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An Endless Divine Continuity - Part 12

Our Association With Nanna - Part 12
*Nanna's words
*Amma's words
*Foreword by Author
1Sri Radha Bhava Dhyana
2Radhaji, The All Powerful
3Nanna, The Manifestation Of Sweetness
4Sri Radha In the Vedas
5Passive Bhava
6 Message On Sri Dhyana
7 Sri Radhasakhi Rasavani


Radha noopura . Radhasakhi jeevanam

Sakhi's words are the sweet dhyana like the melody of Sri Radha's anklets. Sakhi's glance is filled with Sri Radha's love. Sakhi's bhava is the expression of Sri Radha bhava rasa experience. Sakhi's life is the path of Radha tattwa bhava.



Nanna gave a series of talks on dhyana yoga in 1995 during January 13th -19th in Guntur Ashram. About 35-40 devotees had the fortune of listening to these talks which commenced at 4 a.m. and continued till 6 a.m. This chapter is an extract of one of his talks during this period.

" Only one principle! Many cults in many countries follow this one principle. Jeeva must reach God. This is the main principle. Your target is God, that too the Highest God, not any intermediate or lower God. We must reach that highest God which the Vedas declare there is nothing higher than this God. Vedas is our statement of authority. There should not be anything equal to or higher than this. These are major principles. You must see only the highest and no other form. This is the real difficulty. "

" What is the evidence? The Bhagawata and the Bhagawad Gita are evidence to this statement. "

" 'Bahunam janmanamathe . sudurlabaha' "

" A real mahatma is one who can see God everywhere. Such mahatmas are very rare. There are hardly 3-4 mahatmas in the world. We are taking up that Dhyana yoga which was not practiced by more than 3-4 persons. When does jeeva reach this state? After many lives, he will obtain true knowledge; with that bhava, he will worship God. It will take several cycles of life and death before he gains that pure and highest knowledge. It is very difficult. You will realize how difficult when you begin this Dhyana. My experience has been that if you follow this method continuously for six months; a link between you and Mother's hladini power is established. Mother will be pleased that you are moving in Her path and will transmit a wave of Her power. Due to its significance, you will involuntarily start weeping. It is a combination of sorrow and joy. You cannot stop weeping; it is not in your control. Chaitanya and Meera Bai wept like that. You will weep without your knowledge. "

" One day, Mother went into a garden along with Her sakhis. They saw that water was dripping from the leaves as if it was raining. 'Mother, what is this? It is summer but it seems like rain here.' 'It is not rain. Unable to control the happiness of seeing Me... (Nanna was weeping), they are shedding tears' you will also reach that state some day. When the trees can shed tears, why not man? He is not in such a bad state! "

" Radha has extraordinary hladini power. Due to its fragrance, intensity and effect, others shed tears of joy. They cannot stop weeping. Not only trees, flowers, fruits, leaves also weep when they see Her. Wonderful indeed! Such a leela is not seen anywhere else in this world. Mother shows this leela always. We are going towards such a Mother. We are searching for Her, moving in the forest... (weeping). Take me along with You, my Mother. The path is very difficult and slippery. We must be cautious not to slip down. There are many hurdles in this path. We must carefully overcome them. If you fall down, you cannot go up. "

" The most important principle of dhyana-when you begin dhyana, there are only two entities, you and your deity. If a third entity exists, it is not dhyana. Srimannarayana decided to do dhyana till the end of kaliyuga. He chose Himalayas for dhyana. He told his consort 'Ramaa (Lakshmi Devi, his consort), I will begin uninterrupted dhyana. It is an aura of brightness. In dhyana, only I and my deity must exist, no third person. You are present in my heart. You must leave'. Rama Devi came out of his heart so that only he and his deity are present. Just as only husband and wife are present in the intimacy of their bedroom, here also there is no place for a third person. "

" In dhyana, one can enjoy an indescribable highest bliss. It is not possible to reach this state in the presence of a third person. Though Rama came out of his heart, she was concerned that her husband would be bit by the insects and snakes. She transformed into berry shrub and spread all around him. Lakshmi became Badari ordered by the Lord. Lakshmi Narayana then became Badari Narayana. So there is no place for a third person in dhyana; only I and my deity! Not only physically but even mentally. Well, it is difficult to avoid it mentally. Whatever comes into your mind is a hurdle; it must leave. That is why only I and my Mother must be present. When the Hladini power is released, we weep for Her. There is nothing else; no place for anybody else. When we see Her mentally, we begin to weep for no reason. 'My Mother! It is so long since I saw you. Today, after so long, I have seen You.' He will shed tears of joy like the Mother who weeps when her lost son is found! "

