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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas

Raja Naravahan

Raja Naravahan

Raja Naravahan-A decoit transformed by Harivamsaji

For thousands of years Sri Dham Vrindavan has been a famous centre of penance and meditation. Because it consists of many Vanas it is called group of Vana or Vrindavan. Also, as Sri Vrindadevi meditated here on the banks of the Yamuna this holy place is known to be Vrindavan. Bhkta Dhruva , a small boy of six year meditating here in Madhu Van attained the Divine Presence (sakshatkar) of the Lord. Goddess Mahalakshmi, it is told by the Mahatmas here, is still meditating here in Bilva Van. Above all, Padma purana narrates that Brahma Vidya Devi meditated here to attain Gopi Bhava before the arrival of Radha Krishna.

One day great Sage Narada was roaming there. That was the time of manifestation of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. The Maharshi entered into a Vana. He wondered, in the entire creation whether atmosphere of such intense tranquility is possible.

Even his musical instrument, the veena (Mahathi) immersed under the Divine spell of the Vana and remained silent. The Maharshi's mind began to get immersed in the tranquility of the Vana.

Great are the Mahatmas meditating here? By whose majestic influence this pure tranquil atmosphere is expanded and the transcendental happiness is settled here. Maharshi Narada while thinking this way, to his astonishment saw a woman spreading great light around was meditating within a tree. Though Her appearance is like a woman Saint (tapasvini) She adorned with invaluable ornaments. The Maharshi never saw such a contrast. He went near the Yogini and offered his salutations. "Mother, who are you?" "Narada, I am Brahma Vidya Devi" She replied in a tranquil tone. "Mother, what are you doing here" questioned Narada again. "Aren't you watching, I am meditating here". Narada was wonder-struck. "By Her very Grace many Sages, Yogis and other saings ( tapasvi) realize Brahma Vidya. Then, can there be any higher thing she can aspire for." She fulfils any desire in the universe, then seeking what great state Mother is meditating here. Narada bewildered. Without his asking the Mother replied "I want to attain the Lotus Feet of Nand Nandan Sri Krishna with Gopi Bhav (The transcendental State of Gopis). I want to enter the eternal play (Nitya Raas) of Raseswari RADHA DEVI. To enter the Nitya Ras the Grace of Radhaji is essential. Without Her blessing it cannot be possible Devarshi". Naradji prostrated before Her and left.

As the time passes away, the Holy Vrindavan became a hub of dacoits. Even though born in a traditional family, Naravahan had turned into a dacoit due to bad company. He became leader of thieves and finally established a kingdom on the banks of the Yamuna and turned notorious for cruel ruling. For the administration of the kingdom he started secret agent-department, punishment-department and traders-department etc. His colleagues used to praise him as Annadata (provider of food). Naravahan, who was a contemporary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, gathered thousands of wrong-doers and was causing immense suffering to the residents of the Vraj. A story prevalent in the Vraj says that Devarshi Narada had appraised Sri Radhaji in the Sri Nikunja (Abode of Radhaji) about the miserable state of Vraj Vasis. The local stories further tell that Radhaji had become unconscious after hearing the sorry state Her Vraj vasis and Sri Krishna soothed and comforted Her. He sprinkled perfume water to bring Her back to consciousness.

One day a Jain Trader was crossing the Yamuna along with his entourage. The associates of Naravahan surrounded the trader's vessel and demanded taxes. The merchant declined to pay. The forces of Naravahan attacked the vessel and a fierce gun battle took place between the two. In the cross fire some of the soldiers of Naravahan were also killed. Finally Naravahan's soldiers took control of the trader's vessel and brought it to the bank. The Jain merchant was arrested and was placed before Raja Naravahan and they said "Annadata, this merchant is a Jain and is a very rich person. He declined to pay taxes and killed some of our soldiers in the battle. We are waiting for your orders" Naravahan got enraged. He ordered his minister to award suitable punishment. His aides prosecuted the merchant and he was given death sentence. He was kept in a jail near the palace of Naravahan before execution of the sentence.

