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Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3

 Brindavaneswari Sri Radha - Vol 3
A Divine Message
1Sri Radha in Vedas
2Sri Radha in the Purana and the Itihasa
3The realms of Rasa of Radhaji’s Companions
 3.1Sri Sri Haridasji Maharaj
 3.2Sri Hitaharivamsaji
  3.2.1 Incarnation
  3.2.2 Preachings
  3.2.3 Worldly living and Rasopasana
  3.2.4 Grace on Ganga and Yamuna
  3.2.5 Manthra Deeksha
 3.3Paramountcy of Sri Radhaji's lotus feet
 3.4Why Radhaji alone should be worshipped
 3.5One Pointedness
 3.6Serving the Yugal in Sakhi Bhav
 3.7Other Principles of Serving
 3.8Sri Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.9Raja Naravahan
 3.10Sri Sevakji Maharaj
4Sri Syamananda
5The Eternal Graciousness of Sri Radhaji
 5.1The magnificence of Sri Radhaji in several continents
 5.2Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness
 5.3Why Should we woship only Sri Radha
 5.4Sri Radhaji's Avowal to Devotees
6The Hurdles
7The Goal of Devotees in this Tradition
 7.1The Seven Steps to reach the Lord
 7.2A Few Guidelines to Sadhakas
Sri Radhaji's endless graciousness

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha


Why should we worship only sri radha?

A. What is 'Radha Bhav'?

The Supreme 'Tatva' is likened to a tree having three Branches. These are 'Samvit', 'Sandhin', and Hladini. From these three, Great Powers 'Sat', 'Chit', and Anada have originated. Out of these three 'Satva' 'Raja', 'Tamo' Gunas are formed. 'Hladini' is the essense of all. Every thing of all. This is called 'Prema' (Love).

The fruit (or result) of the love is 'Bhav'? The absolute and the Supreme State of this Bhav is 'Maha Bhav'. Sri Radha is the emirodiment of 'Maha Bhav'. Rati (interest) Preama (love) Manamu, Pranaya, Raga, Anuraga, Bhav and Maha Bhav all these are aspects or derivatives of Hladini Shakthi. Where all these aspects are absolutely shining and reached consummation that is known as Maha Bhav'. It is Sri Radha. She has exhibited all these aspects of 'Bhav'; Krishna will be acompanying Radha whenever these aspects of 'Bhav' are revealed.

We do not find the name of Sri Radha in the Bhagawath. But the Great Text is filled with Radha Bhav. When Happpiness is experienced by the jeeva from the reading of the Bhagwata, it shows the presence of Radha Rani. Hladini shakthi is Sri Radha. Wherever Ananda is there is Radha. She Radha is eternal. Radha Bhav is eternal. Sri Radha's Raas is eternal. Within every Jeeva there is Radha Bhav.

B. The attributes of Radha Bhav

1. Only Vraj Rasa is the Tatva of the SUPER and it is Infinite. Though infinite it progresses every moment (Anukshana Vardhamanam)

2. Because it tends to progress every moment, the Rasa is replete with Ever new Divine play.

3. Because of innate and natural trait for play (the Leela), the Supreme Lord (Parama Purusha) became two.

4. Radha Krishna tatva is like two Lotuses ramified from the same branch. Of them one is gold in colour and the other is blue. Though they have two forms, their soul is one.

5. The ultimate stage for the love-play of Radhakrishna is their sport in the Nikunja.

6. The secret of Play of Radhakrishna in the Nikunja is the state of deep involvement (tanmaya) arised out of intense longing to please each other. This is Mahabhav Samadhi.

7. Because of Tanmaya' both assume one form. In this experience of oneness there cannot be any 'Nayika or Nayaka Bhav'. Krishna becomes Radha and Radha becomes Krishna in this state only.

8. All devotional traditions of Vrindavan agree that the Play in the Nikunj is eternal.

9. The Sport in the Nikunja is a combination of union( samyoga) and separation(viyoga).

10. In the worship Vraj Ras' (Rasopasana) Sri Radha is most prominent. The groups of Sakhis have devotion, faith and intimacy only with Radha. The nature of sakhi cannot be explained. Her mind does not incline to play with Krishna. They regard the pleasure experienced by Sri Radha with Krishna which arose from Divine Sport of Service is far greater than the pleasure they experience.

11. Krishna is absolutely captive to Radha, as He is replete with love of Radha. He moves along Her foot steps for Her pleasure.

12. Because Radha loves Krishna, Sakhis love Krishna.

13. The wonderful aspect of Divine Sport in the Nikuja is that both the states of Union and Separation equally nourish the sweetness of Rasa.

