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Raseswari Sri Radha

 Welcome to Rasa Nidhi
1The Ancient State of Jeeva (Being) - Powers it possessed
 1.1Maharshi Bharadwaj
 1.2Kanva Mahamuni
2How the Powerful Jeevathma (Soul) deteriorated?
 2.1Jaya and Vijaya
 2.2Jada Bharatha
 2.3Brahma Deva
 2.4Soubhari Maharshi
3Sarweswari Sri Radha
 3.1Who is Sri Radha?
 3.2Hladini Skhathi
 3.3Madan Mohini Leela
 3.5Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.6Sriji's Jaipur Leela
4How to attain grace of Sri Radha Parameswari
 4.1What is real sadhana (Spiritual Practice)?
 4.2Radhaji's Grace and Devotees
  4.2.1 Boy Rehman
  4.2.2 Shyamananda
  4.2.3 Gulab baba
  4.2.4 King Kulachnadra
5Divine message to readers
How to attain the grace of Sri Radha Parmeswari

Gulab baba

Aha! Sri Radhe, your love has no limit. That is why you have descended as a three year girl in an unparalleled incarnation in this world. Radhaji came upto Gulb baba weeping at the steps of the temple and sweetly uttered, "Father I have come. Get up. Sing a song. I will dance. Why do you worry at all". She made him forget the fact that his daughter actually left for her mother-in-law's house by her Yoga Shakthi. Baba anxiously got up and said, 'Beti, you have come. Now ell me what should I sing? I like "Maine Ratana lagaya Radha Nam ki" (I started singing Radha's Name) very much, please play it" said Radha. Gulab baba's Sitar started emanating notes of strange sweetness and Radha was dancing magestically. The meaning of the song was ' Always recite Radha's name. Radha is in my speech. She is in my eyes. In my every atom there is Radha'. By asking for this very song, she gave message to this world. Fill the mind with the inner meaning of this song. That itself is Sadhana and it will-take us to the goal.

Baba was thinking within himself and shedding tears of Prema Bhakthi ' what a sweet song is this one'. And looking at the dance he thought oh what a danceing is this. Never did I see such a dance'. At that very moment, Radhaji stopped dancing on the ground and started an unprecedated celestial dance a yard above the level of the floor. The scriptures revealed that Kanhaiya learns the art of dancing from Radhaji. Due to the 'Hladini Shakthi' of Radhaji until this moment Gulab baba forgot entire world. But suddenly he remembered that he had sent his daughter to her husband's house and understood at once that Sri Kishori herself had been danncing. 'Oh! what is that? Who is dancing in the sky? Does Sri Kishori come out of the temple? Does she come knowing that I have been fasting for three days? Aha! Radhe! What a grace you shower on the devotees? How tender is your heart, Amma". Saying this way Gulab baba kept his head at the Lotus Feet of Radhaji. That is all. Gulab baba was no more. Radhaji took him to Her Divine Abode.

She has been awakening the devotees and nourishing them with 'Rasa' out of an indescribable graciousness and tender and most pleasant 'Rasika Bhav'. And ultimately she takes them to Her abode 'Nikunja Dham'. Can anyone describe Her love and compassion? Certainly not. This is Bhakthanugraha Katharathvam. (Anxiety to elevate the Devotee)

d. Maharaja Kula Chandra

Kula Chandra established the Kingdom of Manipur. He was a great devotee of Sri Radhaji. He used to immerse in her service. "Mother is with me. Whatever work I do, it is watched by Her. The service of mankind is the service of Divine Mother." This is the philosophy followed by the King.

"Mother is not before us. We do not know Her Abode. But I am in the presence of Sriji. She observes whether I perform my duties or not. The only desire, the only goal of my life is 'living for the pleasure of Mother. Whether she likes this work ? Whether she likes my comment ? Whether she affirms this thought?" Thus we should attach our body, mind and speech with Her presence. This is called Self-Surrender. Service of Mother by surrender is noblest of all services. She doesn't want better service from us than self-surrender. Accordingly the body, mind ad speech of Kulachandra followed the path of service of Radhaji. That is why his life has been a role model for entire world.

No devotion is greater than Surrender. Devotion is not mere chanting the Divine name with different instruments. Nor it is to mutter the name with chains of basil beads. Divine Mother herself professed about the devotion of Self-surrender.


Tath sukhe na sukhithyVam

your happiness itself is my happiness or it is in your happiness lies my happiness



Live life with this principle. Love other being with this feeling. By following this principle your ego will get dissolved. This Bhava (inner feeling) will present you great tranquility."

Once saint Thyagaraya sang.


Santhamu leka Soukhaymu Ledu
Darasuthulu Dhandhanyaumulunnan
Danthuni Kainaku Vedanthuni Kainanu.

Without peacefulness there cannot be any pleasure Even if there are wealth, wife and children For the mundane or for the Philosopher



When the saint was singing this song many used to shed tears. This is the 'threshold of practical philosophy.




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