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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas
Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness

Sri Sri Haridas Ji Maharaj and Akbar

Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness



Eswrahaparamah Krishnah sachidananda vigrah
Anadiradirgovinda sarva karana karanam



Thus the Holy Texts are praising the Lord. The Jeeva cannot attain pure devotion of Krishna unless he undergoes series of births of penance and devotion on Lord. Such Supreme Lord, declared the Veda and the Upanishads, has been worshipping Radhaji in his transcendental devotion.

The nature and psychology of Sakhi centres on Sakhi Bhav and the devotional quality-"In your happiness lies my happiness". One cannot explain how difficult it is to attain such state of mind. Ordinary devotees may have many desires. But those desirous of attaining Her presence (Sakshatkar) should have only one goal. That is "Radhaji's Service". He should dedicate his every moment for the pleasure of Radhaji. So sublime is the state of 'Sri Radha bhav'. Unless this Bhav is attained, none can get to Her service. .

All Jeevas are but Her servants. But the ordinary Jeevas serves his senses only. The word 'Goswami' meant that he is the master of senses, whereas all the jeevas behave like 'slaves to senses'. It is difficult find a real Goswami among lakhs of people, whereas even a Rasic devotee is not visible even among crores of people. Even there may or may not be one such devotee among crores of people. The goal of the worship of 'Vrajdham' is not 'the Lord' but 'Rasopasana'-the worship of Rasa. Unless the devotee qualifies in the supreme worship-Rasopasana and ascends to highest state, he cannot have the 'darshan' of the Ruler of the Universes (Jagadeeswari), the embodiment of Rasa and the controller of the Raas-Sri Radha Devi.

Sri Radhaji is 'Bhaktanugrahakatara' (anxious to bless devotees). Her Nature and Philosophy are extremely tender and Her world is replete with Bhav. Her devotees there, influenced by Hladini Shakthi, weep unknowingly. Some of them even fell at Her feet losing consciousness. Besides extremely pleasant singing is heard every where. The path of Her love upon the devotee, is ever new and Her benignity is ever-present and replete with Rasa. Some of the events in the lives of a few devotees who dedicated therir lives to Her are narrated here. In the past, in the present and in the future Her Grace is ever present and ever true.

Scriptures enunciate that 'Sri Radha' is Her play-name. Her real name is 'Sarveswari' (Lordess of all universes). Sarveswari is extolled as 'Radha' by some, as Kishori and Shyama by few others. Some other devotees lovingly call Her as 'Amma". As She is the first and foremost manifested Divine Power, obviously She is the Mother of every thing that is created. She is pleased when She is called 'Amma'. Even one lettered 'Ma' does please Her immensely. Goddeesses we regard as Divine Mothers in this infinite universes are but Her (Sarveswari Sri Radha's) reflections. May the readers perceive the Truth that the 'Bhav' which is beyond all Names and Forms is noneotherthan Sri Radha. Once She Herself revealed to the author of this book that She is 'Amma' during meditation. Ever since, the author is meditating Her as 'Amma'. The readers may now see how such ever-present graciousness of Sri Sarveswari manifested Herself in the events occurred in the lives of few devotees.


Sri Lalita Devi is one of the eight companions(Ashta Sakhis) of Radhaji and is Her beloved Sakhi. Her manifestation is Swami Hari Dasji. This saint of lyric and music is contemporary of Emperor Akbar. History tells us that the court-musician of Akbar-Tansen, was a disciple of Haridasji.

One day a rich merchant from Punjab devotedly presented a valuable perfume bottle to Swamiji who immersed in 'Bhav' in Nidhi Van. Swamiji in the state of 'Bhav' took the bottle and immediately threw it into the nearby bushes. The merchant immensely pained at the spontaneous action of Swamiji. Some time later, Swamiji understood the reaction of the merchant and asked him to go to Biharji Mandir along with his disciple. Soon the merchant astonished to find that the lane leading to the temple is filled with the scent that he offered to Swamiji.

When the merchant approached him, Haridasji was engrossed in seeing the enjoyment of Sri Radha and Krishna in the divine play-Holi (Divine play of sprinkling scent and colour water on each other) In the meantime the Radhaji's perfume water was exhausted while Gopal continued to sprinkle it on Her. The supreme devotee of Sriji-Sri Haridasji did not like Her defeat and threw the scent bottle given by the Merchant. She lovingly accepted the perfume.and sprinkled it on Gopal. Because of the play of Radhaji, the merchant found that the premises of the temple were filled with the scent offered to Sri Radhaji. "What a Supreme Kindness" How gracious is the Bhaktanuraha Katara-Sri Radha.. The merchant's fortune is inexplicable.

