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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha's lotus feet


The Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's Lotus feet

Many authoritative books revealed that Sri Hitha Harivamsaji is an incarnation of the Divine Flute. The Flute is not an ordinary personality. It lives with Sri Krishna, listens to his sweet uttering and enjoys the supernatural bliss graced by Him. It has been attracting thousands of celestial seers by its enchanting voice.

Sri Krishna is the greatest transcendental divine personality who graced Salvation to many Jeevas. Even to great Yogis engaged in rigorous medication, His appearance is not easy to attain. The Divine Flute is such a Lord's intimate associate and it is always immersed in the ecstasy of the Lord. It had descended to the Earth in the form of Hita Harivamsa Prabhu. But it is the will (sankalpa) of Sri Radhaji that actually sent the Vamsi to the Earth. The incarnation of Vamsi-the Lord's intimate associate should have surrendered itself to Sri Krishna and instructed the world about the worship and meditation of Sri Krishna. But it did not do so. It did not give prominence to the worship of its most beloved Lord. Why did the Flute (Vamsi) preach about the supremacy of Radhadevi and enjoined us to worship Her Lotus Feet. Why should it preach that no worship is greater than Radhaji' worship? We should not forget that the Flute belongs to Higher Divine State than that of many renowned Yogis and even to that of Gopis. So there must have been an outstanding spiritual inspiration and reason behind the preaching of Divine Flute (Vamsi) for rendering Supreme Status to the worship of Lotus Feet of Radhaji. For the Jeevas it is mandatory to be aware of such preaching and its practice in daily life. For Yogis, awareness of these instructions is compulsory to reach highest state in Yogic Living. The instructions are enunciated here:


Sri Radhaji is the embodiment of Hladini Shakthi in its Supreme State. The VEDA clearly elucidated that it is the most powerful Divine Shakthi and the innate power of the Lord. This Shakthi (power) is Sriradha. Some of the Vedic instructions that lead to this fact are given hereunder. In the Radhikopanishad contained in the Rig-Veda it was declared..

The Supreme Lord possesses great powers known as Ahladini, Sandhini, Gnana, Icha and Kriya. Among these powers Ahladini is the most prominent. It is the innermost power of the Lord. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is immersed in the worship of Hladini Shakthi or Radhaji.

This Vedic instruction understands us about the supremacy of Radhaji's power (Shakthi)

None otherthan the Supreme Lord does the worship of Radhaji. In that case what about small beings like us? Sri Radha is the Divine Power seated at the altar of spiritual planes. Why Sri Krishna has chosen Radhaji alone as His Goddess of worship. Throughout the universes there is no Gnani (knowledgeable being) or fascinating personality than Sri Krishna. The Veda extolled Him as ' Sachidananda Vigraha' ( embodiment of Ocean of Happiness). Aspiring for what better ecstasy he is worshipping Radhaji! Does an ocean look out for drops of water? In this context many Shastras (scriptues) and many great souls declared this way.

As the Supreme Lord immersed himself in Her worship (Aradhana) She is reverently called RADHA.

Sri Radha is an endless Divine Treasure who accepts the worship of the Leader of Universes (Brahmanada Nayaka) Sri Krishna. She is infinite Divine Power, infinite repository of Divine Beauty and infinite source of Lavanya (elegance) and the light pervasive throughout the universes. She is also the Madhurya Sswaroop (form of sweetness) playing in the heart of every Jeeva. Thus Hitaharivamsa Prabhu gave the worship of Radhaji as the first principle to follow in our life of Sadhana (spiritual practice).


The welfare and well-being of the world is of foremost importance to Radha and Krishna. To realize this goal the wicked-minded in the society should be neutralized. In this context Sri Krishna's preference is 'paritranaya sadhunam vinasayacha dushkrutam'-That is to protect the righteous and to eliminate the wrong-doer. To destroy wrong-doers He employs Sudarsana Chakra. This method of Sri Krishna is not liked by Sri Radhaji. Her preference is diametrically opposite. The Wheel-shaped weapon (Sudarsana Chakra) of the Lord only destroys the outer bodies of the wicked-minded but not their wicked-nature. They only assume demonic forms after their death and continue to cause disturbance.

Radhaji with Her transcendental vision understood that this not a real welfare or Loka kalyana of the universes. "Without even touching the wicked-minded his wickedness or cruel nature should be eliminated and saintliness should be awakened within him". Thus Radhaji revealed Her philosophy of Love and Her path of Loka kalyana to the entire universe. The Loka kalyana leela of Radhaji is brought forth by Vamsi-the Divine Flute not Sudarsana-the wheel-shaped weapon. Sri Krishna admired the path revealed by Radhaji and gave the Vamsi to Her. As soon as vamsi touched by Radhaji it got Sakhi Form. Harivamssji who is the incarnation of this Sakhi well understood Radhaji's path of welfare of the universes. Hence he instructed everyone to worship the Lotus Feet of Sriji during Spiritual Sadhana(practice).


