Nanna is the confidential sakhi of Radhaji, the deity of Sri Krishna. Such a Radhasakhi, who is unattainable to even Gods, came down as our Nanna and showed so much love. He drew all of us, ordinary human beings towards him, moved as one among us and shared our joy and laughter. How can we forget those incidents? Though we did not know that it was the last Radhashtami we would spend with him in his physical form, he was aware of it. He gave us something indescribable during those 3 festive days (12th-14th). We all drowned in the flow of love and rasa.

On 24th July 2002, Gurupoornima, Nanna showered his bountiful love on his devotees and granted an opportunity for each one to speak about him. None of us knew that this was the last Gurupoornima which we would spend with him.

" We cannot imagine! We are unable to realise Her because She came down. She sowed the sapling for us to take care of it growth! "

" I have a job to accomplish. Within a year, I plan to purchase car. I will also print a small book on Radhaji and distribute to everyone. "

In his 'small' book, Raseswari Sri Radha, Nanna described Radhaji and how She can uplift the downtrodden jeevas. He also explained the Dhyana yoga saptahas he proposed to conduct in Brindavan. He wished to travel all over the country and distribute these books printed in English, Hindi and Telugu thereby propagating Radhaji's name in all directions.

On 13th September 2002, Nanna released the fifth volume of Brindavaneswari Sri Radha Devi. On this occasion, he said:

" We must go to bhava loka; we must attain bhava deha. Nobody can give that bhava. No God can give you this bhava. He can give you wife and wealth only, not bhava. Radha alone can grant this bhava. The Lord himself worships Radha. Then who are we? "

" What is the fundamental difference between Radhaji's life and ours? Her leela grows every moment. How can one describe the leela that grows progressively? Not possible. No wonder, Lord Brahma, whose life span is 12960000 millions of years, said that his whole life is not enough to describe Her. After we began to celebrate Her functions here, She has shown so many leelas. "

" As She passed the worlds during Her descent to earth, the people in each world paid homage to Her and gave Aarthi. 'My Mother, You are going down to earth!' I also captured the three year old Radha; we are worshipping Her only; we will have the coronation ceremony for Her only. The three year old Radha is the one who is causing the innumerable leelas. She is so great. That is why, you all came here and took Her Prasad. You are blessed! You participated in Her function. You can also join the procession this evening when Mother will be taken around the town. She will glance at you and you will be blessed! Radhe Radhe. "

As long as Nanna spoke, he was looking only upwards. Though he was physically on earth, his inner self was in Radhaji's presence as he gave this talk. The 400 devotees who attended Radhashtami function along with people living in Brindavan listened to him mesmerised. Even those who did not understand the language were very happy seeing Nanna who was glowing with bhava.

On Radhashtami day, Nanna also released a book in hindi titled 'Sri Radha Rasamadhuri' written by a devotee, malathi she dedicated the book of sakhi tattwa to Nanna and became blessed. Speaking on this occasion, she said 'It is not possible for everyone to absorb rasa tattwa. Nanna gave it to us through Sri Radha's incessant dhyana. Karma yoga, bhakti yoga or gyana yoga do not have the power to grant rasa tattwa. Only sakhi can give rasa yoga. We can attain rasa only by seeking shelter at the feet of sakhi. When I was leaving Brindavan, Nanna said that Mother would give me a gift. I did not understand then. Later, many verses in hindi on sakhi tattwa overflowed within me. I was surprised.


Radhika sakhi ras par chayi
Rasika chatra ki ras parchayi
Radha ras ki rang bharayi
Rasabhavan ki sukh ko sujhayi

In the rasa shade of Radhasakhi, our Nanna, the aspirants of rasa are gaining the feel of rasa. Radhasakhi is filling the colour of Radha rasa in the rasika students and making them understand the bliss of rasa bhava


-Sri Radha Rasamadhuri 


It is very difficult to get Mother. We are able to attain Her only through Radhasakhi. I dedicate this book at the feet of Radhasakhi respectfully. Sri Radhe

On 14th evening, we all sat near Nanna.

" We must do silent dhyana. It is essential. "

'Nanna, we are able to do it only when we are near you.'

