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 Welcome to Rasa Nidhi
1The Ancient State of Jeeva (Being) - Powers it possessed
 1.1Maharshi Bharadwaj
 1.2Kanva Mahamuni
2How the Powerful Jeevathma (Soul) deteriorated?
 2.1Jaya and Vijaya
 2.2Jada Bharatha
 2.3Brahma Deva
 2.4Soubhari Maharshi
3Sarweswari Sri Radha
 3.1Who is Sri Radha?
 3.2Hladini Skhathi
 3.3Madan Mohini Leela
 3.5Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.6Sriji's Jaipur Leela
4How to attain grace of Sri Radha Parameswari
 4.1What is real sadhana (Spiritual Practice)?
 4.2Radhaji's Grace and Devotees
  4.2.1 Boy Rehman
  4.2.2 Shyamananda
  4.2.3 Gulab baba
  4.2.4 King Kulachnadra
5Divine message to readers
Sarweswari Sri Radha Devi

Sriji's Jaipur Leela

Once the king of Jaipur who was a devotee of Radhakrishna invited the Maharaj of a Radhakrishna Mandir of Brindavan to his capital city - Jaipur. But the Maharaj said" Oh ! King I am happy with your invitiation. But don't you know that we will not enter the households of worldy people engaged in outward pelasures and pursuits. If yo wish to take me to your place, build a house five miles away from your palace. There I will stay for sometime:." The King gladly agreed to the condition and built a special house for the stayal of Maharaj. The Maharaj was 'Sadguru' to all the devotees of Sri Radhaji. The hadsome, serene Maharaj was young in age but superior in Yogic power. During the time of his stay at the guest house, one day a group of women from king's harem visited the Guest House. They brought veriety of flowery garlands, sandal paste and many other fragrant scents to offer Radhaji and Maharaj. As they were entering the House of Maharaj an inexplicable Divya Shakthi enveloped them. Moments later they had the 'darsan' of Maharaj who is respledent with Hladini Shakthi of Radharani.

The most enchanting leela of Sri Radhaji commenced. Few women garlanded him. A few started singng melodiously, a few others began dancing gently. Some encircled Maharaj and besmearing sandal paste. Some even fell unconscious at his feet. The entire house filled with the magestic 'Madhurya Shakthi' of Radhaji.

Thus the Divine Ras descended there for a few hours. During the sametime a few Rajput youth arrived there. Watching the women of Harem dancing and singing around an unfamiliar man without any restraint, they got annoyed. They complained the king that their behaviour was improper and requested him to intervene immediately. The Jaipur king thus accompanied by the youth reached the Guest House of Maharaj.

When the king was about to utter something, to his astonishment, he saw a beuatiful 12-13 year girl readiating effulgence all around appeared in place of Guru Maharaj. Moments later the girl's authoritative voice was heard.

"Oh ! king, Inspite of Tapas of thousands of years, Jeevas cannot get my 'darsan'. Even Gods of different universes weep for long without getting my Divya Swaroop."

"At a time when all your women are in hapless and pitiable condition how can I remain silent. Stupid, in my view there is no purusha (male), in fact I reside in the heart of Guru Maharaj as antaryami (in dweller)"

"My real Swaroop is Sri. I am Sri Devi. The power, beauty and light of all unverses are but belong to me. The prospertity of all the universes are derived from my power. I am the Divya Yoga Shakthi.

Transcendental Yogic consciousness) residing in the hearts of Yogis. I am the Para Devatha (Goddess of worship) of Krishna whom all of you are worshipping." My devotees are plain and unpretentious. Such Nirahankar (egoless) lives only can reach my Feet The simple, plainminded women of your palace always remained in my Chintan (rememberance) I have come here only to grace my 'Divya Darsan' (Divine appearenace) to them. My Hladini Shakthi engrossed them in Divine Ecstacy. Their service of singing and dancing around me is due to my Haldini Shakthi.

"The exponents of Brahmavada (Brahma theory) say that Adi Sakthi (Foremost Power) existed prior to the creation of the universes. They extrolled and worshipped Her as 'Sri' I am that 'Sri'. Sri Krishna worships me due to this reason

The words of Radhaji dispelled the gloom of ignorance and ego from the hearts of the king and the princes. They prostrated before Her and prayed for forgiveness. He ! Sri Matha, we will go to Vrindavan today itself and build a mansion and instal your sacred Idol there. Mother, you are the reason for our prosperity and you are the Goddess of our Kingdom." Stating these words they took a vow at Her Lotus Feet. The slogans Jai Sri Matha, Jai Jai Sri Matha reverberated entire house of Guru Maharaj.

Since then the Guru Maharaj was called Sriji Maharaj and his centre of worship as Sriji pitham. Their temples built all over the country are known as 'Sri Mandir'

Lord Sri Krishna declared


Krishnam Vadanthi mam Loka Sthvayaiva Rahitham Yatha
Sri Krishnancha sada thepi thrayaiva Sahitham Varam

Without you I am called Krishna. With you I am Sri Krishna. Thus, Krishna affirmed that his prosperity and prowess is only Sri Radhaji.






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