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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas

Guidelines to Sadhakas


1. Jeeva is passing from one birth to another for the gratification of his ego. He has been deriving pleasures from outer world (bahya jagat). More so, he is under an illusion that all objects that can offer pleasure to him are in the outer world itself. Every object in the outer jagat is momentary. Even for Brahma and Maheswara, temporarily, there is death. Attachment (mamakara) for prakriti will not get dissolved as long as one is in its captivity. Because of these two reasons one will become sad when a related object, is disappeared or lost. Such a situation has to be confronted. Sri Radha is residing in one's own heart. Recognising the truth that Mother is ruling and nourishing the worlds, if any one lives only for Her, it is real sadhana. The day you dedicate one's life to Sri Radha from that day one's affinity with prakriti objects gets deteriorated, spontaneously love and affection for the Lord springs out from heart. As She is embodiment of Yoga Maya (the divine power that unites one with God), within moments She can uplift us from Maha Maya and brings in the great fortune of proximity with Lord. The Sakthi that unities jeeva with the Lord is Yogamaya. The source that blesses us pleasure and happiness is Mother residing in our heart. That is Sarveswari Sri Radha. The VEDA enunciates that SHE is the Supreme Ahladini Shakthi.

2. By the influence and shakthi strength of maya, mind run after the pleasures offered by outer jagat If the jeeva follows its dietats, down fall is inevitable. Man will became an animal. We have to remember that god is not there in the outer world (Bahya japat), Even Brahma Deve who wandered in the outer world for a long time unitl he is tired and not get appearance dershan sriman narayana out of kindness srimannarayana created the words' Tapah .... Tapah... (Do Tapas)' and made them heard by Brahma. Then Brahma started penance taps and stopped searching for god out side for the darshan of sriman narayana god in wardly. God's darshan is not possible with any amount of out word search. If turned towards inwardness one can get his revealed in the texts as

Antarmukha samaradhyai namah, Bahirmuha sudurlabha!

One has to worship only with inwordness impossible for outwordness

The Geeta also pronounced eswarah Sarva Bhootanam hruddese Arjuna (Eswara has emplaced himself with love in the hearts of every being). To seach for him in the outer world only creates wasting of time and energy.

3. The seeker of Divine should always remember two important principles.

1. To move towards Lord inwardly reducing outer living.

2. God blesses his darshan only in the state of silence. (Thoughtless mind). In this state only our Sarweswari Radhaji blesses devotees Her darshan.

4. The Veda is solemnly declaring that the mind desiroous of the darshan of Lord should have four qualities.

a. Your mind should be pure. Mind that is riddled with Dareshana (desire for wife) dhaneshana (desire for money) and putreshana (Desire for sons and daughters) is impure. That mind will push you down-ward towards the pleasures of prakirti.

b. Your mind should be strong. Nayamatma balaheene na labhya "-so declared the veda, that is, weak minded cannot get Lord's darshan. As soon as the mind remembers the outer pleasure, it gets disturbed (vikara). The mean mind always runs towards outer pleasures. For energy and power we should worship only the Supreme Power of the universe - Sri Radha Devi as the Lord of the universes Krishna is worshipping Radha Devi. Hence it is clear that there is no power greater than that of Sri Radhaji.

c. Your mind should be yearnful and anxious to get the Lord's darshan. Even though a small boy 'Dhruva' leaving away all comforts at home, solitarily reached Madhuban in the Vrindavan. Not fed properly, Dhruva never got dreaded by wild animals moving alarmingly beside him. 'Vasudeva is my life. Vasudeva is all my pleasure and happiness', with this bhav he meditated in Madhavan and had the divya darshan of Srimannarayana.

d. Your mind should always be alert and ready to perform meditation. For meditation two cs / qualities are required.

A. Your vision should move inward.

B. Your goal should be directed towards lord not for any outer objects or pleasures.

5. We should not forget that mind is naturally cosmic. Such an all encompassing, all pervading mind, due to its interaction with lower pleasures, has been reduced to animality and meanness.