" You can continue at home also. If you tell that you are maintaining silence, people will leave. Gandhiji declared silence for 50 days. Did anyone disturb him? This is the first lesson in Bhagawata. Your human effort must be supplemented with tapasya. When Lord Brahma was searching for his father, he heard 'Tapa Tapa' from the sky. His human efforts were not enough. This shows that penance along with your efforts is inevitable. We are doing only human effort. That is why, it is not enough. "

Thus Nanna emphasized the importance of silent dhyana.

" Sri kulapati garu mentioned in his speech about me. 'When he thinks of Mother's name or speaks about Her, Nannagaru weeps!' I cannot speak about Mother. "

In the conversation about taking Radhaji's portrait for the procession, Nanna said:

" It is not a portrait. Mother only will come with the procession. I will sit a little above Ravali Chinnari and watch the procession. I will not be present physically but I will certainly join the procession. "

Ah! That means Nanna's presence in the astral form, the aspect of Radhaji's hladini power gives us such immense joy!

On another occasion, Nanna began to explain about Radhaji's leelas and gradually moulded the topic towards dhyana yoga.

" The story of Rama's devotee is very popular in Brindavan. He belonged to Sita's kingdom. A great devotee of Rama, he was always engaged only in the Lord's bhajan. One day, he was weeping profusely as he listened to one incident from Ramayana. Rama sent Sita to the forest without even telling her the reason. Lakshmana left her near Valmiki's ashram and went away. She was weeping. 'Why did Rama do this?' He did not even tell me the reason for this punishment. What mistake did I commit?' when the devotee heard this incident, he became very upset. 'Oh, Rama sent my mother away. Nobody could pacify her. Is this Rama's justice?' From now onwards, I will not listen to Rama's story anymore. I thought Rama is the highest, the epitome of virtues but Sita is weeping only because of Rama!' He came to Brindavan. 'I am in agony. I will die like this. I cannot see my mother suffer. I realised that Rama is a wicked person. He sent my mother into the forest alone. The poor lady is weeping. Is the Rama's lesson to the world?' "

" Radhaji saw his plight and decided to calm him down. Then he fell drowsy and went into a trance. Sita Devi appeared in his vision. 'There is no difference between us both; there is no separation for us. Our separation is only for the external word, but actually we can never be separated. You are a scholar. You must realise the leelas of divine incarnations are something externally and something else in reality. There is no one else like Rama, so pious and virtuous. Do you want to know Rama and Sit real life?' She took him to their world. Rama and Sita were present there. Sita put one hand on Rama's back and another on his chest. Rama asked 'Janaki, you placed both your hands on my back and chest. What is your bhava?' 'I put one hand on your back because my power will prevent the enemies from harming you. I can't allow anything to happen to you. You cannot leave me; I cannot live even for a moment without you.' 'What about your hand on my chest?' If at all you want to leave.I will prevent you. My hand has tremendous power. You cannot leave. My hands will stop you from going forward or backward. So you will remain near me only.' Our relationship cannot be understood by ordinary people. So now you realise that there is no separation for us.' You will find my idol on the bank of Yamuna in Brindavan. You must install my idol.' The devotee was delighted that Rama was trapped between Sita's hands. He brought Sita Devi's idol, installed it and became blessed. The devotee is popularly known as Kokilaji. "

" 'Rama and Sita's life is an exemplary life. Their love for each other has no bounds; it is eternal. You cannot understand their true state. Do not weep.' Radhaji pacified Kokilaji. Mother is aware of the leelas of divine incarnations. She knows everything. Kokilaji was very happy with Her words and calmed down from his unbearable suffering and agony. "

" Radhaji is very kind. She does not think about caste and creed. Many muslims like Gulab Baba, Rehman, Sultan Mohammed served Sri Radha and became Her blessed devotees. By Her grace, the Rajput ladies became free from 'ghosha' (wearing the veil) custom. She went to Jaipur in the form of Sriji peeth head; She attracted the Rajput women with Her hladini power and converted them into Her devotees. They all began to do dhyana on Her. Previously, the Rajput women had to burn in the funeral pyre along with her dead husband. She totally reformed this practice and 'Sati' was abolished. This was a great revolution in Rajasthan. The Government could not resist the reformation. Mother stayed there only for one day but that was enough to transform their lives. Such is Mother's power! "