" Dhyana yoga is of two types-akhanda dhyana and tatkalika dhyana (permanent and temporary); (Continuous and time bound). The rishis followed the second one. They woke up at 4 a.m., bathed in the river and sat for dhyana on the river bank. Their wives remained in the ashram. They did dhyana up to 12 noon. Till today, this practice continues. Bhog is offered at 12 noon. Since the rishis remain without food till then, it is a practice to offer food to Mother only after 12 p.m. They did dhyana for 8 hours while only he and his deity were present. They took Her name. We must see Her mentally. She is not seen physically any time. 'Mother, You have come! I don't want anybody except You. Only You and me. None other than Mother!' Saying so, you must begin dhyana. Close your eyes. Do not open them for 12 hours. This is in the initial stages. Slowly you will get habituated. '12 hours is not enough. You must be with me for 24 hours; even when I am asleep' She will be with us even in our sleep. She will show you the way; She will not allow you to sleep. Only when She is present even in your sleep, it is akhanda dhyana. "

" Akhanda dhyana means without any break; uninterrupted. This is the final stage. In such a dhyana, there is no gap even if you are cooking, eating, meeting someone.; if someone visits you, you must make them sit, you must speak to them still but continue your dhyana. While speaking to them, you must not leave Mother. Keep Her near you all the time. When you keep Mother with you always, you cannot live without Her. Very difficult! Keep Her securely in your heart; see Her with one eye and do your worldly jobs with the other eye. You can continue your job but you must see Her all the time. 'Mother is with me. I am doing my job in Her presence. She is watching me while I am working. I am cooking as She is watching me. I cannot live without Her. I do not want anything.' You must do each and every work while She is watching you; along with Her. I will not stay away from Her. I don't want anything else. "

Nanna was weeping. What a talk on dhyana yoga! Nanna spoke about Sri Radha bhava dhyana many times. Yet each time the rasa experienced by him touches our heart. It is a mistake to think that he repeats the same matter again and again. With his infinite love for us, while speaking about the infinite and fathomless Radha bhava dhyana, he is transferring not only sound waves but also power waves to us. That is why, we feel the newness each and every time we hear the talk. Cautioning us that this path is difficult and slippery, he is making us slowly move in Her path. Can we ever repay his kindness?

" You will reach such a state within six months. You will weep whenever you think of Mother. It will be difficult to live without Her. That is complete dhyana. When we reach that state that we cannot live without Her, She will certainly appear before us in some form or other. She has no form or name. Yet the nameless and formless Mother will appear in some form or other. She is Bhaktanugrahakatara-always eager to bless Her devotees. She is waiting when Her devotee will weep for Her; when She must grant them Her darshan. Such is Radhaji's love. She cannot leave Her devotees. We also cannot live without Her. Rasa means not able to stay without each other. Rasa means not able to live without each other. Rasa means embracing each other and weeping! "

" The Sakhis are always weeping when they are near Her. They serve Her with tears of joy. Recently Mother granted darshan to Anjani amma in Ravali. She composed a song on that experience. "

(Kanipinchene Sakhi Kanipinchene ..)

" The sakhis blissfully serve Mother and sing. Their eyes are not normal; they are eyes of love. They always shed tears of joy. Even when you reach one stage of dhyana, your eyes are never dry; they are always moist. That is an indication that your dhyana is moving in the right direction. Remember that if your dhyana is continuing properly, the trees, flowers, buds, leaves are shedding tears of joy. If we do not weep, it means that our heart is not willing to melt to yearn for Her. These are the qualities in higher dhyana. "

" We shall begin our dhyana now. This dhyana is of two types-uninterrupted and time bound. The rishis woke up at 4 a.m., did dhyana till 12 p.m., then returned to their ashram and ate food. The gopikas and particularly sakhis don't take food for 24 hours. They don't even feel hungry. They contemplate on Mother all the 24 hours. Her hladini power controls the jeevas. They cannot stop weeping. We will not begin with akhanda dhyana. We will follow the rishis because it is very difficult. You can do dhyana from 4 a.m to 8 a.m. This is what, She told me. We will serve coffee and breakfast at 9 a.m. After the break, you can resume dhyana. The first stage of dhyana will be for 8 hours. When you reach the second stage, dhyana will be from 4 a.m. to 4 a.m.-permanently. We must be with Mother continuously without any gap. The greatness of this dhyana is that you do not leave Mother even for a single second. When you reach that stage, She will grant darshan easily in some form or other. "

" We will now follow the path of rishis. Remember the two principles which I told you - Only you and Mother; no third entity; Mother is formless! Initially you can take Her name; but don't have any form. Gradually you must give up name and form. This is the second stage. You can begin with Her name but not form. Mother is name and name is Mother; they are inseparable as they are one and same! "

" One muslim boy in Brindavan, who did not even see Mother, took the name 'Shyama'. He mingled only with Her name. That name took him to Her dham along with the physical body. This is a true incident. So do not underestimate Her name. It will also take you near Her. Take Her name in your mind - Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe. For 4 hours, you must take Her name only in your mind continuously, without any gap. You must practice in this way. "

Nanna told everyone to do dhyana for some time and instantly went into dhyana himself for one hour.