6. The mean jeeva-hood arised due to its surrender to shackles of the prakriti. How such a mind does give rise to pure love? Such mean person knowns only sordid kama (desire), but not devotion. How such a mean and sordid 'kama' can attract God? What attracts God is only the heart felt remembrance but not the 'kama' generated by senses. Jeeva is egoistic. His ego knows only sensuous desires. God cannot be attracted to it. "I am this body, she is my wife, this is my daughter, this mansion is mine, I have got so much amount of money, discarding such ideas if we live with ideas like "I belong to Amma, I am the property of Mother, Her pleasure is my pleasure", it is the greatest sadhana (God has accepted even the tasted food offered by Sabari who is filled with devotional love)

7. If you do not remain in higher silence, you cannot receive the rays of transcendental knowledge. As long as you are outward, the higher Truth will not dawn on your mind. During the outer living the jeeva attracted by the sensuous pleasures gets distrubed and will be deteriorated. Even Gods like Brahma and the Shiva reduced to outwardness having been fascinated by beautiful damsels, so is the case with sage Viswamitra. Therefore we should remain in the world without leaving Mother's Bhav and we should get such life. That should be our goal. For a Jeeva who is dedicated Sri Radha there can be no harm from outer vision. Each individual with shradha and devotion, in the state of higher silence, should realise the Supreme Truth i.e., Sri Radha Devi. To attain Radha Bhav is but attaining the darshan of Radhaji. i.e., it is aparokshanubhava (non indirect experience)

8. "Even if 233 crores of Jesus Christs are born in this world there is no use for you. Your Dharma is only one thing. Unless you intensively endeavour for your spiritual progress, you will not find any one to protect you." declared Sri Ramatirtha. A king by name Poundraka Vasudeva meditated for Eswara and got a boon from him. He installed his own idols and got them worshipped by his people. He said " Krishna you are not God I am only God. You remove your name and surrunder to me". At last in the Dwaraka city Sri krishna killed him by employing Sudarsana. Judus Iscaria discple of Jesus had taken some bribe and caused the crucifixionof Christ. Therefore, even if God incarnates several times, as long as he is 'ego' there is no gain to any jeeva. Such a jeeva cannot receive the transcendental light of Hladini power of the Lord.

9. We should not regard that each and every difficulty that we face, had been caused by our bad 'karma'. The doer of all frutive actions (karma) is jeeva only. The doer of 'karma' obviously is greater than the 'karma' itself. Markandeya who had performed intense penance has got his bad karma that caused short longevity removed and ultimately became an eternal being (chiranjeevi). We should not forget this event. Thus, your are not a slave to 'karma', your are the doer of the karma and its master as well.

10. The heat generated by the burner as it touches the vessel, heats the vessel first. Later the heat passes on from the vessel to the water inside. Then the heat cooks up the rice kept in the water. The all pervading cosmic consciousness of pratygatma when it touches the senses lying outside it becomes polluted due to disturbance created by senses. As a result the pratyagatma lowers itself to a Baddha jeeva (bonded Jeeva) The union of Pratyagatma and Paramatma is yoga.

Whoever worhsips small Gods or Goddesses or whoever perfomrs yagna for his own pleasure-seeking cannot become a Yogi. He is only a mundane man. The destination of all yogis is only Sri Radha. One who seeks Her service is real Yogi.

11. The premier principle of meditation is to push away all unnecessary sense generated thoughts and to install the mother's bhav (feeling of love upon Parameswari) in that place.

12. Gnanath dhyanam visishtate: Meditation the Lord is superior to Jnana (knowledge). To tie the mind with Amma (Sri Radhaji) is the yogic trait. Having that yogic trait if one remains as a Yogi Mother will shower her grace on him and he attains power and energy to ascend all steps of the path of redemption (Nivritti) Mother Herslef bestow this shakthi.

13. What we really call my mind is not real mind, but only a bundle of our small ideas, desires, preferances, likes and dislikes. To manifest the real mind we have to employ the simple means of disowning this bundle and not to co-operate with the earthly thought etc. By this process, what really comes into being is not my mind or your mind but the mind which is really cosmic having potential for cosmic peace, joy, light, love and power.

14. As you ascend to higher planes in the Dhyan, you will attain relation and interaction with Lord, to indicate the threshold of this, you will expereince divine bliss, ecstasy upwelling from your heart spontaneously. This is the wavelet of Hladini shakthi of Amma. Assume that the relation and interaction has not started yet when there no such continous blissful state within you.

15. Maya has two faces. One is Vidya maya and the other Avidya maya, correspondingly there are vidya manas and avidya manas.

'vidyanmayanantu maheswarah'.