" I will teach you how to do Her dhyana. You must understand that this dhyana granted by Her is very important. "

" Mother is a tremendous power filled with brightness and aura. Prahlada told that God is everywhere; you will find him wherever you look for him. Do not doubt his presence. Mother proved that this is indeed true. The words of Bhagawad Gita and Bhagawata are very true and beyond your imagination. "

" The principle of dhyana yoga: Each one must feel that 'Mother is with me'. When you enter the kitchen, She is there also! Wherever you are present; whatever you do, that bhava that you are with Mother is the greatest penance. There is no mantra higher than this bhava. The words in mantra are related to prakrithi-sound being one of the five senses (sound, sight, smell, touch, taste). The maha mantra made up of words related to sound will be restricted to prakrithi only even if you chant them millions of times. You cannot cross prakrithi and move higher. The Kathopanishad says 'Nayamathma pravachena labhyaha'. Don't think that you will attain moksha by speaking about God; listening to speeches about God; visiting temples or going on pilgrimages. We must see Her with a wider perspective. Mother is expanding our hearts! That is the wonder. "

" Is Mother formless? She has form too! Some great persons see only Mother whether they sit or stand and whatever they do. She firmly resides in the heart of such persons. The bhava that 'Mother, I will not leave you till the sun and moon exist' must deeply form in you. You must live with this bhava; you must work with this bhava. You must not approach Mother because you will be blessed with children or your son will get a job if you see Her shelter. This is not a spiritual link. We must not take this approach. 'Mother, I came for You only. I want only You. I cannot live with You. I don't want anything linked to this world. I want to be delinked from dareshana, dhaneshana, putreshana, the three base modes of prakrithi. I gave up prakrithi. I cannot give up your lotus feet'. This bhava must be deeply present within you at all times. "

" Who are these siddhas, these great persons? One who sees only Mother everywhere is a mahatma. Those who wear tilak on the forehead or grow a beard are not real siddhas. Krishna defined a mahatma very clearly. 'Bahunam janmanamathe.' Only those who can see the Lord everywhere are true mahatmas. Such persons are very rare to find. Seeing God in an idol or stone is a small thing. Our heart is also confined, that is not right. It may be difficult for you but he is everywhere. God is here right now. When you go home, he is there also. When you enter office, he is there too. So wherever you go, God is always with you. You must develop this feeling. This is Mother's quality-She is always with you. You must develop the bhava that you are always with Her, wherever you are and whatever you do; you have no other world except Her. "

" Chaitanya Mahaprabhu told the Goswamis to participate in the important installation ceremony of Govindji in Radha Govindji temple. The five Goswamis reached Brindavan and met Raghunath Goswami near Radha Kund. 'Today is the installation ceremony of Govindji's idol in the first temple hall in Brindavan. Sri Chaitanya wished that all the shad Goswamis (6 Goswamis) should be present on this occasion. Please come with us.' Listen to what the great yogi replied 'I will not come anywhere. Radha is present in everywhere in all rivers and ponds. I do not consider this Radha Kund as a pond. Mother is present here. How can I leave Her? Do you want me to leave Mother who is actually here and attend some function in the temple? I will not come. I will remain here near Mother. You may go.' He did not attend the ceremony. He stated that Radha Kund may be just a pond for them but it is Mother Radha Herself for him. This is known as superimposition. So Radha bhava must be introduced into every worldly object. Without superimposition, you cannot see Mother everywhere. When you see any object or aspect, Radha bhava must superimpose on it. This is very difficult. "

" Superimposition has been practiced by mahatmas universally. We see objects; they see something else. A Christian saint, Saint Francis was approached by some villages. 'There is a wild bear on the loose. It is killing all the people. We are afraid that it will enter our village and kill us. You seem to be a great saint. Please save us.' 'From which direction will the bear come?' He went in the direction shown by them. The bear was coming towards him. He did not beat, shout or kill it. He only drew a cross in the air. Just a cross of Christ! Well! The bear turned and went back. Superimposition happened there just as Raghunath Goswami did not see Radha Kund as a pond but Mother Herself. "