14. "Some traditions declare that within the 'Rasa' of Radha Krishna's Union lies an element of Separation in the subtlest form".

15. The main Organs of Rasopasana are

1. To live in Vrindavan

2. To remember Radhaji with love.

3. To associate with Rasic devotees

C. Why should we worship only Sri Radha?




Anadyoyam Purusha Eka Evasti
Radham Rasikanandam

The primordial 'Pursha' (Supreme Lord) has intended to assume 'Nayika' form.Beholding the 'Nayika' swaroop, devotees of Rasa called Her as Radha.



Among devotees, different levels can be seen. But among all kinds of devotees, declare the texts of Rasa, that rasic devotees are the highest. Sri Radha is 'Swamini' of Rasic devotees. So there is no highest spiritual goal than Her Lotus Feet.




Krishnena Avadhyateti Radha

The Supreme Lord, the foremost, Lord Krishna himslef is worshipping Sri Radha.




Etasyamsa kalah pumsah Krishnastu Bbhagwan Swayam

All other divine manifestation are pants of the Lord but Sri Krishna is the Lord personified.


-Srimad Bhagawat 


Such Supreme Lord Krishna is worshipping Radha. So, there is no higher spiritual goal than Radha.




Radhnoti Sakalan Kaman Tasmat Radheti keertitah

The super power who fulfils all desires is Sri Radha.


-Devi Bhagawat 


During the course of Daksha Yegna, Prajapati Daksha declined to offer the Havis of yagna to Lord Mahadeva. Unable to bear the insult to Her husband, his daughter Sati (wife of Mahadeva) created divine fire out of Her eyes and immolated herself. Having known this tragic incident Mahadeva got up from meditation in deep rage. He threatened to conflagrate all the fourteen worlds. Srimannarayana and other Gods expressed their helplessness to bring back his wife Sati. Then beholding the plight of Mahadeva Goloka Krishna said,

Mahadeva, do not despair, I bless you the six lettered Holy Mantra of Sarveswari Radha who can fulfil your longing. If you attain consummation of the mantra (Mantra Siddhi) She will bless you Her appearance and fulfil your want.

Then Mahadeva attained 'mantra- siddhi' of six lettered mantra and regained peace and tranquillity by the grace of Radhaji.


All scriptures declared that God belongs to Bhava jagat (The world of Bhava) Scriptures also say only the Grace of Lord is the instrument to attain Bhava, not by means of any spiritual effort. The nourisher of all waves 'Bhava' in the Bhav jagat is the Mother of all the Bhava. She is Maha bhava swaroopini Shri Radha.

As contained in an important Leela played in Vrindavan, Manmadha has intended to defeat Krishna, thereby, to make Krishna surrender to him. During Maharas when Manmadha arrived there, by Her Hladini Shakthi, Sri Radha suppressed the intention of Manmdha and thus protected the honour of Krishna. On this occasion she was resplendent as Mahabhav Swaroopini. There after Krishna became Madan Mohan and Radhaji Madan Mohan Mohini. Because of Her ommipotence to suppress worldly desires, the congregation of rishis surrendered to Her and worshipped Her to reach their spiritual goal.


Because of Her sublime status in Higher Service, Sri Krishna cannot leave the remembrance of Radhaji even for a moment. It is found in the texts of Brindavan, due to Her ceaseless chintan He lost his black colour and transformed into golden yellow. As a testimonial to this fact there is sacred place in Brindavan known as 'Imlital'. Thousands of pilgrims visit this famous shrine every day.


Every man has his Radha within his body who is sleeping. Radhaji is awakened when his spiritual senses are awakened and then alone communion with Sri Krishna is possible.

- By Mahatma Sisir Kumar Ghosh in his 'Lord Gouranga-salvation for all'

For realisation of Jeeva's spiritual goal many paths have emerged. Among all such paths the above one is regarded by many as a beautiful path of 'prema yoga'. In this path the jeeva always remains in the chintan of Radhaji inwardly. This results in diminishing of body concousness and dicline in the desire for sensuous pleasures and growth in the feeling of love for Radhaji. As he gradually loses desireness for sensuous pleasures and develops likeness for the pleasure emanated from the chintan of Radhaji, the jeeva unknowingly travels in Her spiritual direction. 'Amma' also occasionally blesses him Her vision in dream to nourish his devotional feeling.

Sri Sisir Kumar Ghosh, who is the eldest brother of Aravinda Yogi, was a great devotee and acclaimed by his contemporaries as 'Mahatma' since the beginning of his devotional life. He spent significant time in the worship of Sri Radhaji.




