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Rasa Nidhi

 Welcome to Rasa Nidhi
1The Ancient State of Jeeva (Being) - Powers it possessed
 1.1Maharshi Bharadwaj
 1.2Kanva Mahamuni
2How the Powerful Jeevathma (Soul) deteriorated?
 2.1Jaya and Vijaya
 2.2Jada Bharatha
 2.3Brahma Deva
 2.4Soubhari Maharshi
3Sarweswari Sri Radha
 3.1Who is Sri Radha?
 3.2Hladini Skhathi
 3.3Madan Mohini Leela
 3.5Vithal Dasji Maharaj
 3.6Sriji's Jaipur Leela
4How to attain grace of Sri Radha Parameswari
 4.1What is real sadhana (Spiritual Practice)?
 4.2Radhaji's Grace and Devotees
  4.2.1 Boy Rehman
  4.2.2 Shyamananda
  4.2.3 Gulab baba
  4.2.4 King Kulachnadra
5Divine message to readers
Raseswari Sri Radha

Brindvaneswari Sri Radha

We have decided to release this book Raseswari Sri Radha, in several languages with a view to disseminate the super-eminence of Sri Radhaji throughout the world. Apart from making this book available to one and all we have one singular aim i.e. to facilitate large number of people perform continuous, incessant meditation of Sri Radhaji as guided by Divine Voice in the 80th Sloka (Verse) of the Holy book -Sri Radha Sudhanidhi. As a consequence of this meditation the Karma (result of actions) of such fortunate devotees will leave on its own. When Karma is dissolved Beings will be endowed with Divine Power and Energy and ascend to Higher Planes. This is an invaluable message given by Sri Radhaji.


Sri Radhika Prasad Ji Maharaj




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