On hearing about Rasic Saint Haridasji, Emperor Akbar desired to meet him. He attired himself as a Fakir. After meeing him in the Sri Dham-Vrindavan, he requested the saint to give him some 'service', how so ever difficult or expensive it might be? Recognising the touch of ego in his tone, Swamiji warned him that the service that he intended to give him was impossible to render. Then Akbar persuaded Swamiji not to be hesitant to order him service of any kind. Then Swamiji told , "Oh, Fakir in the Yamuna, at the nearby Ghat, one of the down-steps got broken. Replace it with a new one", "Only this much, For this small work Swamiji has cautioned me so much," Akbar laughed at the order of Swamiji within himself and proceeded to the river. At that very moment Swamiji graced inner vision to the Emperor. Akbar astonished, beholding the banks of transcendental Yamuna. He found all the steps on either side of the river were studded with precious diamonds and supphires never seen before. He also saw a broken step at a near by place, Akbar, the Sovereign Emperor never imagined existence of such precious stone-studded steps. He thought such precious things were impossible in the entire creation. Even if he sells out his entire country he cannot obtain such a precious one to repair the step. At that moment he understood how insignificant the human wealth before Divine Opulemee (Bhagavat Vibhooti) is!


Bhakthi vasah purushah

Sarveswari sri Radha is attracted to the love of Her 'Para' devotees (Devotee who worship Her as all pervading Divine Personality) but not to wealth or status of any human being.



Ghataitva tatastasminnarishtam vrisharoopinam
kopena parshi ghathena mahateertham prakalpitam


-Adi Varaha purana 


Sri Krishna killed a demon by name 'Arishtasura' who assumed as a cow. Radhaji pained by the event. She said, eventhough he killed a demon, a sin was committed as the demon was in cow-form. Then Krishna prayed Sri Radha for atonement for His sin. She ordered him to create a tank that is filled with holy waters. Sri Krishna forthwith invited all rivers into the tank. But Sriji said " I have nothing to do with river waters. The tank will be filled with my waters. As She was saying so, fountains of cow-milk streamed out from the middle of the tank. This tank is reverently called as Radha Kund. Even today when the tank is emptied for cleaning, streams of milk-like waters rising from the middle of the tank are seen. Thus devotees worship the Kund as Radhaji Herself.

Sri Raghunadh Goswami meditated at Radha Kund and lived his entire life on its bank. He was a disciple of Chaitanya Prabhu. Two wonderful divine events are visible in his life. Without staying in any hutment he lived a life of penance under the trees for a long time. Once he was engrossed in meditation under hot Sun. Radhaji assuming the form of a girl (kishori) stood behind him and covered his head stretching out Her sari in order to protect him from hot sun rays. This Leela of Lord of universes was seen by another saint by name Sanatana Goswami and told Raghunadh about the compassion of Mother. Shaken by the love of Radhaji, Raghunadhji thought that he is causing strain to mother by meditating outside under a tree and built a small hutment for continuing his penance(tapas).

Sri Govindji mandir was the first temple built in Sridham Vrindavan. For the installation ceremony of the Holy murthy, other devotees of Lord Chaitanya invited raghunadh to Vrindavan. But Raghunadh politely rejected their invitation. "I cannot go any where, isn't Govindji here in Radha Kund which is my Mother Radhaji". In his view Radha kund is not a mere tank but Sriji's manifested form. Even today devotees have this 'Bhav' in their heart and sprinkle holy waters of the Kund up on their heads with devotion before taking bath in it.

At the time of construction of Radha Kund Raghunadh Dasji required huge amount of money.. But he never placed any request before any one as he believed Sriji Herself will provide wherewithal. In the meantime a group of Gujarati devotees came to meet him. "Swami, are you constructing a Kund here? Swami, we are devotees of Sriman Narayana. We have collected sizeable money for the purposes of renovating temple at Badari, providing facilities to pilgrims and repairing roads to Badari Kshetra. While we commence our journey from our town, that very night 'Swami Badari Narayana' told in the dream, "Sri Radha is my Mother. Money is required for the construction of Her Kund. So, utilise all the collected money for the construction of Radha Kund. This is my order". And He disappeared. Therefore swami, we keep all the money at your feet. Kindly accept it and give us your blessings". The devotees, then, kept the money there and left.