Anaradhya Radha padambhoja renum
Anasritya brindavanam tatpadankam
Asambhshya tadbhava gambeera chintan
Kutah Syama sindho rasasyavagah



This 'sloka' is written by Sri Jeeva Goswami who is a principle devotee of Sri krishna chaitanya. He was the auother of many spiritual texts and he also helped Sri Roopa Goswami a great deal while writing the spiritual texts like Bhakthi Rasamruta Sindhu. Sri Roopa Goswami himself confirmed this fact.

Sri Jeeva Goswami proved to his devotional brothers that without grace of Sri Radha, Jeeva cannot move fast in the spiritual path. It is certain for a devotee who possesses the qnalities as enunciated in the above sloka such as (1) worship the Lotus Feet of Sri Radha. (2) Taking refuse in Her beloved roaming field - Brindavan and (3) associating himself with great devotees of Sri Radha, to reach his destination i.e., the Eternal Raas.


A jeeva who worships Krishna, leaving Sri Radha cannot be a 'Vaishnava'. Sri Radhaji's devotees effortlessly realise qualities like humility (deenatva), stoicism (vairagya) and devotional love (preme Bhav). These are important qualities of a 'Vaishnava'.

King Kulasekhara's life is known to many. His humbleness as a devotee is very popular. Completely forgetting that he is a king, he used to consider himself as servant of servant of the Lord. He is humility personified.

A Gopi has told Radha that she lives in a house very close to that of Sri Krishna. Then Sri Radha said,

Gopi my sister, you can see Kanhaiya every day, what a great fortune you have!

While tears flowing from Her eyes, she seated the gopi in a chair and feeds her with sweets. She even pressed her feet as she is coming from long distance. When the gopi narrates the loving pastimes of knhaiya, She wept, overwhelmed by Bhava. The life of Radha reflects the secret of Vaishnava tatva.

A devotee who does not worship Her is indeed not a Vaishava. It is certain that the devotees of Radha will surely get all Her qualities efforlessly.




Nirantaram vaseekruta prateeta Nanda nandane

She alway captivates the renowned Nandanand.




Viharamya Naya Nitya Masya Prema Vasi Krutha Imanthu Mathpriyam Vidhi Radhikam Paradevatham

Know that the Eternal Divine Personality who roams with me and who captivates me as my worship Goddess is Sri Radha.


-Padma purana 





Krishnam vadanti mam lokasthvavaiva rahitham yadha
Sri krishnamcha sada te api tvayaiva sahitam param

I am Krishna. With you I am Sri Krishna. You are the ('Sri Swaroop) prosperity and sustenance of the universes. You are the almighty.



Vaishavaites regard that 'Sri', which is first of the six opulences (Shadvibhooti), is the most prominent. Sri Shakthi is the basis for all prosperity. Hence among all studies Sri Vidya had most important place. It is the absolute declaration of all the saints great souls that in the Vrindavamn Dham Sri is attributable only to Radhaji some of the temples in Brindavan are called as Sriji Mandir. Nearly 150 sriji mandirs are built all over India and the chief of these mandirs is reverently called Sriji Maharaj. 'Sarveswari' (Absolute Master). He wears a small gold ornament which contains very small idol of Sriji Radhaji. To view the idol a convex lense is given for clear sight. So small is the idol. Sri Radha is not only infinite but also very minisule. Ano raneeyan mahato maheyan - the upanishdic says that She is atom of the atom and gigantic of gigantic.




Tatkala koti kotyamsa Durgadya strigunatmika
tasyanghri rajasah sparsat koti vishnu prajayate.

Out of the billimth past of the aspect ('kala') of Radhaji, Goddesses like Durga who are of trigunas have born. By the touch of dust particle of Her feet, billions of 'Vishnus' have emerged.



In the Sahasra nam of Radhaji, Names like Anuswaroopini (miniscule form) and Ananta swaroopini (infinite form) are recited. Because of Her infiniteness, we cannot understand where She is playing and what is Her Leela (play). On the Earth, during Varaha Kalpa, once She had appeared and quickly ended Her Manifestation. As She was unwilling to incarnate on the Earth at the end of the Dwapara yuga' of Varaha Kalpa, Gopala Krishna intended to arrange all the resources She required. Then She told him,

to facilitate my pastimes a Van should be there (Brindavan), to play in the waters myself and my Sakhis require one river and my cows and calves, for free moving, I need Govardhan Mountain. Besides I promised a pious couple that I will appear in their house as Kishori.

As told by Her, Krishna created the Vrindavan, the river Yamuna and the Govardhan Mountain. Some time later She manifested at the Brahma muhoorat' on a Lotus in pond called Prema Sorovar [near Raavali] as a girl child of three years.


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