Maheswara is the form of vidyamaya, thus decleared the Upanishad. By the help of your meditation of inwardness, awaken the vidya manas and penetrate into the transcendental consciousness with the remembrance of Mother. Then get into the presence of Sarveswari Sri Radha. Such were the minds of Buddha, Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Chaitanya etc.

16. In the spiritual practice of love rasopasana there are only two persons. Yourself and your Ishta (Goddess of worship). There should be no third person in the mind.

17. Radhaji is sleeping in the heart of every being. Once the seed of Rasic consciousness shines within you, forthwith Radhaji is awakened. That moment itself Gopal will come to you. (Mahatma Sisir Kumar Ghosh).

18. As long as jeeva roams in the world in pursuit of pleasure of desires (pleasures offered by Prakriti) he cannot behold or visualise the darshan of Radhaji lying within him. The life energy and Rasa Shakthi which are lying within him gets declined as a result.

19. Worshipping icons and idols is not a powerful form of worship of truth. Garga Mahamuni in his Garga Samhita has declared that in such idols made of earth or gold, God's power does not exist, so the Bhavukas after a performing penance, do infuse the power of penance into the idol meant for installation. This is called prana pratishta (installation of life) Every discreet seeker of Truth (upasaka) one day has to transcend the nameless and formless world and reach parandhama (the super) through the path of awareness. By the worship of name and form one cannot reach God who is above and beyond prakriti. Crossing the steps of thoughtless mind and effortless awareness as guided in the vedic mantra 'Avyakto vyaktat parah', the seeker should attain 'Bhava deha' and enter the world of Bhav (Bhava loka). Then, he gets qualified to enter Nitya Ras. This is the principle of Rasa. This is the most secret yogic path and worship.

20. Jeeva is like a charcoal piece. By nature he is fire. By parting from 'fire' (paramatma) he under the influence of maya had turned like char coal piece. Consequently he is enticed by prakriti. This charcoal requires fire-like touch of super soul (paramatma). Unless he touches the jeeva - the char coal, he cannot become fire. Even if the Divine name is written crores of times with a char coal can it become fire? Demon 'Ravana' chanted the Divine name crores of times but he didn't show any change, because it (chanting) doesn't have the touch of parmatma (the super soul).

Parikshit while listening to 'Ras leela' chapter from 'Sage Suka, put forth a question that how those Gopis who approached Krishna, filled with kama, could realise higher planes Divinity? The answer given by Sri Suka at this has to be remembered. He said with fiery touch of the Lord they became pure and strong.

21. The sadhaka should have a clear vision of the path to attain the 'sakshatkar' of the Lord. In a new country to go to a new home we need a person who is well acquainted with the region. More over, to show us the path an ordinary human is not sufficient. Even preacher who is well versed with the Holy texts is not useful. We have to rely on a person who visited the abode of the Lord from this would and who preaches about the Lord, only at his behest. He should also receive the order from the Lord to bring the sadhaka to him. Only such person can be the 'Guru'.

Once, a person came to see Sri Rama Krishna. He asked him what was his job? The visitor replied that he was a teacher. 'Have you obtained the order of the Lord' questioned Sri Ramakrishna. Therefore one who possesses these two requirements is 'Guru'. First eligibility is he should have the 'sakshatkar' of the Lord. The second eligilbility is, to propagate the Divine philosophy he should receive the order of the lord.

A blind cannot show path to another blind. Like wise, one who didn't receive the order of the Lord is not eligible for the role of 'Guru'. Valmiki, a high way roberer transformed into Maharshi, because of Sadguru Narada. While narada is preaching the great divine philosophy (Mahatatva) to Prahlada when he was in foetus form in mother's womb, Prahlada uttered the sound 'oooh!....oooh... appreciating the Divine instruction. Sage Narada, not only had the darshan of the Lord but also received authority to spread the Divine name of the Lord. Lord has given a musical instrument the veena which is known as Mahati along with the Holy mantra. This instrument recites the Lord's name spontaneously. In the same manner, boy Dhruva followed the path shown by the sages to perform penance (Tapas). So also for Parikshit 'Sage Sri Suka' is the Guru.

The word 'Suka' meant ' the parrot'. In the Nitya Leela, assuming the form of a parrot he serves 'Amma' and 'Amma' plays with him. So, he visited Parikshit only after receiving the order from the Lord. Hence we should accept only persons of such divine stature as Guru. Otherwise we only land in the pitiable state like that of 'Trisanku'.

22. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa solemenly declared "The human Guru leaves a sound in the ear", because it is a prakritic entity it cannot elemate us. With its help we cannot transcend prakriti, whereas a spiritual guru introduces his invisible Atma shakthi into the heart of the disciple with his yogic power.

23. The goal of every being and every seeker is one and only one thing. That is to make the mind inward and to surrender it to the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Forsaking all the pleasures of offered by senses, dedicating himself with inwardness to the Lotus Feet of 'Divine Mother' is the 'dharma' of each and every jeeva.

24. The thought of doing and non-doing, love and affection, devotion and aptitude which engender within the jeeva arise only on account of his Ahankar (ego). So, all these tend to get polluted. As a result they cannot take you to the Lord. In the domain of Ahankar there cannto be any tendency that my life is for your pleasure and happiness. I will use you for my pleasure is the motto of maya Jeeva. The Lord only remains neutral in the case of those who didn't dedicate themselves to him. He will not care any number of charities made unless one dedicates himself to Him. Like-wise for those surrendered to Sarveswari the arrows of karmic effects only be turned into flowery garlands. The life of a person deidcated to the Lord moves extraordinarily. Whether he wants or not all pleasures surround him. There can be no trace of trouble in his life and no trace of any desire for sense- pleasures. For him the wordly life is only a peripheral one. God always is ready to look after and protect his spiritual mind and possessions. The Lord's vow is


Ananyas chitayanto mam ye janah paryu pasate
Tesham nityabhiyukthanam yogakshemam vahamyaham

He will protect what Ananya devotee already has and blesses what he doesn't have.


-Sri Bhagavd Gita 


25. In this world of name and form, the nameless and formless Sarveswari is present as an ever flowing under current. She is always ready to bless spiritual progress to all the jeevas dedicated to Her. There is only one mantra to call her, the effortless awareness filled with desire free devotion.

26. Dehatma Bhav meant I am the body consciousness; the thoughts of doing and non-doing (sankalpa and vikalpa) tend to pollute the mind. The moment we think, leaving away I am the body consciousness, that "Amma! You are the master of this body, your pleasure is my destiny I am your eternal servant", and live the life with this consciousness, that very moment mind gets purified. At that moment itself all your Karmas (frutive actions) fill with Divinity and transform you into a Rasika. Mother will introduce you into Eternal Ras.

27. The moment you have dedicated yourself forsaking all the down-pulling attachments you will clearly see the grace of Amma. This is the secret behind the super-natural living of Mahatmas.

28. If you want to receive the grace of Mother quickly, conduct yourself with extreme closeness and affection with Amma. As a result the jeeva completely dedicates himslef to Mother. The Sarveswari loves you more than the earthly mother.

29. One need not make special efforts to achieve Atma Gnan, the moment you have forsaken the body consciousness and abandoned the craving for outer pleasures, at the very moment the Atma Gnan will dawn on you.

30. To get the grace of Lord, an important principle is here. By your self-effort illuminate the light of rasa which is lying within you and live a life dedicated to mother. You will surely get Her grace after some time.

31. As you progress in the meditation, you will perceive within you that you are not doer of any thing and it is futile to pursue outer pleasures. Hence consequent on dedication to Amma you will feel the actual reason behind the pleasures you feel and spiritual progress you gain is only She.

32. There is a narration in the 'Veda' on the spiritual philosophy. There are two birds on a tree. One is on the top the other is on a lower branch. The lower bird is frequently moving from one branch to another, eating and spitting the fruits of the tree. The higher bird remained stationary on the crest like a witness without eating any fruits offered by the tree. The bird which is a witness is the real 'I' lying within us. This is also called patyagatma. We have to dedicate this pratyagatma to Sri Devi. This itslef is our destination and goal. Our conciousness that is achieved during awareness resembles the higher bird.


Atma ramascha munayo nirgrandha pyurukrame
Kurvantyahaitukeem bhaktimiddham Bhootaguno Harih

The munis who are engrossed in the enjoyment with their own souls and who are without heart glands, tend to develop reasonless devotion upon Lord Hari


-Srimad Bhavata 


33. As the Gopis cooked food for the pleasure of Krishna, partook the food for his pleasure and dedicated their lives to the pleasure of Krishna, we have to dedicate our lives for the pleasure of the worship-Goddess of Sri Krishna- Sri Radha Devi. That is real Sadhana.

Sriji once professed the divine principle, Tatsukhena sukheetvam- 'in your happiness lies my happiness', to Her companions. Leading life according to this principle pleases Sri Radhaji.