The atrocities of Naravahan were innumerable. He burnt the houses of Vrajvasis who did not pay taxes. He killed many bread winners of the families who opposed his ways and as a result many women became widows. Children turned into orphans and many others were starving for food. An atmosphere of anarchy and intimidation prevailed on the banks of the sacred Yamuna. The Great shrine of Divine meditation and the most sacred soil thus changed into a hub of violence and disturbance. Alas! What a pitiable state had emerged?

One day Naravahan called his secret agents and said 'I hear sankirtan from the other side of the river time and again. Are they really devotees or else mere pretenders'? The agents replied " They are the followers of Chaitanya prabhu. His disciples Sanatan Goswami and Roopa Goswami are doing penance there. Occasionally they perform sankirtan also. They are natives of Bengal and are simple devotees. There is no threat to our kingdom from them". " Well, then what about those two agents who were sent to Madanter? Did they return?" They said, 'Anna data, what is there to convey about them. One agent is doing water service to a Mahatma by name Harivamsa there and the other vinjamara seva (fan service) to him. It is learnt that these two are not willing to return from Madanter. We do not know what spell he (Harivamsa) cast on them". The secret agents' reply infuriated Naravahan. You stupid "Some of you go there and arrest him. Bring him to me" ordered Naravahan. "Oh! My Lord If they also get sold to him and do not return.. Such sadhus may be possessing bespelling mantra?" the agents expressed their doubt. Enraged Naravahan shouted at them "among my associates such weak persons. No, I my self will go there. One of us will remain. Either I will die, else I will kill that bewitching Sadhu who captivated my agents" declared Naravahan.

That was next day evening. Fired with rage Naravahan was frantically moving towards Madanter. Mid way he saw a person by name Naharmal who was crying loudly. Naravahan thought that he was also troubled by Harivamsa. He questioned the people gathered there whether he (Naharmal) was cheated by the fake Sadhu Harivamsa.

They said "Every day Mahaprabhu Harivamsa goes deep into the forest and collects fire wood necessary for the day. He carries it personally to the Ashram by keeping it on his head. One day this Naharmal said, "Swami! Why should you suffer so much? Why should you walk miles together carrying the weight of fire wood? Tomorrow itself I will arrange two servants for you". Harivamsaji stared at him and said, "Naharmal, what a fall in you! What a low your devotion plummeted! Sri Radhji is my life, my wealth and my everything. For serving Her do I need servants? Do not step into the Ashram again. Do not show me your face. This is my order. Your ego is obstructing the spirit of Divine Service. I cannot allow you into my Ashram."

Since then this devotee is weeping inconsolably. He is neither sleeping nor taking any food. He continuously implores his Gurudev. " Prabho! please condone my blunder. I will serve Sriji with my body, mind and speech. What I have to do with the unstable worldly wealth I possessed. I do not want to be ostentatious. I came to this world for the Service of Radhaji. Forgetting this truth I yielded to outer pleasures and distanced my self from Radhaji. What is the way-out for me?" Naravahan felt a new wave of power passing through him as he was hearing these words. A new change unfolded in his life. As he watched the humility and grief shown by Naharmal the Divine power of Radhaji entered into him tshrough Harivamsaji. The all-pervading wave of Hladini Shakthi has started its play in the heart of Naravahan.

We have to remember the words of Radhaji that the Sudarsan Chakra (wheel shaped weapon of the Lord Krishna) can only pierce the body of the evil doer into pieces but cannot really usher in the welfare of the world. Though the evil doer's bodies are destroyed, their minds are not changed even by a trifle; in turn they assume the state pisacha (souls with unfulfilled desires) and subsequently cause further misery to the pious.. Thus the evil doer is merely leaving the mundane world but his mind is not detached from evilness. As a result later he is becoming more evil-some than before. Knowing this Sri Radhaji has not touched Sudarsan but sent the Flute (Vamsi) to the Earth in the form of Harivamsa. Hitaharivamsaji who is replete with the waves of Hladini Shakthi is able to transform evil doers without even touching them. He removes evil-mindedness and turns their mind towards the Lord. This is real welfare of the world. This is the philosophy of Radhaji and the essence of Her eternal play, the Nitya Ras. No one knows that Hitaji is filled with Hladini Shakthi of Radhaji. By his very sight, word, singing, verse and the Prasad (oblation) he distributed the power of Radhaji to one and all.