Sri Radhaji is infinite and all pervading Hladini Shakthi. No other Divine Power is higher or more effective than Hladini. This power neutralizes the kamukatva (desirliness) of any kamuka and frees him from desire and transforms him as kamarahita(a freed person from desire). Ideal Divine beings like Mahadeva and Brahma were yielded to Maya. In the world due to the intention of Kamadeva the captivating effect of worldly desires is more prevalent than prema (Love). Now we may understand the strength and effectiveness of Hladini Power in this context.

Once when Sri Krishna was playing with his friends Manmadha (God of desire) came to him and began to announce his greatness.

"I have easily defeated creater Brahma, destroyer Mahadeva and renowned sages like Soubhari with my outstanding powers. Needless to say, I receive respectful treatment everywhere. Anyway, you know all these happenings. Well, now I consider it is your turn to taste defeat in my hands. I will test your Yogic power and pull you down with the power of my Kama Shakthi. What would you say, Krishna?"

Krisnaji replied smilingly,

Madan, am I not aware of your greatness. Please listen to my advice now. Within a few days from now I am going to play Maharas. Young innocent cow-herd girls will arrive to Raas Mandal to participate in the Raas. They never saw you before. You may use this opportunity to captivate them with you Kama shakthi. If you are able to distract the attention of a single cow-herd girl, I swear, I accept my defeat and surrender to you, challenged the Lord of Universes. Isn't the Maharaas the most opportune time for you? What do you say, Madan?

Krisna's words gladdened the heart of Manmadha and his friends. They replied in one voice,

"Excellent proposal Krishna, we accept it without any hesitation. You will see us in Maharaas"

Moments later Krishna dwelled in deep after thought.

Did I commit a mistake? Though he cannot defeat me, can't there be a single docile Gopika? They are not sages like me. Isn't there a single Gopika who is not strong enough to overcome senses? Even if one Gopika falls in his trap, I will have to surrender to him. What should I do now?

When there is Sri Radhaji who looks after me with loving care, nothing can pose danger to me. I will explain Her this great problem. I will pray that at this hour of crisis no one except She in the entire universe can protect my honour.

Contemplating this way, Sri Krishna meditated on Sriji. Radhaji immediately appeared before Him and questioned,

Kanhaiya, why did you call me?

Kanhaiya narrate the event to Her. Watching His predicament, She comforted Him and promised

Don't fear Gopal. That Manmadha will in turn be captivated by you.

She disappeared.

The Maharas has commenced. Madan arrived there with all his entourage and employed all his bespelling arrows. At the very moment Radhaji's vision fell on Madan. He soon realized all his energies were being dissolved by a strange but sweet power. Gradually the power of Madan that creates desire is replaced by the power of Love (prema) of Radhaji. Soon Madan got Divine Vision and fell in love with the fascinating form of Gopal and became a Gopi. Madan along with his associates prostrated before Sri Krishna.

Radhaji kept Her promise. So overwhelming is the effect of Hladini Shakthi. The Holy Scriptures said since that day Sri Krishna was extolled as 'Madan Mohan'. Sri Krishna with extreme devotion and love said,

Radhe, Premamayi, you have fulfilled your promise. By your grace I am addressed by the Yogis as Madan Mohan.

Then Radhaji smilingly said,

Krishna, you have effortlessly gained a great appreciation.

I am Madan Mohan. You are Madan Mohan Mohini.

Sri Krishna said overwhelmed with love on Radhaji.

This is one of the many majestic plays of Radhaji. For the Sadhaka who has taken shelter at the Lotus Feet of Sri Radhaji, demonic or down-pulling forces (Asuri shakthi) cannot unsettle his meditation during the course of Sadhana. The pull of worldly desires gets vanished from his mental plane. The Yogis as they move upwards in their spiritual practice invariably encounter strong waves of desires relating to previous births. Demonic forces wandering in the Nature may even enter into their mental plane. Even celestial maidens may endeavour to upset their balance of mind. A learned and powerful sage like Viswamitra was entrapped by a celestial maiden-Menaka and had to suffer spiritual fall. Swami Vivekananda who experienced such obstructions had warned the Sadhakas in this way "The path of redemption (Nivritti) is not straight; it is not a bed of roses. One day the Sadhaka has to face obstructions and must overcome them. To become victorious it may take a few days or years or even lives. You must be prepared for any eventuality".

Devotees who worship and meditate and receive the grace of Radhaji can overcome any external or internal obstructions. Above Leela clearly reveals this fact.


