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 Welcome to Rasa Nidhi
1The Ancient State of Jeeva (Being) - Powers it possessed
 1.1Maharshi Bharadwaj
 1.2Kanva Mahamuni
2How the Powerful Jeevathma (Soul) deteriorated?
 2.1Jaya and Vijaya
 2.2Jada Bharatha
 2.3Brahma Deva
 2.4Soubhari Maharshi
3Sarweswari Sri Radha
 3.1Who is Sri Radha?
 3.2Hladini Skhathi
 3.3Madan Mohini Leela
 3.5Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.6Sriji's Jaipur Leela
4How to attain grace of Sri Radha Parameswari
 4.1What is real sadhana (Spiritual Practice)?
 4.2Radhaji's Grace and Devotees
  4.2.1 Boy Rehman
  4.2.2 Shyamananda
  4.2.3 Gulab baba
  4.2.4 King Kulachnadra
5Divine message to readers
The Ancient State of Jeeva (The being)


Once when Devataas (Angels) were proceeding to a war against Demons, enroute, they saw the pregnant wife of Hiranyakasipa - Leelavathi. Insecure Devataas thought that a demon mightier than Hiranyakasipa (King of Demons) was growing in her womb and they abducted Leelavathi. When she was being taken away by them, suddenly Maharshi Narada appeared. He said "Oh ! Devatas what are you upto ? Don't you know that the child of Leelavathi is not a demon but a pure 'Amsa' of Lord Sri Hari. Perplexed Devataas saluted the ommiscient Maharshi and implored him to condone their wrong action. "Now, I will take Leelavathi to my Ashram alongwith me. She will be safe there", said the Maharshi. Except at this occasion Naradji never prophesied about anyone when one is in such a primary state. At the Ashram while Naradji was teaching Leelavathi about the mysterious aspects of Divine philosophy the foetus lying inside used to respond, by saying oo..oo..oh. Right from this early state this Jeeva had the loving care and company of 'Mahatma' like Narada. He is Prahlada.

His father Hiranyakasipa disliked the boy's penchant for Divine philosophy and Divine Love. Added to this incovenicence the father learnt that his boy was teaching his fellow students about the great qualities of Sri Hari as well as His omnipresence. The very tendency of the boy was detested by the father and the teachers alike.

The boy's father was naturally emplaced in deeped enemity with the Lord who ended the life of his brother Hiranyakasipa in varaha avatharam (a Divine Incarnation). However KinV Hiranyakasipa had profound love for his son. He chided him, cajoled him to desist from Nam Smaran (chanting of Name) of Sri Hari. But Prahlada neither heeded to the learned counsels of his father nor paused a moment the recitation of the Divine Name of Sri hari.

Enraged Hiranyakasipa tortured the boy umpteen times. Dropped him into deep valleys, thrown him into boiling waters, bitten him by venomous snakes and crushed him under Elephants.

But each time the boy emerged unaffected. On hearing these incidents of torture, mother Leelavathi was completely shaken. She implored her husband not to unleash cruel treatment upon their innocent child. Leelavathi's imploration made little impact on the demon king, instead aroused the demonic tendency further. "Leelavathi you must give Prahlada this poison bowl, otherwise you will not be alive" ordered the cruel Demon. Hapless mother weeping continuously dithered to give poison to Prahlada.

Watching the predicament of his mother Prahlada said with firm voice" Do not worry, mother. The all pervading Lord is with me every moment. You know, he has been protecting me from every hardship. This poison will transform into nectar once it is offered to Hari, mother " Consoling his mother this way, the boy replete with Sri Hari Bhava (deep inner feeling of Hari's presence) took the bowl from his mother and offered it to the Lord and consumed the potion. The almighty presence and love of the Lord protected the boy from everything untoward.

One day vexed Hiranya Kasipa questioned Prahlada "You have been repeating the name Hari .... Hari ... all the time. Where is your Hari ? Show me". Oh ! Father, replied Prahlada "My beloved Hari is no ordinary being. Wherever you behold, He is there. I find Him everywhere now. He only graced me with the power to behold Him everywhere. He is mightier than anyone". Impatient Hiranyakasipa retorted by saying "Then show your Hari in this steel pillar". Prahlada saluted the pillar and prayed the Lord to fulfil the wish of his father.

Moments later, a thunderous sound, breaking the steel pillar into pieces was heard. Lord Sri Hari emerged out of great illumination in the form of Ugra Narasimha (furious lion headed human form). Frightened by this furious form even Goddess Lakshmi who resides in the heart of Lord alongwith a close devotee like Naradji went out farther. But the fearless 'Hari Priya' - Prahlada, remained close to Swamy praising the love of the Lord on his devotees

Upon Prahlada - like, devotees who are pure 'Amsa' of Lord, His Grace is easily showered. Such a pure being treads fearlessly in this world. They are the worshippers of all pervading Lord Vasudeva. The Geetha revealed and extolled the great state of such Divine Beings

Within such a Great soul (Mahatma) one cannot find any trace of pretentiousness. Such Mahatma is a rarity in this world and is one among millions.

Once, we too used to have such broad vision and deep love upon Lord. Owing to one reason or the other we got degenerated and subjugated to the state of ordinary hapless Jeeva.




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