"Once Naharmal is cleansed by the intensity of his repentance the very next moment Radhaji's Shakthi will enter into him and transform him into a Yogi." Commented one of the persons gathered there. These words melted the stony heart of Naravahan. With heart brimming with the waves of Radhabhav he started lamenting at the atrocities he has committed. Can I ever be eligible for the Grace of Radhaji? This Sadhu Mahatma is not deceptive. I should not regard him as a heinous witch crafter. Soon Naravahan entered Hitaji's Ashram. There he felt great happiness without any reason. Inexplicable waves of Bhav began to move his heart.

Where Radhaji's power manifests there is no place for argument. It is a wonderful infinite power of love. Harivamsaji who possessed the absolute power of Sriji started to converse with Naravahan. "My dear, you have come. I am blessed by your sight" Bewildered Naravahan was unable to utter a single word. Few moments hence a strong wave of remorse and repentance up welled out of his heart.. "Oh! Lord, with these very hands I made many women widows, I made children of Vraj orphans. A crude sinner like me will have no salvation. Uttering these words Naravahan wept at the feet of Harivamsaji for long time. "My dear, no jeeva in the entire universe can commit such a sin which Sriji cannot condone. The over powering nature of Her Grace far exceeds the intensity of your sinfulness. It will cleanse you from every sin. You are indeed blessed, my son. You are indeed blessed...Hearing the soothing words of Hitaji, Naravahan became unconscious. Some time later gaining back his consciousness, he said " My Lord I saw only darkness in my life, never any light. Now in your blessed presence I am able to understand what brightness is. A new lease of hope entered into my life. Lord! Now it self tell me. I am going to release this arrow. You may build Ashram of any magnitude. I will surrender the land to you upto the reach of the arrow. Harivamsaji laughed and said "what a great donor are you, Naravahan, what a great donor... Leave the issue of land, did you understand whom does your body belong to? Did you win over your body? Or at least did you completely overcome one sense? Thus Hitaji questioned how a person who is not a master of his own self can claim to be the king of Brindavan. He said "Human being should ascend not to the throne of heinous kingship but to the throne emplaced at the Lotus Feet of Radhaji. These words of instruction destroyed the ignorance of Naravahan.

My Son, for the entire Universe Sri Radhaji is the Master. Sriji's service is your real kingdom. From that kingdom only you have come here. Forgetting Mother' presence you have been torturing many people. Did you ever feel at least a bit how much suffering they have been facing? Saying these words, Harimsaji shed tears in a state of intense divine feeling.

Very next moment Naravahan prostrated before Harivamsaji and said" Master, my eyes are opened now. I made many children of this sacred soil orphans and many women as widows. My heart is unable bear the pain remembering the atrocities I have committed." Naravahan immersed in utmost repentance and grief. He felt the prema bhav (feeling of Divine Love) of Radhaji. "Swami, What I have to do now, order me. I will carry on according to your behest." Thus prayed Naravahan dissolved by remorse and humility. "You have collected great amount of money in the name of taxes. First you give back the monies to their owners. Build houses to those whose houses are burnt down. For the people facing miserable life feed them every day. Your associates are addressing you as 'Annadata' (donor of food). Though you were not so from now onwards you should become real 'Annadata'.