34. One who possesses 'effortless awareness of Radhaji without a gap of even a moment is a real yogi. Such yogi wherever he goes he awakens luminous light of ecstasy of 'Radha Bhav' consciousness in the hearts of humans, animals. Hladini sakthi not only protects Jeeva but also blesses the touch of Rasa and is a great enthralling power. That is why, when all the universes run towards Krishna, krishna himself runs after Sri Radha.

35. The most important and the greatest thing you have to achieve is to establish the sacred temple of Radha Bhav (Radha consciousness) within your heart. Not only you have to establish Radha Bhav in yourself, but also establish it in the hearts of others. To carry out this service bear any number of hardships. Do sacrifice anything for this goal.

36. The calm and quiescent waters reflect light rays very well. Similarly if you possess thougtless mind your heart easily reflects the luminous form of Lord.

37. Every being emit waves of consciousness around. These can be of good or bad. As we emit such rays of consiousness continuously, whatever we touch will receive our internal energy. As the sadhaka moves ahead in meditation, he developes power to transmit rays of shakthi. Thus by the development of such sattvic power and by transmitting it to others we can cure certain deficiencies in their health.

38. In our country there are many Holy Shrines. We should not forget the fact that energy prevailing in these shrines is due to the Hladini Sakthi awakened in the devotees belonging to these Holy Shrines.

39. To sow the seeds of Radha Bhav in the hearts of others is real service of Humanity.

40. A real devotee never gets tired, for the embodiment of Hladinishakthi - the Radha Bhav is always shining powerfully in his heart.

41. For the Nija Bhaktha (Real devotee) of Sri Radhaji, if necessary, all the objects of the world become his own.

42. Mind is the cause and originator of all thoughts. If all out going thoughts are negated, mind becomes tranquil. From the tranquil mind rays of divine happiness arise and encircle the seeker. Hence, the seeker should not allow unnecessary thought intruders. Thoughtless mind is a synonym for silence and in a way it is awareness also. Our of the dynamic silent minds of yogis, great powers arise because of thoughtlessness. Even the Veda mantra declared 'Mounam Tapas' "To remain silent is penance".

43. If you fix the mind on Radha Bhav all the time, the waves of senses which cause disturbance cannot affect the mind.

44. All your money can be rightly used for the practice right conduct (Dharmacharana). The real 'Dharma' is to engender love of Sarveswari in the hearts of humans. 'Dharma' which turns the minds of Jeeva towards Sarveswari is the real Dharma.

45. The moment you are able to satisfy Sarveswari Sri Radha, you deem to have served entire universe right from samll ant to infinite Brahma

46. 'I am Mother's child, this feeling is not a psychological thought. It is a beautiful sublime Spiritual Bhav. Before your dedication to Mother, your mind is a mere bundle of thoughts and wants. But from the moment you are dedicated to Mother all your worldly desires spontaneously, get materialised. The service of Mother is the only desire to be remained in your mind. The worship Goddess of Supreme Lord Krishna, Hladini shakthi and the cause of creation of universe-Sri Radha Devi, is em-placed in the heart of every jeeva. Do remember this sublime truth all the time. Such sadhana only can bring about all round development and elevation in your life.

47. A true and lasting happiness does not arise from prakritic objects or outer pleasures. Life dedicated to Radha Bhav is real life. In that life only the ever shining waves of ecstasy are generated within the heart.

Maya has two faces. One turns the jeeva into the oblivion that he is 'Atma swaroop' (the soul). It creates the feeling of possessiveness and attachment towards prakritic objects which he does not belong to. That is, this maya makes the jeeva forget that he is the steadfast and all pervading part of 'Sachidananda' or atma swaroop. As a result of having deep attachment and longing for outer objects he begets an illusionary feeling that he is only the body (prakritic). His mind creates feelings like "He is my son. That is my wife. She is my mother". This is Mahamaya'.

48. Jeeva has to carry on his jorney of inwardness solitarily. During the inward journey only two should be present. One is you and the other your Goddess of worship (Ista devata). If you have intensive concentration, quickly, you will be blessed with the darshan of the Ishta. The stage of feeling of separation will also commence quickly. Hence, higher God like Srimannarayana has ordered his beloved companion Lakshmi devi to leave him as She cannot be part of his inward travel. Since that moment He is called Badari Narayana, not Laxmi Narayana.

