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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas

Lotus Flower


The Rasic devotees have divided the nameless and formless spiritual practice of 'Bhav' into Seven Stairs.


This is rememberance of 'Bhav' which is beyond name and form. My mother is with me. She is also within me. She is watching my every thought, word and action. She is in my every atom with out parting with me even a moment.

Dr.M. Rama Krishna, a leader of Gayathri society wrote in his jounal Swarna Yugam, "Read any religions book available in the world. Its purpose will be understanding it aware fully. We should give a keen thought as to whether we are really awareful when we are awake"?


This is uninterrupted awarness, in this state; effortlessly the sadhana of nameless and formless Bhav is continued.


By uninterrupted awareness yearning for mother is generated in the heart. The streaming happines of Amma fills the heart. Without our effort we derive energy to ascend to the next higher state.


We speedily move forward due to divine grace we will have power to immrse in meditation even for 14 hours in a day.


The next step is VIVEKA. In this stage the Sadhaka distances himself from body consciousness. This is a profound experience. Body consciousness is the root cause of all miseries and catastrophies. In this stage of 'Viveka' one gets a great effortless feeling that I am only a witness consciousness.


At this step the seeker always is distanced from body consciousness. Jeeva is a combination prakriti and Atma. Getting separated from this combination is Moksha (salvation). One should remember that the goal of any spiritual practice is liberating the jeeva from the shackles of prakriti (outer nature). The liberated jeevatma faces a monumental difficulty at this stage only. That is "Whether to remain in liberated state accepting the Moksha or to move towards attaining Bhava Daha (the body of 'Bhav') by the grace of Amma rejecting the Moksha.


By the absolute grace of Radhaji and by the intense desire of the jeevatma that assumed Bhava Deha the soul ascends to the servant hood of Sri Radhaji and becomes Her Sakhi. The Sakhi who possesses most fortunate spiritual status i.e. servant hood of Sriji, due to intense Viraha Bhav ultimately becomes an eternal Sakhi (Nitya Sakhi) of Radhaji. Such Nitya Sakhi never faces any down fall in Her spiritual state. The happiness arising from the service (Sevananda) experienced by the Nitya Sakhi increases every moment assuming new aspects of Rasic divinity. It is ever-new and ever-charming. Sriji instals Her hladini shakthi in the heart of every Sakhi and gives her a role in Her eternal drama (Nitya Leela) for the benefit of fallen Jeevas. The Sakhi elevates the fallen jeevas in different universes of creation with power of Hladini Shakti or Rasa Sakthi at the behest of Sri Radhaji.

Another most important point: Developing taste for maya loka, (the prakriti of five elements) Jeeva usually gets engrossed in the service of senses. He becomes a slave to his senses. Therfore, for the jeeva, serving is inevitable, the question is whether to do service of senses becoming slaves to Maya Devi or to experience unceasing super natural happiness becoming Sakhis of the Sri Radhaji, the embodimant of yoga maya. Ninty nine out of hundred are enshackled by the chains of miserable cycle of suffocating births and deaths. There may be one or two fortunate jeevas, who rejected the slavary to senses, and attained Sakhi Roop which is elusive even to Brahma, by the grace of Radhaji. Such jeeva participates in Radhaji's eternal service ceaselessly experiencing the ecstasy of Rasa.


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