What do we understand by these Divine plays? Radha Kund doesn't merely belong to 'Prakritic' plane. Devotional readers should understand that it is a very sacred trancedental water collection. By this time the readers might have known who Radhaji is, to a certain extent. Manifesting as sakar (form) and as Nirakar (formless) simultaneously, She shows devotees the right path of elevation. She attracts them gradually, removing their shortcomings. This is a proven direct truth.


Sri Raghunadh Das Goswami used to take only a glass of butter milk everday. It is a mystery how this small liquid food is sufficient for him. One day when he was suffering from loose motions an unknown doctor came to see him and commented that he might have taken rice pudding during the previous night. Because of it, he was suffering from loose motions. Then Goswami reluctantly agreed that during the previous night Radhaji had given him Kheer prasad.

Don't you understand by this beautiful play that Amma looks after and protects Her devotees so intimately? None the less, how the doctor did know about this event? Occasionally, the sakhis reveal the divine plays of radhaji. A sakhi in the form of the doctor revealed the love-play of Radhaji here.

Ordinary Gods bless benedictions after being asked by the devotee. Radhaji gives Her dedicated devotees every thing they recquire before being asked. This is Her innate nature. She immensely likes Rasic devotees and attracts them to take them to Her Abode.


One day Sri Radhaji was roaming in the Gehar Van along with Her sakhis. Suddenly she heard a loud voice yearnfully crying, He!Kishori! Haa! Prana Priya, I cannot live any more parting with you." A youth was weeping loudly in the Van. She ordered Her Sakhis to bring him to Her. Sakhis went upto him and came back forthwith. Devi! He is weeping at the demise of his wife 'kishori' He is neither remembering you nor chanting your name. Then forthwith Radhaji said, "All of you are mad. Though dead, his wife held his mind from within. As a result he is weeping. But within the name 'kishori' that he is uttering knowingly or unknowingly, there cannot be anyone except me. So, you bring him to me.. Sakhis brought him to Her. The Lord of Universes showed him Her transcendtal appearence.The youth fell on Her Feet. "After how many long years, got your darsan Amma.". 'Uttering these words he fell on Her feet and left his mortal coil. His astral body reached the abode of Mother. Because of his dedication to Radhaji in his previous births Mother showered Her grace on him. If any one chant Her name with Bhav, knowingly or unknowingly, Mother has promised to bless Her grace. Thus, the majestic sweetness of Sri Kishori's inner swaroop was revealed to the Sakhis.


A renowned devotee of Sri Radhaji - Sri Radha baba, used to worship Her in 'sakhi bhav'. Gradually he got immersed in the Bhav and regarded himself as one of the sakhis of Sri Radha. One day Sri Krishna appeared and gave him a pan (beetle leaf preparation) prasad. Also, He said, "I am giving the Prasad only to you, not to any of the great devotees." Sri Radha baba who was a sakhi in the world of bhav' thought when there are greater devotees than him, accepting the pan prasad' is not proper." He, then went to Sri Radhaji and told her about the happening and kept the prasad' there. His spiritual behaviour immensely pleased Radhaji.

A little time later, unable to bear separation from Radhaji, he swore to leave his body unless he gets the Her Darsan before the sunrise. But Amma blessed him wonderfully. "Sakhi, I will write letters of Divine Name on your heart, what would you say? Radhaji told him, "Sakhis do not prefer to play with Krishna they want only the service of Sri Radha's Lotus Feet. Radha Baba prayed Radhaji only to write the name Radha but not the name of Krishna. Next morning every body saw shining letters Ra.dha. were written on his chest. No can could efface these letters despite several trials. Who is capable of effacing the transendental letters of the mantra? The residents of Vrindavan since then started worshipping the letters Ra..dha.. having them written by Radha Baba on small sticks. Many devotees installed such name- sticks in their prayer rooms and are worshipping them devotedly. Thus the name Radha is greatly popular than any other names of Mother. The name Shyama also attracted many devotees and redeemed them to higher spiritual plane. Bespelled by the name Shyama, 10 year old Mslim boy of Mathura never parted with the Nam despite several difficulties he had to confront and attained the love of Radhaji, Radhaji blessed the boy and sent Her Sakhi - Champakalatha and accepted him into Her Divine Abode.