49. The outer living is vulnerable to mistakes (Dosha). To protect the mind from the consequential results, dedicate yourself to Mother and always remain with Her without parting even for a second. Owing to outer vision jeeva attaches himself to unrelated prakritic objects. He lives under an illusion that he is my son, she is my mother. To overcome this illusion one has to carry on ceaseless inwardness with Sarveswari Bhav i.e., inner-living along with outer prakritic living. Every action should take place in the presence of mother. Then the outer actions transform into yogic actions. Hence, in the Geeta, it was declared karma su kousalam". 'Actions are to be carried on diligently'(kousalam) i.e., doing actions while maintaining connection and relation with God' (Sarveswari). Yoga means union. In this way the jeeva has to meet the istha through outer actions. The outer actions having no link with ishta would en-shackle one to karma and there after throw them into delusion and darkness. To transform karma into yoga maintaining link with ishta is the only principle for the jeeva to be adhered to.

50. Once Sri Radha and Krishna are roaming in Vrindavan. They heard Vedic recitations at a distance and saw a yagna being conducted systematically by a very old man. Radha told Krishna, "Let's go to them and watch the sacred yagna and grace the old man". Krishna replied 'Radha, as you are thinking, he is not a yogi, but an unripened fruit'. "Then how such an old man doing the ritual so meditatively, can he be such person?, Lets go there." said Radha. Krishna agreed and said you will know it now itself. Krishna himself became a very old man and took Radha to the oldman conducting the Yagna. The old man (krishna) told the Yagi (old man conducting the Yagna) that he was a old hunter who roams in the forest and the girl accompanying him is a princess who lost her way in the forest. Then the old hunter requested the Yagi to allow the girl stay in the sacred surroundings. The old yogi forth with agreed then he stopped Vedic recitations and gave the old hunter an intoxicating medicine. Later with ill-feeling he tried grab the hand of the girl. As the girl shouted krishna came between them as a venomous snake.

Krishna said what do you say now? 'Do not think that every outer karma that is looking sacred as yogic action. He started another play. Oh! Radha, some body is pulling my hand. I am going away, saying so, he entered along with Radha into a spacious and fragrant bed-room of a young man. There they saw a young man who was surrounded by a few young women. Krishna told Radha to watch them silently. "He is a great yogi", said Krishna. He transmitted his maya shakthi on him. Forthwith leaving away the beautiful damsels the young man shouted Govinda, Govinda. You have left me. Oh! Yugal Sarkar I cannot live without you and he became unconscious. Thus, Krishna declared that persons actual state cannot be decided by their appearance.

In our inward sadhana also 'Amma' disappears occasionally. We will be immersed in deep feeling of separation so much so that we do not wish to be alive. Chaitanya prabhu once in such a state, beating his chest repeatedly, in desparate feeling of separation jumped into Bay of Bengal. Sri Ramakrishna paramahamsa also in such a state, unable bear separation from Mother, attempted to commit suicide. Do not forget this yogic secret,that is, what is apparently unholy, may be a sacred and venerable object. By the slight touch of which if the feeling of Radha bhav arouses in you, it is the most sacred object for you in the entire world. By the smallest association of which if mean thoughts are stirred up in your mind, that object is unholy and futile one for you.

51. The path of devotion is the Supreme among the Divine Paths to reach the Lord. Devotion mainly is of four types.

1. Ritualistic devotion this is known as Vaidhee Bhakti. It consists of several rules and regulations.

2. Raga Bhakthi (affection)

3. Prema Bhakthi (Divine Love), this is also called Gopi Bhakthi.

4. Rasic devotion (Devotion of Rasa): This Bhakthi is the Supreme among devotional paths.

This Bhakthi alone can hold the jeeva to the Lotus Feet of Radhaji. Devotee through Rasopasana (worship of Rasa) gets Rasic devotion. In Rasopasana the first principle is your Supreme Goal is Rasa but not Krishna. By the sadhana of effortless awareness and by gradually getting Rasic devotion enter the Eternal Ras of Sri Radha assuming 'Bhav Deha'.

52. In this path of meditation the seeker will neither leave Divine Mother nor his karma. During the sadhana of effortless awareness, the seeker will never leave Mother even a moment who is shining steadily within his heart. Similarly he will not put aside actions related to outer world. The outer karmas that are not linked to Mother would arrest the Jeeva to prakriti. But those karmas (outer) duly linked to Mother would fix the mind to the Lotus Feet of 'Amma'. Such seekar cannot perform any outer action forgetting Mother. The great secret of this yoga is every minute of life turns yogic and the whole life becomes sadhana. Ultimately, the seeker is blessed with unceasing spiritual progress.