Now offer your salutation to entire Vrajmandal and prostrate before it. This will please Radharani. You will be blessed. Here in this vana (garden) sitting under that tree always meditate on the name of Radhaji. Your future is not yours. Always live in present. For all the universes Radhaji is the only master and the Lord. Noneotherthan Nandanandan Sri Krishna who knows this fact thoroughly, always captivated to Radharani. What else should I tell you further?" Harivamsaji said in a loving tone. Soon after a great spell of vairagya (stoicism) entered the heart of Naravahan.

Transformed Naravahan has given up the strayed path of wickedness and violence. He is cleansed by an unparalleled devotion towards his Gurudev.

Meanwhile in the court of Narvahan time has arrived to execute the death sentence imposed on the Jain businessman. In the prison the guards were talking to each other this way "This merchant is looking like a very rich person. Alas, tomorrow is the last day in his life". And they went away to do the patrol. In the meantime an old lady entered the prison premises mysteriously crossing the main entrance. She entered into the prison and asked the Jain trader why he was weeping? "Amma, a demon has caught me and kept me in this jail. In this world there is no one to take care of me. You are very kindly asking about my wellbeing. I remain alive only today. Tomorrow they will hang me." The weeping trader bowed his head in utter helplessness. The old woman warmly said "Regard me as your mother. If you want to be alive and happy listen carefully. The world will get benefited by you. For this purpose only I came here. The death sentence will not be implemented. I came here only to protect you, my son. And she lovingly advised him in this way "My Gurudev Hitaharivamsa Prabho! save me my father. There is no one else in the world who can protect me. Oh! Mahatma, Ocean of compassion Harivamsa prabho, save me" Pray like this loudly my son. This prayer alone can save you, nothing else. Follow exactly what I said. Take this neck lace and wear it. Take this japa mala also. Weeping loudly do what I told you. The old lady disappeared. The Jain meticulously followed the advice of the old lady.

At a distance Naravahan was sleeping in his mansion. He got disturbed and woke up suddenly and shouted for his solders. "Who is that calling for help uttering my Gurudev's holy name? Bring him to me at once" ordered emotionally moved Naravahan. Without waiting for soldiers' arrival himself started running in the direction of weeping voice. He saw the Jain Trader in the captivity and said "who are you; you are chanting my Gurudev's name and weeping loudly. Do not fear. Come out of jail. Please forgive me. Am I such a brutal person to punish the disciples of my Gurudev? The death sentence on you is withdrawn this moment. You can leave this place freely chanting Gurudev's name." Uttering this way Naravahan prostrated before the Jain Trader. He gave back all the money forcibly taken from him.

Regaining life from the jaws of death the Jain Trader visited the Ashram of Harivamsaji. Weeping before Harivamsaji he said, "Mahatma, What a great power your name has, due to its power your disciple Naravahan prostrated before me with tears in his eyes. Naravahan who gave me death sentence withdrew it and saluted me, Mahatma. You have given back my life. Why should I keep this money that was looted by Naravahan? I respectfully offer this to you, my Lord". "Radhaji will give me everything I require. What shall I have to do with this money? Distribute this among the poor and hapless civilians of Naravahan's kingdom". Harivamsaji advised the trader in a loving tone. The merchant followed the advice and became a disciple of Harivamsaji.

Transformed Nararavahan like a saint was meditating under a tree all the time as instructed.

Please look at, how the most heinous criminal, looter and highway robber Naravahan is unbelievably transformed. Like a yogi, sitting under a tree meditating all the time, he surrendered his entire life to Radhaji. This is the magnificence of Hladini Shakthii. Without even touching the body of the Jeeva She eradicates his wickedness.

Elated by the devotional intensity and sincerity of Naravahan, Harivamsaji dedicated two verses (pad) to him. Hita Harivamsa's verses were compiled as a book 'Hitachaurasi'. This book contains 84 verses in the 'Vraj' language. Another book of Harivamsaji - 'Sphutavani' also contains verses in the Vraj. These verses describe the plays of Radha Krishna in the transcendental plane. The devotees of 'Radhavallabha tradition' regard these verses as the supreme authority in their devotional philosophy.


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