" A strange leela happened now. I was in a deep trance for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I did not cough even once. That is why; you were not disturbed by me in your dhyana. Another important fact is that I do not get sleep during this period. I was with Mother, without leaving Her even for a second. So I must give you an important and essential message. I must and shall tell you about the way I do dhyana. From tomorrow, you can make small changes in your dhyana. What is it? 'Mother is with me' Mother is present with each one of us, watching us. You must remain in this bhava throughout the two hours of dhyana. I did not get the cough that would disturb you; I went into a trance. In that trance, I was never away from Mother. Neither I nor you lost anything. This is Her leela. Now, the leela is not important; the fact that Mother is here is important. Mother is watching you during each and every second of your dhyana. This must form a part of dhyana. 'Mother is with me. I am doing dhyana. Mother is with me.' Never give up this bhava. I request you to do dhyana with this bhava for 4-5 minutes till aarthi time. I was with Mother only. My talk is over, now my cough has slowly returned! I am particularly telling you this because during dhyana, you must never leave Her even for a second. She is near us; seeing our welfare; protecting us from interruption in our dhyana. "

" Today, we did dhyana for 2 hours (4-6 a.m.) Just as Mother is with us here, you must resolve that wherever you are, home or elsewhere, Mother is with you. Then She will protect you. 'I will be with Mother throughout my life. Mother must be with me always' There is no doubt that She will protect you. Till today, I never gave a talk about Mother. Today, I felt like speaking about Her. In this very room, I was writing the 3rd volume of 'Brindavaneswari Radha' (Nanna told how Mother arranged to get the room converted to AC) "

" I am born only to serve my Mother. That is my duty; the duty towards my Mother who is equal to my life. I never asked anybody, even Mother to spend money and install an AC but Mother is watching us; taking care of us. She is protecting our penance. She is with us every moment in our penance. This is what 'Yoga kshemam' in Bhagawat Gita means! Lord Krishna said that he will take care of our welfare, our needs if we have one pointed devotion towards him. Mother is proving that now by making the statement true! I request you to attract Mother with one pointed devotion and contemplation. She will come; She is ready to be with you. "

" This example is not for pride but to make you understand that She is always with us. Even without our notice, She looks after us. Whether you are at home or go to kasi, Mother is with you. Do not give up this dhyana. It is very simple. 'Mother is always with me'. That's all. As simple as that. You need not even take Her name; you need not see Her form. Just say 'Mother'. 'She' wants us to think of Her as Mother. She is the first and foremost Mother. 'Anandyoyam purusha . vidhaya'. The One became two. One of the two is Radha. There is no creation before this. Hence, Mother is the first manifestation of power in this creation. All other Gods are after Her. So, She is the oldest manifestation of Maha sakthi. So old and so powerful! "

" The Vedas clearly mention that Krishna surrendered himself to Mother. The Bhagawata says that Krishna is not an incarnation; he is the Lord himself. All the other forms of the Lord are his incarnations or aspects. The original Lord who came down as Krishna surrendered to Radhaji. 'Krishnena aradhyatheti Radha' She became Radha because She is worshipped by Krishna. 'Radhnothi. Radhethi keertitha'. There is nothing that She cannot do. Lord Vishnu, Narayana or Krishna may be able to do some works but there is nothing that She cannot do. When Sati was burnt during Daksha yagya, Mahadeva vowed to destroy all 14 worlds if his Sati did not come back to him. When all the Gods approached Maha Vishnu and Srimannarayana, they said that they could not bring her back. Krishna said 'I cannot bring her back but I know where She is, who can do so. I also know the mantra to attract Her but I cannot bring back Sati myself.' So Mother can do everything. She is so powerful. We are very fortunate. Due to good deeds in our previous lives, we came near Mother. She does not leave us even for a second. This is the truth. This is the secret of Vedas too! So give up all other jobs and consider this as your first duty. Wake up at 4 a.m. and do dhyana at least for 1 hour. The rest of the period, She is with you even without your asking. I request you not to lose such a great opportunity. "

" Radhe Govinda Radhe "

Nanna continued his talk the next morning.