The author of this book yearn fully prayed Sri Radha and wrote a song, "He Radhe! When will you write your name on my loving heart". He received the loving answer from Mother in an extra-ordinary manner. On the pervious night to the New Year (Ugadi) 1994, a devotee in Vijayawada had a magnificant divine vision. The author was lying in an easy chair, but he is not fully himself, one half is of a small girl, with bangles on the wrist and with anklets and neeklace and the other half is of the author. In this half the letters name 'Ra.dha .' were written vividly on the chest position. Next day morning, soon after the daybreak, she bought a green sari and came to Guntur (author's town). She wore the sari to the author in a state of 'Bhav' and fell at his feet and got back conscicuness after an hour.


A devotee by name Navavratae Brahmachari came to Sridham Vrindavan along with his devotional group in the year 1996 to conduct Bhagawata Saptaha (A Seven day perusing of the Bhagawatha). He had acquaintance with the author of this book since 1988. After the saptaha is concluded he visited the ashram and while listening to the speech of the author a devotee of 70 years old had an experience. After returning their ashram she narrated her experience to 'Brahachariji' in this way.

"In sri Radha Mahalaxmi Ashram, then is a Servant Maid (Daasi) of SRI RADHA. SHE HAS TO BE HONOURED WITH A SARI'. Forthwith she bought a sari and gave it the her Guruji (Brahama chariji) He sent the sari to Radha Mahalaxmi Ashram(Ashram of the author) giving it to a disciple. (Sri Radhika prasad maharaj is that Daasi of sri Radha)"


Sri Purushottam Dasji who lives in the 'Bhramara Ghat' of Vrindavam once visited Sri Radha Mahalaxmi Ashram. As he saw Sri Radhika Prasad Mmaharaj he spontaneously said in 'Bhav' He is not a man. He is Priya Sakhi of Radhaji. He is the confidential Sakhi of Radhaji.


Recently an erudite scholar of Visakhapatnam while she was drawing sandal paste (out of sandal wood) for Radhaji, to the surprise of every one a voice 'Radhe' 'Radhe' was heard continuously. As she was hearing the same every day, she recorded it and devotedly gave it to the author. In this way 'Radha Nam is manifested even within daily activities, giving pleasure to devotees.


A few devotees while travelling to Ravali the birth place of Radhaji, out of the sound of engine everybody heard the name Radhe.. Radha.. All the names that belong to 'prakriti' are inert as they don't have any independent power. Chair, bench, brinjal, tomoto etc., all these are inert objects. So their names are also inert. But the name Radha is not so, as it is the manifested form of Radhaji. Thus Sri Radhaji manifested Herself in the form of sound.


In Andhra Pradesh, son of a famous poet was about to take solemn vow' (Deeksha) from an expert in 'Tantra'. At that very moment, he suddenly heard an instruction. "This is not your path, come to Brindavan immediately" the voice of Radhika prasad Maharaj reverberated in the the boy's ears. Soon he stopped the deeksha ceremony and visited Brindavan.


During the month of Agust 1998, a Yogini who is the disciple of Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj and few other devotees went to Raavali and had the darshan of idols of Radhaji and meditated there for some time. The most generous Diety Sri Radhaji, appeared in the meditation of the Yogini and shown her a divine vision. Sri Radhika Prasad in the form of a small girl was seen doing sandal service to Radhaji. Surprisingly the fragrance of sandal descended and all the devotees around the Yogini experienced the fragrance. Sriji has once again proved the words of Great Souls that Sri Radhika Prasad Maharaj is her confidential inner sakhi.


The same year another disciple of Radhika Prasad Majaraj, when she was in meditation at Raavali, heard a sweet tone saying 'Bolo hamara' (Tell about us) This voice is the message of the Radhaji She directed her to spread her Name, Play and Supremacy of Her grace.

The Name 'Sri Radha' is the most powerful Divine Name. For the Jeevas in their Samadhi state also this Name can be heard. Listening to the Divine Name, is the only sadhana. Radha Nam is a form of Hladini Shakthi(Radhaji's Shakthi) appearing as sound and Sri Radha, in actuality, is the 'Bhav' which is beyond Name and Form.


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