Whenever Sri Radhaji attains ecstatic mood, She assumes the form of dual armed Krishna (dwibhuja Krishna). She plays the Flute and attracts Krishna. This magnificent Divine Leela is revealed by the Veda. Readers may peruse many such majestic Vedic instructions now.

Sri Radhika Tapanyopanishad contained in the Atharvana Veda (Translation)

"Who plays the Flute with Her tender fingers, occasionally assuming the form of Sri Krishna: who is adorned by Nandanandan with jasmine and other fragrant flowers we, the Vedas, salute that Sri Radhadevi with devotion".

Radhaji appears to Her devotees as Boy Krishna and worshippers of Bala Krishna find Her in His place. This is the direct experience of many Great Souls. The philosophy of ONENESS of Radha Krishna was very much known to Sri Harivamsaji and his every word arose from the depth of his experience.

Ordinary Jeeva is captive to fruitive actions (Karma), to his ego and to the objects of Prakriti (Nature). As long as he possesses these characteristics (Jeevatva) he cannot move forward even a bit. When the Grace of the Lord is conferred on him all these traits of Jeevatva vanish and he weeps for the Lord due to intense feeling of separation. "I don't want anything except you, my Lord". The Holy Scripture pronounce that Sri Radhaji within a few moments removes the Maya. There are two aspects of Maya. One that separates from the Lord is Mahamaya. This maya is embodiment of Three Gunas. (Trigunatmika) And the one that units him with the Lord is Yogamaya. The Scriptures extolled Radhaji as the embodiment of Yogamaya.

ATHARVANA VEDA pronounced that Sri Radha is the Master of all the Universes. The Veda Says, "We salute in veneration to Sri Radha Devi who is the mother of all Gods and Goddesses of the Universes".

We salute in veneration to Sri Radha Devi who is the mother of all Gods and Goddesses of the Universes.


A few devotees consider that Sri Radhaji should not be worshipped solitarily but invariably be worshipped as Sri Yugal-Sri Radha Krishna. The worship of only Radhaji is not violative of scriptural instructions. Here are a few authoritative sayings from 'Padma Purana'.

Gracing His dual armed (Dvibhuja) Form Sri Krishna told Mahadeva in this way, "Oh! Mahadeva, what have you seen is my rare Divine Form".


Viharamya naya nitsamasyah prema vasi krutah
Imantu matpriyam vidhi radhikam paradevatam.

Captivated by Her Love I roam with Her. Know that She is my Deity Sri Radha. Know that She is the essence of Divine Love.



Lord Shive then asked, "He Sri Krishna, how to reach you Lotus Feet'. Lord Krishna replied "With the devotional feeling (Bhav) of a Gopi (cow-herd girl) surrender unto both of us. You can attain me.


Yo mameva prapannascha mathpriyam na maheswara
na kadapi sachapnothi Mamevam The Mayoditham

If one surrenders to me without having surrendered to Radhaji one cannot get my 'darshan'.




Sakrudavam Prapanno va Mathpriyamekikam Sutha
Sevathenananyabhavena Sa mamethi na samsayaha

Even if one does not surrender to me but worships and serves Sri Radhaji alone with 'single-mindedness', I will bless him with my 'darshan'. This is the truth beyond any doubt. So, Sri Krishna is guiding us to the Supreme Spiritual truth that He resides within Radhaji in Bhava Swaroop.



These authoritative utterances bring forth a clear path that the worship of Radhaji is absolutely in consonance with the Spiritual Guideline of Scriptures. In the view point of Scriptures Sri Radha is but the transcendental form of Sri Krishna. Having known this Supreme Spiritual Truth Hitaji enjoined us to worship the Lotus Feet of Radhaji.


Avayorbheda budhimcha yah karoti naradhamah
Tasyavasaha kalasutre yavachandra divakarau

Oh! Radha, the inferior human who thinks that we are different from each other will suffer in the Hell-Kalasutra as long as the Sun and Moon last.



The Yugal Swaroop (Dual Radha Krishna) is Sri Radha itself. Many devotees saw Krishna where Radhaji disappeared. In the same manner in place of disappeared Krishna Great Souls found Kishori Radhaji. Because Sri Radhaji is also the Yugal, Hitaji declared that the worship of Radhaji is Supreme.


The power centered in all Gods and Goddesses of the Universe originate from Sri Radhadevi. This confidential spiritual secret was also revealed by the Veda.