The Dwarakadheesh Krishna's secret behind leading the life of Yogeswara even though he has 16,108 wives is the above principle of Dhyan. To cultivate Dhyan into 'yoga' the jeeva should invariably attach himself to the Lotus Feet of Mother. As the Swamini (ruler and husband) of all universes Amma will take us into the primordial and eternal Raas. In this yogic path the goal of Jeeva or the seekar is not Moksha (the salvation), not Vaikuntha (the abode of Srimannarayana) and not even Goloka (the abode of Go, Gopa Gopikas). His goal is to reach the eternal Raas whose Swamini is Sri Radha.

In the eternal Raas, with out intercession for a moment, the jeeva participates in the divine play and associates himself with the Lotus Feet of Mother every moment. In other words ecstasy and love both get united and to join the incessant stream of this ecstatic love is our goal.

53. Spiritual seeks are classified into five classes.

1. Vaidhee Bhakthi (Devotion of Rule & regulation)

2. Raaga Bhakthi (Devotion of affection)

3. Vaikuntha (Devotion of Srimannarayana)

4. Goloka (Devotin of Goloka krishna)

5. The Eternal Raas of Sri Radha (Devotion of Rasa or Radha)

The Jeevas participate in the eternal Raas by the powerful 'Divine impulse' of the Lord. Spontaneously and unknowingly they love Mother. Unknowingly they possess life of viraha (feeling of separation) and unknowingly participate in the eternal raas and dedicate themselves to Mother by the impact of divine impulse. In the letter written by the Head of Gayatri Peeth, Sri Lanka, it is noted that "without my knowledge I came to you in Vrinadvan impelled by some Divine Power".

The traits of Eternal Raas are "Ever newness and ever charmingness".

54. The Jeeva whose mind is naturally cosmic has gradually deteriorated to meanness in as much as he turned his mind towards small objects and mean tendencies. As a result he forgot that he is sacred and powerful atma and degraded to an inferior state of identifying himself with prakriti. To convert the small mind into its original cosmic nature Radhaji blessed the jeevas a great principle. It is 'Tat sukhe na sukheetvam - "In your happiness, I find my happiness. It is only your pleasure that can make me joyous and happy". Those who yearn to reach Mother should not forget this principle. Because of you, there should not be any harm or difficulty to others. Try to turn the mind of the jeeva who contravenes the Dharma, with all your shakthi enduring any difficulty. Forgetting Mother, if any jeeva indulges in vices and meanness, try to remember him the presence of God who is a witness to all the happening of the universes.

To turn the mind of jeeva towardss presence of Lord, print certain Spiritual Truths in the form of stories and quotations. In this context please see how a Mahatma in Vrindavan has broadened the minds of the people. Thousand of pilgrims perform circumambulation (parikram) of Vrindavan everyday. In the path of parikram he sat and used to call passing devotees and keeps a 'laddu' in their hands. He used to ask them 'My son, I shall tell you a story of Radhaji. Do you listen"? and tells them about the plays of Radhaji. They get enthralled by his narration. In this way the Mahatma turned the minds of several Jeevas towards the 'chintan' (remembrance) of Radhaji. Many rich people later came to him and arranged for sweet meats that he usually offers to the pilgrims.

A jeeva who follows the conduct of above Mahatma, at the end of his life will behold the Kishori form of Sri Radhaji. He leaves his physical body shedding tears of Love. Please note how beautifully the above great soul (Mahatma) has carefully and wholeheartedly followed the principle of ' Tat sukhe na sukheetvam'.

You too try to attach the feeble and small minds to Mother and expand their ways of life. By doing so, it is certain to go near 'Amma'. This principle is personally given by Mother to Hita Harivamsaji. By listening to and practising this grand principle of Mother, true well-being of jeevas would take place.