" Mother is listening to every small problem you face. Our dhyana is known as 'awareness'; 'science' We shall realise every minute aspect from time to time. It is very subtle. In normal dhyana yoga, you are given a mantra to chant. This mantra contains syllables and words which are worldly in nature. The creation is made up of three planes - Vyakta, Avyakta, Para. The lower plane is prakrithi. The next plane is avyakta where nothing is present. The highest is bhava loka. Creation is a three storeyed building. We are in the first storey-prakrithi. One who makes a mistake lands here. The useless jeevas are sent here to face their karmas. That Bhagawata clearly cautions man living in the prakrithi world through King Bharata's life. "

(King Bharata was a great yogi. One day, a deer that was being chased by a lion swam in the water, came to the other bank, gave birth to a deer and died. Bharata looked after the little dear with love and care and developed excessive affection towards it. When death approached him, he was staring at the deer, thinking of it, missing it; In fact he surrendered his heart to the deer and died. He was reborn as a deer)

" What is the deer made of? Prakrithi! That prakrithi which has five senses - sound, touch, sight, smell and taste. We all are bound to prakrithi. It is a prison; a fort for us. Goddess Mahadurga is protecting this fort. Durga is the power who does not allow anyone to escape from the fort. We cannot go out. Each and everyone, rich or poor enter this world by weeping at birth. He suffers from misery and diseases. He cries at the death of his kith and kin. There is nothing that he does not cry for. He must cry because this body is like that. The body of prakrithi is temporary; it will perish after some time. Man must die one day. Even the wealthiest person cannot escape death. "

" India's president Zakir Hussain's daughter brought his tea. He bent down to take his tea cup from the table. He held the cup and fell down. The military personnel and doctors rushed to his side. Within no time, the bulleting flashed 'Dr. Zakir Hussain, president of India died' though you are careful, though you have military staff and doctors to protect you, you cannot escape from death. You must die; you must leave the body. When he leaves the body, he is weeping; his family is weeping; his friends re weeping; prakrithi means world of sorrow. We are born in such a world. No wonder, when someone faces severe problems, he prays to God not to give him birth again in this wretched world. It is full of problems and misery. "

" Lord Buddha left his wife and son behind, jumped over the wall and left the palace without informing his wife or parents. Why did he leave? He saw only problems; only sorrow around him. When one grows old, he loses his happiness. He can't hear or see properly. He cries when his wife or children die. He cries when he also dies. This world is the home for sorrow. That is why, many people want moksha. Moksha means going to the higher world and remaining there without being born in this world again. When you attain moksha, you are free from the nuisance of family bonds. The Gita speaks only about moksha and not higher. 'Sarvadharman parityajya. ma suchah'. 'If you give up all dharmas and surrender totally to me, I will grant you moksha' Krishna did not give more than moksha. What is moksha? Moksha means you will not have the suffering of prakrithi anymore. You will not have problems once you cross prakrithi and move up. You will neither suffer from diseases nor will you die. Krishna said he would grant such a state of moksha. "

" We are doing dhyana. One must not think 'Our guru is very great. He is as great as sage vasishta. He has given us mantra and told that we will obtain moksha by chanting this mantra' Mantra has worldly sounds associated with it. You must go beyond prakrithi and do bhava dhyana. "

Nanna went into the depths of bhava dhyana which is beyond the five senses of prakrithi and explained to us. The Gita said that everyone who is born must die one day. Jeeva is born weeping and cries all through his life. The Bhagawata and Gita stated how he can go beyond this prakrithi and reach the state of moksha but they did not mention about what lies beyond moksha - rasa and rasa tattwa. Even the Vedas said 'Raso Vai Saha'; 'Rasagyevayam labhwanadeebhavathi' they only tried to define rasa but did not delve into its depth. Nanna, who is always with Sri Radha like Her shadow; Her partner in rasa explained to us about rasa tattwa, sovereign of rasa, Radhaji and Radha bhava dhyana. 'Only rasa can give rasa. I only have the authority and power to speak about Radha. Only one who has seen Radha can speak about Mother and explain rasa tattwa'. Thus Nanna clearly stated that he has seen RadhaRani. We are indeed fortunate to hear about Sri Radha dhyana yoga directly from such a Nanna. We have attained our Nanna due to the fruit of good deeds in our previous lives; who is explaining with such love and patience like to a little child.


Koti yugambula ... Dhyanambuche kalgu

We can attain the fruit of our good deeds in many ages through Your dhyana



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