The following instruction is envisaged in the Radhika Tapanyopanishad which part of Atharvana Veda:

A discussion arose amidst a group of Brahmavadi Sages as to why the worship of Sri Radhaji alone was being performed. Listening to their question Brahma replied, "This is a profound spiritual truth. My power is insufficient to answer your question. I will now invite the Veda itself to answer you. The Divine Voice of the Veda will clearly elucidate in this regard". Forthwith a great illumination appeared there. The voice from the light said:

"The Divine Power in all worshippable Gods and Goddesses originated only from Sri Radha Devi".

The seeker (Sadhaka) during his spiritual practice tends to get attracted towards Gods and Goddesses related to his past births. Due to the reason his thoughts may flow out in different directions. Therefore his single minded undivided attention may get disturbed. Instability of mind would not lead to unhindered travel in the path of redemption (Nivritti).

Due to this instability Jeeva could not reach his destination despite taking several births. But a Jeeva who has taken shelter at the Lotus Feet of Radhaji will not move in a strayed path. As she is the omnipotent power the causes the existence of all Gods he would not face any disturbance from outer forces of nature (prakriti). Her power would suppress raising forces that come in the way of his spiritual practice. Hence the all pervading and all-caring Divine Mother Radhaji protects Her devotees at every step.

Sri Radhaji has absolute power either to award or to withdraw Divine Power to Gods and Goddesses. Proving this point there is narration in the Veda. The following story is contained in the third chapter of Kenopanishad.

Fierce battle was going between Angels (Devatas) and Demons (Rakshasa) Ultimately Devatas won the battle by the powerful effort of God of Fire (Agni Deva). The Agni deva proudly declared that his power is solely responsible to the great victory. He boasted that his power alone can restrain and suppress the enemy everywhere. While he was proudly talking so a great Divine Light appeared there to his surprise. The Goddess said, "Oh! Agni Deva, I heard you great strength. Please burn this blade of grass if you can, challenged that strange Power. At the very moment the innate strength of Agni was withdrawn. Despite severe attempt he failed to burn out the blade of grass. All other Devatas tried to help him in vain.

This event dispelled the ignorance of Angels and they realized that the power they possess is not their own but is blessed by Higher Divine. During the period of 'Sadhana' Sriji's shakthi protects the seeker's single-minded attention and safely leads him along the path of Nivritti. The all protective nature of Sri Radhaji is the reason behind the instruction of Premacharya( the master of Divine Love) Harivamsaji that one should worship the Lotus Feet of Radhaji.

Fallen from pure and eternal Divine Plane of the Lord, the Jeeva entered the womb of prakriti and assumed a body of Three Gunas (Sattwa, Rajo and Tamo). Filled with an illusory feeling- ' I am the body', he became spiritually blind due to maya shakthi (illusory power of Lord). Such a Jeeva, declared the Veda unequivocally that through self effort or with physical practices for any number of births cannot attain the Lord. A few sentences from the Veda revealing this truth are quoted here:


nayamatma pravachanena labhya
na medhaya na bahunam srute na

Chanting of any number of Mantra or listening to Holy preaching for any length of time cannot take you to the Lord. One intellect cannot help find his presence. If so how do we reach Him? What is the way-out? The Veda gave the answer unequivocally..




yame vaishavrunute te na labhyah

Only the Jeeva who is accepted by the Lord will be blessed with His presence or Sakshatkar..



As long as the Jeeva remains a limited entity he cannot break the shackles of Prakriti and reach the Divine Plane. Then what are the qualities of Jiva who is captive to Prakriti. He is limited feeble entity who forgot his Divine Origin and identified himself with the body of five elements and three gunas. As long as the coal pieces are kept in the fire they burn and glow with brightness but if kept away from it, they lose their brightness and reduce to ugly blackness. Similarly a broad entity which was once Atma Swaroop reduced to a limited feeble Jeeva-hood the moment it had detached itself from the inner Divine Presence or Atma. Compared to powerful Atma the Jeeva is only an enfeebled perverted entity. As the black coal cannot become fire unless lighted by a fire, the Jeeva who is entangled to body consciousness cannot regain his own Atma Swaroop without the gracious touch of the Lord. For such Nivritti there is no other way than the GRACE OF THE LORD.

So long as the Jeeva is attached to body consciousness he would surely be shackled by physical entities like wealth, wife and children and other outer objects. Eventually he develops deep affinity for them. When any of them get separated he experiences deep sorrow. But the same Jiva hardly weeps for the Lord and doesn't show any trace of affinity towards Him. Thus the Jeeva happily roams in the Prakriti forgetting the presence of the Lord within him. His longevity is small; faculties are limited and enshackled by Karma he is beset with one sorrow or the other. He cannot even imagine the presence of Divinity of Lord within him. Due to these facts Harivamsaji instructed us to part with body consciousness and take shelter at the Lotus Feet of Sri Radhaji without forgetting our real nature and become eligible for the Grace of Radhaji.


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