" One hot summer day, Raghunath Goswami was doing penance. All the devotees saw a six year old girl standing behind him with an umbrella, protecting him from the scorching heat. Ah! The benevolent Mother came and stood near Her devotee so that he is not fatigued by the heat. She is everywhere looking after everyone. Everybody belongs to Her. She gives each jeeva whatever he needs. "

" So unless you develop the principle that Mother is everywhere, the dhyana yoga cannot be complete. Dhyana yoga is extra ordinarily powerful. Mother is with us. She is present with whoever does dhyana yoga. If you want to dispel maya, dhyana yoga taught by Radhaji is very essential. Well, Mother is with us in dhyana yoga. Maya is always with us. When Mother is present, maya must leave. God clearly stated 'Daivihyesha gunamayi mama maya durutyaya' maya is great, it is linked to divine! Maya is associated with the three base modes (gunas). The Lord said 'It is my maya, my power. Nobody can understand it. Nobody can overcome it.' Then how to conquer maya?' 'Mayeva ye prapadyanthe mayametham tharathi the'.'Whoever faces maya bravely; whoever worships only me in spite of maya's presence; I assure that maya will move away from him. Where God, God's bhava and God's dhyana is present; maya will not be there. This is the divine rule!' maya is present where contemplation on God is not present. The philosophy of maya is wonderful. Incessant contemplation! That is why, Mother told you to develop the bhava that 'I have an inexplicable link with the divine; you can do dhyana at all time and anywhere. The greatest fruit of dhyana would be that the maya, the karma, the sins that were covering you from many lives will be shed. This is extra ordinary. Your karma will leave you without your effort. This is what Krishna said. Ordinary mantras are not enough to remove maya. They do not have such power. Radhaji is all powerful and actually present. When Her direct power acts., when we contemplate on Mother, maya cannot be present. It must leave. "

" Recently we came to Brindavan from Guntur. We had a lot of luggage with us including the beautiful portrait of Mother. While loading the luggage at Mathura, they forgot the portrait in the railway station. Normally anything lost in Mathura cannot be found. I said, I will not eat anything or even drink a drop of water till Mother is found. Our people went back to Mathura. The portrait was exactly where they left it. For me, it is not a mere portrait but Mother Herself. Mother came back! Incessant dhyana is very powerful. Mother will be with you every second. If you think 'Mother is with me', then She is really with you. "

" Maya can be removed only with dhyana yoga. Maya is with us every second. In our dhyana, Mother is with us every second. There is not even a single moment without Mother. There is no place where She is not there. Maya is also spread everywhere. So maya which is present everywhere can be removed only when Mother is present everywhere. This is the equation. This is the logic! No wonder She said 'Mother is with me' is not a small mantra; it is Maha mantra (highest mantra). When Mother is with you, how can maya exist? Both cannot be together. When one is present, other must leave. So when Mother is present, maya leaves. Maya has extraordinary power. Mother's power is greater; that is why it removes maya easily. "

" One leela shows how great Her power is. Lord Brahma is the creator of universe. First, he created a girl, a beautiful girl. Well! Maya has entered! As soon as he saw the girl, he was affected by maya. Whenever you see a beautiful object, maya acts. Maya accompanies the three base modes. Brahma was attracted towards her and cursed her when she refused him. That is maya. When your senses are attracted towards an object, maya envelops that object. So it penetrated deep inside. So maya attracts all the five senses and is spread everywhere. It will not leave any body even for a moment. Then how can you conquer maya? Is it possible? "

" Our Mother is also present with you continuously everywhere with the bhava that 'he belongs to Me'; you must have only one thought 'Mother is with me'. She will take you into a trance and show Her forms. She will play with you with many forms. Don't forget this. Radhe Radhe. "

Nanna told in a powerful manner how maya has penetrated into human life. He clearly stated that the only way to conquer this maya is to do dhyana on the all pervading Mother incessantly. He gave us the weapon of 'Incessant Radha Dhyana' to overcome maya. He also gave us the sweet Maha mantra - 'Mother is with me' If we follow what he preached, our loving Nanna is ready to accept us.


Na hrudayaveedhilo nee madhura dhyanamune
Nirantarambu necheya varameeya Rava Janani

Mother! Please bless me that I do only Your sweet dhyana incessantly in my heart


-Sri Radha Rasamadhuri 


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