55. Jeevas mind is a bundle of desires. Due to these desires he aspires for worldly objects and begets them. Separation of such objects is the cause of his sornow. Longing for wife (Daareshana), longing for money (dhaneshana) and longing for children (putreshana) arised because of his deep yearning for them. The jeeva lands himself in sorrow if any of these possessions part with him. Dissociation of any desired object is root cause of sorrow of jeeva. Otherwise, jeeva has no sorrow by nature. Jeeva is none other than a part (amsa) of Lord Sachidananda, therefore, in actuality there can be no cause for his sorrow. Obviously when he parts with the objects of maya he gets sorrowfulness and weeps for the parted object. But he hardly weeps at the long separation from Lord. In this dhyana yoga the jeeva, soon develops feeling of separation from Lord and weeps for his presence. This is the surest indication of spiritual progress. We know from the life histories of Sri Rama krishna and Chaitanya Prabhu that their eyes are never dry and always filled with tears of separation.

56. When you dedicate your life to Mother, the diminution of one's primal karma would invariably take place. Even the old and most ancient darkness enveloped in the caves of Himalaya will disappear in a moment when a light is lit there. Similarly whatever be the nature and variation of Karma, with the appearance of Lord, it gets annihilated. This is enunciated by the Veda as:


Bhidyate hridaya grandhi
Chidante sarva samsayah
Sheeyantasya karmani
Tasmin drishtiparavare

With the very sight of the Lord, heart glands that create 'me and mine' (ahankar and mamakar) would get destroyed. All doubts and misgivings would vanish. All sorts of Karma and Karma vasana (vestiges of karma) disappear. 'Maya metam tarantite'- the Jeeva overcomes maya as enunciated in the Geeta and enters the realms of the Lord.



57. Jeeva usually has deep desire for wordly objects. In this world every life is a temporary one. Lives of Gods like Brahma and Siva are also temporay. To remove sorrow for worldly objects, sorrow of separation (viraha bhav) for the Lord is needed.

58. As long as a part of life is given for sadhana and the remaining for wordly life there cannot be coming out of the abyss of births and deaths. He has to settle for a maya-ridden life. He can never transcend it. To transcend maya only one way is available, that is, entire life has to become sadhana.

59. Jeeva should have undivided one pointed devotion (Ananya Nishta) on his ishta. ' Ananya Nishta' is an object everywhere. Gopikas have visualised Krishna in the same manner. 'Yatra yatra maro yati tatra tatra Madhavah'. Wherever the mind stays on there is Madhava. This sentence of Srinad Bhagawata confirms the real meaning of 'Ananya Nishta'. More intensive is the one pointedness of the mind the quicker will be the darshan of Ishta.

60. The Seekar should have extra-ordinary strength. Strength in of mind, it is not physical strength. Whoever does not have mental strength there can be no darshan of Lord, so declared the Upanishad. 'Nayamatma balaheene na labhyaha'. That is, the weak cannot attain the sight of the Lord.

Emplaced on the transcendental Lotus of Vrindavan, the Radha naam (the two lettered name-Ra..dha) is pervasive throughout the fourteen worlds. Sri Kishori, who is ever anxious to bless devotees, is streaming out kindness and compassion all around. Her light of love fills tiny ant to infinite 'Brahman'. Out of Her transcendental swaroop which is revealed by the Veda, the waves of Prema Rasa are transmitted all around. Sri Radha who entices Nanda nandan Sri Krishna, Her waves of Bhav is dispersed all round the universes. The life that is dedicated to the service of Sri Radha's Lotus Feet is real life. Devotion on the generous giver of Rasa - Sri Radha, is real devotion. The devotee who adores Her with ananya nishta (one pointed devotion), is real devotee. He is Rasic devotee. He dedicates his heart and soul to Sri Radha, who is the queen of the Gopal's domains of love.

In the Chaitanya Caritamruta's Adileela which is authored by Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami, filled with feeling of separation (Viraha Bhav) for Sri Radha, Sri Krishna thought within himself in this way.

I am the embodiment of Sachidananda. The wavelets of bliss transmitted from my Transcendental Form are pervasive in all the three worlds. Enjoying these rays of bliss all become happy and ecstatic, but there is no one in the entire universe who can give me happiness except Sri Radha. The spiritual text declared that I have great treasure of transcendental qualities(Divya guna). But Sri Radha's treasure of Divya Guna is shining hundreds times brighter than that of me.

The music of my flute attracts all jeevas. But it is not giving me any enjoyment. When Radhaji lovingly calls me 'Kanhaia' I tend to forget everything enchanted by Her voice.

May be, by knowing the personality of Supreme Lord Krishna, the Radhika Tapanyopanishad of Adharva Veda has explicity declared, that Nandanandan Krishna has sold himself to Sri Radha.


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